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HF 3843

2nd Engrossment - 80th Legislature (1997 - 1998) Posted on 12/15/2009 12:00am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - 2nd Engrossment

  1.1                          A bill for an act 
  1.2             relating to public administration; authorizing 
  1.3             spending for public purposes; authorizing spending to 
  1.4             acquire and to better public land and buildings and 
  1.5             other public improvements of a capital nature with 
  1.6             certain conditions; authorizing state bonds; 
  1.7             appropriating money; amending Minnesota Statutes 1996, 
  1.8             sections 16A.105; 16A.11, subdivision 3a, and by 
  1.9             adding a subdivision; 16A.501; 16B.30; 85.019, 
  1.10            subdivision 4a; 103F.725, subdivision 1a; 116.16, 
  1.11            subdivision 5; 116.182, subdivision 1, and by adding a 
  1.12            subdivision; 446A.072, subdivisions 2, 4, and by 
  1.13            adding a subdivision; 473.39, by adding a subdivision; 
  1.14            473.399; 473.3994, subdivisions 5, 10, and 12; and 
  1.15            473.3998; Minnesota Statutes 1997 Supplement, sections 
  1.16            16A.641, subdivision 4; 16B.335, subdivision 1; 
  1.17            116.18, subdivision 3c; 124C.498, subdivision 2; 
  1.18            268.917; and 462A.202, subdivision 3a; Laws 1963, 
  1.19            chapter 305, sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 
  1.20            11; Laws 1986, chapter 396, section 2, subdivision 1, 
  1.21            as amended; Laws 1990, chapter 610, article 1, section 
  1.22            16, subdivision 4; Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 2, 
  1.23            subdivision 13; Laws 1996, chapter 463, sections 13, 
  1.24            subdivision 4, as amended, 14, subdivisions 2 and 6, 
  1.25            and 22, subdivision 7; and Laws 1997, chapter 202, 
  1.26            article 1, section 35, as amended; proposing coding 
  1.27            for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 116J; 
  1.28            repealing Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 473.3994, 
  1.29            subdivision 11; Minnesota Statutes 1997 Supplement, 
  1.30            section 446A.072, subdivision 4a; Laws 1985, First 
  1.31            Special Session chapter 15, section 36; and Laws 1986, 
  1.32            chapter 396, section 2, subdivision 2. 
  1.35     The sums in the column under "APPROPRIATIONS" are 
  1.36  appropriated from the bond proceeds fund, or another named fund, 
  1.37  to the state agencies or officials indicated, to be spent for 
  1.38  public purposes including to acquire and to better public land 
  1.39  and buildings and other public improvements of a capital nature, 
  2.1   as specified in this act.  Unless otherwise specified, the 
  2.2   appropriations in this act are available until the project is 
  2.3   completed or abandoned. 
  2.4                               SUMMARY 
  2.5   UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                          $  138,300,000 
  2.7   CENTER FOR ARTS EDUCATION                             1,395,000 
  2.8   CHILDREN, FAMILIES, AND LEARNING                     62,405,000 
  2.9   FARIBAULT RESIDENTIAL ACADEMIES                       9,225,000 
  2.10  NATURAL RESOURCES                                   130,251,000 
  2.11  OFFICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL ASSISTANCE                    3,500,000 
  2.12  PUBLIC FACILITIES AUTHORITY                          44,050,000 
  2.13  BOARD OF WATER AND SOIL RESOURCES                    19,800,000 
  2.14  AGRICULTURE                                             500,000 
  2.15  ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS                                    1,750,000 
  2.16  ADMINISTRATION                                       46,250,000 
  2.18  PLANNING BOARD                                        9,544,000 
  2.19  AMATEUR SPORTS COMMISSION                            11,020,000 
  2.20  MILITARY AFFAIRS                                      1,230,000 
  2.21  TRANSPORTATION                                       93,300,000 
  2.22  HUMAN SERVICES                                       19,975,000 
  2.23  VETERANS HOMES BOARD                                 12,055,000 
  2.24  CORRECTIONS                                          14,185,000 
  2.25  PUBLIC SAFETY                                         2,230,000 
  2.26  INDIAN AFFAIRS COUNCIL                                1,700,000 
  2.27  TRADE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT                      225,680,000 
  2.28  HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY                                6,000,000 
  2.29  MINNESOTA HISTORICAL SOCIETY                         13,110,000 
  2.30  BOND SALE EXPENSES                                      500,000 
  2.31  CANCELLATIONS                                       (11,993,000) 
  2.32  TOTAL                                           $   999,042,000 
  2.33  Bond Proceeds Fund 
  2.34  (General Fund Debt Service)                         438,184,000
  2.35  Bond Proceeds Fund  
  2.36  (User Financed Debt Service)                         25,611,000
  2.37  Transportation Fund                                  34,000,000 
  3.1   General Fund                                        500,047,000 
  3.2   Trunk Highway Fund                                    1,200,000 
  3.3                                                    APPROPRIATIONS
  3.4                                                    $ 
  3.6   Subdivision 1.  To the board of regents
  3.7   of the University of Minnesota for the 
  3.8   purposes specified in this section                 138,300,000 
  3.9   Subd. 2.  Higher Education Asset
  3.10  Preservation and Replacement                         4,000,000 
  3.11  To be spent in accordance with 
  3.12  Minnesota Statutes, section 135A.046.  
  3.13  This appropriation is from the general 
  3.14  fund. 
  3.15  Subd. 3.  Twin Cities - Minneapolis                           
  3.16  (a) Amundson Hall                                    1,250,000
  3.17  To construct, furnish, and equip an 
  3.18  addition for the Chemical Engineering 
  3.19  and Materials Science program and 
  3.20  remodel existing space.  This 
  3.21  appropriation is contingent upon 
  3.22  $2,488,000 of nonstate matching money.  
  3.23  The nonstate money is in lieu of 
  3.24  one-third debt service payments. 
  3.25  (b) Art Building                                       730,000 
  3.26  To design and prepare construction 
  3.27  drawings for the construction of a new 
  3.28  facility. 
  3.29  This appropriation is from the general 
  3.30  fund. 
  3.31  (c) Digital and Utility Infrastructure               3,500,000 
  3.32  To predesign, design, and complete the 
  3.33  following projects: 
  3.34  (1) $1,000,000 is to replace and 
  3.35  upgrade the information technology 
  3.36  infrastructure serving Mall District 
  3.37  buildings.  This appropriation is from 
  3.38  the general fund. 
  3.39  (2) $2,500,000 is to separate the 
  3.40  combined storm sewer and sanitary sewer 
  3.41  systems and for air conditioning Mall 
  3.42  District buildings using chilled water 
  3.43  clusters. 
  3.44  (d) Folwell Hall Renovation                             690,000 
  3.45  To design the renovation and upgrading 
  3.46  of classrooms. 
  3.47  (e) Walter Digital
  3.48  Technology Center/Science
  3.49  and Engineering Library                              53,600,000
  3.50  To design, renovate, furnish, and equip 
  3.51  the Walter Digital Technology 
  4.1   Center/Science and Engineering Library 
  4.2   on the Minneapolis campus.  
  4.3   Subd. 4.  Twin Cities - St. Paul                               
  4.4   (a) Gortner and Snyder Halls                          4,000,000
  4.5   To design and remodel selected biology 
  4.6   laboratories.  
  4.7   (b) Greenhouse Renovation and Replacement               900,000 
  4.8   To design for upgrading plant growth 
  4.9   facilities for teaching and research.  
  4.10  The project will renovate or replace 
  4.11  obsolete greenhouse and headhouse space 
  4.12  and construct a biocontainment facility 
  4.13  to support the teaching and research 
  4.14  activities of both the university and 
  4.15  the Minnesota department of agriculture.
  4.16  (c) Peters Hall, Phase II                             6,950,000 
  4.17  To renovate, furnish, and equip 
  4.18  classroom, research, and office space. 
  4.19  Subd. 5.  Use of Facilities
  4.20  The board of regents is requested to 
  4.21  use the molecular cellular biology 
  4.22  building and the remodeled Gortner and 
  4.23  Snyder Hall laboratories in a manner 
  4.24  that increases the interdisciplinary 
  4.25  opportunities for collaborative 
  4.26  research to the benefit of plant, 
  4.27  animal, and human health applications, 
  4.28  and ensures that agriculture research 
  4.29  and outreach is enhanced through the 
  4.30  use of these facilities, programs, and 
  4.31  services. 
  4.32  Subd. 6.  Women's Athletics Fields 
  4.33  and Facilities                                        3,000,000
  4.34  To design and rebuild the soccer 
  4.35  complex on the St. Paul campus, design 
  4.36  and rebuild the softball complex on the 
  4.37  Minneapolis campus, and design and 
  4.38  construct women's athletics office 
  4.39  space in the Bierman complex on the 
  4.40  Minneapolis campus.  
  4.41  Subd. 7.  Crookston   
  4.42  (a) Facility Improvements                             3,800,000 
  4.43  To design, construct, furnish, and 
  4.44  equip four projects: 
  4.45  (1) Early Child Development Center new 
  4.46  construction; 
  4.47  (2) Knutson Hall remodeling; 
  4.48  (3) Owen Hall Addition remodeling; and 
  4.49  (4) University Teaching and Outreach 
  4.50  Center stable expansion. 
  4.51  (b) Kiehle Building Renovation
  4.52  and Addition                                            180,000
  5.1   To predesign and design the Kiehle 
  5.2   building renovation and addition on the 
  5.3   Crookston campus. 
  5.4   Subd. 8.  Duluth     
  5.5   (a) Library                                          22,300,000 
  5.6   To construct, furnish, and equip a new 
  5.7   library. 
  5.8   (b) Academic Space Renovation                           200,000 
  5.9   To design the renovation of vacated 
  5.10  academic and laboratory space on the 
  5.11  Duluth campus in Heller Hall, MW 
  5.12  Alworth Hall, Business and Economics, 
  5.13  and the existing library building. 
  5.14  (c) Glensheen Mansion                                   600,000
  5.15  For capital repair, reconstruction, or 
  5.16  replacement of the foundation and 
  5.17  heating, ventilating, and air 
  5.18  conditioning system of the Glensheen 
  5.19  Mansion, subject to the requirements of 
  5.20  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.695. 
  5.21  This appropriation is from the general 
  5.22  fund. 
  5.23  Subd. 9.  Morris                                    28,200,000 
  5.24  To construct, furnish, and equip 
  5.25  existing space and the additions and to 
  5.26  demolish the physical education annex.  
  5.27  This project consists of four 
  5.28  components: 
  5.29  (1) an addition to the existing science 
  5.30  building; 
  5.31  (2) renovation of the science 
  5.32  auditorium/lecture hall; 
  5.33  (3) expansion of the heating plant; and 
  5.34  (4) an addition to the Physical 
  5.35  Education Center in partnership with 
  5.36  the Morris community.  
  5.37  Subd. 10.  Agricultural Experiment
  5.38  Stations                                              4,400,000
  5.39  To design, construct, furnish, and 
  5.40  equip the following experiment station 
  5.41  projects: 
  5.42  (1) $2,600,000 for swine research 
  5.43  facilities at Morris and Waseca.  
  5.44  $200,000 of this appropriation is for a 
  5.45  low input systems research facility at 
  5.46  Morris and $200,000 is for an extensive 
  5.47  confinement (including Swedish deep 
  5.48  bedded system) research facility at 
  5.49  Morris; 
  5.50  (2) $700,000 for the 
  5.51  Arboretum/Horticultural Research Center 
  5.52  laboratory in Victoria; 
  6.1   (3) $800,000 for Cloquet Forestry 
  6.2   Center dormitory remodeling; and 
  6.3   (4) $300,000 for Grand Rapids 
  6.4   Administration Building addition. 
  6.5   In addition, the university shall 
  6.6   contribute $833,000 of agency operating 
  6.7   funds towards construction of these 
  6.8   projects. 
  6.9   Subd. 11.  Debt Service Responsibilities
  6.10  (a) The projects in this section shall 
  6.11  not be assessed one-third debt service 
  6.12  if the board of regents completes the 
  6.13  following projects by July 1, 2002: 
  6.14  (1) at a cost estimated at $35,000,000, 
  6.15  design a new Molecular and Cellular 
  6.16  Biology Building, construct the 
  6.17  facility's shell, and demolish all or 
  6.18  part of the existing 
  6.19  Jackson-Owre-Millard-Lyon Hall complex; 
  6.20  (2) at a cost estimated at $14,600,000, 
  6.21  design, construct, furnish, and equip 
  6.22  an addition to the Architecture 
  6.23  Building; 
  6.24  (3) at a cost estimated at $9,000,000, 
  6.25  renovate Murphy Hall; and 
  6.26  (4) at a cost estimated at $9,900,000, 
  6.27  renovate Ford Hall. 
