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HF 632

3rd Engrossment - 80th Legislature (1997 - 1998) Posted on 12/15/2009 12:00am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - 3rd Engrossment

  1.1                          A bill for an act
  1.2             relating to capital improvements; cleaning up lands 
  1.3             contaminated by petroleum leaks; providing for 
  1.4             replacement of leaking underground petroleum tanks; 
  1.5             cleaning up contaminated building sites; transferring 
  1.6             authority to administer individual on-site sewage 
  1.7             treatment programs to the pollution control agency; 
  1.8             modifying sewer loan repayment provisions; 
  1.9             appropriating money for flood damage reduction and for 
  1.10            local bridges; modifying previous appropriations for 
  1.11            certain capital improvements; changing the source of 
  1.12            funds for certain projects; defining design and 
  1.13            predesign; transferring authority to administer grants 
  1.14            for certain projects; appropriating money; authorizing 
  1.15            the sale of state bonds; amending Minnesota Statutes 
  1.16            1996, sections 16B.335, subdivision 3; 115C.09, by 
  1.17            adding a subdivision; 116.18, subdivision 3c; 
  1.18            116J.554, subdivisions 1 and 2; 116J.556; and 
  1.19            446A.072, by adding a subdivision; Laws 1994 chapter 
  1.20            643, sections 3, subdivision 2; 10, subdivision 10, as 
  1.21            amended; 15, subdivisions 2 and 4; 19, subdivision 8, 
  1.22            as amended; and 23, subdivision 28, as amended, and by 
  1.23            adding a subdivision; Laws 1996, chapters 407, section 
  1.24            8, subdivision 3; and 463, sections 7, subdivision 9; 
  1.25            13, subdivisions 2, 4, and 8; 14, subdivision 7; 22, 
  1.26            subdivision 8; and 24, subdivision 8; Laws 1997, 
  1.27            chapter 202, article 1, section 35; proposing coding 
  1.28            for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 116J; 
  1.29            repealing Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 19, 
  1.30            subdivision 11; Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 7, 
  1.31            subdivision 26; and Laws 1997, chapter 200, article 2, 
  1.32            section 5. 
  1.35     The sums in the column under "APPROPRIATIONS" are 
  1.36  appropriated from the bond proceeds fund, or another named fund, 
  1.37  to the state agencies or officials indicated, to be spent to 
  1.38  acquire and to better public land and buildings and other public 
  1.39  improvements of a capital nature, as specified in this act. 
  2.1                               SUMMARY 
  2.3   NATURAL RESOURCES                                     4,000,000
  2.4   POLLUTION CONTROL AGENCY                              7,400,000
  2.5   PUBLIC FACILITIES AUTHORITY                           7,000,000
  2.6   AGRICULTURE                                           4,000,000
  2.7   ADMINISTRATION                                       74,035,000
  2.8   TRADE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT                        7,000,000
  2.9   TRANSPORTATION                                        3,000,000
  2.10  BOND SALE EXPENSES                                       90,000
  2.11  TOTAL                                            $  111,025,000
  2.12  Bond Proceeds Fund                                   86,625,000
  2.13  Transportation Fund                                   3,000,000
  2.14  General Fund                                         13,600,000
  2.15  Motor Vehicle Transfer Fund                           7,800,000
  2.16                                                   APPROPRIATIONS 
  2.17                                                   $
  2.20  Hibbing Community and 
  2.21  Technical Colleges                                    4,500,000
  2.22  This appropriation is to the board of 
  2.23  trustees of the Minnesota state 
  2.24  colleges and universities to construct 
  2.25  additions and install related 
  2.26  electrical and mechanical utilities at 
  2.27  the community college site to prepare 
  2.28  for collocation of programs. 
  2.29  Sec. 3.  NATURAL RESOURCES 
  2.30  Flood Damage Reduction                                4,000,000
  2.31  This appropriation is to the 
  2.32  commissioner of natural resources to 
  2.33  fund flood damage reduction projects 
  2.34  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
  2.35  103F.161, including the nonfederal 
  2.36  portion of federal hazard mitigation 
  2.37  grant program projects.  The 
  2.38  appropriation is available until 
  2.39  expended. 
  2.41  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner
  2.42  of the pollution control agency for the
  2.43  purposes specified in this section                    7,400,000
  2.44  Subd. 2.  Individual Sewage Treatment Grants          1,000,000
  2.45  This one-time appropriation is from the 
  3.1   general fund for grants to 
  3.2   municipalities for the purposes 
  3.3   specified in Minnesota Statutes, 
  3.4   section 116.18, subdivision 3c.  
  3.5   For purposes of grants awarded under 
  3.6   this section, the definition of 
  3.7   "individual on-site treatment system" 
  3.8   in Minnesota Statutes, section 116.18, 
  3.9   subdivision 3c, paragraph (b), also 
  3.10  includes an alternative discharging 
  3.11  sewage system serving one or more 
  3.12  dwellings and other establishments that 
  3.13  discharges less than 10,000 gallons of 
  3.14  water per day and uses any treatment 
  3.15  and disposal methods other than 
  3.16  subsurface soil treatment and disposal, 
  3.17  as permitted under Minnesota Statutes, 
  3.18  section 115.58. 
  3.19  Up to ten percent of this appropriation 
  3.20  may be used for administration of the 
  3.21  grants.  
  3.22  Subd. 3.  Environmental Response,
  3.23  Compensation, and Compliance                          6,400,000
  3.24  This appropriation is from the motor 
  3.25  vehicle transfer fund for transfer to 
  3.26  the environmental response, 
  3.27  compensation, and compliance fund and 
  3.28  is appropriated for the purposes 
  3.29  provided in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 
  3.30  115B.  This amount must be included in 
  3.31  the agency's budgetary base for the 
  3.32  next biennium. 
  3.33  Sec. 5.  PUBLIC FACILITIES AUTHORITY                           
  3.34  Wastewater Infrastructure Fund Loans                  7,000,000
  3.35  $3,000,000 of this appropriation is 
  3.36  from the general fund.  
  3.37  This appropriation is to the public 
  3.38  facilities authority for loans to 
  3.39  eligible municipalities under the 
  3.40  wastewater infrastructure funding 
  3.41  program established in Minnesota 
  3.42  Statutes, section 446A.072.  
  3.43  From this appropriation, the public 
  3.44  facilities authority shall provide 
  3.45  supplemental assistance to a 
  3.46  municipality that, before the first 
  3.47  loans were made from the wastewater 
  3.48  infrastructure fund, incurred increased 
  3.49  project costs as a result of a 
  3.50  wastewater discharge into outstanding 
  3.51  resource value water.  "Outstanding 
  3.52  resource value water" is water that has 
  3.53  high water quality, wilderness 
  3.54  characteristics, unique scientific or 
  3.55  ecological significance, exceptional 
  3.56  recreational value, or other special 
  3.57  qualities that warrant stringent 
  3.58  protection from pollution.  The amount 
  3.59  of supplemental assistance under this 
  3.60  paragraph is up to 100 percent of the 
  3.61  increased project costs to comply with 
  3.62  the applicable discharge restrictions.  
  4.1   The agency shall determine the amount 
  4.2   of project costs attributable to the 
  4.3   discharge restrictions to the 
  4.4   outstanding resource value water.  A 
  4.5   municipality may appeal the agency's 
  4.6   determination to the public facilities 
  4.7   authority within 60 days of 
  4.8   notification of the determination. 
