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SF 1818

1st Engrossment - 89th Legislature (2015 - 2016) Posted on 10/01/2015 02:20pm

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - 1st Engrossment

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A bill for an act
relating to health; changing a vital statistics provision; permitting the
commissioner of health to use the all-payer claims data to compile public use
files of summary data; classifying parent contact information used for registration
of birth as private data; amending Minnesota Statutes 2014, sections 13.3806,
subdivision 4; 62U.04, subdivision 11; 144.215, by adding a subdivision.


Section 1.

Minnesota Statutes 2014, section 13.3806, subdivision 4, is amended to read:

Subd. 4.

Vital statistics.

(a) Parents' Social Security number; birth record.
Parents' Social Security numbers new text begin and certain contact information new text endprovided for a child's
birth record are classified under section 144.215, subdivision 4new text begin, or 4anew text end.

(b) Foundling registration. The report of the finding of an infant of unknown
parentage is classified under section 144.216, subdivision 2.

(c) New record of birth. In circumstances in which a new record of birth may
be issued under section 144.218, the original record of birth is classified as provided
in that section.

(d) Vital records. Physical access to vital records is governed by section 144.225,
subdivision 1

(e) Birth record of child of unmarried parents. Access to the birth record of a
child whose parents were not married to each other when the child was conceived or born
is governed by sections 144.225, subdivisions 2 and 4, and 257.73.

(f) Health data for birth registration. Health data collected for birth registration or
fetal death reporting are classified under section 144.225, subdivision 2a.

(g) Birth record; sharing. Sharing of birth record data and data prepared under
section 257.75, is governed by section 144.225, subdivision 2b.

(h) Group purchaser identity for birth registration. Classification of and access
to the identity of a group purchaser collected in association with birth registration is
governed by section 144.225, subdivision 6.

Sec. 2.

Minnesota Statutes 2014, section 62U.04, subdivision 11, is amended to read:

Subd. 11.

Restricted uses of the all-payer claims data.

(a) Notwithstanding
subdivision 4, paragraph (b), and subdivision 5, paragraph (b), the commissioner or the
commissioner's designee shall only use the data submitted under subdivisions 4 and 5 for
the following purposes:

(1) to evaluate the performance of the health care home program as authorized under
sections 256B.0751, subdivision 6, and 256B.0752, subdivision 2;

(2) to study, in collaboration with the reducing avoidable readmissions effectively
(RARE) campaign, hospital readmission trends and rates;

(3) to analyze variations in health care costs, quality, utilization, and illness burden
based on geographical areas or populations; deleted text beginand
deleted text end

(4) to evaluate the state innovation model (SIM) testing grant received by the
Departments of Health and Human Services, including the analysis of health care cost,
quality, and utilization baseline and trend information for targeted populations and
communitiesdeleted text begin.deleted text endnew text begin; and
new text end

new text begin (5) to compile one or more public use files of summary data or tables that must:
new text end

new text begin (i) be available to the public for no or minimal cost by January 1, 2016;
new text end

new text begin (ii) not identify individual patients, payers, or providers;
new text end

new text begin (iii) be updated by the commissioner, at least annually, with the most current data
available; and
new text end

new text begin (iv) contain clear and conspicuous explanations of the characteristics of the data,
such as the dates of the data contained in the files, the absence of costs of care for
uninsured patients or nonresidents, and other disclaimers that provide appropriate context.
new text end

(b) The commissioner may publish the results of the authorized uses identified
in paragraph (a) so long as the data released publicly do not contain information or
descriptions in which the identity of individual hospitals, clinics, or other providers may
be discerned.

(c) Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed to prohibit the commissioner from
using the data collected under subdivision 4 to complete the state-based risk adjustment
system assessment due to the legislature on October 1, 2015.

(d) The commissioner or the commissioner's designee may use the data submitted
under subdivisions 4 and 5 for the purpose described in paragraph (a), clause (3), until
July 1, 2016.

Sec. 3.

Minnesota Statutes 2014, section 144.215, is amended by adding a subdivision
to read:

new text begin Subd. 4a. new text end

new text begin Parent contact information. new text end

new text begin The mailing address, residence address,
e-mail address, and telephone number of a parent provided in connection with the
registration of a birth or application for a birth certificate are private data on individuals,
provided that the data may be disclosed to a local, state, tribal, or federal government agency
to the extent that the data are necessary for the government agency to perform its duties.
new text end