  6.28  (b) If the board of regents does not 
  6.29  complete the projects specified in 
  6.30  paragraph (a) by July 1, 2002, the 
  6.31  board shall reimburse the state for 
  6.32  one-third of the debt service 
  6.33  previously paid and pay one-third of 
  6.34  the debt service accruing after July 1, 
  6.35  2002, on state bonds sold to finance 
  6.36  appropriations in this section except 
  6.37  those in subdivision 3, paragraph (a) 
  6.38  and paragraph (c), clause (2).  After 
  6.39  each sale of general obligation bonds, 
  6.40  the commissioner of finance shall 
  6.41  notify the board of regents of the 
  6.42  amounts for which it is assessed each 
  6.43  year for the life of the bonds. 
  6.44  (c) The commissioner shall reduce the 
  6.45  board's assessment each year by 
  6.46  one-third of the net income from 
  6.47  investment of general obligation bond 
  6.48  proceeds in proportion to the amount of 
  6.49  principal and interest otherwise 
  6.50  required to be paid by the board.  The 
  6.51  board shall pay its resulting net 
  6.52  assessment to the commissioner of 
  6.53  finance by December 1 each year.  If 
  6.54  the board fails to make a payment when 
  6.55  due, the commissioner of finance shall 
  6.56  reduce allotments for appropriations 
  6.57  from the general fund otherwise 
  6.58  available to the board and apply the 
  6.59  amount of the reduction to cover the 
  6.60  missed debt service payment.  The 
  6.61  commissioner of finance shall credit 
  7.1   the payments received from the board to 
  7.2   the bond debt service account in the 
  7.3   state bond fund each December 1 before 
  7.4   money is transferred from the general 
  7.5   fund under Minnesota Statutes, section 
  7.6   16A.641, subdivision 10. 
  7.7   Subd. 12.  Separate Account                  
  7.8   The appropriations in this section are 
  7.9   conditioned on the board of regents 
  7.10  adopting a resolution establishing an 
  7.11  account for regular repair and 
  7.12  maintenance at the university, and into 
  7.13  which appropriations from fiscal years 
  7.14  1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 could be 
  7.15  deposited. 
  7.18  Subdivision 1.  To the board of trustees 
  7.19  of the Minnesota state colleges and 
  7.20  universities for the purposes specified in 
  7.21  this section                                        143,080,000
  7.22  Subd. 2.  Higher Education Asset
  7.23  Preservation and Replacement                         43,000,000
  7.24  This appropriation is for the purposes 
  7.25  specified in Minnesota Statutes, 
  7.26  section 135A.046.  This appropriation 
  7.27  is from the general fund. 
  7.28  $31,615,000 of this appropriation is 
  7.29  for code compliance, including health 
  7.30  and safety, ADA requirements, hazardous 
  7.31  material abatement, air quality 
  7.32  improvement, building or infrastructure 
  7.33  repairs to preserve existing buildings 
  7.34  systemwide.  The chancellor shall 
  7.35  determine project priorities as 
  7.36  appropriate based on need.  Priorities 
  7.37  may include but are not limited to:  
  7.38  Anoka-Ramsey Community College 
  7.39  ($1,080,000); Riverland Community 
  7.40  College ($1,339,000); St. Cloud 
  7.41  Technical College ($1,378,000); 
  7.42  Northland Community and Technical 
  7.43  College ($1,546,000); Minneapolis 
  7.44  Community and Technical College 
  7.45  ($2,735,000); St. Cloud State 
  7.46  University ($1,900,000); Southwest 
  7.47  State University ($1,390,000); Metro 
  7.48  State University ($1,148,000); Bemidji 
  7.49  State University ($1,088,000); Mankato 
  7.50  State University ($5,322,000); and 
  7.51  Moorhead State University ($3,556,000). 
  7.52  $11,385,000 of this appropriation is 
  7.53  for facilities replacement, as follows: 
  7.54  (1) $1,720,000 to construct a 
  7.55  replacement classroom for the Staples 
  7.56  West Campus of Central Lakes Technical 
  7.57  College; 
  7.58  (2) $500,000 to design and construct an 
  7.59  electrical distribution tunnel for St. 
  7.60  Cloud State University; 
  8.1   (3) $305,000 to design and construct a 
  8.2   Chiller Plant for Bemidji State 
  8.3   University; 
  8.4   (4) $5,030,000 to design, construct, 
  8.5   furnish, and equip a renovation of 
  8.6   Nemzek Field House at Moorhead State 
  8.7   University; 
  8.8   (5) $3,145,000 to design, construct, 
  8.9   furnish, and equip a renovation of 
  8.10  Dille Center for the Arts at Moorhead 
  8.11  State University; and 
  8.12  (6) $685,000 to design, construct, 
  8.13  furnish, and equip a renovation of 
  8.14  Livingston Lord Library at Moorhead 
  8.15  State University. 
  8.16  Subd. 3.  Master Facilities Plans                     1,400,000 
  8.17  Complete and update college and 
  8.18  university master facilities plans.  Of 
  8.19  this appropriation, up to $400,000 is 
  8.20  for Minnesota West Technical and 
  8.21  Community College and Northwest 
  8.22  Technical College.  This appropriation 
  8.23  is from the general fund. 
  8.24  Subd. 4.  Anoka Hennepin 
  8.25  Technical College and Century Community 
  8.26  and Technical College                                   800,000 
  8.27  To prepare regional academic and 
  8.28  facilities master plans and predesign 
  8.29  the facility needs for each college.  
  8.30  The board is not restricted to current 
  8.31  buildings in developing the plan.  
  8.32  Anoka Hennepin College plans must be 
  8.33  for facilities within Anoka county. 
  8.34  Subd. 5.  Bemidji State University
  8.35  and Northwest Technical College, Bemidji              1,000,000
  8.36  To predesign and design facilities 
  8.37  required to colocate all programs of 
  8.38  the technical college and the state 
  8.39  university's industrial technology and 
  8.40  nursing programs.  The board of 
  8.41  trustees may consider, among other 
  8.42  options, the remodeling of the former 
  8.43  Bemidji high school.  The board may 
  8.44  acquire the former Bemidji high school 
  8.45  and may convey the former technical 
  8.46  college to the school district.  
  8.47  Minnesota Statutes, sections 94.09 to 
  8.48  94.16 and 103F.535 do not apply to 
  8.49  these real estate transactions. 
  8.50  Subd. 6.  Century Community 
  8.51  and Technical College                                 3,200,000
  8.52  To design and construct an all-season 
  8.53  footbridge connecting Century's two 
  8.54  campuses, traffic control measures, and 
  8.55  reroute campus traffic. 
  8.56  The board and the department of 
  8.57  transportation shall cooperate in the 
  8.58  design and construction of this project.
  9.1   Subd. 7.  Fond du Lac Community 
  9.2   and Tribal College 
  9.3   The board of trustees may design, 
  9.4   through construction documents, a 
  9.5   classroom addition using money from 
  9.6   nonstate sources.  The college is 
  9.7   encouraged to seek additional nonstate 
  9.8   matching money to offset a portion of 
  9.9   the cost of construction.  The total 
  9.10  cost to construct, furnish, and equip 
  9.11  the classroom addition must not exceed 
  9.12  $7,500,000. 
  9.13  Subd. 8.  Hibbing Community 
  9.14  and Technical College                                16,000,000
  9.15  To construct a new facility, adjacent 
  9.16  to the community college, for technical 
  9.17  programs, administrative services, and 
  9.18  customized training.  Upon completion 
  9.19  of this facility, the college must 
  9.20  vacate all classroom buildings of the 
  9.21  former technical college.  The city 
  9.22  shall provide sewer and water, and a 
  9.23  perimeter street.  The board of 
  9.24  trustees shall dispose of the former 
  9.25  technical college land and classroom 
  9.26  buildings.  The proceeds may be 
  9.27  retained by the board pursuant to 
  9.28  Minnesota Statutes, section 136F.71, 
  9.29  subdivision 1.  Minnesota Statutes, 
  9.30  sections 94.09 to 94.16 and 103F.535 do 
  9.31  not apply to these real estate 
  9.32  transactions. 
  9.33  Subd. 9.  Inver Hills Community College              11,000,000
  9.34  To design and construct a new 
  9.35  instructional building and renovate the 
  9.36  existing science building.  The new 
  9.37  building will include space for the 
  9.38  emergency health services program, 
  9.39  chemistry and biology laboratories, an 
  9.40  interactive television classroom, 
  9.41  general instruction classrooms, 
  9.42  activities/fitness rooms, faculty 
  9.43  offices, small group meeting rooms, and 
  9.44  conference rooms.  Up to $600,000 may 
  9.45  be spent for the new entrance to the 
  9.46  college. 
  9.47  Subd. 10.  Mankato State University                  11,000,000 
  9.48  (a) This money is for:  (1) the design 
  9.49  of Phase I and Phase II of the project 
  9.50  to renovate the indoor and outdoor 
  9.51  athletic facilities, and (2) for 
  9.52  construction and renovation work in 
  9.53  Myers Field House, Pennington 
  9.54  Foundation Building and tennis courts; 
  9.55  add required chiller capacity at the 
  9.56  utility plant; and selected remodeling 
  9.57  in Otto Arena, Highland Center, 
  9.58  Highland North, Blakeslee Stadium, and 
  9.59  outdoor track.  Phase II of the project 
  9.60  consists of completion of the remaining 
  9.61  construction and renovation work in 
  9.62  Highland Center, Highland North, Otto 
  9.63  Arena, Blakeslee Stadium, and the 
  9.64  outdoor track.  Money for Phase II of 
 10.1   this project is not included in this 
 10.2   appropriation. 
 10.3   (b) Notwithstanding Laws 1997, chapter 
 10.4   183, article 3, section 37, subdivision 
 10.5   6, the Mankato state university 
 10.6   foundation may build a black box 
 10.7   theater on the Mankato state university 
 10.8   campus at a site approved by the 
 10.9   board.  Prior to the beginning of 
 10.10  construction, the board must approve 
 10.11  the design and the foundation must 
 10.12  agree to donate the theater to the 
 10.13  state.  Title to the building shall 
 10.14  pass to the state immediately upon 
 10.15  donation. 
 10.16  Subd. 11.  Mesabi Community and
 10.17  Technical College                                       500,000
 10.18  To predesign and design a new learning 
 10.19  resource center and remodel classrooms, 
 10.20  computer labs, and offices at the 
 10.21  Virginia campus. 
 10.22  Subd. 12.  Metropolitan State University              1,000,000 
 10.23  To design a new library and information 
 10.24  access center on the university's St. 
 10.25  Paul campus, including space for 
 10.26  collections of the St. Paul public 
 10.27  library and community library services. 
 10.28  Subd. 13.  Minneapolis Community
 10.29  and Technical College                                   500,000
 10.30  To design an addition and remodel the 
 10.31  existing library and other space.  The 
 10.32  addition will include a library and 
 10.33  media center and an instructional 
 10.34  technology center.  The remodeled space 
 10.35  will include classrooms, laboratories, 
 10.36  faculty offices, student services, and 
 10.37  interactive television classrooms. 
 10.38  Subd. 14.  Normandale Community College                 240,000 
 10.39  To predesign and design the renovation 
 10.40  or new construction of science 
 10.41  facilities. 
 10.42  Subd. 15.  North Hennepin Community
 10.43  College, Phase One                                   10,400,000 
 10.44  To predesign, design, construct, and 
 10.45  equip an addition and remodel existing 
 10.46  facilities for a science center.  This 
 10.47  appropriation is also to predesign and 
 10.48  design phase two to remodel and 
 10.49  renovate classroom and office space. 
 10.50  Subd. 16.  Northland Community
 10.51  and Technical College                                 4,000,000
 10.52  To design and construct an addition and 
 10.53  remodel existing space for student 
 10.54  services, women's center, bookstore, 
 10.55  customized training, administrative 
 10.56  services, and classrooms. 
 10.57  Subd. 17.  Pine Technical College                     1,700,000 
 11.1   To predesign, design, and renovate for 
 11.2   a telecommunications/media/technology 
 11.3   center, student services, 
 11.4   administrative services, classrooms, 
 11.5   and a regional economic development 
 11.6   center. 
 11.7   Subd. 18.  Red Wing/Winona Technical College          1,500,000
 11.8   To design and construct a new classroom 
 11.9   and garage facility for the truck 
 11.10  driving program at the Winona campus.  
 11.11  The facility may be separate from the 
 11.12  main campus building, as appropriate to 
 11.13  accommodate safety, traffic, and 
 11.14  programmatic concerns. 
 11.15  Subd. 19.  Ridgewater Community     
 11.16  and Technical College                                 7,600,000
 11.17  To design and construct a new addition 
 11.18  and remodel existing facilities at the 
 11.19  Hutchinson campus for nondestructive 
 11.20  testing facilities, a library and media 
 11.21  resource center, student support 
 11.22  services, and child care center.  