  4.9   The public facilities authority, in 
  4.10  conjunction with the pollution control 
  4.11  agency, shall analyze and report to the 
  4.12  legislature by January 15, 1998, the 
  4.13  long-term financial implications to the 
  4.14  wastewater infrastructure fund of 
  4.15  providing supplemental assistance for 
  4.16  increased costs incurred for projects 
  4.17  that discharge wastewater into 
  4.18  outstanding resource value water. 
  4.19  Sec. 6.  AGRICULTURE                          
  4.20  Individual Sewage Treatment Systems                   4,000,000
  4.21  This one-time appropriation from the 
  4.22  general fund is to the commissioner of 
  4.23  agriculture to provide loans to 
  4.24  counties for loans to property owners 
  4.25  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
  4.26  17.117 or 115.57. 
  4.27  Individual counties may elect to apply 
  4.28  for and administer the loans under the 
  4.29  agricultural best management loan 
  4.30  practices program established in 
  4.31  Minnesota Statutes, section 17.117, or 
  4.32  under section 115.57.  Regardless of 
  4.33  the section a county applies under, the 
  4.34  commissioner shall review and rank 
  4.35  allocation requests from counties under 
  4.36  the procedure and relevant criteria 
  4.37  listed in Minnesota Statutes, section 
  4.38  17.117, subdivision 9.  Loans made 
  4.39  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
  4.40  17.117, with money appropriated under 
  4.41  this section must be used for site 
  4.42  evaluation, design, installation, 
  4.43  repair, and replacement of individual 
  4.44  sewage treatment systems only.  
  4.45  Notwithstanding the eligibility 
  4.46  criteria in Minnesota Statutes, section 
  4.47  17.117, subdivisions 1; and 4, 
  4.48  paragraph (e), all private landowners 
  4.49  in a county may apply for loans made 
  4.50  under this section.  Loans made under 
  4.51  Minnesota Statutes, section 115.57, may 
  4.52  be used for any of the purposes 
  4.53  specified in that section.  Counties 
  4.54  receiving funds under this section must 
  4.55  use the funds to administer loan 
  4.56  programs on a countywide basis. 
  4.58  Contaminated Site Cleanup                             7,000,000 
  4.59  $5,600,000 of this appropriation is 
  4.60  from the general fund. 
  4.61  $1,400,000 of this appropriation is 
  4.62  from the motor vehicle transfer fund. 
  5.1   This appropriation is for transfer to 
  5.2   the contaminated site cleanup and 
  5.3   development account and is appropriated 
  5.4   for the purposes specified in Minnesota 
  5.5   Statutes, section 116J.551.  Of this 
  5.6   amount, $7,000,000 must be included in 
  5.7   the department's budget base for the 
  5.8   next biennium. 
  5.9   Sec. 8.  TRANSPORTATION
  5.10  Local Bridge Replacement and
  5.11  Rehabilitation                                        3,000,000
  5.12  This appropriation is from the 
  5.13  transportation fund as provided in 
  5.14  Minnesota Statutes, section 174.50, to 
  5.15  match federal funds and to replace or 
  5.16  rehabilitate local deficient bridges. 
  5.17  Political subdivisions may use grants 
  5.18  made under this section to construct or 
  5.19  reconstruct bridges, including: 
  5.20  (1) matching federal-aid grants to 
  5.21  construct or reconstruct key bridges; 
  5.22  (2) paying the costs to abandon an 
  5.23  existing bridge that is deficient and 
  5.24  in need of replacement, but where no 
  5.25  replacement will be made; 
  5.26  (3) paying the costs to construct a 
  5.27  road or street to facilitate the 
  5.28  abandonment of an existing bridge 
  5.29  determined by the commissioner to be 
  5.30  deficient, if the commissioner 
  5.31  determines that construction of the 
  5.32  road or street is more cost-efficient 
  5.33  than the replacement of the existing 
  5.34  bridge; and 
  5.35  (4) paying the costs of preliminary 
  5.36  engineering and environmental studies 
  5.37  authorized under Minnesota Statutes, 
  5.38  section 174.50, subdivision 6a. 
  5.39  Sec. 9.  BOND SALE EXPENSES                             90,000
  5.40  To the commissioner of finance for bond 
  5.41  sale expenses under Minnesota Statutes, 
  5.42  section 16A.641, subdivision 8. 
  5.43     Sec. 10.  [BOND SALE AUTHORIZATIONS.] 
  5.44     Subdivision 1.  [BOND PROCEEDS FUND.] To provide the money 
  5.45  appropriated in this act from the bond proceeds fund the 
  5.46  commissioner of finance, on request of the governor, shall sell 
  5.47  and issue bonds of the state in an amount up to $86,625,000 in 
  5.48  the manner, upon the terms, and with the effect prescribed by 
  5.49  Minnesota Statutes, sections 16A.631 to 16A.675, and by the 
  5.50  Minnesota Constitution, article XI, sections 4 to 7.  
  5.51     Subd. 2.  [TRANSPORTATION FUND.] To provide the money 
  6.1   appropriated in this act from the state transportation fund, the 
  6.2   commissioner of finance, on request of the governor, shall sell 
  6.3   and issue general obligation bonds of the state in an amount up 
  6.4   to $3,000,000 in the manner, upon the terms, and with the effect 
  6.5   prescribed by Minnesota Statutes, sections 16A.631 to 16A.675, 
  6.6   and by the Minnesota Constitution, article XI, sections 4 to 7.  
  6.7   The proceeds of the bonds, except accrued interest and any 
  6.8   premium received on the sale of the bonds, must be credited to a 
  6.9   bond proceeds account in the state transportation fund. 
  6.10     Sec. 11.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 16B.335, 
  6.11  subdivision 3, is amended to read: 
  6.12     Subd. 3.  [PREDESIGN REQUIREMENT.] The definitions in 
  6.13  paragraphs (a) and (b) apply to this section. 
  6.14     (a) "Predesign" means the stage in the development of a 
  6.15  project during which the purpose, scope, cost, and schedule of 
  6.16  the complete project are defined and instructions to design 
  6.17  professionals are produced.  
  6.18     (b) "Design" means the stage in the development of a 
  6.19  project during which schematic, design development, and contract 
  6.20  documents are produced. 
  6.21     (c) A recipient to whom an appropriation is made for a 
  6.22  project subject to review under subdivision 1 or notice under 
  6.23  subdivision 2 shall prepare a predesign package and submit it to 
  6.24  the commissioner for review and recommendation before proceeding 
  6.25  with design activities.  The commissioner must complete the 
  6.26  review and recommendation within ten working days after 
  6.27  receiving it.  Failure to review and recommend within the ten 
  6.28  days is considered a positive recommendation.  The predesign 
  6.29  package must be sufficient to define the purpose, scope, cost, 
  6.30  and schedule of the project and must demonstrate that the 
  6.31  project has been analyzed according to appropriate space needs 
  6.32  standards. 
  6.33     Sec. 12.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 115C.09, is 
  6.34  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
  6.36  As used in this subdivision, "small gasoline retailer" means a 
  7.1   responsible person who owns no more than one location where 
  7.2   motor fuel was dispensed into motor vehicles or aircraft in the 
  7.3   previous year. 
