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SF 1288

3rd Engrossment - 81st Legislature (1999 - 2000) Posted on 12/15/2009 12:00am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - 3rd Engrossment

  1.1                          A bill for an act 
  1.2             relating to natural resources; modifying separate 
  1.3             selection criteria for moose and turkey licenses; 
  1.4             exempting trappers from blaze orange requirements; 
  1.5             modifying certain licenses issued without a fee; 
  1.6             modifying provisions for Take a Kid Fishing weekend; 
  1.7             modifying certain provisions for deer hunting 
  1.8             licenses; modifying ammunition requirements for taking 
  1.9             big game; providing for hunting licenses for persons 
  1.10            with mental retardation; modifying provisions for 
  1.11            designating experimental waters; modifying provisions 
  1.12            for fishing contests; modifying requirements for 
  1.13            transporting archery bows; modifying lighted fishing 
  1.14            lure provisions; appropriating money for a state land 
  1.15            inventory; amending Minnesota Statutes 1998, sections 
  1.16            97A.431, subdivision 4; 97A.435, subdivision 4; 
  1.17            97A.441, subdivision 7; 97A.445, subdivision 1; 
  1.18            97A.475, subdivision 2; 97B.015, by adding a 
  1.19            subdivision; 97B.031, subdivision 1; 97B.051; 97B.071; 
  1.20            97B.301, by adding a subdivision; 97C.001, subdivision 
  1.21            1; 97C.081, subdivisions 2, 3, and by adding 
  1.22            subdivisions; and 97C.335, as amended; proposing 
  1.23            coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 97B. 
  1.25     Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97A.431, 
  1.26  subdivision 4, is amended to read: 
  1.27     Subd. 4.  [SEPARATE SELECTION; ELIGIBILITY.] (a) The 
  1.28  commissioner may conduct a separate selection for up to 20 
  1.29  percent of the moose licenses to be issued for an area.  Only 
  1.30  owners of, and tenants living on, at least 160 acres of 
  1.31  agricultural or grazing land in the area, and their family 
  1.32  members, are eligible for the separate selection under this 
  1.33  paragraph.  Persons that are unsuccessful in a separate 
  1.34  selection must be included in the selection for the remaining 
  2.1   licenses.  
  2.2      (b) The commissioner must conduct a separate selection for 
  2.3   20 percent of the moose licenses to be issued each year.  Only 
  2.4   individuals who have applied at least ten times for a moose 
  2.5   license and who have never received a license are eligible for 
  2.6   this separate selection. 
  2.7      (c) The commissioner may by rule establish criteria for: 
  2.8      (1) determining eligible family members under this 
  2.9   subdivision. paragraph (a); and 
  2.10     (2) verifying that an individual has made at least ten 
  2.11  unsuccessful applications for the purposes of paragraph (b). 
  2.12     (d) A person who is unsuccessful in a separate selection 
  2.13  under this subdivision must be included in the selection for the 
  2.14  remaining licenses. 
  2.15     Sec. 2.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97A.435, 
  2.16  subdivision 4, is amended to read: 
  2.18  The commissioner may conduct a separate selection for up to 20 
  2.19  percent of the turkey licenses to be issued for any area.  Only 
  2.20  persons that who are owners or tenants of and that who live on 
  2.21  at least 40 acres of agricultural or grazing land in the area, 
  2.22  and their family members, are eligible applicants for turkey 
  2.23  licenses for the separate selection.  The qualifying 
  2.24  agricultural or grazing land may be noncontiguous.  Persons that 
  2.25  who are unsuccessful in a separate selection must be included in 
  2.26  the selection for the remaining licenses.  Persons that who 
  2.27  obtain a license in a separate selection must allow public 
  2.28  turkey hunting on their land during that turkey season.  
  2.29     (b) The commissioner may by rule establish criteria for 
  2.30  determining eligible family members under this subdivision. 
