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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 86

Bill Name: HF0927

HF 927


Sec. 1: Issuance of licensing orders language

Sec. 2: False information provisions modified.
Subd. 1: False
information language provided.
Subd. 2: Unlicensed advertising prohibited for
services which a license is required.

Sec. 3: Municipal ordinance; completion
of exterior work language provided.

Sec. 4: Rules; The Plumbing Board
standards prescription provisions modified.

Sec. 5: Subd. 1a: Plumbing
inspectors licensing and experience provisions provided.

Sec. 6: Plumbing
Code minimum standards provisions modified, water conditioning installation or
service provisions modified, and continuing education provisions

Sec. 7: Officers, quorum, voting provisions modified.

Sec. 8:
Medical Gas Systems language provided.
Subd. 1: Definitions provided for
???Medical Gas??? and ???Medical Gas Systems.???
Subd. 2: License and
certification requirements provided.
Subd. 3: Exemptions provided.
Subd. 4:
Fees provided.

Sec. 9: Licensure dates modified.

Sec. 10: Bond; insurance
provisions modified.

Sec. 11: Water Conditioning Contractor and Installer
Standards language modified.
Subd. 1: Rulemaking provisions modified.
Subd. 2:
Inspectors provisions modified.

Sec. 12: Local regulations provisions

Sec. 13: Licensing in certain cities; qualifications and rules
language modified.
Subd. 1: Water conditioning licensing provisions
Subd. 2: Water conditioning contractor license qualifications
provisions modified.
Subd. 3: Commissioner duties modified.

Sec. 14:
Plumbing Board and commissioner rules provisions modified.

Sec. 15: Fees
provisions modified.

Sec. 16: State Licensing; examination, application, and
exemption provisions modified.

Sec. 17: Scope provisions modified.

18: Grounds for license sanctions provisions modified.

Sec. 19: Pipefitters
license required, rules, and time credit provisions modified.

Sec. 20:
Triennial Audits and Team Leader Certifications language provided.
Subd. 1:
Triennial audits assignment and qualifications language provided.
Subd. 2: Fees

Sec. 21: School Engineer language modified.
Subd. 1: License
requirements provisions modified.
Subd. 2: School district training language

Sec. 22: Time limit provided.

Sec. 23: Plumbing Board rule
change provided.

Sec. 24: Repealer provided.