  7.4      (b) For eligible applicants who are small gasoline 
  7.5   retailers that have dispensed less than 500,000 gallons of motor 
  7.6   fuel during the most recent calendar year that petroleum 
  7.7   products were dispensed at the location owned by the retailer, 
  7.8   the board shall reimburse the applicant for 90 percent of the 
  7.9   applicant's total reimbursable cost for tank removal projects 
  7.10  started after January 1, 1997, including, but not limited to, 
  7.11  closure in place, backfill, resurfacing, and utility service 
  7.12  restoration costs, provided that the tank involved is a 
  7.13  regulated underground storage tank. 
  7.14     (c) For eligible applicants who are small gasoline 
  7.15  retailers that have dispensed less than 250,000 gallons of motor 
  7.16  fuel during the most recent calendar year that petroleum 
  7.17  products were dispensed at the location owned by the retailer, 
  7.18  provided that the tank involved is a regulated underground 
  7.19  storage tank, the board shall reimburse the applicant for 95 
  7.20  percent of the following costs: 
  7.21     (1) tank removal costs described in paragraph (b); and 
  7.22     (2) petroleum contamination cleanup as provided under 
  7.23  subdivision 1. 
  7.24     (d) This subdivision expires January 1, 2000. 
  7.25     Sec. 13.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 116.18, 
  7.26  subdivision 3c, is amended to read: 
  7.28  (a) Beginning in fiscal year 1989, up to ten percent of the 
  7.29  money to be awarded as grants under subdivision 3a in any single 
  7.30  fiscal year, up to a maximum of $1,000,000, may be set aside for 
  7.31  the award of grants by the authority agency to municipalities to 
  7.32  reimburse owners of individual on-site wastewater treatment 
  7.33  systems for a part of the costs of upgrading or replacing the 
  7.34  systems. 
  7.35     (b) An individual on-site treatment system is a wastewater 
  7.36  treatment system, or part thereof, that uses soil treatment and 
  8.1   disposal technology to treat 5,000 gallons or less of wastewater 
  8.2   per day from dwellings or other establishments. 
  8.3      (c) Municipalities may apply yearly for grants of up to 50 
  8.4   percent of the cost of replacing or upgrading individual on-site 
  8.5   treatment systems within their jurisdiction, up to a limit of 
  8.6   $5,000 per system or per connection to a cluster system.  Before 
  8.7   agency approval of the grant application, a municipality must 
  8.8   certify that:  
  8.9      (1) it has adopted and is enforcing the requirements of 
  8.10  Minnesota Rules governing individual sewage treatment systems; 
  8.11     (2) the existing systems for which application is made do 
  8.12  not conform to those rules, were constructed prior to January 1, 
  8.13  1977 are at least 20 years old, do not serve seasonal 
  8.14  residences, and were not constructed with state or federal 
  8.15  funds; and 
  8.16     (3) the costs requested do not include administrative 
  8.17  costs, costs for improvements or replacements made before the 
  8.18  application is submitted to the authority agency unless it 
  8.19  pertains to the plan finally adopted, and planning and 
  8.20  engineering costs other than those for the individual site 
  8.21  evaluations and system design.  
  8.22     (d) The federal and state regulations regarding the award 
  8.23  of state and federal wastewater treatment grants do not apply to 
  8.24  municipalities or systems funded under this subdivision, except 
  8.25  as provided in this subdivision.  
  8.26     (e) The authority shall award individual on-site wastewater 
  8.27  treatment grants to municipalities selected by the state 
  8.28  pollution control commissioner upon certification by the state 
  8.29  pollution control commissioner that the municipalities' 
  8.30  applications have been reviewed and approved in accordance with 
  8.31  this subdivision and agency rules adopted under paragraph (f). 
  8.32     (f) The agency shall adopt permanent rules regarding 
  8.33  priorities, distribution of funds, payments, 
  8.34  inspections, procedures for administration of the agency's 
  8.35  duties, and other matters that the agency finds necessary for 
  8.36  proper administration of grants awarded under this subdivision.  
  9.1      (g) The commissioner of trade and economic development may 
  9.2   adopt rules containing procedures for administration of the 
  9.3   authority's duties as set forth in paragraph (e). 
  9.4      Sec. 14.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 116J.554, 
  9.5   subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
  9.6      Subdivision 1.  [AUTHORITY.] (a) The commissioner may make 
  9.7   a grant to an applicant development authority to pay for up to 
  9.8   75 percent of the cleanup project costs for a qualifying site, 
  9.9   except the grant may not exceed 50 percent of the project costs. 
  9.10     (b) The commissioner may also make a grant to an applicant 
  9.11  development authority to pay up to 75 percent or $50,000, 
  9.12  whichever is less, toward the cost of performing contaminant 
  9.13  investigations and the development of a response action plan for 
  9.14  a qualifying site. 
  9.15     (c) The commissioner may also make a grant to an applicant 
  9.16  to fill a site that would represent more than 50 percent of the 
  9.17  remaining land in a city suitable for industrial development if 
  9.18  it were properly filled. 
  9.19     (d) The determination of whether to make a grant for a 
  9.20  qualifying site is within the sole discretion of the 
  9.21  commissioner, subject to the process provided by this section, 
  9.22  and available unencumbered money in the appropriation.  The 
  9.23  commissioner's decisions and application of the priorities under 
  9.24  section 116J.555 are not subject to judicial review, except for 
  9.25  abuse of discretion. 
  9.26     (e) The total amount of money provided in grants under 
  9.27  paragraph (b) may not exceed $250,000 per fiscal year. 
  9.28     (f) In making grants under paragraph (b), the commissioner 
  9.29  shall give priority to applicants that have not received a grant 
  9.30  under paragraph (a) or section 473.252 during the year ending on 
  9.31  the date of application. 
  9.32     Sec. 15.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 116J.554, 
  9.33  subdivision 2, is amended to read: 
  9.34     Subd. 2.  [QUALIFYING SITES.] A site qualifies for a grant 
  9.35  under this section, if the following criteria are met: 
  9.36     (1) the site is not scheduled for funding during the 
 10.1   current or next fiscal year under the Comprehensive 
 10.2   Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, United 
 10.3   States Code, title 42, section 9601, et seq. or under the 
 10.4   environmental response, and liability act under sections 115B.01 
 10.5   to 115B.24; 
 10.6      (2) the appraised value of the site after adjusting for the 
 10.7   effect on the value of the presence or possible presence of 
 10.8   contaminants using accepted appraisal methodology (i) is less 
 10.9   than 50 75 percent of the estimated cleanup project costs for 
 10.10  the site or (ii) is less than or equal to the estimated cleanup 
 10.11  costs for the site and the cleanup costs equal or exceed $3 per 
 10.12  square foot for the site; and 
 10.13     (3) if the proposed cleanup is completed, it is expected 
 10.14  that the site will be improved with buildings or other 
 10.15  improvements and these improvements will provide a substantial 
 10.16  increase in the property tax base within a reasonable period of 
 10.17  time or the site will be used for an important publicly owned or 
 10.18  tax-exempt facility. 
 10.19     Sec. 16.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 116J.556, is 
 10.20  amended to read: 
 10.21     116J.556 [LOCAL MATCH REQUIREMENT.] 
