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Legislative Session number- 81

Bill Name: HF3800

hf3800FIFTH ENGROSSMENTOmnibus K-12 policy and supplemental appropriations
education (ABE) data disclosure authorized to Minnesota state colleges and
universities and department of economic security. Sec. 2: child care programs
employment plan definition modified. Sec. 3: child care programs income
definition modified. Sec. 4: MFIP transitions year family child care not
available to families disqualified from MFIP due to fraud. Sec. 5: basic sliding
fee child care assistance funding priority given to persons needing child care
to participate in the education program. Sec. 6: basic sliding fee funding
increases allocated proportionately. Sec. 7: MFIP eligibility clarified relating
to employment search and employment plans. Sec. 8: learning readiness program
review and approval requirements modified. Sec. 9: Lyndale and Folwell
neighborhoods added after-school enrichment programs priority neighborhoods.
Sec. 10: adult basic education, (ABE), aid definitions provided. Sec. 11: adult
basic education program memorandum of understanding required. Sec. 12: adult
basic education program approval requirements modified. Sec. 13: ABE state aid
maximum of unreimbursed expenses provided. Sec. 14: cooperative English as a
second language (ESL) and ABE programs authorized between school districts and
other community organizations. Sec. 15: ABE performance tracking system
established. Sec. 16: consortium requirements provided. Sec. 17: ABE
supplemental service grants provided. Sec. 18: ABE aid formula modified. Sec.
19: state total ABE aid provided. Sec. 20: special family day care home licenses
provided churches or religious organizations. Sec. 21: child care center
experienced aides employment requirements provided. Sec. 22: child care center
inservice training requirements provided. Sec. 23: family assets for
independence initiative TANF matching funds eligibility requirements modified to
comply with federal requirements. Sec. 24-25: Minnesota family assets for
independence initiative vendor payment of withdrawn funds technical
clarifications provided. Sec. 26: additional early childhood family education
aid provided for fiscal year 2001. Sec. 27: previous early childhood family
education, (ECFE), aid appropriations decreased. Sec. 28: previous school age
care aid for extended day aid appropriation increased. Sec. 29: previous MFIP
child care assistance appropriations reduced. Sec. 30: previous family
collaboratives appropriation reduced. Sec. 31: previous community education aid
appropriation increased. Sec. 32: previous adult basic education aid
appropriation increased. Sec. 33: previous ABE basic population aid amount per
district increased. Sec. 34: adult graduation aid reduced. Sec. 35:
competency-based ABE and English as a second license task force convened. Sec.
36: social service child care pool for MFIP child care funding authorized and
eligibility requirements provided. Sec. 37: minor parents participating in
school-based child care application process expedited. Sec. 38: cooperative
language instruction grants provided. Sec. 39: intensive English as a second
language (ESL) grants provided. Sec. 40: child and adult care food program
waivers requested. Sec. 41: licensed family child care providers to participate
in policy discussions affecting child care. Sec. 42: adult basic education (ABE)
policy task force established, membership specified, duties provided, and sunset
defined. Sec. 43: department of children, families, and learning appropriations
provided for ABE supplemental service grants, ABE administration, housing
collaboration in St. Louis Park, and cooperative language instruction grants.
Sec. 44: TANF appropriations provided for intensive English as a second language
(ESL), and transitional housing programs. Sec. 45: federal TANF funds
transferred for social service child care pool for MFIP child care and
transition year child care assistance. Sec. 46: repealer.ARTICLE 2 KINDERGARTEN
THROUGH GRADE 12: GENERAL EDUCATION Sec. 1: districts required to reserve two
percent of basic revenue for in-service education for staff development. Sec. 2:
teaching resident salary requirement increased. Sec. 3: specified school
districts required to recognize integration revenue received. Sec. 4: general
education revenue adjusted pupil units defined for charter schools in the first
year of operation. Sec. 5: state total limited English proficiency programs
revenue for fiscal year 2001 modified. Sec. 6: integration revenue use
provisions modified. Sec. 7: school district desegregation integration plan
budget approval process provided. Sec. 8: plan components specified. Sec. 9:
integration revenue eligibility clarified. Sec. 10: alternative attendance
program integration aid clarified. Sec. 11: interdistrict desegregation or
integration transportation aid provisions clarified. Sec. 12: adjusted pupil
units formula modified. Sec. 13: resident marginal cost pupil units definition
modified. Sec. 14: class size, all-day kindergarten, and special education
student-to-instructor ratio reserve funds to be allocated according to plan
adopted by school board. Sec. 15: basic revenue formula clarified. Sec. 16: use
of total operating capital revenue authorized for library media centers. Sec.
