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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 86

Bill Name: HF2614

HF 2614


Article 1: DHS licensing provisions

Sec. 1: Fair hearing provisions modified for disqualified

Sec. 2: Consolidated fair hearing provisions modified following
a reconsideration decision.

Sec. 3: Public employer employee fair hearing
rights provisions modified.

Sec. 4: State agency hearings provisions

Sec. 5: Maltreatment of minors reporting; administrative
reconsideration; review panel provisions modified.

Sec. 6: Maltreatment of
vulnerable adults reporting; administrative reconsideration; review panel
provisions modified.

Article 2: Health care provisions modified.

Sec. 1:
Minnesota Health Records Act; definitions modified.

Sec. 2: Commissioner
powers and duties; review and evaluation of ongoing studies language

Sec. 3: Surcharge provisions modified on HMOs and community
integrated service networks.

Sec. 4: Payments provisions modified.

Sec. 5:
Sex-selection abortion funding ban language provided.
Subd. 1: Funding
restriction language provided.
Subd. 2: Definitions provided.
Subd. 3:
Severability language provided.
Subd. 4: Supreme court jurisdiction language

Sec. 6: Competitive bidding provisions modified for medical
assistance program items.

Sec. 7: Eligibility categories; adults without
children provisions modified.

Sec. 8: Medical assistance eligibility
requirements; asset limitations provisions modified for individuals and

Sec. 9: Medical assistance eligibility requirements; asset
limitations provisions modified for families and children.

Sec. 10: Medical
assistance eligibility requirements; income requirement provisions

Sec. 11: Medical assistance covered services; physical therapy
provisions modified.

Sec. 12: Medical assistance covered services;
occupational therapy provisions modified.

Sec. 13: Medical assistance covered
services; speech language pathology and audiology services provisions

Sec. 14: Medical assistance covered services; chiropractic services
payment provisions modified.

Sec. 15: Medical assistance covered services;
dental services provisions modified.

Sec. 16: Medical assistance covered
services; drugs payment rates provisions modified.

Sec. 17: Medical
assistance; abortion services provider reimbursement language provided.

18: Medical assistance; access to medical services provisions modified.

19: Medical assistance; medical supplies and equipment coverage provisions

Sec. 20: Medical assistance covered services; birth centers
services language provided.

Sec. 21: Medical assistance co-payments
provisions modified.

Sec. 22: Medical assistance co-payments; collection
provisions modified.

Sec. 23: Other state health care programs reimbursement
provisions modified.

Sec. 24: Home care therapies provisions

Sec. 25: Payment reform demonstration project for special patient
populations language provided.
Subd. 1: Demonstration project established and
purpose provided.
Subd. 2: Provider participation language provided.
Subd. 3:
Total cost of care agreement language provided.
Subd. 4: Provider eligibility
language provided.
Subd. 5: Alternative payments language provided.
Subd. 6:
Cost neutrality language provided.

Sec. 26: Medical Assistance; nursing
facility rate reductions effective date language provided

Sec. 27: ICF/MR
rate reductions effective date language provided.

Sec. 28: Prepaid health
plans; managed care contracts provisions modified.

Sec. 29: Prepaid health
plans; payment rate modification language provided.

Sec. 30: Prepaid health
plans; payment reduction language provided.

Sec. 31: Prepaid health plans;
prepaid medical assistance expansion enablement and net income and
administrative costs limits language provided.

Sec. 32: Prepaid health plans;
ombudsperson provisions modified.

Sec. 33: Prepaid health plans; information
for persons with limited English-language proficiency provisions

Sec. 34: County-based purchasing of medical assistance; general
provisions modified.

Sec. 35: Medical assistance; hospital outpatient
reimbursement provisions modified.

Sec. 36: Medical assistance; physician
reimbursement provisions modified.

Sec. 37: Medical assistance; dental
reimbursement provisions modified.

Sec. 38: Critical access dental providers
provisions modified.

Sec. 39: Critical access dental providers designation
and termination language provided.

Sec. 40: Medical assistance; basic care
services reimbursement provisions modified.

Sec. 41: Medicare payment limit
language provided.

Sec. 42: Fee-for-service payment increase language

Sec. 43: General assistance medical care eligibility provisions

Sec. 44: General assistance medical care applicants and recipients
cooperation provisions modified.

Sec. 45: MinnestoaCare financial management
provisions modified.

Sec. 46: MinnesotaCare; inpatient hospital services
provisions modified.

Sec. 47: MinnesotaCare; supplemental hospital coverage
language provided.

Sec. 48: MinnesotaCare; co-payments and coinsurance
provisions modified.