 10.22     (a) In order to qualify for a grant under sections 116J.551 
 10.23  to 116J.557, the municipality must pay for at least one-half 
 10.24  one-quarter of the project costs as a local match.  The 
 10.25  municipality shall pay an amount of the project costs equal to 
 10.26  at least 12 percent of the cleanup costs from the municipality's 
 10.27  general fund, a property tax levy for that purpose, or other 
 10.28  unrestricted money available to the municipality (excluding tax 
 10.29  increments).  These unrestricted moneys may be spent for project 
 10.30  costs, other than cleanup costs, and qualify for the local match 
 10.31  payment equal to 12 percent of cleanup costs.  The rest of the 
 10.32  local match may be paid with tax increments, regional, state, or 
 10.33  federal money available for the redevelopment of brownfields or 
 10.34  any other money available to the municipality. 
 10.35     (b) If the development authority establishes a tax 
 10.36  increment financing district or hazardous substance subdistrict 
 11.1   on the site to pay for part of the local match requirement, the 
 11.2   district or subdistrict is not subject to the state aid 
 11.3   reductions under section 273.1399.  In order to qualify for the 
 11.4   exemption from the state aid reductions, the municipality must 
 11.5   elect, by resolution, on or before the request for certification 
 11.6   is filed that all tax increments from the district or 
 11.7   subdistrict will be used exclusively to pay (1) for project 
 11.8   costs for the site and (2) administrative costs for the district 
 11.9   or subdistrict.  The district or subdistrict must be decertified 
 11.10  when an amount of tax increments equal to no more than three 
 11.11  times the costs of implementing the response action plan for the 
 11.12  site and the administrative costs for the district or 
 11.13  subdistrict have been received, after deducting the amount of 
 11.14  the state grant. 
 11.16  LOAN PROGRAM.] 
 11.17     Subdivision 1.  [LOAN PROGRAM.] (a) The commissioner shall 
 11.18  establish and implement an underground petroleum tank 
 11.19  replacement loan program to facilitate the continued operation 
 11.20  of small gasoline retailers, as defined in section 115C.09, 
 11.21  subdivision 3e, paragraph (a), in this state. 
 11.22     (b) The commissioner may make a direct loan for the cost of 
 11.23  a replacement tank to a small gasoline retailer who has 
 11.24  dispensed less than 500,000 gallons of motor fuel during the 
 11.25  previous year who demonstrates an ability to repay the loan.  
 11.26  The interest rate on the loan shall not exceed three percent per 
 11.27  year, and the term of the loan may not exceed seven years.  
 11.28  Loans made under this subdivision may not exceed $10,000 or the 
 11.29  total out-of-pocket expenses of the small gasoline retailer for 
 11.30  tank replacement, whichever is less.  Payments on the principal 
 11.31  shall be credited to the petroleum tank fund under section 
 11.32  115C.08.  The interest payments must be deposited in the state 
 11.33  treasury and credited to an account in the special revenue 
 11.34  fund.  Money in this account is appropriated to the commissioner 
 11.35  for administrative expenses of the underground petroleum tank 
 11.36  replacement loan program. 
 12.1      Subd. 2.  [APPROPRIATION.] An amount necessary is 
 12.2   appropriated from the petroleum tank release cleanup fund to the 
 12.3   commissioner of trade and economic development for the 
 12.4   underground petroleum tank replacement loan program established 
 12.5   under this section. 
 12.6      Subd. 3.  [EXPIRATION.] This section expires January 1, 
 12.7   2000.  
 12.8      Sec. 18.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 446A.072, is 
 12.9   amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 12.10     Subd. 4a.  [LOAN REPAYMENT; NEW DEVELOPMENT.] (a) For the 
 12.11  purposes of this subdivision, "loan" includes a loan that has 
 12.12  been forgiven under this section. 
 12.13     (b) A municipality that receives a supplemental assistance 
 12.14  loan under this section that, within 20 years after receiving 
 12.15  the assistance, extends sewer service to serve a residential, 
 12.16  industrial, or commercial development that is completed on 
 12.17  unplatted land after March 1, 1996, or that is on a lot whose 
 12.18  plat was recorded after that date, must repay a portion of the 
 12.19  loan to the authority before providing the sewer connection.  
 12.20  The commissioner shall calculate the amount to be repaid by 
 12.21  first determining the number of households included in the 
 12.22  extension financed by the original loan.  The commissioner must 
 12.23  then determine the present value of the original loan amount.  
 12.24  The interest rate used to calculate the present value must be 
 12.25  equivalent to the interest rate on the loan made to the 
 12.26  municipality under section 446A.07 at the time of the original 
 12.27  supplemental assistance loan under this section.  The 
 12.28  commissioner must then divide the present value of the loan by 
 12.29  the number of households included in the original loan.  For an 
 12.30  extension to a residential development, the repayment to the 
 12.31  authority must be equal to the per household amount calculated 
 12.32  for the original loan multiplied by the number of households in 
 12.33  the proposed extension.  For an extension to a commercial or 
 12.34  industrial development, the commissioner shall determine the 
 12.35  repayment to the authority by using the per household amount 
 12.36  calculated for the original loan to calculate a proportionally 
 13.1   equivalent amount based on the projected wastewater discharge 
 13.2   from the proposed development.  The total repayments to the 
 13.3   authority under this paragraph may not exceed the original 
 13.4   amount of the supplemental assistance loan.  The repayment must 
 13.5   be processed as provided in subdivision 7. 
 13.6      (c) The authority shall waive the loan repayment if the 
 13.7   commissioner determines that the community in which the sewer 
 13.8   extension is undertaken meets the following conditions: 
 13.9      (1) there is a shortage of decent, safe, and affordable 
 13.10  housing; 
 13.11     (2) the housing units served by the sewer extension are 
 13.12  located in an incorporated area; and 
 13.13     (3) the housing units served by the sewer extension are 
 13.14  moderately priced. 
 13.15     The authority shall also waive the loan repayment if the 
 13.16  commissioner determines that the population of the community in 
 13.17  which the sewer extension is undertaken has declined by more 
 13.18  than ten percent since the preceding federal decennial census. 
 13.19     The commissioner shall provide the determinations made 
 13.20  under this paragraph to the authority to be included in the 
 13.21  reports required by subdivision 11. 
 13.22     Sec. 19.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 3, subdivision 2, 
 13.23  is amended to read:  
 13.24  Subd. 2.  Restore and Renovate
 13.25  Capitol Building Exterior                             5,000,000
 13.26  To the commissioner of administration 
 13.27  to renovate and improve the capitol 
 13.28  including reroofing, repair of the roof 
 13.29  balustrade, and Quadriga restoration, 
 13.30  and for an exterior stone testing 
 13.31  program.  No more than $35,000 of this 
 13.32  appropriation is to the capitol area 
 13.33  architectural and planning board for 
 13.34  design review fees. 
 13.35     Sec. 20.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 10, subdivision 
 13.36  10, as amended by Laws 1995, First Special Session chapter 2, 
 13.37  article 1, section 42, is amended to read: 
 13.38  Subd. 10.  Rochester Technical College University 
 13.39  Center Rochester                                       1,200,000
 13.40  This appropriation is to the board of 
 13.41  trustees of the Minnesota state 
 13.42  colleges and universities for predesign 
 14.1   and design of an integrated campus in 
 14.2   accordance with this subdivision.  
