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Capital IconMinnesota Legislature

Legislative Session number- 85

Bill Name: HF0886

HF 886


Omnibus bonding bill providing capital improvements
funding, issuing bonds, canceling and modifying previous appropriations, and
appropriating money.

Section 1: Capital improvement appropriations

Section 2: University of Minnesota appropriations provided.

3: Minnesota State Colleges and Universities appropriations provided.

4: Minnesota Department of Education appropriations provided.

Section 5:
Natural resources appropriations provided.

Section 6: Pollution Control Agency
appropriations provided.

Section 7: Board of Water and Soil Resources
appropriations provided.

Section 8: Minnesota Zoological Garden appropriations

Section 9: Administration appropriations provided.

Section 10:
Public Safety appropriations provided.

Section 11: Transportation
appropriations provided.

Section 12: Metropolitan Council appropriations

Section 13: Human Services appropriations provided.

Section 14:
Corrections appropriations provided.

Section 15: Employment and Economic
Development appropriations provided.

Section 16: Housing finance agency
language provided.

Section 17: Bond sale expenses language provided.

18: Bond sale schedule language provided.

Section 19: Bond sale authorization
language provided.

Section 20: Bond sale authorization reductions language
Section 21: Greenleaf Lake State Park language provided.

Section 22:
Project language provided.

Section 23: Sale authorization language

Section 24: Loan, lease, and revenue agreements language

Section 25: Security language modified.

Section 26: Use of proceeds;
aircraft maintenance facility language modified.

Section 27: General powers
language modified.

Section 28: Sources of payment language modified.

29: Funds language modified.

Section 30: Approval language provided.

31: Exempt property used by private entity for profit language

Section 32: Credit for job creation language modified.

Section 33:
Aircraft heavy maintenance facility language modified.

Section 34: Airport
language modified.

Section 35: Acquisition language modified.

Section 36:
Leased property language modified.

Section 37: Flood hazard mitigation grants
language provided

Section 38: State Park and Recreation Area acquisition
language modified.

Section 39: Public safety language modified..

Section 40:
Systemwide redevelopment, reuse, or demolition language added.

Section 41:
Asset preservation language modified.

Section 42: Lewis and Clark Rural Water
System language modified.

Section 43: Minneapolis language modified.

44: Ford building language modified.

Section 45: MacPhail Music Center language

Section 46: Flood hazard mitigation grants language modified.

47: Lake Superior safe harbors language modified.

Section 48: Water control
structures language added.

Section 49: Regional trails language added.

50: Northstar commuter rail language added.

Section 51: Redevelopment Account
language added.

Section 52: Lewis and Clark Rural Water System, Inc. language

Section 53: Historic Fort Snelling Museum and Visitor Center language

Section 54: Report on East Phillips Cultural and Community Center
language provided.

Section 55: Public facilities authority funding language

Section 56: Greenleaf Lake State Recreation Area language

Section 57: Revisor's instruction language added.

Section 58:
Repealer provided.

Section 59: Effective date provided.

JAJ 5/8/7