 11.23  Subd. 20.  Riverland Community and 
 11.24  Technical College                                     1,000,000
 11.25  (a) To design, construct, and remodel 
 11.26  the Austin campus, including remodeling 
 11.27  for student services and health science 
 11.28  programs, and reconfiguration of 
 11.29  building entryways, sidewalks, and 
 11.30  roadways to better connect the two 
 11.31  separate facilities.  
 11.32  (b) The board may enter into an 
 11.33  agreement with the city of Austin 
 11.34  whereby the city agrees to construct, 
 11.35  improve, and maintain a road at city 
 11.36  expense that provides access to and 
 11.37  improves the safety of the north side 
 11.38  of the Austin campus.  In exchange for 
 11.39  the city's services, the board may 
 11.40  convey title to the roadway and a 
 11.41  parcel of land not to exceed five acres 
 11.42  that is not needed by the college for 
 11.43  education purposes.  The land shall be 
 11.44  used to promote a technology center 
 11.45  that is compatible with the college's 
 11.46  education mission.  City plans and 
 11.47  actions for the land shall be developed 
 11.48  in consultation with the college and 
 11.49  the board.  Minnesota Statutes, 
 11.50  sections 94.09 to 94.16, and 103F.535, 
 11.51  do not apply to these real estate 
 11.52  transactions. 
 11.53  Subd. 21.  Rochester Center                           6,000,000 
 11.54  To predesign, design, and renovate 
 11.55  existing facilities and install 
 11.56  telecommunications infrastructure 
 11.57  improvements to create an instructional 
 11.58  development and digital media center to 
 11.59  improve education in southeastern 
 11.60  Minnesota.  This appropriation is from 
 11.61  the general fund and will be 
 11.62  supplemented by an additional 
 12.1   $3,237,000 from other sources. 
 12.2   Subd. 22.  Rochester Regional 
 12.3   Recreation and Sports Center                          5,000,000
 12.4   To predesign, design, and construct 
 12.5   phase 1 of a regional community 
 12.6   recreation and sports activity complex 
 12.7   adjacent to the Rochester Center, 
 12.8   including a field house, sport and 
 12.9   fitness center, aquatics facility, 
 12.10  outdoor football and soccer stadium, 
 12.11  soccer and baseball fields, and surface 
 12.12  parking lots.  This appropriation is 
 12.13  not available until the board of 
 12.14  trustees has determined that an equal 
 12.15  amount has been committed by the city 
 12.16  of Rochester.  Operating and management 
 12.17  costs shall be shared by the city of 
 12.18  Rochester and the Minnesota state 
 12.19  colleges and universities in proportion 
 12.20  to their relative use of the facility. 
 12.21  Subd. 23.  St. Cloud State University
 12.22  St. Cloud State University may design 
 12.23  and construct a building to house a 
 12.24  bookstore and student services, 
 12.25  following consultation with the 
 12.26  university community, including the 
 12.27  student senate and the bookstore 
 12.28  committee.  After submitting the design 
 12.29  and the financing plan to the board, 
 12.30  the board shall submit it to the 
 12.31  legislature as provided in Minnesota 
 12.32  Statutes, section 16B.335, subdivision 
 12.33  2.  
 12.34  Subd. 24.  St. Cloud Technical College                1,000,000 
 12.35  To design and construct an addition and 
 12.36  remodeling of graphic arts and dental 
 12.37  space, including classrooms, and design 
 12.38  remodeling of most of the remaining 
 12.39  space. 
 12.40  Subd. 25.  St. Paul Technical College                10,000,000 
 12.41  To design, construct, furnish, and 
 12.42  equip an addition to the library and 
 12.43  learning resource center and renovate 
 12.44  existing space for student services, 
 12.45  chemical technology laboratory, and to 
 12.46  renovate the building control system. 
 12.47  Subd. 26.  Southwest State University                    40,000 
 12.48  To predesign the renovation of the 
 12.49  library.  The renovation will include 
 12.50  replacement of HVAC systems and 
 12.51  installation of wiring for computer 
 12.52  technology.  
 12.53  Subd. 27.  Winona State University                      200,000 
 12.54  To design the remodeling of Maxwell 
 12.55  Library into offices and classrooms. 
 12.56  Subd. 28.  Land Acquisition                           5,000,000 
 12.57  To acquire real property land adjacent 
 13.1   to or near the state college and 
 13.2   university campuses.  Of this amount at 
 13.3   least $2,500,000 is for Winona State 
 13.4   University and $1,000,000 is for St. 
 13.5   Cloud State University.  The board of 
 13.6   trustees shall report annually to the 
 13.7   legislature on purchases made from this 
 13.8   appropriation. 
 13.9   Subd. 29.  Debt Service
 13.10  (a) The board shall pay one-third of 
 13.11  the debt service on state bonds sold to 
 13.12  finance projects authorized by this 
 13.13  section, except for subdivisions 10 and 
 13.14  22.  After each sale of general 
 13.15  obligation bonds, the commissioner of 
 13.16  finance shall notify the board of the 
 13.17  amounts assessed for each year for the 
 13.18  life of the bonds. 
 13.19  (b) The commissioner shall reduce the 
 13.20  board's assessment each year by 
 13.21  one-third of the net income from 
 13.22  investment of general obligation bond 
 13.23  proceeds in proportion to the amount of 
 13.24  principal and interest otherwise 
 13.25  required to be paid by the board.  The 
 13.26  board shall pay its resulting net 
 13.27  assessment to the commissioner of 
 13.28  finance by December 1 each year.  If 
 13.29  the board fails to make a payment when 
 13.30  due, the commissioner of finance shall 
 13.31  reduce allotments for appropriations 
 13.32  from the general fund otherwise 
 13.33  available to the board and apply the 
 13.34  amount of the reduction to cover the 
 13.35  missed debt service payment.  The 
 13.36  commissioner of finance shall credit 
 13.37  the payments received from the board to 
 13.38  the bond debt service account in the 
 13.39  state bond fund each December 1 before 
 13.40  money is transferred from the general 
 13.41  fund under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 13.42  16A.641, subdivision 10. 
 13.43  Subd. 30.  Separate account  
 13.44  The appropriations in this section are 
 13.45  conditioned on the board of trustees 
 13.46  adopting a resolution establishing an 
 13.47  account for regular repair and 
 13.48  maintenance at the colleges and 
 13.49  universities, and into which 
 13.50  appropriations from fiscal years 1999, 
 13.51  2000, 2001, and 2002 could be deposited.
 13.53  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner
 13.54  of administration for the purposes
 13.55  specified in this section                             1,395,000
 13.56  This appropriation is from the general 
 13.57  fund. 
 13.58  Subd. 2.  Administration/Classroom
 13.59  Building Renovation                                     780,000
 13.60  To design, furnish, equip, and renovate 
 13.61  the administrative/classroom building.  
 14.1   This project is to include upgrades to 
 14.2   building hallways, conversion of a 
 14.3   temporary student computer lab to a 
 14.4   student commons area, reconfiguration 
 14.5   of support and classroom spaces, and 
 14.6   partial renovation of the cafeteria 
 14.7   food service and seating areas. 
 14.8   Subd. 3.  Asset Preservation                            465,000 
 14.9   For asset preservation improvements on 
 14.10  the campus including, but not limited 
 14.11  to, design and construction of 
 14.12  sprinkler systems, demolition of the 
 14.13  main entry to the 
 14.14  administration/classroom building, 
 14.15  foundation repairs, reconstruction of 
 14.16  campus roads and parking areas, and 
 14.17  replacement of deteriorated sidewalks. 
 14.18  Subd. 4.  GAIA Building Renovation                      150,000 
 14.19  For the partial renovation of spaces 
 14.20  currently used for student instruction 
 14.21  to spaces that will be utilized for 
 14.22  adult professional development and 
 14.23  related administrative support services.
 14.25  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner of
 14.26  children, families, and learning for the
 14.27  purposes specified in this section                   62,405,000 
 14.28  This appropriation is from the general 
 14.29  fund. 
 14.30  Subd. 2.  Early Childhood
 14.31  Learning Facilities                                   5,000,000
 14.32  For grants to state agencies, political 
 14.33  subdivisions, Indian tribes, or private 
 14.34  nonprofit organizations to construct or 
 14.35  rehabilitate facilities for programs 
 14.36  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 14.37  268.917.  Facilities financed with 
 14.38  these grants may be owned by Indian 
 14.39  tribes or private nonprofit 
 14.40  organizations. 
 14.41  Subd. 3.  Youth Enrichment                            5,000,000 
 14.42  (a) For grants to local government 
 14.43  units to design, furnish, equip, 
 14.44  renovate, replace, or construct parks 
 14.45  and recreation facilities and school 
 14.46  facilities to provide youth, with 
 14.47  preference for youth in grades 4 to 8, 
 14.48  with regular enrichment activities 
 14.49  during nonschool hours, including after 
 14.50  school, evenings, weekends, and school 
 14.51  vacation periods, and that will provide 
 14.52  equal access and programming for all 
 14.53  children.  The buildings or facilities 
 14.54  may be leased to nonprofit community 
 14.55  organizations, subject to Minnesota 
 14.56  Statutes, section 16A.695, for the same 
 14.57  purposes.  Enrichment programs include 
 14.58  academic enrichment, homework 
 14.59  assistance, computer and technology 
 14.60  use, arts and cultural activities, 
 15.1   clubs, school-to-work and workforce 
 15.2   development, athletic, and recreational 
 15.3   activities.  Grants must be used to 
 15.4   expand the number of children 
 15.5   participating in enrichment programs or 
 15.6   improve the quality or range of program 
 15.7   offerings.  The facilities must be 
 15.8   fully available for programming 
 15.9   sponsored by nonprofit and community 
 15.10  groups serving youth, or school, 
 15.11  county, or city programs, for maximum 
 15.12  hours after school, evenings, weekends, 
 15.13  summers, and other school vacation 
 15.14  periods.  Priority must be given to 
 15.15  proposals that demonstrate 
 15.16  collaborations among private, 
 15.17  nonprofit, and public agencies, 
 15.18  including regional entities dealing 
 15.19  with at-risk youth, and community and 
 15.20  parent organizations in arranging for 
 15.21  programming, staffing, transportation, 
 15.22  and equipment.  All proposals must 
 15.23  include an inventory of existing 
 15.24  facilities and an assessment of 
 15.25  programming needs in the community. 
 15.26  (b) $1,000,000 is for enrichment grants 
 15.27  within the city of Minneapolis.  
 15.28  (c) $2,000,000 is for enrichment grants 
 15.29  within the city of St. Paul.  
 15.30  (d) $1,000,000 is for enrichment grants 
 15.31  in metropolitan statistical areas 
 15.32  outside of the cities of Minneapolis 
 15.33  and St. Paul.  Priority must be given 
 15.34  to school attendance areas with high 
 15.35  concentrations of children eligible for 
 15.36  free or reduced school lunch and to 
 15.37  government units demonstrating a 
 15.38  commitment to collaborative youth 
 15.39  efforts. 
 15.40  (e) $1,000,000 is for enrichment grants 
 15.41  for areas outside of metropolitan 
 15.42  statistical areas and outside of the 
 15.43  cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  
 15.44  Priority must be given to school 
 15.45  attendance areas with high 
 15.46  concentrations of children eligible for 
 15.47  free or reduced school lunch and to 
 15.48  government units demonstrating a 
 15.49  commitment to collaborative youth 
 15.50  efforts. 
 15.51  (f) Each grant must be matched by one 
 15.52  dollar from nonstate sources for each 
 15.53  two dollars of state money.  In-kind 
 15.54  contributions of facilities may be used 
 15.55  for the local match.  The value of 
 15.56  in-kind contributions must be 
 15.57  determined by the commissioner of 
 15.58  finance. 
 15.59  Subd. 4.  Recreation and Community
 15.60  Center Grants                                        10,800,000
 15.61  (a) Unless otherwise specifically 
 15.62  provided, the commissioner may not make 
 15.63  a grant from this appropriation until 
 15.64  the commissioner has determined that at 
 16.1   least an equal amount has been 
 16.2   committed to the project from nonstate 
 16.3   sources. 
 16.4   (b) The commissioner may not make a 
 16.5   grant under this subdivision until the 
 16.6   commissioner has determined that, if 
 16.7   the center will charge a fee for use of 
 16.8   the center's facilities, the plan for 
 16.9   operating the center includes free or 
 16.10  reduced-rate use of the facilities by 
 16.11  individuals and families that have a 
 16.12  household income at or below 150 
 16.13  percent of the federal poverty income 
 16.14  guidelines.  
 16.15  (c) The commissioner may not make a 
 16.16  grant under this subdivision until the 
 16.17  commissioner has determined that the 
 16.18  recipient has the ability and a plan to 
 16.19  fund the program intended for the 
 16.20  facility. 