 14.3   $600,000 of this appropriation is 
 14.4   available immediately.  The remainder 
 14.5   is available after a master academic 
 14.6   plan has been approved under clause (3) 
 14.7   and the technical college has been 
 14.8   sold., remodeling of student support 
 14.9   facilities, remodeling of facilities 
 14.10  for joint academic programming, and 
 14.11  construction of roads and other 
 14.12  infrastructure to integrate the campus 
 14.13  for the delivery of consolidated 
 14.14  college, state university, and 
 14.15  University of Minnesota programs at the 
 14.16  University Center Rochester.  Planning 
 14.17  may include consideration of 
 14.18  codevelopment of facilities with local 
 14.19  units of government. 
 14.20  (1) The board of trustees of the 
 14.21  Minnesota state colleges and 
 14.22  universities may enter into an 
 14.23  agreement for the sale of the Rochester 
 14.24  Technical College.  The sale is 
 14.25  contingent on the approval of the board 
 14.26  of trustees and a determination by the 
 14.27  board of trustees that the sale is 
 14.28  consistent with its priorities.  The 
 14.29  sale price shall equal the appraised 
 14.30  value if sold to independent school 
 14.31  district No. 535, Rochester, or, if 
 14.32  sold to any other party, the sale price 
 14.33  shall not be less than the appraised 
 14.34  value. 
 14.35  It is the intent of the legislature 
 14.36  that no technical college program 
 14.37  reduction, apart from normal program 
 14.38  review, shall occur as a result of this 
 14.39  sale. 
 14.40  (2) The sale shall not cause the 
 14.41  technical college to lease space or to 
 14.42  move to any temporary site. 
 14.43  (3) Prior to the preparation of design 
 14.44  documents, the post-secondary boards 
 14.45  and the relevant campus staff shall 
 14.46  jointly prepare a master academic plan 
 14.47  for an integrated campus for the 
 14.48  Rochester center facility.  The boards 
 14.49  shall consider the creation of a 
 14.50  polytechnic university.  The plan shall 
 14.51  be submitted for review to the higher 
 14.52  education finance divisions by January 
 14.53  16, 1996, and must be approved by the 
 14.54  legislature before the remaining 
 14.55  $600,000 of the appropriation is 
 14.56  available.  
 14.57  (4) The proceeds from the sale of the 
 14.58  technical college are appropriated for 
 14.59  the design and construction necessary 
 14.60  to integrate technical college programs 
 14.61  into the Rochester center and to add or 
 14.62  modify space where necessary.  The new 
 14.63  technical college program space must be 
 14.64  attached to and must maximize the 
 14.65  current services, space, and programs 
 14.66  of the technical college, community 
 15.1   college, state university, and 
 15.2   University of Minnesota cooperative 
 15.3   campus.  The state board of trustees 
 15.4   may not begin construction of this 
 15.5   project until the legislature has 
 15.6   approved the construction plans. 
 15.7   (5) The state board of trustees shall 
 15.8   develop a plan to relocate to the 
 15.9   Austin, Faribault, and other 
 15.10  Southeastern Minnesota campuses all 
 15.11  Rochester campus programs that are not 
 15.12  essential to the integrated mission 
 15.13  planned for the Rochester center 
 15.14  facility.  This plan must be completed 
 15.15  prior to preparing design documents for 
 15.16  the technical college addition to the 
 15.17  Rochester center. 
 15.18  (6) The state board of trustees shall 
 15.19  consider relocating the horticulture 
 15.20  technology program from the Rochester 
 15.21  campus to the Austin campus of 
 15.22  Riverland technical college before the 
 15.23  start of the 1995-1996 academic year. 
 15.24     Sec. 21.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 15, subdivision 
 15.25  2, is amended to read: 
 15.26  Subd. 2.  Bloomington Ferry Bridge          7,631,000 5,131,000
 15.27  This appropriation is from the state 
 15.28  transportation fund as provided in 
 15.29  Minnesota Statutes, section 174.50, to 
 15.30  match federal funds to complete 
 15.31  construction of the Bloomington ferry 
 15.32  bridge and approaches.  
 15.33  This appropriation is added to the 
 15.34  appropriation in Laws 1993, chapter 
 15.35  373, section 14, subdivision 2. 
 15.36     Sec. 22.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 15, subdivision 
 15.37  4, is amended to read: 
 15.38  Subd. 4.  Local Bridge 
 15.39  Replacement and Rehabilitation            12,445,000 14,945,000
 15.40  This appropriation is from the state 
 15.41  transportation fund as provided in 
 15.42  Minnesota Statutes, section 174.50, to 
 15.43  match federal funds and to replace or 
 15.44  rehabilitate local deficient bridges. 
 15.45  Political subdivisions may use grants 
 15.46  made under this section to construct or 
 15.47  reconstruct bridges, including: 
 15.48  (1) matching federal-aid grants to 
 15.49  construct or reconstruct key bridges; 
 15.50  (2) paying the costs to abandon an 
 15.51  existing bridge that is deficient and 
 15.52  in need of replacement, but where no 
 15.53  replacement will be made; 
 15.54  (3) paying the costs to construct a 
 15.55  road or street to facilitate the 
 15.56  abandonment of an existing bridge 
 16.1   determined by the commissioner to be 
 16.2   deficient, if the commissioner 
 16.3   determines that construction of the 
 16.4   road or street is more cost-efficient 
 16.5   than the replacement of the existing 
 16.6   bridge; and 
 16.7   (4) paying the costs of preliminary 
 16.8   engineering and environmental studies 
 16.9   authorized under Minnesota Statutes, 
 16.10  section 174.50, subdivision 6a. 
 16.11     Sec. 23.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 19, subdivision 
 16.12  8, as amended by Laws 1995, First Special Session chapter 2, 
 16.13  article 1, section 45, is amended to read: 
 16.14  Subd. 8.  Battle Point 
 16.15  Historic Site                                           350,000
 16.16  This appropriation is to the Indian 
 16.17  Affairs Council for design of the 
 16.18  Battle Point historic site, preliminary 
 16.19  plans for which were authorized in Laws 
 16.20  1990, chapter 610, article 1, section 
 16.21  17, and Laws 1992, chapter 558, section 
 16.22  24, subdivision 5.  
 16.23  Notwithstanding Laws 1990, chapter 610, 
 16.24  article 1, section 17, the planned 
 16.25  educational center will be owned by 
 16.26  independent school district No. 115, 
 16.27  Cass Lake-Bena the state with custodial 
 16.28  control assigned to the Indian Affairs 
 16.29  Council, and is subject to Minnesota 
 16.30  Statutes, section 16A.695.  The center 
 16.31  must be constructed on land leased to 
 16.32  the school district state by the Leech 
 16.33  Lake Band of Chippewa Indians under a 
 16.34  ground lease having an initial term of 
 16.35  at least 20 years and a total term of 
 16.36  at least 40 years, including renewal 
 16.37  options.  The ground lease must be 
 16.38  executed by the commissioner of 
 16.39  administration under Minnesota 
 16.40  Statutes, section 16B.24, subdivision 
 16.41  6, based on the recommendations of the 
 16.42  Indian Affairs Council, provided that, 
 16.43  notwithstanding the limitations of 
 16.44  section 16B.24, subdivision 6, the 
 16.45  lease must be for the initial term 
 16.46  described in this subdivision.  The 
 16.47  ground lease must be administered by 
 16.48  the Indian Affairs Council.  The school 
 16.49  district Indian Affairs Council must 
 16.50  contract with the Leech Lake Band to 
 16.51  operate the center on behalf of the 
 16.52  council.  The center and all classes 
 16.53  and programs run by or through the 
 16.54  center must be open to the 
 16.55  public.  Notwithstanding Minnesota 
 16.56  Statutes, section 3.922, for the 
 16.57  purposes of carrying out the duties 
 16.58  assigned to it in this subdivision, the 
 16.59  Indian Affairs Council is authorized to 
 16.60  assume custodial control over the 
 16.61  planned educational center, administer 
 16.62  the ground lease, enter into the 
 16.63  contract described in this subdivision 
 16.64  with the Leech Lake Band to operate the 
 17.1   center, and take any other action 
 17.2   necessary to carry out the duties 
 17.3   assigned to it in this subdivision and 
 17.4   to a public officer or agency by 
 17.5   Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.695. 