17: adjusted marginal cost pupil unit used to compute referendum offset
adjustment. Sec. 18: equity revenue provisions clarified. Sec. 19: regional
equity gap formula computed using adjusted marginal cost pupil unit. Sec. 20:
district equity gap computed using adjusted marginal cost pupil unit. Sec. 21:
district general education revenue reserve clarified. Sec. 22: per pupil revenue
conversion to use marginal cost pupil units. Sec. 23: referendum revenue based
on resident marginal cost pupil units. Sec. 24: crime-related costs levy fund
use authorized for costs of security in schools and on school property. Sec. 25:
forward shifted aid payments provisions clarified. Sec. 26: statewide average
revenue reference clarified. Sec. 27: school district bonding limits provided
for fiscal years to 2008. Sec. 28: previous repealer effective date modified.
Sec. 29: previous effective date modified. Sec. 30: previous general and
supplemental education aid appropriations increased. Sec. 31: transportation aid
for enrollment options reduced. Sec. 32: district cooperation revenue reduced.
Sec. 33: previous effective date clarified. Sec. 34: training and experience
replacement revenue provided. Sec. 35: levy recognition for integration levy
adjustment provided. Sec. 36: fiscal years 2003-2007 airport runway impact pupil
unit aid provided for Richfield. Sec. 37: sparsity correction revenue provided.
Sec. 38: Independent school district No. 2711, Mesabi East, severance and early
retirement levy authorized. Sec. 39: department of children, families, and
learning appropriations provided for sparsity correction revenue, and training
and experience replacement revenue.ARTICLE 3 KINDERGARTEN THROUGH GRADE 12
EDUCATION: SPECIAL PROGRAMS Sec. 1: requirements for American sign language
English interpreters modified. Sec. 2: district reimbursement provided for
services of interpreters and mentors. Sec. 3: eligible chemical treatment
programs reimbursement provision specified. Sec. 4: American Indian scholarships
required to be for accredited degree programs in accredited institutions. Sec.
5: magnet school grant maximum clarified. Sec. 6: magnet school start-up costs
aid eligibility authorized. Sec. 7: office of desegregation integration advisory
board membership expanded. Sec. 8: individual interagency intervention plan
required to be available by January 1, 2001. Sec. 9: private entities authorized
to contract with joint powers entities for special education services. Sec. 10:
placement of children with short-term or temporary disability clarified relating
to termination of parental rights. Sec. 11: program growth factor definition
modified. Sec. 12: special education revenue accounting requirements provided.
Sec. 13: special education excess cost aid formula modified. Sec. 14: initial
excess cost aid formula modified. Sec. 15: assurances of compliance with
discrimination law provided in a form and manner prescribed by commissioner.
Sec. 16: vendor selection for educational program at MCF-Red Wing proposal
request process clarified. Sec. 17: previous tribal contract school aid
appropriations reduced. Sec. 18: magnet school grant statutory reference
provided, and budget base specified. Sec. 19: previous aid for children with a
disability levels reduced. Sec. 20: previous travel for home-based services
appropriations reduced. Sec. 21: previous special education excess cost aid
appropriation increased. Sec. 22: previous integration aid appropriation
increased. Sec. 23: interdistrict desegregation or integration transportation
aid budget base provided. Sec. 24: special education cross-subsidy revenue
provided. Sec. 25: department of children, families, and learning appropriated
money for independent school district No. 482, Little Falls, revenue
reimbursement; Northland learning center start-up grant, magnet school start-up
aid, and unemployment compensation grant to independent school district No. ,
EMPLOYMENT AND TRANSITIONS Sec. 1: state youth works grant funds administrative
expenses ceiling provided. Sec. 2: district career and technical aid clarified.