 16.21  (d) Dawson-Boyd Educational       
 16.22  and Community Center                     1,000,000
 16.23  For a grant to independent school 
 16.24  district No. 378, Dawson-Boyd, to 
 16.25  design, construct, furnish, and equip 
 16.26  an educational and community center. 
 16.27  (e) Detroit Lakes Community
 16.28  Center                                   1,500,000
 16.29  For a grant to the city of Detroit 
 16.30  Lakes to design, construct, furnish, 
 16.31  and equip the Detroit Lakes Community 
 16.32  Center.  
 16.33  (f) Granite Falls Area 
 16.34  Multipurpose Community Recreation and 
 16.35  Education Center                         1,000,000
 16.36  For a grant to the city of Granite 
 16.37  Falls to design, construct, furnish, 
 16.38  and equip a multipurpose community 
 16.39  recreation and education building.  
 16.40  (g) Hallett Community
 16.41  Center, City of Crosby                     300,000
 16.42  For a grant to the city of Crosby to 
 16.43  design, construct, furnish, and equip 
 16.44  the Hallett Community Center.  
 16.45  (h) Hastings Municipal Water
 16.46  Park                                       500,000
 16.47  For a grant to the city of Hastings to 
 16.48  design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
 16.49  municipal water park.  
 16.50  (i) Hermantown Community Indoor 
 16.51  Sports and Physical Education Complex    1,000,000
 16.52  For a grant to independent school 
 16.53  district No. 700, Hermantown, to 
 16.54  design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
 16.55  community indoor sports and physical 
 16.56  education complex with an indoor track. 
 17.1   (j) Isle Community Center                1,000,000
 17.2   For a grant to independent school 
 17.3   district No. 473, Isle, to convert a 
 17.4   school building into a community 
 17.5   center.  Programs located at the 
 17.6   converted facility must include the 
 17.7   alternative education program, early 
 17.8   childhood family education programs, 
 17.9   centralized school district kitchen 
 17.10  facilities, and other community 
 17.11  programs.  
 17.12  (k) Lake Crystal Area
 17.13  Recreation Center                        1,500,000
 17.14  For a grant to the city of Lake Crystal 
 17.15  to design, construct, furnish, and 
 17.16  equip the Lake Crystal Area Recreation 
 17.17  Center. 
 17.18  (l) Proctor Community
 17.19  Activity Center                          1,000,000
 17.20  For a grant to the city of Proctor to 
 17.21  design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
 17.22  city community activity center designed 
 17.23  to provide facilities for city 
 17.24  government, library, arts, museum, and 
 17.25  other public functions.  
 17.26  (m) Redwood Valley Multipurpose   
 17.27  Education and Community Center           1,000,000
 17.28  For a grant to independent school 
 17.29  district No. 2758, Redwood Falls, to 
 17.30  design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
 17.31  multipurpose education and community 
 17.32  center to be constructed and operated 
 17.33  under a joint powers agreement with the 
 17.34  city of Redwood Falls.  
 17.35  The center must provide:  (1) expanded 
 17.36  physical education curriculum for 
 17.37  Redwood Valley students; (2) a latchkey 
 17.38  program and an after-school program for 
 17.39  at-risk youth; (3) expanded healthy 
 17.40  lifestyle community education and 
 17.41  recreation programs for all age groups 
 17.42  in the community; and (4) community 
 17.43  conference and meeting facilities.  
 17.44  (n) Windom Area Multipurpose 
 17.45  Center                                   1,000,000
 17.46  For a grant to the city of Windom to 
 17.47  design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
 17.48  multipurpose center. 
 17.49  Subd. 5.  Metropolitan Magnet Schools                22,200,000 
 17.50  For awarding metropolitan magnet school 
 17.51  grants to groups of qualified 
 17.52  metropolitan school districts under 
 17.53  Minnesota Statutes, section 124C.498.  
 17.54  $1,900,000 is for the completion of the 
 17.55  Downtown Integration magnet school in 
 17.56  Minneapolis. 
 17.57  $3,800,000 is for planning, design, 
 18.1   acquisition of land, architectural 
 18.2   fees, and engineering fees for the East 
 18.3   Metropolitan Integration magnet school 
 18.4   in the East Metropolitan area.  Of that 
 18.5   amount, $2,800,000 is for land 
 18.6   acquisition.  
 18.7   $14,500,000 is for the construction of 
 18.8   the Metropolitan Integration magnet 
 18.9   school in Robbinsdale. 
 18.10  $2,000,000 is for the Southwest 
 18.11  Metropolitan Integration magnet school 
 18.12  in Edina. 
 18.13  Subd. 6.  Community Schools
 18.14  Partnership, St. Paul                                14,030,000
 18.15  For a grant to independent school 
 18.16  district No. 625 to acquire and better 
 18.17  achievement-plus facilities. 
 18.18  (a) $2,180,000 is to remodel and 
 18.19  renovate the Monroe community school 
 18.20  and $2,400,000 is to remodel and 
 18.21  renovate the Dayton's Bluff elementary 
 18.22  school.  Neither of these two 
 18.23  appropriations is available until the 
 18.24  commissioner has determined that an 
 18.25  amount equal to the total of the two 
 18.26  has been committed from nonstate 
 18.27  sources to either or both of the 
 18.28  projects.  Any amounts raised in excess 
 18.29  of the amount needed as match for these 
 18.30  two projects may be used to satisfy the 
 18.31  match required for the project in 
 18.32  paragraph (b). 
 18.33  (b) $9,450,000 is to acquire land for, 
 18.34  design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
 18.35  new achievement-plus facility.  This 
 18.36  appropriation is not available until 
 18.37  the commissioner has determined that 
 18.38  the following amounts have been 
 18.39  committed to the project: 
 18.40  (1) $940,000 is available upon receipt 
 18.41  of a commitment for an equal amount. 
 18.42  (2) $2,680,000 is available upon 
 18.43  receipt of a commitment for an equal 
 18.44  amount. 
 18.45  (3) $5,830,000 is available upon 
 18.46  receipt of a commitment for an equal 
 18.47  amount. 
 18.48  Subd. 7.  Fridley Middle School 
 18.49  Boiler and Windows                                       90,000
 18.50  For a grant to independent school 
 18.51  district No. 14, Fridley, for a new 
 18.52  boiler and new exterior windows at 
 18.53  Central Middle School.  This 
 18.54  appropriation is from the general fund. 
 18.55  Subd. 8.  School Building Accessibility 
 18.56  Grants                                                1,000,000
 18.57  For school building accessibility 
 18.58  grants under Minnesota Statutes, 
 19.1   sections 124C.71 to 124C.74. 
 19.2   Subd. 9.  Mississippi Education Center                 1,400,000 
 19.3   For a grant to independent school 
 19.4   district No. 318, Grand Rapids, to 
 19.5   design and construct a new library in 
 19.6   Grand Rapids.  This appropriation is 
 19.7   not available until the commissioner 
 19.8   determines that $4,820,000 has been 
 19.9   committed from nonstate sources. 
 19.10  Subd. 10.  Library Accessibility
 19.11  Grants                                                1,500,000
 19.12  For library accessibility grants under 
 19.13  Minnesota Statutes, section 134.45. 
 19.14  Subd. 11.  McLeod West Interdistrict 
 19.15  Cooperative                                             500,000
 19.16  For a grant to the McLeod West 
 19.17  Interdistrict Cooperative, made up of 
 19.18  independent school district Nos. 421, 
 19.19  Brownton, and 426, Stewart, to design 
 19.20  and acquire land for a new 
 19.21  prekindergarten through grade 12 
 19.22  educational facility.  
 19.23  Subd. 12.  Little Falls Carnegie
 19.24  Library ADA Grant                                       500,000
 19.25  For a grant to the city of Little Falls 
 19.26  for design and construction of capital 
 19.27  improvements for handicapped 
 19.28  accessibility to the Little Falls 
 19.29  Carnegie library.  This appropriation 
 19.30  is not available until the commissioner 
 19.31  determines that $500,000 has been 
 19.32  committed from nonstate sources. 
 19.33  Subd. 13.  Minnesota Lake                               385,000 
 19.34  For a grant to the fiscal agent for the 
 19.35  public school building in Minnesota 
 19.36  Lake for repair and improved energy 
 19.37  conservation. 
 19.39  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner
 19.40  of administration for the purposes
 19.41  specified in this section                             9,225,000
 19.42  This appropriation is from the general 
 19.43  fund. 
 19.44  Subd. 2.  Asset Preservation                            725,000 
 19.45  For asset preservation improvements on 
 19.46  both campuses at the Faribault 
 19.47  residential academies including, but 
 19.48  not limited to, asbestos removal and 
 19.49  replacement of roofs, windows, fire 
 19.50  protection systems, and sidewalks. 
 19.51  Subd. 3.  Tate Hall Renovation                        4,000,000 
 19.52  To design, remodel, furnish, and equip 
 19.53  Tate Hall on the campus of the 
 19.54  Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf.  
 20.1   This project is to include asset 
 20.2   preservation improvements, installation 
 20.3   of a ventilation and humidity control 
 20.4   system, remodeling to expand bathroom 
 20.5   facilities, and renovation of new space 
 20.6   for a home living skills center. 
 20.7   Subd. 4.  Lysen Expansion
 20.8   and Renovation                                        4,500,000
 20.9   To design, construct, furnish, and 
 20.10  equip an expansion and renovation of 
 20.11  the Lysen learning building on the 
 20.12  campus of the Minnesota State Academy 
 20.13  for the Blind.  This project is to 
 20.14  include expansion or remodeling of 
 20.15  classrooms, offices, recreation areas, 
 20.16  and related spaces in this building. 
 20.17  Sec. 7.  NATURAL RESOURCES 
 20.18  Subdivision 1.  To the 
 20.19  commissioner of natural resources 
 20.20  for the purposes specified
 20.21  in this section                                     130,251,000
 20.22  This appropriation is from the general 
 20.23  fund. 
 20.24  Subd. 2.  Office Facility
 20.25  Consolidation                                         7,391,000
 20.26  To acquire land, design, construct, 
 20.27  furnish, and equip offices and service 
 20.28  facilities at consolidated office sites 
 20.29  in Tower and Windom. 
 20.30  Subd. 3.  Statewide Asset Preservation
 20.31  and State Park and Recreation
 20.32  Area Building Rehabilitation                          6,500,000
 20.33  For repair and renovation of the 
 20.34  department of natural resources land, 
 20.35  buildings, or other improvements of a 
 20.36  capital nature throughout the state; 
 20.37  and to design, repair, rehabilitate, 
 20.38  construct, or add to state park 
 20.39  buildings throughout the state, 
 20.40  according to the management plan 
 20.41  required in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 
 20.42  86A.  The commissioner shall determine 
 20.43  project priorities as appropriate based 
 20.44  upon need. 
 20.45  Subd. 4.  State Park and Recreation
 20.46  Area Building Development                             5,535,000
 20.47  To design, construct, furnish, and 
 20.48  equip new buildings and associated 
 20.49  utilities in the state park system, 
 20.50  according to the management plan 
 20.51  required in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 
 20.52  86A.  
 20.53  Subd. 5.  State Park and Recreation
 20.54  Area Betterment and Rehabilitation                    2,750,000
 20.55  To upgrade, repair, or rehabilitate 
 20.56  improvements of a capital nature at 
 20.57  state park and recreation area 
 20.58  facilities throughout the state, 
 21.1   including, but not limited to, resource 
 21.2   management projects, trail 
 21.3   rehabilitation, campground 
 21.4   rehabilitation, and road and bridge 
 21.5   repair.  The commissioner shall 
 21.6   determine project priorities as 
 21.7   appropriate based upon need. 
 21.8   Subd. 6.  State Park and 
 21.9   Recreation Area Acquisition                           2,250,000
 21.10  For acquisition from willing sellers of 
 21.11  private lands within state park and 
 21.12  recreation area boundaries established 
 21.13  by law.  The commissioner shall 
 21.14  determine project priorities as 
 21.15  appropriate based upon need. 
 21.16  Subd. 7.  Metro Regional Park 
 21.17  Acquisition and Betterment                           14,400,000
 21.18  (a) $9,000,000 is for payment to the 
 21.19  metropolitan council.  The commissioner 
 21.20  shall pay the amount on a reimbursement 
 21.21  basis to the metropolitan council upon 
 21.22  receipt of a certified copy of a 
 21.23  council resolution requesting payment.  
 21.24  The appropriation must be used to pay 
 21.25  the cost of rehabilitation, 
 21.26  acquisition, and development by the 
 21.27  council and local government units of 
 21.28  regional recreational open-space lands 
 21.29  in accordance with the council's policy 
 21.30  plan as provided in Minnesota Statutes, 
 21.31  section 473.315.  This appropriation 
 21.32  must not be used for research, 
 21.33  planning, administration, or tax 
 21.34  equivalency payments.  This 
 21.35  appropriation may be used for the 
 21.36  purchase of homes only if the purchases 
 21.37  are included in the work program 
 21.38  required by law and they are expressly 
 21.39  approved by the legislative commission 
 21.40  on Minnesota resources.  