 17.6      Sec. 24.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 23, subdivision 
 17.7   28, as amended by Laws 1995, First Special Session chapter 2, 
 17.8   article 1, section 48, is amended to read: 
 17.9   Subd. 28.  Environmental     
 17.10  Learning Centers                                     11,500,000 
 17.11  This appropriation is to the 
 17.12  commissioner of natural resources to 
 17.13  plan, design, and construct facilities 
 17.14  owned by political subdivisions at 
 17.15  residential environmental learning 
 17.16  centers as provided in this subdivision 
 17.17  and new Minnesota Statutes, section 
 17.18  84.0875. 
 17.19  The appropriations in items (a) through 
 17.20  (e) and (b) are available as follows:  
 17.21  (1) of the $7,500,000 total, $5,000,000 
 17.22  is available only when the commissioner 
 17.23  has determined that matching money in 
 17.24  the sum of $12,500,000, up to 25 
 17.25  percent of which may consist of loans, 
 17.26  has been committed by nonstate 
 17.27  sources for predesign, design, and 
 17.28  construction of the facilities named in 
 17.29  items (a) and (b), and the following 
 17.30  privately owned residential 
 17.31  environmental learning centers:  Wolf 
 17.32  Ridge Environmental Learning Center, 
 17.33  Northwoods Audubon Center, and 
 17.34  Southeastern Minnesota Forest Resource 
 17.35  Center; and (2) the remaining 
 17.36  $2,500,000 is available to the extent 
 17.37  that matching money, which may include 
 17.38  loans, in the amount of $2 $1 for each 
 17.39  $1 of state money is committed by 
 17.40  nonstate sources, as determined by the 
 17.41  commissioner, provided that money may 
 17.42  not be spent under this sentence until 
 17.43  the amount available, including 
 17.44  matching any money from nonstate 
 17.45  sources that is allocated to a facility 
 17.46  in item (a) or (b), is sufficient to 
 17.47  complete a functional improvement at 
 17.48  the facility.  Up to 25 percent of the 
 17.49  total amount of money committed by 
 17.50  nonstate sources under this subdivision 
 17.51  may consist of loans. 
 17.52  After the first $12,500,000 has been 
 17.53  committed by nonstate sources for the 
 17.54  Long Lake Conservation Center, the Deep 
 17.55  Portage Conservation Reserve, the Wolf 
 17.56  Ridge Environmental Learning Center, 
 17.57  the Northwoods Audubon Center, and the 
 17.58  Southeastern Minnesota Forest Resource 
 17.59  Center, the appropriations in items (a) 
 17.60  and (b) must be distributed and 
 17.61  administered separately for each 
 17.62  facility.  Money from nonstate sources 
 17.63  required for the balances of the 
 17.64  appropriations in items (a) and (b) 
 18.1   must be committed as required in this 
 18.2   section for each facility separately to 
 18.3   allow functional improvements, but work 
 18.4   at the facilities need not proceed 
 18.5   simultaneously.  Funds raised or 
 18.6   borrowed after January 1, 1992, and 
 18.7   spent or committed to be spent for 
 18.8   predesign, design, or construction of 
 18.9   these facilities are eligible to count 
 18.10  toward the required commitment from 
 18.11  nonstate sources, and, upon proper 
 18.12  application, nonstate money spent after 
 18.13  that date for qualified capital 
 18.14  expenditures at the Long Lake 
 18.15  Conservation Center and the Deep 
 18.16  Portage Conservation Reserve shall be 
 18.17  reimbursed by the commissioner from 
 18.18  money appropriated for these 
 18.19  facilities, to allow the nonstate money 
 18.20  to be used for qualified capital 
 18.21  expenditures at the Wolf Ridge 
 18.22  Environmental Learning Center, the 
 18.23  Northwoods Audubon Center, and the 
 18.24  Southeastern Minnesota Forest Resource 
 18.25  Center. 
 18.26  The predesign and design requirements 
 18.27  of Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.335, 
 18.28  do not apply to the specific 
 18.29  appropriations for these facilities in 
 18.30  this section. 
 18.31  (a) Long Lake Conservation Center           1,200,000 3,370,000
 18.32  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 18.33  Aitkin county. 
 18.34  (b) Deep Portage Conservation Reserve       1,470,000 4,130,000
 18.35  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 18.36  Cass county. 
 18.37  (c) Wolf Ridge Environmental  
 18.38  Learning Center                                       2,100,000
 18.39  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 18.40  independent school district No. 381, 
 18.41  Lake Superior. 
 18.42  (d) Northwoods Audubon Center                         1,080,000
 18.43  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 18.44  independent school district No. 2580, 
 18.45  East Central. 
 18.46  (e) (c) Forest Resource Eagle Bluff
 18.47  Environmental Learning Center                         1,650,000
 18.48  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 18.49  independent school district No. 229, 
 18.50  Lanesboro. 
 18.51  If land and improvements in Fillmore 
 18.52  county that were conveyed by the state 
 18.53  to Southern Minnesota Forest Resource 
 18.54  Center under Laws 1990, chapter 452, 
 18.55  section 7, are pledged as security for 
 18.56  a loan to assist with the completion of 
 18.57  this project provide financing for the 
 18.58  predesign, design, or construction of 
 18.59  environmental education facilities at 
 19.1   the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning 
 19.2   Center, the right of reverter retained 
 19.3   by the state is waived in favor of the 
 19.4   lender. 
 19.5   For the purposes of this subdivision, 
 19.6   "nonstate source" means a source of 
 19.7   money other than a direct state 
 19.8   appropriation for an environmental 
 19.9   learning center. 
 19.10  (f) (d) Agassiz Environmental   
 19.11  Learning Center                                         300,000
 19.12  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 19.13  the city of Fertile. 
 19.14  (g) (e) Laurentian Environmental
 19.15  Learning Center                                         450,000
 19.16  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 19.17  independent school district No. 621, 
 19.18  Mounds View. 
 19.19  (h) (f) Prairie Woods           
 19.20  Environmental Learning Center                           250,000
 19.21  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 19.22  Kandiyohi county. 
 19.23  (i) (g) Prairie Wetlands        
 19.24  Environmental Learning Center                         3,000,000
 19.25  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 19.26  the city of Fergus Falls. 
 19.27  Appropriations in this subdivision must 
 19.28  be used for qualified capital 
 19.29  expenditures. 
 19.30     Sec. 25.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 23, is amended by 
 19.31  adding a subdivision to read: 
 19.32  Subd. 31.  St. Croix Valley  
 19.33  Heritage Center                                         150,000 
 19.34  To the commissioner of natural 
 19.35  resources for a grant to the city of 
 19.36  Taylors Falls to prepare a preliminary 
 19.37  design for a heritage center, subject 
 19.38  to Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.695. 
