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HF 4639

as introduced - 93rd Legislature (2023 - 2024) Posted on 03/07/2024 02:44pm

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - as introduced

Line numbers 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4
1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 1.18 1.19 1.20 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 2.10 2.11 2.12 2.13 2.14 2.15 2.16 2.17 2.18

A bill for an act
relating to game and fish; authorizing baiting of deer; amending Minnesota Statutes
2022, section 97B.328.


Section 1.

Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 97B.328, is amended to read:

97B.328 deleted text begin BAITING PROHIBITEDdeleted text end new text begin USE OF BAITnew text end .

Subdivision 1.

Hunting with aid of bait prohibited.

new text begin (a) new text end A person may not take deer
with the aid or use of baitnew text begin except as authorized in this section. A person who owns land or
has otherwise been authorized to place bait on real property may place bait in one or more
piles totaling no more than three gallons of bait per 40 acres of land.
new text end

new text begin (b) A person may not place bait:
new text end

new text begin (1) within 100 yards of another baiting site;
new text end

new text begin (2) within 50 yards of any trail, road, or campsite used by the public;
new text end

new text begin (3) within 100 yards of a roadway having a posted speed limit of 55 miles per hour or
more; or
new text end

new text begin (4) during the closed season, except beginning at 12 a.m. the day before the archery deer
season opener.
new text end

new text begin (c) A person may not:
new text end

new text begin (1) hunt within 100 yards of more than three gallons of bait on the same parcel of land;
new text end

new text begin (2) hunt using bait during the closed seasonnew text end .

Subd. 2.

Removal of bait.

An area is considered baited for ten days after the complete
removal of all bait.

Subd. 3.


(a) For purposes of this section, "bait" includes grains, fruits,
vegetables, nuts, hay, or other food that is capable of attracting or enticing deer and that has
been placed by a person. "Baiting" means placing, exposing, depositing, distributing, or
scattering bait that is capable of attracting or enticing deer.

(b) Liquid scents, salt, deleted text begin anddeleted text end mineralsnew text begin , and mineral blocksnew text end are not bait deleted text begin if they do not contain
liquid or solid food ingredients
deleted text end .

(c) Agricultural crops from normal or accepted farming, forest management, wildlife
food plantings, orchard management, or other similar land management activities are not
bait. This exclusion does not apply to agricultural crops that have been reintroduced and
concentrated where a person is hunting.

Subd. 4.

Exception for bait or feed on adjacent land.

A person otherwise in compliance
with this section who is hunting on private or public property that is adjacent to property
where bait or food is present is not in violation of this section if the person has not
participated in, been involved with, or agreed to baiting or feeding wildlife on the adjacent