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SF 3801

as introduced - 90th Legislature (2017 - 2018) Posted on 03/27/2018 08:52am

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Current Version - as introduced

A bill for an act
relating to education; establishing the STEM Education Center with a focus on
agriculture; requiring a report; appropriating money.



Subdivision 1.


"STEM education with a focus on agriculture" means a
voluntary collaboration of AGlobal Education, the kindergarten through grade 12 school
districts, postsecondary institutions, businesses, and other regional public and private partners
as well as international collaboration that works to increase access, training, and career
pathways opportunities in STEM Education Center with a focus on agriculture, and cultural
competence for students and teachers in greater Minnesota through project-based learning.

Subd. 2.


(a) AGlobal Education shall develop a STEM lab center by
remodeling the Orchid Inn in Sleepy Eye to increase access to STEM careers with a focus
on agriculture for greater Minnesota with an emphasis on grades 6 to 12. The STEM lab
center with a focus on agriculture shall:

(1) focus on the development of STEM labs and agriculture programs that encourage
local, state, and international collaboration between businesses, postsecondary institutions,
and school districts in greater Minnesota;

(2) develop new career pathways for STEM with an emphasis on agriculture and cultural
and global competence that focus on the industry sectors that fuel the rural regional, state,
national, and international economy in order to prepare students to work in one set of
interconnected, global environment;

(3) facilitate the development of highly trained and knowledgeable students who are
equipped with STEM and global competence as well as technical and workplace skills
needed to navigate diverse communities and to compete in the global market as regional,
national, and international employees or employers;

(4) improve access to STEM with a focus on agriculture programs for students in greater
Minnesota by developing public and private partnerships with business and industry leaders
and by increasing coordination of kindergarten through grade 12 and postsecondary education
as well as international collaboration;

(5) increase family and student awareness in STEM and agriculture careers, its benefits
and access to training opportunities, and provide enhancement to robust experimental STEM
labs with project-based learning focusing on agriculture; and

(6) provide access and training to educators for STEM professional development in
order to prepare students for a global mindset.

(b) In addition to the requirements in paragraph (a), the STEM lab center will:

(1) address access for international exchange, international competence in STEM
curriculum for educators, and scientific research in agriculture;

(2) provide access to induction in STEM education as well as mentorship by industry
for educators in order to impact retention of STEM educators in the teaching profession;

(3) provide access and opportunities for inquiry and investigation through project-based
learning with postsecondary and industry partnerships for students exploring STEM education
with a focus on agriculture; and

(4) provide access to equitable opportunities in greater Minnesota and the region for
students to participate in the STEM lab center at the local and international levels.

Subd. 3.

AGlobal Education - STEM center advisory committee.

AGlobal Education
shall establish a STEM education advisory committee to advise the center on programming
with a focus on agriculture and global competence.

Subd. 4.

Private funding.

AGlobal Education may receive other sources of funds for
the project. All funds received shall be administered by AGlobal Education.

Subd. 5.

Reporting requirement.

AGlobal Education must submit an annual report to
the legislature and the commissioner of agriculture by January 15. The annual report must
contain a financial report for the preceding fiscal year. The first report is due no later than
January 15, 2020.


Subdivision 1.

Department of Agriculture.

The sums indicated in this section are
appropriated from the general fund to the Department of Agriculture for the fiscal year

Subd. 2.

STEM education with a focus on agriculture.

For a grant for AGlobal
Education to administer STEM Lab with a focus on agriculture and global competence to
enhance programming for students and educators in greater Minnesota:


This is a onetime appropriation. This appropriation is available until June 30, 2020. The
base for fiscal year 2021 and later is $0.

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