 21.41  $840,000 of this appropriation may be 
 21.42  used by the metropolitan council to 
 21.43  reimburse Washington county for 
 21.44  acquiring St. Croix Bluffs regional 
 21.45  park in 1997. 
 21.46  (b) $3,900,000 of this appropriation is 
 21.47  for a grant to the metropolitan council 
 21.48  to prepare a site for, design, 
 21.49  construct, furnish, and equip, 
 21.50  including utility infrastructure, the 
 21.51  Como Park Education Resource Center, 
 21.52  Phase One.  The grant is contingent 
 21.53  upon the city of St. Paul maintaining 
 21.54  Como Park zoo as a free attraction for 
 21.55  the life of the bonds.  The city may, 
 21.56  however, charge a fee for use of the 
 21.57  Como Park golf course and the 
 21.58  conservatory and for special event 
 21.59  facility rentals at the park, including 
 21.60  the zoo and the conservatory.  
 21.61  The center must report to the chair of 
 21.62  the senate environment and agriculture 
 21.63  budget division, the chair of the house 
 21.64  environment and agriculture finance 
 22.1   committee, and the chairs of the senate 
 22.2   and house environment and natural 
 22.3   resources policy committees as soon as 
 22.4   the center has secured half of the 
 22.5   total project costs from nonstate 
 22.6   sources. 
 22.7   (c) $1,500,000 is for a grant to the 
 22.8   metropolitan council for capital 
 22.9   expenditures necessary to carry out the 
 22.10  Harriet Island Redevelopment in 
 22.11  accordance with the Lilydale/Harriet 
 22.12  Island master plan.  This appropriation 
 22.13  is not available until the commissioner 
 22.14  determines that an equal amount has 
 22.15  been committed from nonstate sources.  
 22.16  Subd. 8.  Dam Improvements                            1,300,000 
 22.17  For the emergency repair, 
 22.18  reconstruction, or removal of publicly 
 22.19  owned dams.  Up to $300,000 of this 
 22.20  appropriation is for the Sauk River Dam 
 22.21  and up to $100,000 of this 
 22.22  appropriation is for a study of removal 
 22.23  of the Rapidan Dam.  Up to $300,000 of 
 22.24  this appropriation is for a grant to 
 22.25  the city of Appleton for removal of a 
 22.26  dam located on the Pomme de Terre river 
 22.27  in Swift county.  The commissioner 
 22.28  shall determine remaining project 
 22.29  priorities as appropriate based upon 
 22.30  need as provided in Minnesota Statutes, 
 22.31  section 103G.511. 
 22.32  Subd. 9.  Flood Hazard
 22.33  Mitigation Grants                                    30,000,000
 22.34  For the flood hazard mitigation grant 
 22.35  program to local government units for 
 22.36  publicly owned capital improvements to 
 22.37  prevent or alleviate flood damages 
 22.38  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 22.39  103F.161. 
 22.40  $1,500,000 is to construct ring dikes, 
 22.41  whether publicly or privately owned.  
 22.42  $500,000 is for a grant to Clay county 
 22.43  to remove houses in the Crestwood 
 22.44  addition in Kurtz township on the Red 
 22.45  River that are endangered by the 
 22.46  collapsing river bank. 
 22.47  The commissioner shall determine other 
 22.48  project priorities as appropriate based 
 22.49  upon need.  
 22.50  As soon as the United States Army Corps 
 22.51  of Engineers section 205 flood control 
 22.52  study for the city of Breckenridge is 
 22.53  complete, the commissioner shall make a 
 22.54  recommendation to the legislature for 
 22.55  the funding necessary to complete flood 
 22.56  hazard mitigation efforts in the city.  
 22.57  Subd. 10.  Forest Road and
 22.58  Bridge Projects                                       2,000,000
 22.59  For reconstruction, resurfacing, 
 22.60  replacement, or construction of other 
 23.1   improvements of a capital nature to 
 23.2   state forest roads and bridges 
 23.3   throughout the state.  The commissioner 
 23.4   shall determine project priorities as 
 23.5   appropriate based upon need.  Of this 
 23.6   amount, $500,000 may be used for forest 
 23.7   roads in northern Minnesota peat areas. 
 23.8   Subd. 11.  Forestry Land Acquisition                    800,000 
 23.9   To acquire private lands from willing 
 23.10  sellers within established boundaries 
 23.11  of state forests throughout the state.  
 23.12  The commissioner shall determine 
 23.13  project priorities as appropriate based 
 23.14  upon need. 
 23.15  Subd. 12.  White Pine Management                        300,000 
 23.16  For planting of stands of white pine 
 23.17  and management of white pine resources. 
 23.18  Subd. 13.  Forestry Recreation
 23.19  Facilities                                              750,000
 23.20  For improvements of a capital nature to 
 23.21  rehabilitate, improve, or develop 
 23.22  forestry recreation facilities 
 23.23  throughout the state.  The commissioner 
 23.24  shall determine project priorities as 
 23.25  appropriate based upon need. 
 23.26  Subd. 14.  RIM Wildlife Management Areas, 
 23.27  Critical Habitat, and North American 
 23.28  Waterfowl Management Plan                             7,000,000
 23.29  $1,000,000 of this appropriation is to 
 23.30  acquire land for wildlife management 
 23.31  areas under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 23.32  97A.135; $5,500,000 is for the critical 
 23.33  habitat private sector matching account 
 23.34  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 23.35  84.943; and $500,000 is for acquisition 
 23.36  and wetland restoration under the North 
 23.37  American Waterfowl Management Plan.  
 23.38  The commissioner shall determine 
 23.39  project priorities as appropriate based 
 23.40  upon need.  
 23.41  Subd. 15.  RIM Fish Hatchery
 23.42  Rehabilitation                                        1,000,000
 23.43  For improvements of a capital nature to 
 23.44  rehabilitate, improve, or develop fish 
 23.45  culture facilities. 
 23.46  Subd. 16.  RIM Wildlife,
 23.47  Habitat Improvements                                  2,500,000
 23.48  For improvements of a capital nature to 
 23.49  develop, protect, or improve wildlife 
 23.50  management areas and other state lands 
 23.51  throughout the state.  The commissioner 
 23.52  shall determine project priorities as 
 23.53  appropriate based upon need.  
 23.54  Subd. 17.  Stream Protection
 23.55  and Restoration                                       1,000,000
 23.56  For the acquisition of easements and 
 23.57  aquatic management areas on streams for 
 24.1   fisheries management purposes, and 
 24.2   stream restoration on portions of the 
 24.3   Whitewater river and Sandy river. 
 24.4   Subd. 18.  Scientific and Natural Area and
 24.5   Prairie Bank Acquisition and Improvement              3,000,000
 24.6   To acquire land related to scientific 
 24.7   and natural areas and prairie bank 
 24.8   easements and for development, 
 24.9   protection, or improvements of a 
 24.10  capital nature to scientific and 
 24.11  natural areas throughout the state.  
 24.12  $2,200,000 is for scientific and 
 24.13  natural area acquisition, $400,000 is 
 24.14  for scientific and natural area 
 24.15  restoration and development, and 
 24.16  $400,000 is for Prairie Bank 
 24.17  easements.  The commissioner shall 
 24.18  determine project priorities as 
 24.19  appropriate based upon need.  
 24.20  Subd. 19.  Metro Greenways
 24.21  and Natural Areas                                     4,000,000
 24.22  To acquire and improve natural areas 
 24.23  and greenways in the metro region 
 24.24  through purchase of conservation 
 24.25  easements or fee acquisition.  The 
 24.26  commissioner shall determine project 
 24.27  priorities as appropriate based upon 
 24.28  need and shall consult with 
 24.29  representatives of local units of 
 24.30  government, nonprofit organizations, 
 24.31  and other interested parties. 
 24.32  Subd. 20.  Accelerated Wildlife
 24.33  Habitat Management                                      500,000
 24.34  For wildlife habitat improvement.  Of 
 24.35  this amount, $400,000 is for winter 
 24.36  wildlife habitat improvement for 
 24.37  pheasants and other grassland wildlife 
 24.38  in key farmland areas and $100,000 is 
 24.39  for brushland and forest habitat 
 24.40  renewal for sharp-tailed grouse and 
 24.41  other species of birds dependent on 
 24.42  open brushlands in forest areas. 
 24.43  Subd. 21.  Water Access
 24.44  Acquisition and Development                           2,000,000
 24.45  For public water access acquisition 
 24.46  development and rehabilitation on lakes 
 24.47  and rivers, including water access 
 24.48  through the provision of fishing piers 
 24.49  and shoreline access. 
 24.50  Subd. 22.  Trail Acquisition
 24.51  and Development                                      10,250,000
 24.52  For acquisition and development of a 
 24.53  capital nature on state trails as 
 24.54  specified in Minnesota Statutes, 
 24.55  section 85.015.  Projects include 
 24.56  $500,000 for the Willard Munger Trail, 
 24.57  $1,000,000 for the Root River Trail, 
 24.58  $140,000 for the Lanesboro Trailhead of 
 24.59  the Root River Trail, $1,350,000 for 
 24.60  the Luce Line, $500,000 for the 
 24.61  Heartland Trail, $2,000,000 for the 
 25.1   Paul Bunyan Trail, $1,050,000 for the 
 25.2   Goodhue Pioneer Trail, $800,000 for the 
 25.3   Blazing Star Trail, $1,310,000 for the 
 25.4   Blufflands Trail development, and 
 25.5   $350,000 for the Gateway Trail.  The 
 25.6   commissioner shall determine additional 
 25.7   project priorities as appropriate based 
 25.8   upon need.  $1,250,000 of this 
 25.9   appropriation is for the state 
 25.10  targeting accessible recreation trails 
 25.11  (START) project to complete the trail 
 25.12  survey, prioritizing, and 
 25.13  preengineering work for all 100 major 
 25.14  recreation areas and to improve 
 25.15  accessibility in up to 35 of these 
 25.16  areas.  
 25.17  Subd. 23.  Metro Regional Trails                      5,000,000 
 25.18  For grants to the metropolitan council 
 25.19  for acquisition and development of a 
 25.20  capital nature of trail connections in 
 25.21  the metropolitan area as specified in 
 25.22  this subdivision.  The purpose of the 
 25.23  grants is to improve trails in the 
 25.24  metropolitan park and open space system 
 25.25  and connect them with existing state 
 25.26  and regional trails.  Priority shall be 
 25.27  given to matching funds for an ISTEA 
 25.28  grant. 
 25.29  The funds shall be allocated by the 
 25.30  council as follows: 
 25.31  (1) $1,050,000 is allocated to Ramsey 
 25.32  county as follows: 
 25.33  (i) $400,000 to complete six miles of 
 25.34  trails between the Burlington Northern 
 25.35  Regional Trail and Bald Eagle-Otter 
 25.36  Lake Regional Park; 
 25.37  (ii) $150,000 to complete a one-mile 
 25.38  connection between Birch Lake and the 
 25.39  Lake Tamarack segment of Bald 
 25.40  Eagle-Otter Lake Regional Park; 
 25.41  (iii) $500,000 to acquire real property 
 25.42  and design and construct or renovate 
 25.43  recreation facilities along the 
 25.44  Mississippi River in cooperation with 
 25.45  the city of St. Paul; 
 25.46  (2) $1,050,000 is allocated to the city 
 25.47  of St. Paul as follows: 
 25.48  (i) $250,000 to construct a bridge over 
 25.49  Lexington Parkway in Como Regional 
 25.50  Park; and 
 25.51  (ii) $800,000 to enhance amenities for 
 25.52  the trailhead at the Lilydale-Harriet 
 25.53  Island Regional Park pavilion; 
 25.54  (3) $1,400,000 is allocated to Anoka 
 25.55  county as follows: 
 25.56  (i) $1,100,000 to construct a 
 25.57  pedestrian tunnel under Highway 65 on 
 25.58  the Rice Creek West Regional Trail in 
 25.59  the city of Fridley; and 
 26.1   (ii) $300,000 to construct a pedestrian 
 26.2   bridge on the Mississippi River 
 26.3   Regional Trail crossing over 
 26.4   Mississippi Street in the city of 
 26.5   Fridley; and 
 26.6   (4) $1,500,000 is allocated to the 
 26.7   suburban Hennepin regional park 
 26.8   district as follows: 
 26.9   (i) $1,000,000 to connect North 
 26.10  Hennepin Regional Trail to Luce Line 
 26.11  State Trail and Medicine Lake; and 
 26.12  (ii) $500,000 is for the cost of 
 26.13  development and acquisition of the 
 26.14  Southwest regional trail in the city of 
 26.15  St. Louis Park.  The trail must connect 
 26.16  the Minneapolis regional trail system 
 26.17  at Cedar Lake park to the Hennepin 
 26.18  parks regional trail system at the 
 26.19  Hopkins trail head. 
 26.20  Subd. 24.  Lake Superior
 26.21  Safe Harbors                                          5,000,000
 26.22  For acquisition, design, and 
 26.23  development of safe harbors and public 
 26.24  accesses on Lake Superior.  $1,500,000 
 26.25  is for Taconite Harbor and $3,500,000 
 26.26  is for Two Harbors.  This appropriation 
 26.27  is not available until an equal amount 
 26.28  in federal matching funds has been 
 26.29  committed.  
