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Legislative Session number- 85

Bill Name: SF0026

2E Relating to health occupations; modifying certain provisions for individuals
operating x-ray equipment; specifying certain examination requirements for
limited x-ray operators; providing for limited x-ray machine operator practice,
specifying certain exemptions; authorizing the commissioner of health to grant a
variance to the scope of practice under certain conditions; appropriating money
to the commissioner for examination procedures purposes for individuals
operating x-ray equipment; modifying a requirement relating to the amount of
time given to complete the United States medical licensing examination (USMLE)
for certain medical school graduates from the United States or Canada,
authorizing the board of medical practice to grant time extensions and increase
attempts permitted to pass the USMLE under conditions of applicants being
diagnosed with medical illness during the process of taking the USMLE,
authorizing the board of medical practice to allow certain foreign medical
school graduates to use a credentials verification service; eliminating the
expiration dates for the physician assistant advisory, acupuncture advisory,
respiratory care, and licensed traditional midwifery advisory councils;
modifying certain grounds that the state board of chiropractic examiners may
affect the status of a chiropractic license; clarifying educational requirements
for speech language pathologists, requiring audiologists to possess a masters or
doctoral degree meeting certain requirements; modifying the educational
requirements for licensed physical therapists and physical therapist assistants,
requiring physical therapist assistants licensure, specifying application
content requirements and examinations required for licensed physical therapists
and physical therapist assistants, regulating physical therapist assistants
duties and observation of assistants and aides, authorizing physical therapist
assistant temporary permits, specifying requirements for foreign education
applicants, requiring physical therapist assistant licensure renewal, license in
good standing cancellation, credential cancellation under disciplinary order,
modifying board of physical therapy rulemaking requirements, modifying board
disciplinary actions, making conforming statutory and technical changes,
prescribing penalties for misrepresentation of physical therapist assistant,
specifying physical therapist and physical therapist assistant fees; modifying
fees for licensed professional counselors (LPC) and alcohol and drug counselors
by the board of behavioral health and therapy, establishing licensure
requirements for licensed professional clinical counselors (LPCC), specifying
general and supervision requirements, specifying procedures for conversion from
a LPC to a LPCC, modifying the definitions of mental health professional and
qualified professional to include a LPCC, establishing fees for LPCCs;
establishing licensing requirements for foreign trained professional counselors;
extending the sunset for the experienced counselor transition provision;
modifying certain social work licensing provisions, providing for provisional
social work licenses, specifying requirements for provisional licenses,
providing for supervised practice and documentation of supervision, authorizing
the board of social work to issue a temporary license to practice social work to
applicants under certain conditions, providing for extension of temporary
licenses at the discretion of the board; establishing the ?Minnesota Board of
Social Work Practice Act?, recodifying statutes relating to social work,
defining certain terms and the scope of practice, creating the board of social
work, specifying membership requirements and duties, authorizing board adoption
and enforcement of rules, requiring and providing for the licensing and
regulation of social workers, graduate social workers, independent social
workers and independent clinical social workers by the board, specifying certain
examination requirements, providing for licensure by reciprocity and by
endorsement, specifying certain criminal background check requirements,
authorizing and providing for board issuance of temporary licenses under certain
conditions, specifying certain exemptions from the licensure requirements,
providing for license renewals, specifying certain requirements for inactive
status qualification, providing for reactivation, regulating voluntary license
terminations and name and address changes, requiring and providing for board
issuance of license wall certificates and license cards, specifying certain
supervised practice and documentation requirements and certain requirements of
supervisors, requiring certain clock hours, specifying certain continuing
education and education providers approval requirements, authorizing certain
variances to the continuing education requirements, prescribing certain license
and continuing education provider fees, specifying certain standards of practice
and certain grounds for disciplinary action, prohibiting sexual conduct,
requiring treatment and intervention services to be based on assessments or
diagnoses; specifying certain recordkeeping requirements, providing for
confidentiality, regulating the charging of fees and billing practices,
specifying certain reporting requirements, granting the board certain
investigative authority and regulating the types of actions allowed to be taken
by the board, authorizing the issuance of cease and desist orders and providing
for injunctive relief in the district court, providing for certain voluntary
actions, specifying certain requirements of nonlicensees, regulating the use of
titles and specifying certain reporting requirements, imposing a penalty for
certain violations; authorizing electronic signatures and transmission for brand
name and generic prescriptions, requiring the board of pharmacy to register
qualified applicants as pharmacy technicians as determined by the board, setting
requirements for prescriptions by electronic means; modifying complaint
dismissal procedure by health related licensing boards; requiring the board of
social work to make recommendations to the legislature by a certain date on
increasing the number of licensed social workers serving underserved
communities; requiring the board of social work to issue a social worker license
under certain conditions, providing an exception to social work licensure
requirements; clarifying the applicability of rules relating to physical
therapists and physical therapist assistants; repealing provisions relating to
the licensing of physical therapists; repealing the Minnesota board of social
work practice act
(Ch. 123, 2007)