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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

SF 3063

as introduced - 81st Legislature (1999 - 2000) Posted on 12/15/2009 12:00am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - as introduced

  1.1                          A bill for an act 
  1.2             relating to firearms; prohibiting a person from 
  1.3             transferring a pistol or semiautomatic military-style 
  1.4             assault weapon at a gun show without first conducting 
  1.5             a background check on the transferee; amending 
  1.6             Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 624.7132, subdivision 
  1.7             12. 
  1.9      Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 624.7132, 
  1.10  subdivision 12, is amended to read: 
  1.11     Subd. 12.  [EXCLUSIONS.] (a) Except as otherwise provided 
  1.12  in section 609.66, subdivision 1f, this section shall not apply 
  1.13  to transfers of antique firearms as curiosities or for their 
  1.14  historical significance or value, transfers to or between 
  1.15  federally licensed firearms dealers, transfers by order of 
  1.16  court, involuntary transfers, transfers at death or the 
  1.17  following transfers: 
  1.18     (a) (1) a transfer by a person other than a federally 
  1.19  licensed firearms dealer, unless the transfer occurs at a gun 
  1.20  show; 
  1.21     (b) (2) a loan to a prospective transferee if the loan is 
  1.22  intended for a period of no more than one day; 
  1.23     (c) (3) the delivery of a pistol or semiautomatic 
  1.24  military-style assault weapon to a person for the purpose of 
  1.25  repair, reconditioning or remodeling; 
  1.26     (d) (4) a loan by a teacher to a student in a course 
  2.1   designed to teach marksmanship or safety with a pistol and 
  2.2   approved by the commissioner of natural resources; 
  2.3      (e) (5) a loan between persons at a firearms collectors 
  2.4   exhibition; 
  2.5      (f) (6) a loan between persons lawfully engaged in hunting 
  2.6   or target shooting if the loan is intended for a period of no 
  2.7   more than 12 hours; 
  2.8      (g) (7) a loan between law enforcement officers who have 
  2.9   the power to make arrests other than citizen arrests; and 
  2.10     (h) (8) a loan between employees or between the employer 
  2.11  and an employee in a business if the employee is required to 
  2.12  carry a pistol or semiautomatic military-style assault weapon by 
  2.13  reason of employment and is the holder of a valid permit to 
  2.14  carry a pistol. 
  2.15     (b) As used in this subdivision, "gun show" means any event 
  2.16  at which: 
  2.17     (1) 50 or more firearms are offered or exhibited for sale, 
  2.18  transfer, or exchange; and 
  2.19     (2) two or more persons are offering or exhibiting one or 
  2.20  more firearms for sale, transfer, or exchange.  
  2.21     Sec. 2.  [EFFECTIVE DATE.] 
  2.22     Section 1 is effective August 1, 2000, and applies to 
  2.23  crimes committed on or after that date.