 26.30  Subd. 25.  Lake Superior Zoo                          1,300,000 
 26.31  To the commissioner of administration 
 26.32  for a grant to the city of Duluth for 
 26.33  capital improvements to the animal care 
 26.34  center, including veterinary hospital, 
 26.35  laboratory, clinic, and quarantine 
 26.36  area, and the childrens' zoo at the 
 26.37  Lake Superior Zoological Garden. 
 26.38  Subd. 26.  Local Initiative Grants                    8,000,000 
 26.39  For matching grants to be provided to 
 26.40  local units of government for 
 26.41  acquisition, development, or renovation 
 26.42  of a capital nature of local parks, 
 26.43  trails, and natural and scenic areas.  
 26.44  Recipients must provide a match of at 
 26.45  least one-half of total eligible 
 26.46  project costs.  The commissioner shall 
 26.47  make payment to local units of 
 26.48  government upon receiving documentation 
 26.49  of reimbursable expenditures.  The 
 26.50  commissioner shall determine project 
 26.51  priorities as appropriate based upon 
 26.52  need. 
 26.53  $3,500,000 of this appropriation is for 
 26.54  grants to units of government to 
 26.55  acquire and develop outdoor recreation 
 26.56  areas, and for grants to units of 
 26.57  government to acquire and better 
 26.58  natural and scenic areas under 
 26.59  Minnesota Statutes, section 85.019, 
 26.60  subdivision 4a.  
 27.1   $1,000,000 of this appropriation is for 
 27.2   cooperative trail grants of up to 
 27.3   $50,000 per project to acquire or 
 27.4   construct trail linkages between 
 27.5   communities, trails, and parks. 
 27.6   $3,500,000 of this appropriation is for 
 27.7   trail grants for the following locally 
 27.8   funded publicly owned trails serving 
 27.9   multiple communities:  $1,400,000 for 
 27.10  Beaver Island Trail in Stearns County, 
 27.11  $1,400,000 for Skunk Hollow Trail in 
 27.12  Yellow Medicine and Chippewa Counties, 
 27.13  and $700,000 for Unity Trail in 
 27.14  Faribault County. 
 27.15  Subd. 27.  Environmental Learning
 27.16  Centers                                               2,350,000
 27.17  $1,000,000 of this appropriation is for 
 27.18  a grant to independent school district 
 27.19  No. 621, Mounds View, to renovate the 
 27.20  Laurentian environmental learning 
 27.21  center located in the Superior National 
 27.22  Forest.  This portion of the 
 27.23  appropriation must not be used to 
 27.24  expand the bed capacity of the center.  
 27.25  It may be used to renovate and replace 
 27.26  existing facilities.  $300,000 of this 
 27.27  appropriation is available 
 27.28  immediately.  The balance is available 
 27.29  to the extent matched by money expended 
 27.30  from other sources after the date of 
 27.31  final enactment of this act. 
 27.32  $1,350,000 of this appropriation is for 
 27.33  a grant to Kandiyohi county to 
 27.34  construct a trailhead at the Prairie 
 27.35  Woods environmental learning center.  
 27.36  This portion of the appropriation may 
 27.37  not be used for overnight facilities.  
 27.38  Subd. 28.  Sand Dunes State 
 27.39  Forest Center                                           150,000 
 27.40  For predesign and design of an office 
 27.41  facility/visitor center in Sand Dunes 
 27.42  State Forest. 
 27.43  Subd. 29.  Willernie Erosion Control                     75,000
 27.44  For a grant to the city of Willernie 
 27.45  for publicly owned capital improvements 
 27.46  to forestall erosion from a natural 
 27.47  waterway.  This appropriation must be 
 27.48  equally matched by nonstate funds. 
 27.49  Subd. 30.  Hartley Nature Center                      1,500,000
 27.50  For a grant to the city of Duluth for 
 27.51  the purpose of constructing capital 
 27.52  improvements to the Hartley Nature 
 27.53  Center.  This appropriation is not 
 27.54  available until an equal amount has 
 27.55  been committed from nonstate sources. 
 27.56  Subd. 31.  International Wolf Center                    350,000 
 27.57  To the commissioner of administration 
 27.58  for capital improvements to the 
 27.59  International Wolf Center, including 
 28.1   repair of grounds and buildings, 
 28.2   improvements to the heating and 
 28.3   ventilation system, the wolf enclosure, 
 28.4   and the children's exhibit room, and 
 28.5   added facilities for vehicle garaging 
 28.6   and a workshop. 
 28.7   Subd. 32.  Savage Water Supply System                   800,000
 28.8   For a grant to the city of Savage for a 
 28.9   water supply system.  
 28.10  The Department of Health shall assign 
 28.11  the amount of additional priority 
 28.12  points necessary to place the city of 
 28.13  Savage in the fundable range of the 
 28.14  intended use plan for the Drinking 
 28.15  Water Revolving Fund under Minnesota 
 28.16  Statutes, section 446A.081, for a water 
 28.17  supply and treatment system to protect 
 28.18  the Savage Fen Wetland Complex.  The 
 28.19  amount of the loan shall be 
 28.20  $10,000,000.  The system must implement 
 28.21  uniform demand management measures and 
 28.22  provide for alternative sustainable 
 28.23  water sources while protecting the 
 28.24  Savage Fen Wetland Complex and the 
 28.25  water resources of the aquifers.  
 28.26  Conservation and demand reduction 
 28.27  measures must be adopted.  The system 
 28.28  may be constructed under authority of 
 28.29  Minnesota Statutes, section 471.59, 
 28.30  471.591, or other law.  The alternative 
 28.31  sources of water must be approved by 
 28.32  the commissioner and comply with permit 
 28.33  requirements under Minnesota Statutes, 
 28.34  chapter 103G.  
 28.35  Subd. 33.  Bald Eagle Center                              500,000
 28.36  To the commissioner of administration 
 28.37  for a grant to the city of Wabasha for 
 28.38  construction of the American bald eagle 
 28.39  center.  The city of Wabasha may enter 
 28.40  into a lease or management agreement 
 28.41  with a nonprofit corporation under 
 28.42  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.695.  
 28.43  This appropriation is not available 
 28.44  until at least $1,000,000 has been 
 28.45  committed from nonstate sources. 
 28.46  Subd. 34.  Work Program                                         
 28.47  The commissioner must submit a work 
 28.48  program and semiannual progress reports 
 28.49  in the form determined by the 
 28.50  legislative commission on Minnesota 
 28.51  resources and request its 
 28.52  recommendation before spending any 
 28.53  money appropriated by subdivision 3, 4, 
 28.54  5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 
 28.55  19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, or 
 28.56  33 of this section.  The commission's 
 28.57  recommendation is advisory only.  
 28.58  Failure to respond to a request within 
 28.59  60 days after receipt is a positive 
 28.60  recommendation.  Work programs 
 28.61  involving land acquisition must include 
 28.62  a land acquisition plan. 
 28.63  Sec. 8.  OFFICE OF 
 29.1   ENVIRONMENTAL ASSISTANCE                              3,500,000
 29.2   To the office of environmental 
 29.3   assistance for the solid waste capital 
 29.4   assistance grants program under 
 29.5   Minnesota Statutes, section 115A.54.  
 29.6   Grants under this section are exempt 
 29.7   from the requirements of Minnesota 
 29.8   Statutes, section 16B.335. 
 29.9   This appropriation is from the general 
 29.10  fund. 
 29.11  $375,000 is for a grant to the 
 29.12  Prairieland Compost Facility Board, a 
 29.13  public body, for an air emissions 
 29.14  project at the Prairieland Compost 
 29.15  Facility located in Martin county. 
 29.17  Subdivision 1.  To the public
 29.18  facilities authority for the purposes
 29.19  specified in this section                            44,050,000
 29.20  Subd. 2.  Matching Money
 29.21  for Federal Grants                                   15,000,000
 29.22  For state matching money for federal 
 29.23  grants to capitalize the water 
 29.24  pollution control fund and the drinking 
 29.25  water revolving fund under Minnesota 
 29.26  Statutes, sections 446A.07 and 446A.081.
 29.27  The expenditure and allocation of state 
 29.28  matching funds between funds shall be 
 29.29  based on the amount of federal funds 
 29.30  appropriated to the funds.  This 
 29.31  appropriation must be used for 
 29.32  qualified capital projects. 
 29.33  Subd. 3.  Wastewater
 29.34  Infrastructure Program                               15,300,000
 29.35  For supplemental assistance to 
 29.36  municipalities under Minnesota 
 29.37  Statutes, section 446A.072. 
 29.38  The authority shall reimburse the city 
 29.39  of Isanti for costs it has incurred in 
 29.40  construction of a project that reduced 
 29.41  discharges into outstanding resource 
 29.42  value waters in order to comply with 
 29.43  more stringent wastewater standards 
 29.44  required to protect those waters.  The 
 29.45  amount of the reimbursement shall be 
 29.46  equal to the reimbursement the city 
 29.47  would have received pursuant to 
 29.48  Minnesota Statutes, section 446A.072, 
 29.49  subdivision 4, as it is amended by the 
 29.50  1998 legislature. 
 29.51  To the greatest extent practicable, the 
 29.52  authority should use the funds to first 
 29.53  match grant funds on a 50 percent basis 
 29.54  with USDA rural development projects 
 29.55  prior to using the funds for 
 29.56  non-USDA-eligible projects.  
 29.57  The authority shall also give priority 
 29.58  to multijurisdictional projects 
 30.1   connecting areas with failing on-site 
 30.2   treatment systems with an existing 
 30.3   wastewater treatment system. 
 30.4   The authority shall set aside up to 
 30.5   $500,000 to provide 50 percent grant 
 30.6   funding for the cost of equipment and 
 30.7   installation into an existing municipal 
 30.8   wastewater treatment system.  The 
 30.9   project must demonstrate the 
 30.10  application of existing technology that 
 30.11  currently is not being used in the 
 30.12  treatment of municipal wastewater, but 
 30.13  has the potential to improve the 
 30.14  treatment of wastewater or make the 
 30.15  treatment process more cost effective.  
 30.16  The authority should work with the 
 30.17  pollution control agency to solicit 
 30.18  proposals from municipalities willing 
 30.19  to share the risks and cost of removing 
 30.20  the equipment if it does not perform.  
 30.21  $1,300,000 must be used to make a grant 
 30.22  to the city of Hawley to repair and 
 30.23  update sewer lagoons. 
 30.24  Subd. 4.  Storm Sewer     
 30.25  Matching Funds, Stewart                               1,000,000
 30.26  For a loan to the city of Stewart for 
 30.27  storm sewer projects as matching money 
 30.28  for the federal small cities 
 30.29  development program. 
 30.30  This appropriation is from the general 
 30.31  fund. 
 30.32  Subd. 5.  City of St. Peter                           3,000,000 
 30.33  To the commissioner of trade and 
 30.34  economic development for a grant to the 
 30.35  city of St. Peter for the construction 
 30.36  of a new wastewater facility outside 
 30.37  the floodplain. 
 30.38  Subd. 6.  Planning Grants                               100,000 
 30.39  For grants under Minnesota Statutes, 
 30.40  section 446A.071.  This appropriation 
 30.41  is from the general fund. 
 30.42  Subd. 7.  Bayport Sewer       
 30.43  Reconstruction                                          650,000
 30.44  For a grant to the city of Bayport to 
 30.45  pay the cost of a preconstruction study 
 30.46  and engineering for a storm sewer 
 30.47  reconstruction project within and 
 30.48  adjacent to the Minnesota correctional 
 30.49  facility-Stillwater.  The study and 
 30.50  design of the project, including how 
 30.51  the costs of the project will be 
 30.52  assessed against property owners whose 
 30.53  properties will be served by the 
 30.54  project, must be reported to the chairs 
 30.55  of the judiciary finance division in 
 30.56  the house and the crime prevention and 
 30.57  judiciary budget division in the senate 
 30.58  by January 15, 1999.  The assessment 
 30.59  must include the costs of predesign, 
 30.60  design, and construction, including 
 31.1   this appropriation and amounts 
 31.2   previously spent by the cities of 
 31.3   Bayport and Oak Park Heights and the 
 31.4   county of Washington.  The benefit 
 31.5   allocation of the costs of this 
 31.6   improvement must include consideration 
 31.7   of the allocable volume of water 
 31.8   generated in the winter by the property 
 31.9   owner and drained by the reconstructed 
 31.10  storm sewer. 
