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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: HF2175

hf2175FOURTH ENGROSSMENTHealth, dental, and counseling occupation requirements
modified; +essential community provider designation provided; education and
precautions +regarding vaccines and immunizations specified; and money
appropriated.ARTICLE 1?DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH LICENSINGSections 1-4: Technical
language modifications.Sec. 5: Speech language pathology assistant defined.Sec.
6-8: Health licensing provisions modified to include speech +language pathology
assistant in occupation references.Sec. 9-12: Doctoral externship licensure
provisions updated.Sec. 13: Licensure provisions following lapse of licensure
status +modified.Sec. 14: Speech-language pathology assistant delegation
+requirements, duties, and supervision requirements established.Sec. 15:
Required contact hour regulations modified.Sec. 16: Language updated.Sec.
17-18: Provisions modified to include references to speech +language pathology
assistants.Sec. 19: Limited license defined.Sec. 20: Exempt person regulations
modified.Sec. 21-24: Technical language updates.Sec. 25-26: Renewal of
professional licenses or certifications +provisions added.ARTICLE 2?PHYSICIAN
ASSISTANTSSection 1: Registration qualifications modified.Sec. 2: Radiography
added to delegation provision.Sec. 3: Physician assistant agreement
clarified.Sec. 4: Exception to registration requirements provided.Sec. 5:
Provisional registration procedures specified.ARTICLE 3?ACUPUNCTURISTSSection 1:
NCCAOM certification definition provided.Sec. 2: Scope of practice modified to
include Oriental massage.Sec. 3: Repealer.ARTICLE 4?NURSE LICENSURESection 1:
Licensure by examination provisions modified.Sec. 2: License issuance
regulations modified.Sec. 3: Technical references modified, advanced practice
registered +nurse provisions established.Sec. 4: Money appropriated.ARTICLE
5?BOARD OF BEHAVIORAL HEALTH AND THERAPYSection 1: Board duties modified.Sec.
2: General requirements modified.Sec. 3: Fees established.Sec. 4: Continuing
education technical language modified.Sec. 5: Language updated.Sec. 6:
Disciplinary action provision modified.Sec. 7: Professional cooperation
provided.Sec. 8: Immunity regulations established.Sec. 9: Transition plan
provided.Sec. 10: Effective date.ARTICLE 6?ALCOHOL AND DRUG COUNSELORSSection
1: Temporary permit requirements modified.Sec. 2: Continuing education
requirements expanded.Sec. 3: Course work specified.Sec. 4: Language
updated.Sec. 5: School district alcohol and drug counselor provisions
+established.Sec. 6: Technical change.Sec. 7: Temporary permit fee regulations
modified.ARTICLE 7?DENTISTRY TECHNICAL BILLSection 1: Dental licensure
provisions language modified.Sec. 2: Conforming change.Sec. 3: Conforming
"Podiatric medicine" definition modified.Sec. 2: License requirements
modified.Sec. 3: Applicants licensed in another state regulations modified.Sec.
4: Grounds listed technical change.Sec. 5: Insurers technical change
provided.Sec. 6: Reports declared confidential data.Sec. 7: Repealer.ARTICLE
Application requirements modified.Sec. 2: Effective date.ARTICLE 10?EDUCATION
AND PRECAUTIONS REGARDING VACCINESSection 1: Disclosure requirements
modified.Sec. 2: Schedule modifications provided.ARTICLE 11?EMERGENCY HEALTH
POWERS REAUTHORIZATIONSection 1: "Facility" definition modified.Sec. 2:
Technical.Sec. 3: Related term definitions modified.Sec. 4: Responder
liability limitation when hospital capacity +exceeded provided.Sec. 5:
Emergency vaccine administration regulations provided.Sec. 6: Data
dissemination regulations modified.Sec. 7: Technical.Sec. 8: Peace officer
powers in quarantine ex parte situations +provided.Sec. 9: Electronic
notification authorized.Sec. 10: Technical.Sec. 11: Judicial procedures
clarified.Sec. 12: Employee protection provided.Sec. 13: Workers' compensation
advisory council reeport required.Sec. 14: Health study required.Sec. 15:
Repealer.Sec. 16: Expiration.Sec. 17: Effective date.AE