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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 83

Bill Name: HF1244

hf1244THIRD ENGROSSMENTLawful gambling clarifying and technical changes
provided, +definitions provided and modified, resale of certain equipment
authorized, linked bingo +regulated, and conduct of high school raffles games
clarified.Sections 1-13: Related term definitions modified.Sec. 14: Powers and
duties of board modified to include linked bingo+ game providers.Sec. 15: Pull
tab sales from dispensing devices regulations modified.Sec. 16: Conflict of
interest regulations modified to include linked+ bingo game providers.Sec. 17:
Mandatory disqualification regulations modified to include +linked bingo game
providers.Sec. 18: Gambling equipment purchase regulations modified.Sec. 19:
Linked bingo game equipment exempted from prohibited sales regulations.Sec. 20:
Linked bingo game provider license requirements +established. Sec. 21:
Exclusions modified.Sec. 22: Exemptions modified to include linked bingo game
providers.Sec. 23: Gambling manager training requirements modified.Sec. 24:
Gambling manager recruitment requirements modified to +include linked bingo game
providers.Sec. 25: Gambling manager examination requirements modified.Sec. 26:
Employee registration requirements modified.Sec. 27: Employee identification
requirements modified.Sec. 28: Compensation payment regulations modified.Sec.
29: Employment of certain persons prohibited.Sec. 30: Filing requirements
modified.Sec. 31: Sales at filed prices regulations established.Sec. 32:
Linked bingo game prize delivery requirements established.Sec. 33: Linked bingo
prize award procedures provided.Sec. 34: Noon hour linked bingo authorized.Sec.
35: Linked bingo game rules provided.Sec. 36: Rent limitations provided.Sec.
37: Linked bingo prize pool account established.Sec. 38: Expenditures
modified.Sec. 39: Credit restriction provisions modified to include linked
+bingo game providers.Sec. 40: Credit and sales to delinquent organizations
provisions +modified to include linked bingo game providers.Sec. 41:
Technical.Sec. 42: Linked bingo prize limitations established.Sec. 43: High
school raffle regulations clarified.Sec. 44: Repealer.AE