Sec. 49: MinnesotaCare eligible persons; single adults
and households with no children provisions modified.

Sec. 50: MinnestoaCare
application procedures; disclosure statement for inpatient hospital limit
language provided.

Sec. 51: MinnesotaCare eligibility; general requirements
provisions modified.

Sec. 52: MinnesotaCare eligibility; firefighters and
volunteer ambulance attendants language provided.

Sec. 53: MinnesotaCare
provider payment; medical assistance rate use provisions modified.

Sec. 54:
MinnesotaCare enrollees eligibility for other state programs provisions

Sec. 55: MinnesotaCare enrollees co-payments responsibility and
benefit limits provisions modified.

Sec. 56: MinnesotaCare rate setting and
performance withholds provisions modified.

Sec. 57: Asthma coverage
demonstration project; medical assistance coverage provisions modified.

58: Cobra premium state subsidy; expiration provisions modified.

Sec. 59:
General assistance medical care; payment rates and contract modification date
provisions modified.

Sec. 60: General assistance medical care; coordinated
care delivery systems provisions modified.

Sec. 61: General assistance
medical care payments; hospital coordinated care delivery system rate setting
provisions modified.

Sec. 62: General assistance medical care; temporary
uncompensated care pool provisions modified.

Sec. 63: General assistance
medical care; effective date provisions modified.

Sec. 64: MinnesotaCare
enrollment by county agencies provisions modified.

Sec. 65: MinnesotaCare
retroactive coverage provisions modified.

Sec. 66: Repealer provisions
modified for 256D.03, subdivision 4.

Sec. 67: Human services appropriations
provisions modified and special revenue fund transfers language

Sec. 68: Human services appropriations; compulsive gambling
administration transfer provisions modified.

Sec. 69: Hennepin and Ramsey
counties integrated health care delivery networks pilot program language

Sec. 70: Medical assistance early expansion language

Sec. 71: Provider rate and grant reductions language

Sec. 72: Salary reduction of certain state employees and benefits
language provided.

Sec. 73: Appropriation language provided for savings
resulting from cap on abortion services.

Sec. 74: Repealers

Article 3: Continuing care provisions modified.

Sec. 1:
Children???s services; parental contribution amount provisions modified.

2: Programs and services for povided.
Subd. 11: ???Resident??? definition

Sec. 9: Out-of-state health plans to Minnesota residents language
Subd. 1: Eligibility provisions modified.
Subd. 2: Applicable
Minnesota laws language provided.
Subd. 3: Nature of out-of-state health
insurer language provided.

Sec. 10: Certificate of authority for offering
out-of-state health plans language provided.
Subd. 1: Certificate issuance
language provided.
Subd. 2: Certificate validity language provided.
Subd. 3:
Rulemaking authority language provided.
Subd. 4: Certain statutory requirements
applicability language provided.

Sec. 11: Certificate of authority
revocation; marketing materials language provided.
Subd. 1: Revocation criteria
language provided.
Subd. 2: Fair marketing standards language provided.
3: Nondiscrimination language provided.

Sec. 12: Interstate Health Insurance
Competition Act rules provided.

Sec. 13: Advisory group on state-operated
services redesign language provided.
Subd. 1: Advisory group
Subd. 2: Duties provided.
Subd. 3: Membership requirements
Subd. 4: Administration requirements provided.
Subd. 5:
Recommendations requirements provided.
Subd. 6: Expiration date

Sec. 14: Legislative approval required for redesign or moving of
state-operated services program.

Sec. 15: Adult foster care data privacy and
security provisions modified.

Sec. 16: Obscene material, pornographic work,
or certain drugs ban provisions modified for certain civilly committed

Sec. 17: Vocational work program wage use provisions

Sec. 18: Minnesota extended treatment options provisions modified
for persons with developmental disabilities.

Sec. 19: Chemical dependency
treatment; ???American Indian??? definition modified.

Sec. 20: Chemical
dependency treatment allocation provisions modified.

Sec. 21: Chemical
dependency treatment allocation process; administrative adjustment provisions

Sec. 22: Chemical services; divisions of costs provisions

Sec. 23: Regional treatment centers vendor eligibility provisions

Sec. 24: Federal financial participation collections allocation
provisions modified.

Sec. 25: Payments to improve chemical dependency
services to American Indians provisions modified.

Sec. 26: Pilot projects;
chemical health care language provided.
Subd. 1: Pilot projects authorization
language provided.
Subd. 2: Program design and implementation languge
Subd. 3: Program evaluation language provided.
Subd. 4: Project
discontinuation notice language provided.
Subd. 5: Commissioner duties language
Subd. 2: County board duties language provided.

