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SF 251

1st Engrossment - 91st Legislature (2019 - 2020) Posted on 08/28/2019 03:11pm

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - 1st Engrossment

Line numbers 1.1 1.2 1.3
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2.1 2.2

A bill for an act
relating to agriculture; appropriating money for mental health counseling.


Section 1. new text beginCANCELLATION.
new text end

new text begin Of the amount appropriated in fiscal year 2019 to the commissioner of agriculture for
the agricultural growth, research, and innovation program for incentive payments in Laws
2017, chapter 88, article 1, section 2, subdivision 4, paragraph (b), clause (2), $70,000 is
canceled to the general fund.
new text end

Sec. 2. new text beginAPPROPRIATION.
new text end

new text begin (a) $70,000 in fiscal year 2019 is appropriated from the general fund to the commissioner
of agriculture for the following purposes:
new text end

new text begin (1) $40,000 is for transfer to the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and
Universities to provide additional statewide mental health counseling support to farm families
and business operators through the Minnesota State Agricultural Centers of Excellence.
South Central College and Central Lakes College shall serve as the fiscal agents; and
new text end

new text begin (2) $30,000 is for coordinating public information, farmer mental health marketing,
training coordination, outreach activities, and engaging farm groups and other agriculture
organizations to reduce the stigma of stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.
new text end

new text begin (b) This is a onetime appropriation.
new text end

Sec. 3. new text beginEFFECTIVE DATE.
new text end

new text begin This act is effective the day following final enactment.
new text end