 31.11  Subd. 8.  State Revolving Fund
 31.12  Supplemental                                          9,000,000
 31.13  For deposit in the water pollution 
 31.14  control fund under Minnesota Statutes, 
 31.15  section 446A.07, for the agricultural 
 31.16  best management practices loan program 
 31.17  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 31.18  17.117, except that none of this 
 31.19  appropriation may be used for 
 31.20  conservation tillage equipment. 
 31.21  This appropriation is from the general 
 31.22  fund. 
 31.24  Subdivision 1.  To the board
 31.25  of water and soil resources for the
 31.26  purposes specified in this section                   19,800,000
 31.27  This appropriation is from the general 
 31.28  fund. 
 31.29  Subd. 2.  RIM and PWP
 31.30  Conservation Easements                               15,000,000
 31.31  This appropriation is for the following 
 31.32  purposes: 
 31.33  (1) to acquire conservation easements 
 31.34  from landowners on marginal lands to 
 31.35  protect soil and water quality and to 
 31.36  support fish and wildlife habitat as 
 31.37  provided in Minnesota Statutes, section 
 31.38  103F.515; and 
 31.39  (2) to acquire perpetual conservation 
 31.40  easements on existing type 1, 2, 3, and 
 31.41  6 wetlands, adjacent lands, and for the 
 31.42  establishment of permanent cover on 
 31.43  adjacent lands, in accordance with 
 31.44  Minnesota Statutes, section 103F.516. 
 31.45  Up to $250,000 may be used for the 
 31.46  acquisition of flood storage easements 
 31.47  that allow haying, grazing, or other 
 31.48  activities approved by the board when 
 31.49  the flood storage is not needed, and 
 31.50  for the cost of constructing related 
 31.51  dikes and other structures necessary to 
 31.52  maintain water in the flood storage 
 31.53  easement areas.  Up to ten percent of 
 31.54  the appropriation may be used for 
 31.55  professional and technical services 
 31.56  related to acquisition of the easement. 
 31.57  The board, in consultation with the 
 31.58  commissioner of natural resources, must 
 31.59  select at least two local government 
 32.1   units for participation in the flood 
 32.2   storage easement pilot program based on 
 32.3   the potential and need for flood water 
 32.4   storage in the local area.  The board 
 32.5   may acquire the easement directly or 
 32.6   provide grants to the local government 
 32.7   units for their acquisition of 
 32.8   easements that conform with the 
 32.9   requirements established by the board.  
 32.10  A conservation easement must be for at 
 32.11  least ten years.  The board or the 
 32.12  local government unit must make the 
 32.13  following payments to the landowner for 
 32.14  the conservation easement and agreement:
 32.15  (1) to establish conservation practices 
 32.16  required by the easement, up to 75 
 32.17  percent of the total eligible cost, not 
 32.18  to exceed an average of $75 per acre; 
 32.19  and 
 32.20  (2) 25 percent of the payment rate for 
 32.21  20-year easements acquired under 
 32.22  Minnesota Statutes, section 103F.515; 
 32.23  or 
 32.24  (3) an alternative payment system for 
 32.25  easements as may be determined by the 
 32.26  board, in consultation with the 
 32.27  commissioner of natural resources. 
 32.28  By January 15, 2000, the board, in 
 32.29  conjunction with the commissioner of 
 32.30  natural resources, shall report to the 
 32.31  senate environment and agriculture 
 32.32  budget division and the house 
 32.33  environment, natural resources, and 
 32.34  agriculture finance committee on the 
 32.35  acquisition of easements under this 
 32.36  paragraph.  The report must include an 
 32.37  analysis of the benefit to expansion of 
 32.38  the program in other areas of the state 
 32.39  that are prone to flooding and on the 
 32.40  adequacy of payments under the pilot 
 32.41  program. 
 32.42  Up to $1,000,000 is for professional 
 32.43  and technical services necessary to 
 32.44  administer the program. 
 32.45  Subd. 3.  Local Government
 32.46  Road Replacement                                      2,750,000
 32.47  To acquire land for wetlands or restore 
 32.48  wetlands to be used to replace wetlands 
 32.49  drained or filled as a result of the 
 32.50  repair, maintenance, or rehabilitation 
 32.51  of existing public roads, as provided 
 32.52  in Minnesota Statutes, section 
 32.53  103G.222, subdivision 1, paragraph (m). 
 32.54  The purchase price paid for acquisition 
 32.55  of land, fee or perpetual easement, 
 32.56  shall be the amount deemed reasonable 
 32.57  by the board.  The board may enter into 
 32.58  agreements with the federal government, 
 32.59  other state agencies, political 
 32.60  subdivisions, and nonprofit 
 32.61  organizations or fee owners for 
 32.62  acquisition of land and restoration and 
 32.63  creation of wetlands with funds 
 33.1   provided by this appropriation.  
 33.2   Acquisition of or the conveyance of 
 33.3   land may be in the name of the 
 33.4   political subdivision.  
 33.5   Up to $400,000 is for professional and 
 33.6   technical services necessary to 
 33.7   administer the program. 
 33.8   Subd. 4.  Quad-Lakes Restoration                        300,000 
 33.9   For a grant to the Faribault county 
 33.10  soil and water conservation district 
 33.11  for the quad-lakes restoration project 
 33.12  in Faribault and Blue Earth counties. 
 33.13  Subd. 5.  Lakeshore Easements                           250,000
 33.14  To acquire conservation easements for 
 33.15  sensitive shoreland and riparian areas 
 33.16  on lakes. 
 33.17  Subd. 6.  Area II Minnesota
 33.18  River Basin Grant-in-Aid Program                        500,000
 33.19  For grants to assist local governments 
 33.20  in acquiring and constructing 
 33.21  floodwater retention systems in area II 
 33.22  of the Minnesota river basin.  Projects 
 33.23  may include flood control reservoirs, 
 33.24  road retention structures, and other 
 33.25  floodwater mitigation improvements.  
 33.26  This appropriation must be matched by 
 33.27  at least $333,000 from nonstate 
 33.28  sources.  Grants under this subdivision 
 33.29  are exempt from the requirements of 
 33.30  Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.335. 
 33.31  Subd. 7.  Feedlot Water Quality                       1,000,000
 33.32  For grants to soil and water 
 33.33  conservation districts for cost-sharing 
 33.34  contracts for water quality management 
 33.35  on feedlots.  Priority must be given to 
 33.36  feedlot operators who have received a 
 33.37  notice of violation and for feedlots in 
 33.38  counties that are conducting or have 
 33.39  completed a level 2 or level 3 feedlot 
 33.40  inventory. 
 33.41  Subd. 8.  Work Program                                          
 33.42  The board must submit a work program 
 33.43  and semiannual progress reports in the 
 33.44  form determined by the legislative 
 33.45  commission on Minnesota resources and 
 33.46  request its recommendation before 
 33.47  spending any money appropriated by this 
 33.48  section.  The commission's 
 33.49  recommendation is advisory only.  
 33.50  Failure to respond to a request within 
 33.51  60 days after receipt is a positive 
 33.52  recommendation.  Work programs 
 33.53  involving land acquisition must include 
 33.54  a land acquisition plan. 
 33.55  Sec. 11.  AGRICULTURE                                    500,000
 33.56  For a grant to a political subdivision 
 33.57  that is chosen as a site for a soybean 
 33.58  oilseed processing and refining 
 34.1   facility, constructed by a 
 34.2   Minnesota-based cooperative.  This 
 34.3   appropriation is for site preparation, 
 34.4   predevelopment, and other 
 34.5   infrastructure improvements, including 
 34.6   public and private utility 
 34.7   improvements, that are necessary for 
 34.8   development of the oilseed processing 
 34.9   and refining facility.  This 
 34.10  appropriation is available until 
 34.11  December 31, 2000. 
 34.12  This appropriation is from the general 
 34.13  fund. 
 34.15  GARDENS                                               1,750,000
 34.16  To the Minnesota zoological gardens for 
 34.17  design, repair, and reconstruction of 
 34.18  roadways, pathways, parking lots, 
 34.19  outdoor lighting, and public plaza 
 34.20  areas.  This appropriation is exempt 
 34.21  from the requirements of Minnesota 
 34.22  Statutes, section 16B.335. 
 34.23  Sec. 13.  ADMINISTRATION 
 34.24  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner
 34.25  of administration for the purposes
 34.26  specified in this section                            46,250,000
 34.27  This appropriation is from the general 
 34.28  fund. 
 34.29  Subd. 2.  Capital Asset
 34.30  Preservation and Replacement (CAPRA)                 15,000,000
 34.31  To be spent in accordance with 
 34.32  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.632.  
 34.33  The commissioner of administration, in 
 34.34  cooperation with the commissioner of 
 34.35  finance, president of the University of 
 34.36  Minnesota, and chancellor of the 
 34.37  Minnesota state colleges and 
 34.38  universities, shall review how state 
 34.39  agencies and state higher education 
 34.40  institutions plan and budget for 
 34.41  ongoing asset preservation needs in 
 34.42  capital and operating budgets, examine 
 34.43  alternative methodologies and formulas 
 34.44  for future agency requests, and report 
 34.45  the commissioner's findings by January 
 34.46  15, 1999, to the chairs of the senate 
 34.47  committees on finance and the house of 
 34.48  representatives committees on ways and 
 34.49  means and capital investment. 
 34.50  The legislature intends to use the 
 34.51  report in considering future capital 
 34.52  and operating appropriations to state 
 34.53  agencies and state higher education 
 34.54  institutions for asset preservation, 
 34.55  repair, and replacement budgets. 
 34.56  Subd. 3.  Ely Revenue  
 34.57  Building                                              2,200,000
 34.58  This appropriation is to predesign, 
 34.59  design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
 35.1   new building for the department of 
 35.2   revenue's Minnesota collection 
 35.3   enterprise operations in Ely.  The 
 35.4   unencumbered balance of the 
 35.5   appropriation of $650,000 in Laws 1997, 
 35.6   chapter 202, article 1, section 12, 
 35.7   subdivision 3, to acquire the building 
 35.8   in Ely currently used by the department 
 35.9   of revenue is canceled. 
 35.10  Subd. 4.  Capitol Square
 35.11  Building                                              3,100,000
 35.12  To relocate the department of children, 
 35.13  families, and learning (CFL), and the 
 35.14  higher education services office (HESO) 
 35.15  and pay rent in a new facility and 
 35.16  conduct a predesign study of future 
 35.17  facilities for CFL and HESO.  
 35.18  Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, 
 35.19  section 16B.24, the commissioner of 
 35.20  administration must retain the capitol 
 35.21  square site.  
 35.22  Subd. 5.  Labor Interpretive Center                   6,000,000 
 35.23  For renovation and upgrades to the East 
 35.24  Building of the Science Museum for use 
 35.25  for the Minnesota Labor Interpretive 
 35.26  Center. 
 35.27  Subd. 6.  Department of
 35.28  Revenue Relocation                                    5,350,000
 35.29  To relocate the department of revenue 
 35.30  from a leased facility to a new 
 35.31  state-owned facility in the Capitol 
 35.32  complex.  This appropriation includes 
 35.33  staging equipment and furnishings 
 35.34  necessary to complete the relocation 
 35.35  and to continue critical operations at 
 35.36  the new facility.  Any computers 
 35.37  replaced as a result of these 
 35.38  relocations will be offered to the 
 35.39  Center for the Arts in Golden Valley. 
 35.40  Subd. 7.  Agency Relocation                           2,490,000 
 35.41  For relocation of state agencies as 
 35.42  determined by the commissioner of 
 35.43  administration. 
 35.44  Subd. 8.  Electrical Utility
 35.45  Infrastructure                                        5,350,000
 35.46  To upgrade the primary electrical 
 35.47  distribution system in the Capitol 
 35.48  complex and to upgrade the mechanical 
 35.49  infrastructure in the east Capitol area.
 35.50  Subd. 9.  Capitol Security and
 35.51  Plant Management Facility Predesign                      45,000
 35.52  To conduct a predesign of a new 
 35.53  facility for the department of public 
 35.54  safety's capitol security division and 
 35.55  the department of administration's 
 35.56  plant management division. 
 35.57  Subd. 10.  Real Property Acquisition                  2,800,000 
 36.1   This appropriation is from the general 
 36.2   fund for acquisition of land and to 
 36.3   purchase options in order to hold 
 36.4   properties that meet state development 
 36.5   needs. 