Sec. 27: Office of
Health Care Inspector General created.

Sec. 28: Foreign operating
corporations tax filing requirement provisions modified.

Sec. 29: Domestic
corporation definition provisions modified.

Sec. 30: Tax haven definition and
language provided.

Sec. 31: Corporations federal taxable income additions
provisions modified.

Sec. 32: Corporations federal taxable income decrease
modifications provisions modified.

Sec. 33: Unitary business principle
provisions modified.

Sec 34: Plumbing standards; municipality agreement
provisions modified.

Sec. 35: Development of community-based mental health
services requirement provisions modified for patients committed to the
Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center.

Sec. 36: Nonsubmission of health care
claim by clearinghouse; significant disruption language provided.

Sec. 37:
Human services fiscal notes report requirements provided.

Sec. 38:
Prescription drug waste reduction language provided.

Sec. 39: Autism
prevalence language provided.

Sec. 40: Repealer provided.

Sec. 41:
Effective date provided.

Article 6: Department of Health provisions

Sec. 1: Health maintenance organization consistent administrative
expenses and investment income reporting language provided.

Sec. 2: Advisory
group on administrative expenses created for health maintenance
Subd. 1: Advisory group establishment language provided.
2: Membership requirements provided.
Subd. 3: Administration requirements
Subd. 4: Recommendations reporting requirements provided.
Subd. 5:
Expiration date provided.

Sec. 3: Electronic health record technology
definitions modified.

Sec. 4: Interoperable electronic health record
requirements provisions modified.

Sec. 5: Electronic health record technology
state agency information system language provided.

Sec. 6: Health information
exchange language provided.
Subd. 1: Definitions provided.
Subd. 2: Health
information exchange oversight language provided.

Sec. 7: Certificate of
authority requirements provided to provide health information exchange
Subd. 1: Authority to require organizations to apply language
Subd. 2: Certificate of authority for health data intermediaries
language provided.
Subd. 3: Certificate of authority for health information
organizations language provided.
Subd. 4: Certificate of authority application
for health information exchange service providers language provided.
Subd. 5:
Reciprocal agreements between health information exchange entities language
Subd. 6: State participation in health information exchange language

Sec. 8: Health information exchange service provider enforcement
authority and compliance language provided.
Subd. 1: Penalties and enforcement
language provided.
Subd. 2: Certificate of authority suspension or revocation
language provided.
Subd. 3: Certificate of authority denial, suspension, and
revocation administrative procedures language provided.
Subd. 4: Coordination
language provided.
Subd. 5: Fees and monetary penalties language

Sec. 9: Essential community providers designation provisions

Sec. 10: Firearms data collection language provided

Sec. 11:
Vendor accreditation for a hospital or clinic language provided.

Sec. 12:
Birth record surcharge provisions modified.

Sec. 13: Health records release
or disclosure consent duration provisions modified.

Sec. 14: State agencies
prohibited to release any patient-specific health insurance information to the
federal Internal Revenue Service language provided.

Sec. 15: Birth centers
language provided.
Subd. 1: Definitions provided.
Subd. 2: License
requirements provided.
Subd. 3: Temporary license language provided.
Subd. 4:
Application language provided.
Subd. 5: License suspension, revocations, and
refusal to renew language provided.
Subd. 6: Licensure standards
Subd. 7: Services limitations provided.
Subd. 8: License fees
language provided.
Subd. 9: Renewal language provided.
Subd. 10: Health
records maintenance language provided.
Subd. 11: Report requirements language

Sec. 16: Health care bill of rights definitions modified.

17: Blood lead level guidelines language provided.

Sec. 18: ???Health
facility??? definition modified.

Sec. 19: Comprehensive advanced life support
provisions modified.

Sec. 20: Health plan and county administrative cost
reduction reporting requirements provided.

Sec. 21: Health information
exchange application process language provided.

Sec. 22: Transfer

Sec. 23: Revisor???s instructions provided.

Article 7: Health
care reform provisions modified.

Sec. 1: Temporary federal high-risk pool
relationship language provided.
Subd. 1: Definitions provided.
Subd. 2:
Section timing provided.
Subd. 3: Maintenance of effort language
Subd. 4: State health care programs coordination language

Sec. 2: Legislative Commission on Health Care Access membership
provisions modified.

Sec. 3: Federal health care reform language

Sec. 4: Baskets of care provider pricing and accountable care
organizations provisions modified.
Subd. 1: Definition establishment provisions
Subd. 2: Package prices provisions modified.
Subd. 3: Baskets of
care quality measurements requirement provisions modified.

Sec. 5:
Accountable care organizations language provided.