  2.31     Sec. 3.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97A.441, 
  2.32  subdivision 7, is amended to read: 
  2.33     Subd. 7.  [OWNERS OR TENANTS OF AGRICULTURAL LAND.] (a) The 
  2.34  commissioner may issue, without an additional a fee, a license 
  2.35  to take additional an antlerless deer with firearms under 
  2.36  section 97B.301, subdivision 4, to a person who is an owner or 
  3.1   tenant and lives is living and actively farming on at least ten 
  3.2   80 acres of agricultural land, as defined in section 97B.001, in 
  3.3   an area where the commissioner has made these licenses 
  3.4   available.  Landowners and tenants applying for a license under 
  3.5   this subdivision must receive preference over other applicants 
  3.6   for the licenses deer permit areas that have deer archery 
  3.7   licenses to take additional deer under section 97B.301, 
  3.8   subdivision 4.  A person may receive only one license per year 
  3.9   under this subdivision.  For properties with coowners or 
  3.10  cotenants, only one coowner or cotenant may receive a license 
  3.11  under this subdivision per year.  The license issued under this 
  3.12  subdivision is restricted to the land owned or leased by the 
  3.13  holder of the license within the permit area where the 
  3.14  qualifying land is located.  The holder of the license may 
  3.15  transfer the license to the holder's spouse or dependent.  
  3.16  Notwithstanding sections 97A.415, subdivision 1, and 97B.301, 
  3.17  subdivision 2, the holder of the license may purchase an 
  3.18  additional license for taking deer and may take an additional 
  3.19  deer under that license. 
  3.20     (b) Persons A person who obtain obtains a license under 
  3.21  paragraph (a) must allow public deer hunting on their land 
  3.22  during that deer hunting season, with the exception of the first 
  3.23  Saturday and Sunday during the deer hunting season applicable to 
  3.24  the license issued under section 97A.475, subdivision 2, clause 
  3.25  (4). 
  3.26     Sec. 4.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97A.445, 
  3.27  subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
  3.28     Subdivision 1.  [ANGLING; TAKE A KID FISHING WEEKEND.] A 
  3.29  resident over age 18 may take fish by angling without a license 
  3.30  during one Saturday and Sunday three-day consecutive period of 
  3.31  the angling season designated by rule of the commissioner if 
  3.32  accompanied by a child who is under age 16.  The commissioner 
  3.33  shall publicize the Saturday and Sunday three-day period as 
  3.34  "Take a Kid Fishing Weekend." 
  3.35     Sec. 5.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97A.475, 
  3.36  subdivision 2, is amended to read: 
  4.1      Subd. 2.  [RESIDENT HUNTING.] Fees for the following 
  4.2   licenses, to be issued to residents only, are: 
  4.3      (1) for persons under age 65 to take small game, $10; 
  4.4      (2) for persons age 65 or over, $5; 
  4.5      (3) to take turkey, $16; 
  4.6      (4) to take deer with firearms, $22; 
  4.7      (5) to take deer by archery, $22; 
  4.8      (6) to take moose, for a party of not more than six 
  4.9   persons, $275; 
  4.10     (7) to take bear, $33; 
  4.11     (8) to take elk, for a party of not more than two persons, 
  4.12  $220; 
  4.13     (9) to take antlered deer in more than one zone, $44; and 
  4.14     (10) to take Canada geese during a special season, $3; and 
  4.15     (11) to take an antlered buck throughout the state in any 
  4.16  open deer season, except as restricted under section 97B.305, 
  4.17  $66. 
  4.18     Sec. 6.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97B.015, is 
  4.19  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
  4.21  RETARDATION OR A RELATED CONDITION.] Upon the recommendation of 
  4.22  a course instructor, the commissioner may issue a provisional 
  4.23  firearms safety certificate to a person who satisfactorily 
  4.24  completes the classroom portion of the firearms safety course 
  4.25  but is unable to pass the written or an alternate format exam 
  4.26  portion of the course because of mental retardation or a related 
  4.27  condition as defined in section 97B.1055, subdivision 1.  The 
  4.28  certificate is valid only when used according to section 
  4.29  97B.1055. 
  4.30     Sec. 7.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97B.031, 
  4.31  subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
  4.33  TO TAKE BIG GAME.] (a) A person may take big game with a firearm 
  4.34  only if:  
  4.35     (1) the rifle, shotgun, and handgun used is a caliber of at 
  4.36  least .23 inches; 
  5.1      (2) the firearm is loaded only with single projectile 
  5.2   ammunition; 
  5.3      (3) a projectile used is a caliber of at least .23 inches 
  5.4   and has a soft point or is an expanding bullet type; 
  5.5      (4) the ammunition has a case length of at least 1.285 
  5.6   inches; 
  5.7      (5) the muzzle-loader used is incapable of being loaded at 
  5.8   the breech; 
  5.9      (6) the smooth-bore muzzle-loader used is a caliber of at 
  5.10  least .45 inches; and 
  5.11     (7) the rifled muzzle-loader used is a caliber of at least 
  5.12  .40 inches. 
  5.13     (b) A person may not take big game with a .30 caliber M-1 
  5.14  carbine cartridge.  