Sec. 3-5: school district secondary vocational-disabled aid renamed school
district transition-disabled aid. Sec. 6: school bank provisions expanded to
include independent school district Nos. 316, Greenway-Coleraine, and 2170,
Staples-Motley. Sec. 7: previous secondary vocational education aid
appropriation increased. Sec. 8: education and employment transitions program
appropriations clarified. Sec. 9: repealer.ARTICLE 5 KINDERGARTEN THROUGH GRADE
12 EDUCATION: FACILITIES AND TECHNOLOGY Sec. 1: new district consolidation
provisions clarified. Sec. 2: districts authorized to deposit proceeds of sale
or exchange of property or buildings into general fund reserved for operating
capital account. Sec. 3: disposing of surplus school computers requirements
provided. Sec. 4: debt service equalization revenue formula clarified. Sec. 5:
school districts authorized to include proportionate share of costs of health
and safety projects for intermediate districts. Sec. 6: school districts seeking
review and comment required to submit that heating, ventilation and air
conditioning systems meet code, and that design will allow for monitoring of
airflow and ventilation. Sec. 7: new school building construction standards
requirements provided relating to ventilation and airflow. Sec. 8:
telecommunication access revenue requirements provided. Sec. 9: total district
operating capital formula modified. Sec. 10: school district lease levy
authority clarified. Sec. 11: lease purchase installment buys provisions
clarified.. Sec. 12: school district net debt maximum modified. Sec. 13:
previous health and safety aid appropriation reduced. Sec. 14: previous debt
service aid appropriation adjusted. Sec. 15: previous interactive television
(ITV) aid appropriation adjusted. Sec. 16: previous alternative facilities
bonding aid appropriation adjusted. Sec. 17: previous declining pupil aid for
independent school district No. 508, St. Peter, reduced. Sec. 18: previous
declining pupil aid due to floods adjusted. Sec. 19: previous repealer
clarified. Sec. 20: declining pupil units provision clarified relating to St.
Peter school district. Sec. 21: one-time deferred maintenance aid provided. Sec.
22: independent school district No. 2125, Triton, authorized to include mold
damage costs in its health and safety plan. Sec. 23: legislative recommendations
required recommending a permanent method for funding telecommunications access.
Sec. 24: independent school district No. 695, Chisolm, bond issuance authorized.
Sec. 25: independent school district No. 316, Greenway-Coleraine, bond issuance
authorized. Sec. 26: independent school district No. 381, Lake Superior, bond
issuance authorized. Sec. 27: repealer without effect. Sec. 28: department of
children, families, and learning appropriated money for telecommunication access
revenue, interest on flood loans, and one-time deferred maintenance aid. ARTICLE
POLICY Sec. 1: commissioner's report to education committees date modified
relating to advanced placement and international baccalaureate course
information. Sec. 2: statewide testing reading and mathematics passing scores
provided. Sec. 3: reasonable force authorized to teachers preventing a student
from inflicting bodily harm or death to another student, and civil and criminal
liability defense provided. Sec. 4: school discipline policy required to state
reasonable force authorization. Sec. 5: teaching license provided applicants
licensed in other states, and requirements specified. Sec. 6: district employees
allowed to serve on site decision-making teams as parent members. Sec. 7: school
boards prohibited from entering into contracts for computer equipment or
services which would require advertising to students, except under specified
conditions. Sec. 8: technical correction provided. Sec. 9: school district audit
requirements expanded to include federal compliance. Sec. 10: account transfer
for certain severance pay provisions modified. Sec. 11: special operating plan
language clarified. Sec. 12: school district transportation services contracts
authority specified. Sec. 13: school bus driver day repealed. Sec. 14: statutory
reference updated. Sec. 15: school transportation safety policy provisions
clarified. Sec. 16: school districts allowed to refuse expelled pupils under
specified circumstances. Sec. 17: first grade preparedness revenue formula
modified. Sec. 18: charitable organizations authorized to sponsor charter
schools. Sec. 19: charter schools required to comply with general revenue
requirements, and submit plans to eliminate statutory operating debt. Sec. 20:
charter school enrollment preferences provided. Sec. 21: charter school state
aid reduced if school employs teacher not holding valid license. Sec. 22:
charter school sponsors authorized to assess a fee for monitoring fiscal and
student performance. Sec. 23: charter school sponsorial relationship termination
provided in cases of mismanagement or violations. Sec. 24: charter school grants
provided for desegregation or integration purposes. Sec. 25: internet access for
students required to filter obscene materials and pornography. Sec. 26:
statewide teacher survey requirements clarified, and five-year projection of
teacher demand required. Sec. 27: public libraries required to filter obscene
materials and pornography if computers are available to children under the age
of 17. Sec. 28: school bus passenger lap and shoulder belt requirements
provided. Sec. 29: Head Start transportation technical language clarification.
Sec. 30: two-wheeled license endorsement and permit requirements clarified. Sec.
