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SF 2806

as introduced - 88th Legislature (2013 - 2014) Posted on 04/01/2014 09:07am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - as introduced

Line numbers 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4
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A bill for an act
relating to natural resources; modifying terminology; amending Minnesota
Statutes 2012, section 97C.417.


Section 1.

Minnesota Statutes 2012, section 97C.417, is amended to read:

97C.417 REPORTING deleted text beginASIANdeleted text end new text beginINVASIVE new text endCARP.

A person who takes any of the following deleted text beginAsiandeleted text end new text begininvasive new text endcarp species must report the
type of carp taken to the commissioner within seven days of taking:

(1) grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella);

(2) bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis); or

(3) silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix).

Sec. 2. new text beginINVASIVE CARP.
new text end

new text begin The commissioner of natural resources shall not propose laws to the legislature
that contain the term "Asian carp." The commissioner shall use the term "invasive carp"
or refer to the specific species in any proposed laws, rules, or official documents when
referring to carp species that are not naturalized to the waters of this state.
new text end

Sec. 3. new text beginEFFECTIVE DATE.
new text end

new text begin Sections 1 and 2 are effective the day following final enactment.
new text end