  5.15     (c) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), clause (4), a person may 
  5.16  take big game with a ten millimeter cartridge that is at least 
  5.17  0.95 inches in length and may take big game with a .45 
  5.18  Winchester Magnum cartridge. 
  5.19     Sec. 8.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97B.051, is 
  5.20  amended to read: 
  5.22     Except as specified under section 97B.055, subdivision 2, a 
  5.23  person may not transport an archery bow in a motor vehicle 
  5.24  unless the bow is:  
  5.25     (1) unstrung; 
  5.26     (2) completely contained in a case; or 
  5.27     (3) in the closed trunk or rear-most enclosed portion of a 
  5.28  motor vehicle that is not accessible from the passenger 
  5.29  compartment. 
  5.30     Sec. 9.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97B.071, is 
  5.31  amended to read: 
  5.32     97B.071 [BLAZE ORANGE REQUIREMENTS.] 
  5.33     (a) Except as provided in rules adopted under paragraph 
  5.34  (c), a person may not hunt or trap during the open season where 
  5.35  deer may be taken by firearms under applicable laws and 
  5.36  ordinances, unless the visible portion of the person's cap and 
  6.1   outer clothing above the waist, excluding sleeves and gloves, is 
  6.2   blaze orange.  Blaze orange includes a camouflage pattern of at 
  6.3   least 50 percent blaze orange within each foot square.  This 
  6.4   section does not apply to migratory waterfowl hunters on waters 
  6.5   of this state or in a stationary shooting location or to 
  6.6   trappers on waters of this state. 
  6.7      (b) Except as provided in rules adopted under paragraph 
  6.8   (c), and in addition to the requirement in paragraph (a), a 
  6.9   person may not take small game other than turkey, migratory 
  6.10  birds, raccoons, and predators, except when hunting with 
  6.11  nontoxic shot or while trapping, unless a visible portion of at 
  6.12  least one article of the person's clothing above the waist is 
  6.13  blaze orange.  This paragraph does not apply to a person hunting 
  6.14  by falconry.  
  6.15     (c) The commissioner may, by rule, prescribe an alternative 
  6.16  color in cases where paragraph (a) or (b) would violate the 
  6.17  Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, Public Law Number 
  6.18  103-141. 
  6.19     (d) A violation of paragraph (b) shall not result in a 
  6.20  penalty, but is punishable only by a safety warning. 
  6.21     Sec. 10.  [97B.1055] [HUNTING BY PERSONS WITH MENTAL 
  6.23     Subdivision 1.  [DEFINITIONS.] For purposes of this section 
  6.24  and section 97B.015, subdivision 6, "person with mental 
  6.25  retardation or a related condition" means a person who has been 
  6.26  diagnosed as having substantial limitations in present 
  6.27  functioning, manifested as significantly subaverage intellectual 
  6.28  functioning, existing concurrently with demonstrated deficits in 
  6.29  adaptive behavior, and who manifests these conditions before the 
  6.30  person's 22nd birthday.  A person with a related condition means 
  6.31  a person who meets the diagnostic definition under section 
  6.32  252.27, subdivision 1a. 
  6.33     Subd. 2.  [OBTAINING A LICENSE.] (a) Notwithstanding 
  6.34  section 97B.020, a person with mental retardation or a related 
  6.35  condition may obtain a firearms hunting license with a 
  6.36  provisional firearms safety certificate issued under section 
  7.1   97B.015, subdivision 6. 
  7.2      (b) Any person accompanying or assisting a person with 
  7.3   mental retardation or a related condition under this section 
  7.4   must possess a valid firearms safety certificate issued by the 
  7.5   commissioner. 
  7.6      Subd. 3.  [ASSISTANCE REQUIRED.] A person who obtains a 
  7.7   firearms hunting license under subdivision 2 must be accompanied 
  7.8   and assisted by a parent, guardian, or other adult person 
  7.9   designated by a parent or guardian when hunting.  A person who 
  7.10  is not hunting but is solely accompanying and assisting a person 
  7.11  with mental retardation or a related condition need not obtain a 
  7.12  hunting license.  
  7.13     Subd. 4.  [PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.] (a) This section does 
  7.14  not entitle a person to possess a firearm if the person is 
  7.15  otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm under state or 
  7.16  federal law or a court order. 
  7.17     (b) No person shall knowingly authorize or permit a person, 
  7.18  who by reason of mental retardation or a related condition is 
  7.19  incapable of safely possessing a firearm, to possess a firearm 
  7.20  to hunt in the state or on any boundary water of the state. 
