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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: HF2755

hf2755THIRD ENGROSSMENTOmnibus agriculture and rural development finance
bill.Section 1: Agriculture appropriations and reductions summary by fund+
provided.Sec. 2: Agriculture reductions provided.Sec. 3: Board of animal
health reductions provided.Sec. 4: Commissioner duties provided and report to
legislature +required.Sec. 5: Agency reporting dates specified relating to E85
fuel.Sec. 6: Loan criteria modified.Sec. 7: Loan awarding criteria relating to
organic farming modified.Sec. 8: Information dissemination fund usage
specified.Sec. 9: Farm manure digester technology regulations modified.Sec. 10:
Commissioner's powers modified.Sec. 11: Administration fees for testing of
scales regulations +modified.Sec. 12: Certificate fees modified.Sec. 13:
Supplemental certificates and permit regulations modified.Sec. 14: Produce
examination regulations clarified.Sec. 15: Brucellosis control in cattle
regulations modified.Sec. 16: Pro rata distribution language clarified.Sec. 17:
Pro rata distribution entitlement modified.Sec. 18: Annual meeting reporting
requirements modified.Sec. 19: Municipality appropriations modified.Sec. 20:
County fair appropriations modified.Sec. 21: Building and site appropriation
authorizations clarified.Sec. 22: Zoning ordinance exemptions modified.Sec. 23:
Ethanol producer payment regulations modified.Sec. 24: Authority general
powers modified.Sec. 25: Dairy upgrade pilot loan program established.Sec. 26:
Loan limit increased.Sec. 27: Deposit of repayments regulations modified.Sec.
28: Rural finance authority revolving loan account established.Sec. 29: Low or
moderate net worth definition modified.Sec. 30: Dairy modernization grant
program established.Sec. 31: Authorized activities clarified.Sec. 32: Faculty
licensure related to veterinary medical center clinicians provisions
detailed.Sec. 33: Grain buyers and storage account fees modified.Sec. 34:
Grain buyers license bonding regulations expanded.Sec. 35: Financial statement
regulations modified.Sec. 36: Warehouse operator penalty amount specified and
fees +increased.Sec. 37: Grain buyers and storage account fees specified.Sec.
38: Private grain warehouse fees specified.Sec. 39: Generally accepted
agricultural practices definition +clarified.Sec. : Exposing domestic animals
to disease gross misdemeanor provided. Sec. 41: Aggregate mining site added to
misdemeanor definition +provision.Sec. 42: Certain trespass on agricultural
land misdemeanor +established.Sec. 43: Delayed payments in 2003 provided.Sec.
44: Fund transfer provided.Sec. 45: Repealer.Sec. 46: Effective date.AE