Sec. 6: Coordinated care
through a health home language provided.
Subd. 1: Coverage provision
Subd. 2: Eligible individual language provided.
Subd. 3: Health home
services language provided.
Subd. 4: Health teams language provided.
Subd. 5:
Payments language provided.
Subd. 6: Coordination language provided.
Subd. 7:
State plan amendment provided.

Sec. 7: Federal health care reform
demonstration projects and grants language provided.

Sec. 8: Health care
reform task force provided.
Subd. 1: Task force requirements provided.
2: Duties provided.

Sec. 9: American health benefit exchange planning
provisions language provided.
Subd. 1: Federal planning grants language
Subd. 2: Early creation and operation consideration of exchange
language provided.

Sec. 10: State fiscal impact of federal reform language

Article 8: Public health provisions modified.

Sec. 1: Medical
education distribution of funds provisions modified.

Sec. 2: Food and
beverage service establishment fees and definitions provisions modified for a
youth camp.

Sec. 3: Manufactured home parks and recreational camping areas
fees provisions modified.

Sec. 4: Food support for children with severe
allergies language provided.

Article 9: Human services forecast adjustments

Sec. 1: Department of Human Services appropriations summary and
forecast adjustment provided.

Sec. 2: Commissioner of Human Services
appropriations provided.
Subd. 1: Total appropriations by fund provided.
2: Revenue and pass-through appropriations provided.
Subd. 3: Children and
economic assistance grants appropriations provided.
Subd. 4: Basic health care
grants appropriations provided.
Subd. 5: Continuing care grants appropriations

Sec. 3: Effective date provided.

Article 10: Human services
contingent appropriations provided.

Sec. 1: Human services appropriations
summary provided.

Sec. 2: Health and human services contingent appropriations
language provided.

Sec. 3: Commissioner of Human Services appropriations
Subd. 1: Total appropriation provided.
Subd. 2: Basic health care
grants appropriations provided.
Subd. 3: Continuing care grants appropriations

Sec. 4: Chemical dependency treatment; cost division for medical
assistance services language provided.

Sec. 5: Hospice care provisions

Sec. 6: Long-term care consultation services definitions

Sec. 7: Medical assistance cost division; additional portion of
nonfederal share provisions modified.

Sec. 8: MinnesotaCare premium
determination provisions modified.

Sec. 9: Effective date modified.

10: Effective date modified.

Sec. 11: Effective date modified.

Sec. 12:
Effective date modified.

Sec. 13: Effective date modified.

Sec. 14:
Effective date modified.

Article 11: Health and Human Services appropriations

Sec. 1: Summary of appropriations provided.

Sec. 2: Health and
Human Services appropriations language provided.

Sec. 3: Commissioner of
Human Service appropriations provided.
Subd. 1: Total appropriations by fund
Subd. 2: Agency management; financial operations appropriations
Subd. 3: Revenue and pass-through revenue expenditures appropriations
Subd. 4: Children and economic assistance grants appropriations
Subd. 5: Children and economic assistance management appropriations
Subd. 6: Basic health care grants appropriations provided.
Subd. 7:
Health care management appropriations provided.
Subd. 8: Continuing care grants
appropriations provided.
Subd. 9: Continuing care management appropriations
Subd. 10: State-operated services appropriations provided.
Subd. 11:
Adult mental health services appropriations provided.
Subd. 12: Contingent
appropriations reductions provided.

Sec. 4: Commissioner of Health
appropriations provided.
Subd. 1: Total appropriations by fund provided.
2: Community and family health appropriations provided.
Subd. 3: Policy,
quality, and compliance appropriations by fund provided.
Subd. 4: Health
protection appropriations provided.

Sec. 5: Health-related boards
appropriations provided.
Subd. 1: Total appropriations provided.
Subd. 2:
Board of Nursing Home Administrators appropriations provided.

Sec. 6:
Emergency Medical Services Board appropriations provided.

Sec. 7: Ombudsman
for mental health and developmental disabilities appropriations

Sec. 8: Ombudsperson for families appropriations provided.

9: Minnesota Management and Budget appropriations provided.

Sec. 10:
Volunteer health care provider program; medical professional liability insurance
purchasing provisions modified.

Sec. 11: TANF appropriations language

Sec. 12: TANF appropriations transfer language modified.

13: Other children and economic assistance grants appropriations language

Sec. 14: Chemical dependency entitlement grants appropriations
language modified,

Sec. 15: Board of Nursing Home Administrators
appropriations language provided.

Sec. 16: Appropriations cancellations

Sec. 17: Transfers language provided.

Sec. 18: Expiration
provided of uncodified language.

Sec. 19: Effective date provided.