  7.21     Sec. 11.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97B.301, is 
  7.22  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
  7.23     Subd. 7.  [ALL SEASON BUCK LICENSE.] A resident may obtain 
  7.24  an all season buck license to take one buck by firearm or 
  7.25  archery during any season statewide.  A person obtaining an all 
  7.26  season buck license does not qualify for hunting under 
  7.27  subdivision 3 or 4. 
  7.28     Sec. 12.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97C.001, 
  7.29  subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
  7.30     Subdivision 1.  [DEFINITION; DESIGNATION.] (a) Experimental 
  7.31  waters are lakes and streams where special regulations are used 
  7.32  and evaluated to meet a specific fisheries objective. 
  7.33     (b) The commissioner may designate any waters of the state 
  7.34  having free access to the public as experimental waters.  The 
  7.35  designated experimental waters may not exceed 100 200 lakes and 
  7.36  25 50 streams at one time.  For all experimental waters, the 
  8.1   commissioner shall develop an evaluation plan and specify a 
  8.2   termination date.  On the termination date, the commissioner 
  8.3   shall vacate or extend the experimental waters designation, or 
  8.4   designate the experimental waters as special management waters 
  8.5   under section 97C.005.  The commissioner shall by rule establish 
  8.6   methods and criteria for public initiation of experimental 
  8.7   waters designation and for public participation in the 
  8.8   evaluation of the waters designated. 
  8.9      (c) Designation of experimental waters under this section 
  8.10  is not subject to chapter 14. 
  8.11     Sec. 13.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97C.081, 
  8.12  subdivision 2, is amended to read: 
  8.13     Subd. 2.  [CONTESTS WITHOUT A PERMIT.] A person may conduct 
  8.14  a fishing contest with entry fees of $10, or less, per person 
  8.15  and total prizes valued at $2,000, or less, without a permit 
  8.16  from the commissioner. provided: 
  8.17     (1) the following criteria are met: 
  8.18     (i) there are 30 participants or less for open water 
  8.19  contests and 150 participants or less for ice fishing contests; 
  8.20     (ii) the entry fee is $25 per person or less; 
  8.21     (iii) the total prize value is $25,000 or less; and 
  8.22     (iv) the contest is not limited to trout species only; 
  8.23     (2) the following criteria are met: 
  8.24     (i) the contest is not limited to specifically named 
  8.25  waters; and 
  8.26     (ii) the contest is not limited to trout species only; or 
  8.27     (3) all the contest participants are age 18 years or under. 
  8.28     Sec. 14.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97C.081, 
  8.29  subdivision 3, is amended to read: 
  8.31  PERMIT.] The commissioner may, by rule or permit, allow fishing 
  8.32  contests with entry fees over $10 per person or total prizes 
  8.33  valued at more than $2,000.  (a) A person must have a permit 
  8.34  from the commissioner to conduct a fishing contest that does not 
  8.35  meet the criteria in subdivision 2.  Permits shall be issued 
  8.36  without a fee. 
  9.1      (b) If entry fees are over $25 per person, or total prizes 
  9.2   are valued at more than $25,000, and if the applicant has either:
  9.3      (1) not previously conducted a fishing contest requiring a 
  9.4   permit under this subdivision; or 
  9.5      (2) ever failed to make required prize awards in a fishing 
  9.6   contest conducted by the applicant, the commissioner may require 
  9.7   the applicant to furnish the commissioner evidence of financial 
  9.8   responsibility in the form of a surety bond or bank letter of 
  9.9   credit in the amount of $25,000.  Permits must be issued without 
  9.10  a fee and if the commissioner does not deny the permit within 14 
  9.11  days, excluding holidays, after receipt of an application, the 
  9.12  permit is granted. 
  9.13     Sec. 15.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97C.081, is 
  9.14  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
  9.15     Subd. 6.  [PERMIT APPLICATION PROCESS.] (a) Beginning 
  9.16  September 1 each year, the commissioner shall accept permit 
  9.17  applications for fishing contests to be held in the following 
  9.18  year. 
  9.19     (b) If the number of permit applications received by the 
  9.20  commissioner from September 1 through the last Friday in October 
  9.21  exceeds the limits specified in subdivisions 7 and 8, the 
  9.22  commissioner shall notify the affected applicants that their 
  9.23  requested locations and time period are subject to a drawing.  