 19.39     Sec. 26.  Laws 1996, chapter 407, section 8, subdivision 3, 
 19.40  is amended to read: 
 19.41  Subd. 3.  Parks and Trails
 19.42  (a) Metropolitan Regional Park System         1,000,000 850,000 
 19.43  This appropriation is from the future 
 19.44  resources fund for payment by the 
 19.45  commissioner of natural resources to 
 19.46  the metropolitan council for subgrants 
 19.47  to rehabilitate, develop, acquire, and 
 19.48  retrofit the metropolitan regional park 
 19.49  system consistent with the metropolitan 
 19.50  council regional recreation open space 
 19.51  capital improvement program. 
 20.1   This appropriation may be used for the 
 20.2   purchase of homes only if the purchases 
 20.3   are expressly included in the work 
 20.4   program approved by the legislative 
 20.5   commission on Minnesota resources. 
 20.6   (b) State Park and Recreation 
 20.7   Area Acquisition                                      1,000,000
 20.8   This appropriation is from the trust 
 20.9   fund to the commissioner of natural 
 20.10  resources for acquisition of land 
 20.11  within the statutory boundaries of 
 20.12  state parks and recreation areas. 
 20.13  (c) Local Grants                                        895,000
 20.14  This appropriation is from the future 
 20.15  resources fund to the commissioner of 
 20.16  natural resources to provide matching 
 20.17  grants to local units of government for 
 20.18  local park and recreation areas; trail 
 20.19  linkages between communities, trails, 
 20.20  and parks; and at least $100,000 for 
 20.21  the conservation partners program as 
 20.22  provided in Laws 1995, chapter 220, 
 20.23  section 19, subdivision 4, paragraph 
 20.24  (e).  In addition to the required work 
 20.25  program, grants may not be approved 
 20.26  until grant proposals to be funded have 
 20.27  been submitted to the legislative 
 20.28  commission on Minnesota resources, and 
 20.29  the commission has either made a 
 20.30  recommendation or allowed 60 days to 
 20.31  pass without making a recommendation.  
 20.32  The above appropriations are available 
 20.33  half for the seven-county metropolitan 
 20.34  area and half for outside the 
 20.35  metropolitan area.  For the purposes of 
 20.36  this paragraph, match includes nonstate 
 20.37  contributions in either cash or in-kind.
 20.38  (d) Chippewa County Regional Trail                      410,000
 20.39  This appropriation is to the 
 20.40  commissioner of natural resources from 
 20.41  the future resources fund for a grant 
 20.42  to the city of Montevideo for 
 20.43  acquisition and development of the 
 20.44  Chippewa county regional trail. 
 20.45     Sec. 27.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 7, subdivision 9, 
 20.46  is amended to read: 
 20.47  Subd. 9.  Metro Regional Park 
 20.48  Rehabilitation, Acquisition, and
 20.49  Development                                 9,400,000 9,550,000
 20.50  This appropriation is for payment by 
 20.51  the commissioner of natural resources 
 20.52  to the metropolitan council.  The 
 20.53  commissioner shall pay the amount on a 
 20.54  reimbursement basis to the metropolitan 
 20.55  council upon receipt of a certified 
 20.56  copy of a council resolution requesting 
 20.57  payment.  The appropriation must be 
 20.58  used to pay the cost of rehabilitation, 
 20.59  acquisition, and development by the 
 20.60  council and local government units of 
 20.61  regional recreational open-space lands 
 21.1   in accordance with the council's policy 
 21.2   plan as provided in Minnesota Statutes, 
 21.3   section 473.315.  The metropolitan 
 21.4   council, in cooperation with the city 
 21.5   of St. Paul, must develop a plan and 
 21.6   fund the restoration of oak savannah 
 21.7   remnants in two regional parks in 
 21.8   Ramsey county.  This appropriation must 
 21.9   not be used for research, planning, 
 21.10  administration, or tax equivalency 
 21.11  payments.  This appropriation may be 
 21.12  used for the purchase of homes only if 
 21.13  the purchases are included in the work 
 21.14  program required by law and they are 
 21.15  expressly approved by the legislative 
 21.16  commission on Minnesota resources. 
 21.17     Sec. 28.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 13, subdivision 
 21.18  2, is amended to read:  
 21.19  Subd. 2.  Capital Asset
 21.20  Preservation and Replacement (CAPRA)                 12,000,000
 21.21  To be spent in accordance with 
 21.22  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.632. 
 21.23  Up to $900,000 of the money 
 21.24  appropriated in this subdivision may be 
 21.25  used as necessary to renovate the 
 21.26  Governor's Residence in St. Paul for 
 21.27  life safety, code, security, and 
 21.28  ancillary storage facility improvements.
 21.29  Up to $600,000 of the money 
 21.30  appropriated in this subdivision may be 
 21.31  used to continue the electrical utility 
 21.32  infrastructure conversion of the 
 21.33  primary feeder loop system to a primary 
 21.34  selective system by rerouting the 
 21.35  system around the capitol. 
 21.36  In accordance with Minnesota Statutes, 
 21.37  section 16B.31, subdivision 6, the 
 21.38  commissioner of administration shall 
 21.39  identify the condition and suitability 
 21.40  of all major state buildings and office 
 21.41  space and report the commissioner's 
 21.42  findings by June 30, 1997, to the 
 21.43  chairs of the senate committee on 
 21.44  finance and the house of 
 21.45  representatives committees on ways and 
 21.46  means and on capital investment.  The 
 21.47  report must identify the useful life, 
 21.48  the current condition, the estimated 
 21.49  cost of currently needed repairs, and 
 21.50  the suitability for the current state 
 21.51  purposes of all major state-owned 
 21.52  buildings and office space owned or 
 21.53  leased by the state.  The legislature 
 21.54  intends to use the report in 
 21.55  considering future appropriations to 
 21.56  the commissioner of administration and 
 21.57  to state agencies for asset 
 21.58  preservation.  
 21.59     Sec. 29.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 13, subdivision 
 21.60  4, is amended to read:  
 21.61  Subd. 4.  Renovate Capitol
 22.1   Building                                            7,400,000
 22.2                                                         8,435,000
 22.3   $4,800,000 is to predesign, design, and 
 22.4   reconstruct the northeast terrace and 
 22.5   predesign and design the northwest 
 22.6   terraces terrace of the capitol 
 22.7   building.  
 22.8   $1,400,000 is to renovate the lantern 
 22.9   and related structures on the capitol 
 22.10  dome. 
 22.11  $1,200,000 $2,235,000 is to predesign, 
 22.12  design, construct, furnish, and equip 
 22.13  the renovation of the capitol cafeteria 
 22.14  including full-service kitchen and 
 22.15  related spaces.  The appropriation is 
 22.16  available after review and comment by 
 22.17  the council on disability. 
 22.18  The balance of the appropriation in 
 22.19  this subdivision that is not needed for 
 22.20  the projects specified may be used for 
 22.21  other structural stabilization projects 
 22.22  at the capitol or to improve the 
 22.23  capitol mall. 
