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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Legislative Session number- 86

Bill Name: HF1309

Chapter No. 36 HF1309

Omnibus transportation finance bill.

Article 1:
Transportation appropriations provided.

Sec. 1: Summary of appropriations

Sec. 2: Transportation appropriations provided from the trunk
highway fund for fiscal years 2010 and 2011.

Sec. 3: Department of
transportation appropriations provided.
Subd 1: Total appropriation
Subd 2: Multimodal systems appropriations provided; Aeronautics,
transit, commuter and passenger rail, and freight appropriations
Subd 3: State roads appropriations provided; Infrastructure
operations and maintenance, infrastructure investment and planning, and
electronic communications appropriations included.
Subd 4: Local roads
appropriations provided; County state-aid high fund, municipal state-aid street
fund, and state aid appropriation adjustments included.
Subd 5: General
support and services appropriations provided; Departmental support and buildings
appropriations included.
Subd 6: Transfers provided.
Subd 7: State road
construction appropriations use guidelines provided.
Subd 8: Contingent
appropriation provided.
Subd 9: Appropriations carryforward provided.
10: Trunk highway fund use guidelines provided.
Subd 10: Disadvantaged
business enterprise program provided.

Sec. 4: Metropolitan council
appropriations provided.
Subd 1: Total appropriation provided.
Subd 2: Bus
transit appropriation provided.
Subd 3: Rail operations appropriation

Sec. 5: Department of public safety appropriations provided.
1: Total appropriation provided.
Subd 2: Administration and related services
appropriations provided; Office or communications, public safety support, and
technical support services included.
Subd 3: State patrol appropriations
provided; Patrolling highways, commercial vehicle enforcement, and capitol
security appropriations included.
Subd 4: Driver and vehicle series
appropriations provided.
Subd 5: Traffic safety appropriation provided.
6: Pipeline safety appropriation provided.
Subd 7: Trunk highway fund use
guidelines provided.

Sec. 6: General contingent accounts appropriations

Sec. 7: Tort claims appropriations provided.

Sec. 8: Multimodal
systems transit appropriation provision language modified.

Sec. 9:
Transportation emergency relief appropriation related to the I-35W bridge
collapse decreased.

Sec. 10: Metropolitan livable communities fund transfers

Sec. 11: Right-of-way acquisition loan fund transfers

Article 2: Trunk highway bonds provisions provided.

Sec. 1:
Highway appropriation and bond sale provided.
Subd 1: Appropriation
Subd 2: Effective date.

Article 3: Transportation finance and
policy provisions provided.

Sec. 1: Additional revenues priority provision
language modified.

Sec. 2: Mitigation of transportation construction impact
on business provided.

Sec. 3: Trunk highway fund appropriations provision
language modified.

Sec. 4: Administrative costs provision language

Sec. 5: Stillwater lift bridge endowment account

Sec. 6: Registration period extension for a leased vehicle
provision language modified.

Sec. 7: Fees collected from the sale of
disability plates provision language modified.

Sec. 8: Collector plate
transfer provision language modified.

Sec. 9: Replacement plates provision
language modified.

Sec. 10: Special plates or certificate fees for the
highway user fund
provision language modified.

Sec. 11: Commercial driver's
license record keeping required.

Sec. 12: Transit services needs
implementation plan requirement language modified.

Sec. 13: Operating
assistance methods of payment provision language modified.

Sec. 14: Transit
service provided for disabled veterans.

Sec. 15: Replacement or
rehabilitation grants authorized for fracture-critical bridges.

Sec. 16:
Passenger rail commissioner's duties provided.

Sec. 17: Passenger rail
funding applications authorized.

Sec. 18: Passenger rail commissioner
exercise of power provided.

Sec. 19: Revenue deposits provision language

Sec. 20: Transit service provided for certified disabled

Sec. 21: Multimodal systems rail appropriations provision language

Sec. 22: Local and regional level land use and transportation
planning strategies report required.

Sec. 23: Passenger rail report

Sec. 24: Bus purchases required to be manufactured in Minnesota to
the greatest extent possible.

Sec. 25: St. Cloud bridge site requirement

Sec. 26: Metropolitan Council conveyance of the Apple Valley
Transit Station to the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority required.

Sec. 27:
Discount transit passes pilot program established for charitable organizations
in aiding homeless individuals.

Sec. 28: Design-Build Project Selection
Council established.

Sec. 29: Design-build contracting pilot program

ERS, 5/6/09