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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: HF2363

hf2363THIRD ENGROSSMENTInvasive and nonnative species control provisions
modified, and +penalties provided.Section 1: Related term definition
modified.Sec. 2: Purple loosestrife control regulations modified.Sec. 3: Game
and fish rule language modified.Sec. 4: "Aquatic plant" defined.Sec. 5:
Eurasian water milfoil definition modifed.Sec. 6: Introduce defined.Sec. 7-14:
More related terms defined or definitions modified.Sec. 15: Technical language
modified.Sec. 16: Technical language modified.Sec. 17: Watercraft inspection
requirements modified.Sec. 18-19: Conforming changes.Sec. 20: Commercial
fishing restrictions in infested waters +established.Sec. 21-32: Conforming
language changes. Sec. 33: Criminal penalties provided.Sec. 34: Technical
statutory reference added.Sec. 35: Conforming language change.Sec. 36:
Conforming language change.Sec. 37: Required rulemaking provided.Sec. 38:
Revisor's instruction.Sec. 39: Repealer.Sec. 40: Effective date.AE