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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: HF2368

hf2368FOURTH ENGROSSMENTGame and fish provisions modified relating to deer
hunting provisions+ and fees, importation of cervidae carcasses, mourning dove
season, transport of+ game birds, youth firearm safety certificates, turtle
licenses; and +vehicle use authorized for beaver trapping.Section 1: Game birds
definition modified.Sec. 2: Unprotected birds definition modified.Sec. 3:
Commissioner establishment of refuge regulations modified.Sec. 4: Establishment
by petition of land holders regulations +modified.Sec. 5: Establishment by
petition of county residents modified.Sec. 6: Migratory waterfowl sanctuary
language included.Sec. 7: Language updated.Sec. 8: Hearing language
modified.Sec. 9: Suspension for failure to appear in court procedure
+established.Sec. 10: Licensee selection procedures modified.Sec. 11:
Qualified service member or veteran preference regulations provided.Sec. 12:
Resident hunting restrictions modified.Sec. 13: Trapping license regulations
modified.Sec. 14: Cervidae carcass importation regulations modified.Sec. 15:
Bird transport regulations modified.Sec. 16: Hunting restriction between
evening and morning clarified.Sec. 17: Deer hunting age minimum increased.Sec.
18: All season deer license regulations modified.Sec. 19: Nonresident hunting
regulations pertaining to raccoon, +bobcat, fox, coyote, and Canada lynx
modified.Sec. 20: Nonresident trapping small game regulations provided.Sec. 21:
Mourning dove season provided.Sec. 22: Turkey license required. Sec. 23: Ice
house date and time regulations modified.Sec. 24: Turtle seller's license
modified.Sec. 25: License exemptions modified.Sec. 26: Shooting hour change
report required.Sec. 27: Mourning dove season report required.Sec. 28:
Repealer.Sec. 29: Effective date.AE