 22.24     Sec. 30.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 13, subdivision 
 22.25  8, is amended to read: 
 22.26  Subd. 8.  Revenue Facilities
 22.27  Design                                                1,950,000
 22.28                                                       74,950,000
 22.29  To design, construct, furnish, and 
 22.30  equip new revenue department 
 22.31  facilities, including parking to 
 22.32  accommodate approximately 950 vehicles. 
 22.33  $1,450,000 of this appropriation is not 
 22.34  available until the report required by 
 22.35  subdivision 10 has been completed. 
 22.36  Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, 
 22.37  section 15.50, subdivision 2, paragraph 
 22.38  (e), plans for the building need not be 
 22.39  selected through a design competition. 
 22.40  The plans for the facilities for the 
 22.41  department of revenue may provide for 
 22.42  two or more buildings in separate 
 22.43  locations.  The principal 
 22.44  administrative offices of the 
 22.45  department must be located in or near 
 22.46  the capitol area.  Other operations may 
 22.47  be located outside of the capitol area 
 22.48  as appropriate and conveniently 
 22.49  situated for efficient operations of 
 22.50  the department. 
 22.51  The design development phase of the 
 22.52  revenue department building project 
 22.53  must include an analysis of the cost, 
 22.54  benefit, and operational feasibility of 
 22.55  relocating revenue department jobs to 
 22.56  areas in greater Minnesota. 
 22.57  The commissioner of administration may 
 22.58  use a design-build method of project 
 22.59  development and construction for this 
 23.1   project.  The commissioner may award a 
 23.2   design-build contract on the basis of 
 23.3   requests for proposals or requests for 
 23.4   qualifications without bids. 
 23.5   The building must be located within an 
 23.6   eight-mile radius of the capitol, 
 23.7   providing approximately 315,000 net 
 23.8   square feet, and at a cost not to 
 23.9   exceed $74,950,000, including the 
 23.10  parking ramp, inflation adjustments, 
 23.11  and other contingencies.  
 23.12  Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, 
 23.13  section 15.50, subdivision 2, 
 23.14  paragraphs (c) and (e), if the building 
 23.15  is constructed within the capitol area 
 23.16  as defined in paragraph (a) of that 
 23.17  subdivision, plans for the building 
 23.18  need not conform to the comprehensive 
 23.19  plan for the area and need not be 
 23.20  selected through a design competition. 
 23.21  As an alternative to constructing a new 
 23.22  building, the commissioner of 
 23.23  administration may use this 
 23.24  appropriation to purchase the building 
 23.25  currently leased and occupied by the 
 23.26  department of revenue as its 
 23.27  headquarters at 10 River Park Place.  
 23.28  This appropriation may not be used to 
 23.29  remodel or renovate 10 River Park 
 23.30  Place.  Any appropriation for those 
 23.31  purposes should be requested by the 
 23.32  commissioner of administration as part 
 23.33  of the 1998 capital budget. 
 23.34  If the commissioner of administration 
 23.35  determines that it is not feasible to 
 23.36  construct the new facilities within the 
 23.37  capitol area within the time allowed 
 23.38  and within the limits of this 
 23.39  appropriation, and that the 
 23.40  commissioner is not able to purchase 
 23.41  the building and land leased by the 
 23.42  state at 10 River Park Place for 
 23.43  $23,000,000 or less, the commissioner 
 23.44  may locate the new facilities within 
 23.45  the city of Inver Grove Heights.  If 
 23.46  the facilities are located within the 
 23.47  city of Inver Grove Heights, this 
 23.48  appropriation is reduced to $46,000,000.
 23.49     Sec. 31.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 14, subdivision 
 23.50  7, is amended to read: 
 23.51  Subd. 7.  Mariucci Ice 
 23.52  and Tennis Facility                                   7,000,000
 23.53  To the board of regents of the 
 23.54  University of Minnesota to predesign, 
 23.55  design, construct, and equip a new 
 23.56  facility adjacent to Mariucci arena on 
 23.57  the Minneapolis campus to include an 
 23.58  ice sheet one or more ice sheets and 
 23.59  tennis courts. 
 23.60     Sec. 32.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 22, subdivision 
 23.61  8, is amended to read: 
 24.1   Subd. 8.  Pickwick Mill                                  150,000 
 24.2   For a grant to Winona county for 
 24.3   renovation of the historic Pickwick 
 24.4   Mill. 
 24.5   This appropriation is from the 
 24.6   Minnesota future resources fund and is 
 24.7   available until June 30, 1999. 
 24.8      Sec. 33.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 24, subdivision 
 24.9   8, is amended to read: 
 24.10  Subd. 8.  Lyn/Lake/Jungle 
 24.11  Theatre Performing Arts Center                          335,000
 24.12  For a grant to Hennepin county to 
 24.13  design, construct, furnish, and equip 
 24.14  the Lyn/Lake/Jungle Theatre community 
 24.15  performing arts center to provide a 
 24.16  community theater and rehearsal space, 
 24.17  offices, classrooms and meeting rooms 
 24.18  for performing arts organizations, arts 
 24.19  education, and arts development and 
 24.20  outreach in a formerly tax-forfeited 
 24.21  structure in Hennepin county.  Hennepin 
 24.22  county may contract with a nonprofit 
 24.23  organization for operation of the 
 24.24  center, subject to Minnesota Statutes, 
 24.25  section 16A.695.  This appropriation is 
 24.26  not available until the commissioner 
 24.27  has determined that at least $1,630,000 
 24.28  has been committed by nonstate sources 
 24.29  to complete the Lyn/Lake/Jungle Theatre 
 24.30  main stage in a nearby building owned 
 24.31  and operated by the Jungle Theater and 
 24.32  that $100,000 has been committed by 
 24.33  nonstate sources to complete the 
 24.34  community performing arts center.  This 
 24.35  is the final state appropriation for 
 24.36  this project.  
 24.37     Sec. 34.  Laws 1997, chapter 202, article 1, section 35, if 
 24.38  enacted, is amended to read: 
 24.39  Sec. 35.  BOND SALE SCHEDULE 
 24.40  The commissioner of finance shall 
 24.41  schedule the sale of state general 
 24.42  obligation bonds so that, during the 
 24.43  biennium ending June 30, 1999, no more 
 24.44  than $545,457,000 $560,457,000 will 
 24.45  need to be transferred from the general 
 24.46  fund to the state bond fund to pay 
 24.47  principal and interest due and to 
 24.48  become due on outstanding state general 
 24.49  obligation bonds.  During the biennium, 
 24.50  before each sale of state general 
 24.51  obligation bonds, the commissioner of 
 24.52  finance shall calculate the amount of 
 24.53  debt service payments needed on bonds 
 24.54  previously issued and shall estimate 
 24.55  the amount of debt service payments 
 24.56  that will be needed on the bonds 
 24.57  scheduled to be sold, the commissioner 
 24.58  shall adjust the amount of bonds 
 24.59  scheduled to be sold so as to remain 
 24.60  within the limit set by this section.  
 24.61  The amount needed to make the debt 
 25.1   service payments is appropriated from 
 25.2   the general fund as provided in 
 25.3   Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.641.  
 25.4      Sec. 35.  [REPEALER.] 
 25.5      Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 19, subdivision 11; Laws 
 25.6   1996, chapter 463, section 7, subdivision 26; and Laws 1997, 
 25.7   chapter 200, article 2, section 5, are repealed. 
 25.8      Sec. 36.  [EFFECTIVE DATE.] 
 25.9      This act is effective the day following final enactment.