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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: HF2277

hf2277CHAPTER 288: Effective date variousTHIRD ENGROSSMENTHuman services
licensing provisions modified; child protection +dispositions regulated; mental
health case management provision clarified; and +child care, long-term care, and
health care regulation provided.ARTICLE 1?HUMAN SERVICESSection 1: Foster home
provider insurance provisions modified.Sec. 2: Adult day services and family
adult day services defined.Sec. 3: Controlling individual defined.Sec. 4:
Foster care for adults defined.Sec. 5: Functional impairment modified.Sec. 6:
Nonresidential program definition modified.Sec. 7: Residential program
definition modified.Sec. 8: Licensure exclusion provisions modified.Sec. 9:
Unlicensed program regulations modified.Sec. 10: Licensure application
provisions modified.Sec. 11: Technical.Sec. 12: Technical.Sec. 13: License
issuance regulations modified.Sec. 14: Residential programs handling resident
funds and property +additional requirements established.Sec. 15-24: Technical
language and statutory modifications.Sec. 25: Family adult day services
established.Sec. 27-28: Technical statutory reference added.Sec. 30: Admission
regulations provided.Sec. 31: Independent living plan details provided.Sec. 32:
Interdisciplinary team defined.Sec. 33: Technical references added.Sec. 34:
Licensed capacity modified.Sec. 35: Staffing minimum modified.Sec. 36:
Policies and procedures modified.Sec. 37: License requirement modified.Sec. 38:
Definitions modified.Sec. 39: Licensed program modifications provided.Sec. 40:
State agencies addressed.Sec. 41: Individual study provisions modified.Sec.
42-44: Technical references added.Sec. 45: Background studies regarding foster
care and family child +care modified.Sec. 46-53: Technical references
added.Sec. 54: Immediate risk of harm determination procedure modified.Sec.
55-65: Technical and conforming changes.Sec. 66: Commissioner's notice of
disqualification requirements +established.Sec. 67: Consolidated
reconsideration of maltreatment determination +and disqualification provisions
modified.Sec. 68-72: Technical and conforming changes.Sec. 73: Employees of
public employer provisions modified.Sec. 74-80: Conforming changes.Sec. 81:
Commissioner direction provided and report required.Sec. 82: Revisor's
instruction.Sec. 83: Repealer.ARTICLE 2?CORRECTIONSSection 1: Conforming
changes.ARTICLE 3?MISCELLANEOUSSection 1: Technical and conforming changes.Sec.
2: Disclosure limitation provided.Sec. 3: Family coverage limiting age
clarified.Sec. 4: Newborn coverage modified regarding cleft lip and palate.Sec.
5: Payment disclosure provided.Sec. 6: Case management services availability
provided.Sec. 7: "Mental health professional" definition modified.Sec. 3:
Homeless services contracting provided.Sec. 4: Mental health case management
provided.Sec. 5: Case manager definition modified.Sec. 6: Relative search
regulations modified.Sec. 7: Repealer.ARTICLE 4?CHILD CARE; MINNESOTA FAMILY
INVESTMENT PLANSection 1: Commissioner of education replaced in certain
language +with commissioner of human services.Sec. 2: Conforming change with
section 1.Sec. 3: Definition of diversionary work program provided.Sec. 4:
Definition of transition year families modified.Sec. 5: Work first language
replaced with diversionary work program +language.Sec. 6: Funding priority
technical change.Sec. 7: Technical change.Sec. 8: Allocation due to decreased
funding provided.Sec. 9: Statutory reference modified.Sec. 10: Conforming
changes.Sec. 11: Parent fee specified.Sec. 12: Technical reference
removed.Sec. 13-21: Technical and conforming changes. Sec. 22: Definition of
qualified noncitizen modified.Sec. 23: Definition of shared household standard
modified.Sec. 24: Referral interview modified.Sec. 25-27: Technical and
conforming changes.Sec. 28: Personal statement authorized.Sec. 29: Unearned
income provision clarified.Sec. 30: Time limit notification procedures
expanded.Sec. 31: Eligibility provision expanded relating to extension
denial.Sec. 32: Employed participant language clarified.Sec. 33: Exempt month
accrual regulations provided.Sec. 34: Extended case sanctions modified.Sec. 35:
Technical and conforming changes.Sec. 36: Definition of employment and
training service provider +modified.Sec. 37: Family violence waiver group
overview exemption provided.Sec. 38-39: Conforming changes.Sec. 40:
Postsecondary education or training approval clarified.Sec. 41: Exemptions
established.Sec. 42-45: Technical language changes. Sec. 46: Diversionary
work program eligibility provisions clarified.Sec. 47: Universal participation
requirements modified.Sec. 48: MFIP conversion or referral language
modified.Sec. 49: DWP overpayment and underpayment recovery procedures
+established.Sec. 50: Repealer.ARTICLE 5?LONG-TERM CARESection 1: Adult foster
care license capacity reduced.Sec. 2: Skilled nursing facility and hospice
service provisions for +dual eligibles provided.Sec. 3: Technical reference
changed.Sec. 4-6: Language updated.Sec. 7: Home and community-based waiver
service provisions clarified.ARTICLE 6?HEALTH CARESection 1: Specific powers
modified.Sec. 2: Related term definitions modified.Sec. 3-4: Eligibility
modified.Sec. 5: Citizenship requirements technical reference removed.Sec. 6-7:
Technical language modifications.Sec. 8: General assistance medical care
services modified.AE