  9.24  After notification, the commissioner shall allow the affected 
  9.25  applicants a minimum of seven days to change the location or 
  9.26  time period requested on their applications, provided that the 
  9.27  change is not to a location or time period for which 
  9.28  applications are already at or above the limits specified in 
  9.29  subdivisions 7 and 8. 
  9.30     (c) After the applicants have been given at least seven 
  9.31  days to change their applications, the commissioner shall 
  9.32  conduct a drawing for all locations and time periods for which 
  9.33  applications exceed limits.  First preference in the drawings 
  9.34  shall be given to applicants for established or traditional 
  9.35  fishing contests, and second preference to applicants for 
  9.36  contests that are not established as traditional fishing 
 10.1   contests based on the number of times they have been 
 10.2   unsuccessful in previous drawings.  Except for applicants of 
 10.3   established or traditional fishing contests, an applicant who is 
 10.4   successful in a drawing loses all accumulated preference. 
 10.5      (d) The commissioner has until December 7 to approve or 
 10.6   deny permit applications that are submitted by 4:30 p.m. on the 
 10.7   last Friday in October.  The commissioner may approve a permit 
 10.8   application that is received after 4:30 p.m. on the last Friday 
 10.9   in October if approving the application would not result in 
 10.10  exceeding the limits in subdivisions 7 and 8. 
 10.11     Sec. 16.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97C.081, is 
 10.12  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 10.13     Subd. 7.  [WEEKEND LIMITATIONS.] (a) On all waters 55,000 
 10.14  acres or less, the commissioner may ensure that each of the 
 10.15  state's waters has at least two weekends per month with no 
 10.16  permitted fishing contests. 
 10.17     (b) Unless otherwise authorized by the commissioner, 
 10.18  permitted fishing contests that are conducted for more than one 
 10.19  day may not include more than one weekend day from Memorial Day 
 10.20  weekend through Labor Day weekend. 
 10.21     (c) The commissioner may not approve permits for fishing 
 10.22  contests on a weekend with a fishing season opener if the 
 10.23  contest targets a species for which the season is opening. 
 10.24     Sec. 17.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97C.081, is 
 10.25  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 10.26     Subd. 8.  [LIMITS ON NUMBER OF FISHING CONTESTS.] (a) The 
 10.27  number of permitted fishing contests allowed each month on a 
 10.28  water body shall not exceed the following limits: 
 10.29                 Maximum number   Maximum number   Maximum number
 10.30                  of permitted       of large       of permitted
 10.31                    fishing         permitted         fishing
 10.32                    contests         fishing          contest
 10.33                                     contests           days
 10.35  Size/acres
 10.36  less than
 11.1   2,000                2                0                4
 11.2   2,000-4,999          3                1                6
 11.3   5,000-14,999         4                2                8
 11.4   15,000-55,000        5                3               10
 11.5   more than
 11.6   55,000            no limit         no limit         no limit
 11.7      (b) For boundary waters, the limits on the number of 
 11.8   permitted fishing contests shall be determined based on the 
 11.9   Minnesota acreage. 
 11.10     Sec. 18.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97C.081, is 
 11.11  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 11.12     Subd. 9.  [PERMIT RESTRICTIONS.] (a) The commissioner may 
 11.13  require fishing contest permittees to limit prefishing to week 
 11.14  days only as a condition of a fishing contest permit.  The 
 11.15  commissioner may require proof from permittees that prefishing 
 11.16  restrictions on the permit are communicated to fishing contest 
 11.17  participants and enforced. 
 11.18     (b) The commissioner may require permit restrictions on the 
 11.19  hours that a permitted fishing contest is conducted, including, 
 11.20  but not limited to, starting and ending times. 
 11.21     (c) The commissioner may require permit restrictions on the 
 11.22  number of parking spaces that may be used on a state-owned 
 11.23  public water access site.  The commissioner may require proof 
 11.24  from permittees that parking restrictions on the permit are 
 11.25  communicated to fishing contest participants and enforced. 
 11.26     (d) To prevent undue loss of fish, the commissioner may 
 11.27  require restrictions for off-site weigh-ins on a fishing contest 
 11.28  permit or may deny permits requesting an off-site weigh-in. 
 11.29     (e) A person may not transfer a fishing contest permit to 
 11.30  another person. 
 11.31     (f) Failure to comply with fishing contest permit 
 11.32  restrictions may be considered grounds for denial of future 
 11.33  permit applications. 
