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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: HF1867

hf1867THIRD ENGROSSMENTOmnibus environmental and natural resources finance
bill.Section 1: environment and natural resources appropriations and
+reductions.Sec. 2: pollution control agency funding reduced.Sec. 3: office of
environmental assistance funding reduced.Sec. 4: zoological board funding
reduced.Sec. 5: Department of Natural Resources funding reductions.Sec. 6: board
of soil and water resources funding reduced.Sec. 7: appropriation provided to
evaluate construction aggregate +potential.Sec. 8: contracts and grants for
provision of natural resources +services provisions clarified.Sec. 9: Natural
Resources facilities management account established.Sec. 10: Account purposes
provided.Sec. 11: all-terrain vehicle operation passenger limits specified.Sec.
12: General operation of ATV regulations modified.Sec. 13-14: timber sales
receipts transferred to the forest +management investment fund.Sec. 15: forest
management investment account established in the +natural resources fund.Sec.
16: turtle seller's license applications limited.Sec. 17: Expiration
modified.Sec. 18: water level controls for public waters with an outlet
+specified.Sec. 19: citizen monitoring of water quality encouraged.Sec. 20-21:
individual sewage system provisions and fees modified.Sec. 22: advanced
treatment systems definitions provided.Sec. 23: pilot program for alternative
septic system technology +established.Sec. 24: Environmental Education Advisory
Board expiration date +extended. Sec. 25: Solid Waste Management Advisory
Council and the Prevention, +Reduction, and Recycling Advisory Council
expiration date extended.Sec. 26: remediation fund clarification.Sec. 27:
impaired waters program coordination and cooperation +provided.Sec. 28: Clean
Waters Council established.Sec. 29: motor vehicle recyclers required to remove
all mercury +switches, and misdemeanor penalties imposed.Sec. 30: water system
improvement loans clarified relating to +individuals.Sec. 31: water system
improvement defined.Sec. 32-33: technical.Sec. 34: snowmobile use and funding
study provided.Sec. 35: Minnesota future resources fund and environment and
natural +resources trust fund appropriations carryforward specified.Sec. 36:
Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources parks study +required.Sec. 37: DNR
study of aquatic plant management and lake protection +programs required.Sec.
38: repealer.Sec. 39: effective date.AE