31: instruction permit requirements clarified for drivers less than 18 years of
age. Sec. 32: school bus endorsement renewal fee provided to cover costs of
physical examination processing. Sec. 33: physical examinations for school bus
drivers conducted by authorized medical examiners accepted. Sec. 34: school bus
endorsement records check results release authorized to applicant's written
designee. Sec. 35: school bus driver assessments kept for inspection. Sec. 36:
school bus driver annual evaluation requirements clarified. Sec. 37: officers
authorized to transport truant children to school or to a truancy service
center. Sec. 38: municipalities and counties authorized to spend funds to
support academic or extracurricular activities sponsored by school districts.
Sec. 39: previous charter school building lease aid appropriations increased.
Sec. 40: previous charter school start-up grants increased. Sec. 41:
commissioner authorized to reopen specified residential academy grant funds
application process. Sec. 42: Minnesota new teachers project established. Sec.
43: task force on school governance and management established., report
required, and sunset provided. Sec. 44: school districts prohibited from
beginning the school year prior to Labor Day, and exceptions provided to
independent school district No. 238, Mabel-Canton, and No. 801, Browns Valley.
Sec. 45: charter school building lease aid review required. Sec. 46: money
appropriated for grant awards for national board for professional teaching
Right-to-Know Act of 2000; pesticide application by schools parental
notification requirements provided. Sec. 2: school lunch aid computation program
amount per lunch served increased. Sec. 3: fast break to learning grants
eligibility modified. Sec. 4: previous abatement aid appropriation adjusted.
Sec. 5: previous nonpublic pupil aid appropriation increased. Sec. 6: previous
consolidation transition aid appropriation increased. Sec. 7: previous nonpublic
pupil transportation aid appropriation increased. Sec. 8: previous school lunch
aid appropriation increased. Sec. 9: previous school breakfast program
appropriation increased. Sec. 10: department of children, families, and learning
required to maintain list of pesticides on departmental Web site. Sec. 11:
pesticide use around schools reporting requirements provided. Sec. 12:
independent school district Nos. 194, Lakeville, 771, Chokio-Alberta, ,
Mahtomedi, 2215, Norman County East, 787, Browerville, 15, St. Francis, ,
Staples-Motley, 544 Fergus Falls, 593, Crookston, 2167, Lakeview, 547, Parkers
Prairie, 495, Grand Meadow, 2609, Win-E-Mac fund transfers authorized. Sec. 13:
independent school district No. 2859, Glencoe-Silver Lake, levy restoration
authorized. Sec. 14: intermediate school districts agreements termination date
set. Sec. 15: department of children, families, and learning appropriated money
for matching grants for education programs serving homeless children,
cooperative secondary facility planning and expenses, best practices seminars,
magnet school facilities grants, geographic information systems, grants for
schools serving students with chemical dependencies, and assistance for
immigrant families. Sec. 16: repealer.ARTICLE 8 KINDERGARTEN THROUGH GRADE 12
EDUCATION: LIBRARIES Sec. 1: Nashwauk-Keewatin high school joint library project
funding provisions clarified. Sec. 2: previous regional library
telecommunications aid appropriation increased. Sec. 3: Minnesota library for
the blind and physically handicapped appropriation availability extended.ARTICLE
and Rudy Perpich Minnesota center for arts education asset preservation and
facility repair appropriation reduced. Sec. 2: department of children, families,
and learning appropriation provided. Sec. 3: repealer.ARTICLE 10 KINDERGARTEN
Sec. 1: statutory reference clarified. Sec. 2: trespassing on school property
governed by trespassing statutes. Sec. 3-20: statutory references updated, and
technical clarifications provided. Sec. 21: revisor instruction. Sec. 22:
repealer.ARTICLE 11 HIGHER EDUCATION Sec. 1: higher education appropriations
provided. Sec. 2: Minnesota state colleges and universities (MnScu) appropriated
money for deficiencies, farm business management, urban teacher preparation,
Cook county higher education project, and allocation for excess health care
costs. Sec. 3: board of regents of the University of Minnesota appropriation
provided for Kirby Center child care start-up costs in Duluth and the
agricultural rapid response fund. Sec. 4: surplus child care grant programs used
to augment maximum awards. Sec. 5: previous appropriation for reclamation of
taconite mining lands allocated as funds are matched by nonstate sources. Sec.
6: facility use analysis of Minnesota state colleges and universities and
intermediate school districts required. Sec. 7: management analysis required of
Minnesota state colleges and universities administration structure. Sec. 8:
repealer. Sec. 9: effective date.cth