 11.34     Sec. 19.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97C.081, is 
 11.35  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 11.36     Subd. 10.  [DEFINITIONS.] For purposes of this section, the 
 12.1   following terms have the meanings given: 
 12.2      (a) "Permitted fishing contest" means an open water fishing 
 12.3   contest or ice fishing contest that requires a permit from the 
 12.4   commissioner under subdivision 3. 
 12.5      (b) "Large permitted fishing contest" means an open water 
 12.6   fishing contest with more than 50 boats or more than 100 
 12.7   participants that requires a permit from the commissioner under 
 12.8   subdivision 3. 
 12.9      (c) "Participant" means a person who is taking part in a 
 12.10  fishing contest. 
 12.11     (d) "Permitted fishing contest day" means a day on a water 
 12.12  body where a permitted fishing contest is held.  Two permitted 
 12.13  fishing contests that are held on the same water body on the 
 12.14  same day count as two permitted fishing contest days. 
 12.15     (e) "Off-site weigh-in" means a weigh-in of fish from a 
 12.16  fishing contest at a location that is not adjacent to the waters 
 12.17  listed on the fishing contest permit. 
 12.18     (f) "Prefishing" means fishing by participants of a 
 12.19  permitted fishing contest prior to the scheduled dates of the 
 12.20  contest on waters listed on the fishing contest permit. 
 12.21     Sec. 20.  Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 97C.335, as 
 12.22  amended by Laws 2000, chapter 308, section 1, is amended to read:
 12.24     A person may not use artificial lights to lure or attract 
 12.25  fish or to see fish in the water while spearing, except that an 
 12.26  angler may use a lighted fishing lure while angling, a person 
 12.27  may affix to the end of a fishing line a lighted artificial bait 
 12.28  with hooks attached.  Any battery that is used in lighted 
 12.29  fishing lures cannot contain any intentionally introduced 
 12.30  mercury. 
 12.31     Sec. 21.  [APPROPRIATIONS.] 
 12.32     $200,000 is appropriated from the state forest suspense 
 12.33  account to the commissioner of natural resources for transfer to 
 12.34  the University of Minnesota Duluth for the purpose of funding 
 12.35  the inventory conducted pursuant to this section and is 
 12.36  available until expended.  Because the University of Minnesota 
 13.1   is a land grant university, and because most of the state-owned 
 13.2   land to be inventoried is granted land, the chancellor of the 
 13.3   University of Minnesota Duluth is requested to direct the School 
 13.4   of Business and Economics to conduct an inventory of state-owned 
 13.5   land located within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for the 
 13.6   purpose of providing the legislature and state officers with 
 13.7   more precise information as to the nature, extent, and value of 
 13.8   the land.  The inventory must include the following:  (1) a list 
 13.9   of the tracts of state-owned land within the area, together with 
 13.10  the available legal description by government tract, insofar as 
 13.11  possible; (2) the number of linear feet of shoreline in each 
 13.12  tract, together with a general description of that shoreline, 
 13.13  whether it is rocky, sandy, or swampy, or some other descriptive 
 13.14  system that generally describes the shoreland; (3) the acreage 
 13.15  of each tract; (4) a general description of the surface of each 
 13.16  tract, including topography and the predominant vegetative cover 
 13.17  for each tract and any known unique surface features, such as 
 13.18  areas of virgin and other old growth timber; and (5) using 
 13.19  available real estate market value information and accepted real 
 13.20  estate valuation techniques, assign estimates of the value for 
 13.21  each tract, exclusive of minerals and mineral interests, using 
 13.22  each of the real estate valuation techniques adopted for the 
 13.23  inventory.  For the purposes of this section, "state-owned land" 
 13.24  is defined as any class of state-owned land, whether it is 
 13.25  granted land such as school, university, swampland, or internal 
 13.26  improvement, or whether it is tax-forfeited, acquired, or 
 13.27  state-owned land of any other classification.  At the request of 
 13.28  the university, the commissioner of natural resources shall 
 13.29  promptly provide the university with all published maps, whether 
 13.30  federal, state, or county, together with a descriptive list of 
 13.31  state-owned land in the area, using available legal 
 13.32  descriptions, forest inventories, and other factual information, 
 13.33  published data, and photographs that are necessary for the 
 13.34  university's inventory.  From these maps, lists, data, and other 
 13.35  information, the university is requested to prepare a report of 
 13.36  its inventory.  The legislature requests that the University of 
 14.1   Minnesota submit the report to the legislature by January 15, 
 14.2   2002. 
 14.3      Sec. 22.  [EFFECTIVE DATE.] 
 14.4      Section 20 is effective the day following final enactment.