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SF 3795

1st Engrossment - 91st Legislature (2019 - 2020) Posted on 03/11/2020 04:12pm

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - 1st Engrossment

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A bill for an act
relating to the State Building Code; modifying the annual reporting requirements
for municipalities regarding construction and development-related fees collected;
amending Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 326B.145.


Section 1.

Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 326B.145, is amended to read:


new text begin (a) new text endEach municipality shall annually report by June 30 to the department, in a format
prescribed by the department, all construction and development-related fees collected by
the municipality from developers, builders, and subcontractors if the cumulative fees collected
exceeded deleted text begin$5,000deleted text end new text begin$7,000 new text endin the reporting yeardeleted text begin, except that, for reports due June 30, 2009,
to June 30, 2013, the reporting threshold is $10,000
deleted text end.

new text begin (b)new text end The report must include:

(1) the number and valuation of units for which fees were paid;

(2) the amount of building permit fees, plan review fees, administrative fees, engineering
fees, infrastructure fees, and other construction and development-related fees; and

(3) the expenses associated with the municipal activities for which fees were collecteddeleted text begin.deleted text endnew text begin,
including a separate listing of costs associated with conducting inspections for each of the
following categories:
new text end

new text begin (i) labor;
new text end

new text begin (ii) transportation;
new text end

new text begin (iii) office space; and
new text end

new text begin (iv) any other expenses incurred by the municipality as a result of conducting inspections.
new text end

new text begin (c) A municipality that collects $7,000 or less in a reporting year from all construction
and development-related fees shall report that the municipality collected $7,000 or less in
the reporting year by indicating as such on a form provided by the department.
new text end

new text begin (d) In developing the form for reporting, the department must include a list of common
definitions for all categories of construction and development-related fees collected by
municipalities and a summary of penalties that may result from annual report noncompliance
as allowed by section 326B.082. A municipality that collects a fee not included in the
common list of definitions must report the fee as "other" and provide an explanation of the
new text end

new text begin (e) new text endA municipality that fails to report to the department in accordance with this section
is subject to the remedies provided by section 326B.082.

new text begin EFFECTIVE DATE. new text end

new text begin This section is effective January 1, 2021.
new text end