 36.6   Subd. 11.  Bureau of Criminal 
 36.7   Apprehension Facility Design and Site 
 36.8   Acquisition                                           3,815,000 
 36.9   To design a new building for the bureau 
 36.10  of criminal apprehension, including 
 36.11  offices and forensic laboratories and 
 36.12  to select and acquire a site for the 
 36.13  building in St. Paul and predesign of a 
 36.14  satellite laboratory facility in 
 36.15  northern Minnesota.  
 36.16  Subd. 12.  Dahl House Relocation                        100,000
 36.17  This appropriation is from the general 
 36.18  fund to relocate the Dahl House near 
 36.19  its original site, stabilize, and 
 36.20  restore the structure.  Up to $150,000 
 36.21  from the plaza percent for art budget 
 36.22  may be used for the restoration and 
 36.23  related art objects. 
 36.24  Subd. 13.  Department of Human Services 
 36.25  Consolidation 
 36.26  Within the limits of available 
 36.27  appropriations, the commissioner of 
 36.28  administration and the commissioner of 
 36.29  human services may enter into a 
 36.30  contract with a third party to 
 36.31  consolidate the department of human 
 36.32  services central office operations into 
 36.33  one location. 
 36.36  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner
 36.37  of administration for the purposes
 36.38  specified in this section                             9,544,000
 36.39  This appropriation is from the general 
 36.40  fund. 
 36.41  Subd. 2.  Capitol Building
 36.42  Structural Stabilization                              6,600,000
 36.43  To stabilize the Capitol building's 
 36.44  structure and provide related facility 
 36.45  improvements. 
 36.46  Subd. 3.  Capitol Building Accessibility              1,500,000 
 36.47  To design, construct, renovate, and 
 36.48  replace exterior doors on the Capitol's 
 36.49  ground, first, and second floors to 
 36.50  meet code requirements. 
 36.51  The commissioner of administration and 
 36.52  the capitol area architectural and 
 36.53  planning board shall study and report 
 36.54  to the legislature by January 15, 1999, 
 36.55  on possible improvements of the stairs 
 36.56  from the tunnel to the Capitol, so as 
 36.57  to encourage greater use of stairs and 
 37.1   less use of elevators. 
 37.2   $150,000 of this appropriation is to 
 37.3   predesign improvements to the heating, 
 37.4   ventilation, and air conditioning 
 37.5   system in the State Office Building 
 37.6   hearing rooms.  This appropriation is 
 37.7   also to design and construct storage 
 37.8   behind members' chairs in hearing rooms 
 37.9   of the State Office Building and to 
 37.10  design and construct improved access to 
 37.11  the hearing rooms of the State Office 
 37.12  Building. 
 37.13  Subd. 4.  Security Lighting                             734,000
 37.14  To improve security lighting for 
 37.15  pedestrians parking in lots and ramps 
 37.16  north of the Capitol and, to the extent 
 37.17  money is available, for 
 37.18  pedestrian-scaled lighting on the mall 
 37.19  south of the Capitol. 
 37.20  Subd. 5.  Statuary Restoration                          120,000
 37.21  This appropriation is to restore the 
 37.22  statuary immediately in front of the 
 37.23  Capitol. 
 37.24  Subd. 6.  Capitol Mall
 37.25  Memorials                                               440,000
 37.26  This appropriation is to repair and 
 37.27  rehabilitate the reflecting pool and 
 37.28  sculpture at the veterans services 
 37.29  building, the plaza and wall of the 
 37.30  Floyd B. Olson memorial, and the paving 
 37.31  stones at the Lindbergh memorial. 
 37.32  Subd. 7.  Women's Suffrage
 37.33  Memorial Garden                                         150,000
 37.34  This appropriation is to complete the 
 37.35  Minnesota women's suffrage memorial 
 37.36  garden. 
 37.37  Subd. 8.  Greening the Mall                                    
 37.38  The capitol area architectural and 
 37.39  planning board shall solicit 
 37.40  contributions of labor, trees, and 
 37.41  other landscape materials from 
 37.42  individuals and groups willing to 
 37.43  assist with replacing and increasing 
 37.44  vegetation on the capitol mall in 
 37.45  preparation for the Capitol's 
 37.46  centennial celebration in 2005.  
 37.48  Subdivision 1.  To the amateur
 37.49  sports commission for the purposes
 37.50  specified in this section                            11,020,000
 37.51  This appropriation is from the general 
 37.52  fund. 
 37.53  Subd. 2.  National Sports Center                      4,800,000 
 37.54  $1,700,000 is to purchase and develop 
 37.55  land adjacent to the National Sports 
 38.1   Center in Blaine for use as athletic 
 38.2   fields. 
 38.3   $3,100,000 is to develop the National 
 38.4   Children's Golf Course.  The primary 
 38.5   purpose of the National Children's Golf 
 38.6   Course is to serve youth of 18 years 
 38.7   and younger.  Market rates must be 
 38.8   charged for adult golf. 
 38.9   Subd. 3.  Giants Ridge Facility                         690,000
 38.10  For a grant to the Iron Range resources 
 38.11  and rehabilitation board to enhance the 
 38.12  Giants Ridge cross-country ski event 
 38.13  facility. 
 38.14  Subd. 4.  Minneapolis Urban
 38.15  Sports Center                                           600,000
 38.16  For a grant to special school district 
 38.17  No. 1, Minneapolis, to complete funding 
 38.18  for an urban sports facility, to be 
 38.19  owned by the district.  This 
 38.20  appropriation is in addition to the 
 38.21  project appropriation of $3,400,000 in 
 38.22  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 14, 
 38.23  subdivision 5, paragraph (a), and 
 38.24  subject to the conditions contained 
 38.25  therein. 
 38.26  Subd. 5.  Tennis Facility                               800,000
 38.27  For a grant to the city of St. Paul to 
 38.28  design a tennis center to offer indoor 
 38.29  tennis facilities, subject to the 
 38.30  requirements of Minnesota Statutes, 
 38.31  section 16A.695.  The center may be 
 38.32  constructed only after endorsement by a 
 38.33  national governing body member of the 
 38.34  United States Olympic Committee.  
 38.35  Subd. 6.  Ice Centers                                 2,000,000
 38.36  For grants for ice centers under 
 38.37  Minnesota Statutes, section 240A.09, of 
 38.38  up to $250,000 each. 
 38.39  Subd. 7.  Mt. Itasca Ski Area                           130,000
 38.40  For a grant to the Iron Range resources 
 38.41  and rehabilitation board to expand the 
 38.42  facilities at Mt. Itasca ski area. 
 38.43  Subd. 8.  Richfield Athletic Fields                   2,000,000
 38.44  For a grant to the city of Richfield 
 38.45  for planning, designing, constructing, 
 38.46  and equipping recreational facilities 
 38.47  needed to replace facilities lost due 
 38.48  to improvements to Wold Chamberlain 
 38.49  field.  The city must spend the money 
 38.50  in a manner consistent with the 
 38.51  recreation asset replacement study of 
 38.52  the Richfield community services 
 38.53  department. 
 38.54  Sec. 16.  MILITARY AFFAIRS 
 38.55  Subdivision 1.  To the adjutant
 38.56  general or other named agency for the
 39.1   purposes specified in this section                    1,230,000
 39.2   This appropriation is from the general 
 39.3   fund. 
 39.4   Subd. 2.  Kitchen Renovation                            880,000 
 39.5   To renovate kitchen facilities at 
 39.6   National Guard training and community 
 39.7   centers in Thief River Falls, Bemidji, 
 39.8   Detroit Lakes, Marshall, Litchfield, 
 39.9   Anoka, Fergus Falls, and Pine City.  
 39.10  This appropriation is exempt from the 
 39.11  requirements of Minnesota Statutes, 
 39.12  section 16B.335. 
 39.13  Subd. 3.  Asset Preservation                            250,000 
 39.14  For asset preservation improvements at 
 39.15  military affairs facilities statewide. 
 39.16  Subd. 4.  Military Affairs/Emergency
 39.17  Management Facility Predesign                           100,000
 39.18  To the commissioner of administration 
 39.19  to predesign a joint military 
 39.20  affairs/emergency management facility. 
 39.21  Sec. 17.  TRANSPORTATION 
 39.22  Subdivision 1.  To the
 39.23  commissioner of transportation for
 39.24  the purposes specified in this section               93,300,000
 39.25  Subd. 2.  Local Bridge
 39.26  Replacement and Rehabilitation                       34,000,000
 39.27  This appropriation is from the state 
 39.28  transportation fund as provided in 
 39.29  Minnesota Statutes, section 174.50, to 
 39.30  match federal funds and to replace or 
 39.31  rehabilitate local deficient bridges. 
 39.32  Political subdivisions may use grants 
 39.33  made under this section to construct or 
 39.34  reconstruct bridges, including: 
 39.35  (1) matching federal-aid grants to 
 39.36  construct or reconstruct key bridges; 
 39.37  (2) paying the costs of preliminary 
 39.38  engineering and environmental studies 
 39.39  authorized under Minnesota Statutes, 
 39.40  section 174.50, subdivision 6a; 
 39.41  (3) paying the costs to abandon an 
 39.42  existing bridge that is deficient and 
 39.43  in need of replacement, but where no 
 39.44  replacement will be made; and 
 39.45  (4) paying the costs to construct a 
 39.46  road or street to facilitate the 
 39.47  abandonment of an existing bridge 
 39.48  determined by the commissioner to be 
 39.49  deficient, if the commissioner 
 39.50  determines that construction of the 
 39.51  road or street is more cost efficient 
 39.52  than the replacement of the existing 
 39.53  bridge. 
 39.54  Subd. 3.  Transitways                                46,500,000 
 40.1   (a) This appropriation is to match 
 40.2   federal and local funding for the 
 40.3   planning, design, engineering, and 
 40.4   construction of transitways in the 
 40.5   metropolitan area. 
 40.6   (b) $40,000,000 is for the preliminary 
 40.7   engineering, final design, and 
 40.8   construction of light rail transit in 
 40.9   the Hiawatha Avenue corridor from 
 40.10  downtown Minneapolis through 
 40.11  Minneapolis-St. Paul International 
 40.12  Airport and the site of the former Met 
 40.13  Center or surrounding area with a 
 40.14  terminus in southern Hennepin or 
 40.15  northern Dakota county. 
 40.16  The Hiawatha Avenue corridor management 
 40.17  committee created pursuant to Minnesota 
 40.18  Statutes, section 473.3994, subdivision 
 40.19  10, shall establish an advisory 
 40.20  committee of: 
 40.21  (1) individuals who reside near the 
 40.22  proposed corridor; 
 40.23  (2) representatives of businesses 
 40.24  located within one mile on either side 
 40.25  of the corridor; and 
 40.26  (3) elected officials, including 
 40.27  legislators, who represent the area in 
 40.28  which the Hiawatha corridor is located. 
 40.29  The advisory committee shall advise the 
 40.30  corridor management committee on issues 
 40.31  relating to the preliminary 
 40.32  engineering, final design, and 
 40.33  construction of light rail facilities, 
 40.34  including the proposed alignment for 
 40.35  the corridor. 
 40.36  (c) The funds in this paragraph must be 
 40.37  distributed as grants to appropriate 
 40.38  county regional rail authorities as 
 40.39  follows: 
 40.40  (1) $3,000,000 to match federal funding 
 40.41  for a major investment study, 
 40.42  engineering, and implementation in the 
 40.43  Riverview corridor between the east 
 40.44  side of St. Paul and the 
 40.45  Minneapolis-St. Paul International 
 40.46  Airport and the Mall of America; 
 40.47  (2) $1,500,000 to match federal funding 
 40.48  for a major investment study, 
 40.49  engineering, and implementation in the 
 40.50  Northstar corridor linking downtown 
 40.51  Minneapolis to the St. Cloud area and 
 40.52  to study the feasibility of commuter 
 40.53  rail and other transportation 
 40.54  improvements within the corridor; 
 40.55  (3) $500,000 to study potential transit 
 40.56  improvements and engineering studies in 
 40.57  the Cedar Avenue corridor to link the 
 40.58  Hiawatha, Riverview, and Northstar 
 40.59  transit corridors with Dakota county; 
 40.60  and 
 41.1   (4) $500,000 to develop engineering 
 41.2   documents for a commuter rail line from 
 41.3   Minneapolis to downtown St. Paul 
 41.4   through southern Washington county to 
 41.5   Hastings. 
 41.6   The commissioner of transportation, in 
 41.7   coordination with the North Star 
 41.8   Corridor Joint Powers Authority and the 
 41.9   St. Cloud area planning agency, shall 
 41.10  study the transportation needs within 
 41.11  the St. Cloud metropolitan area.  
 41.12  (d) $1,000,000 is available as grants 
 41.13  to appropriate county regional rail 
 41.14  authorities to conduct major investment 
 41.15  studies and to develop engineering 
 41.16  documents for commuter rail lines in 
 41.17  the following corridors: 
 41.18  (1) the Young America corridor from 
 41.19  Carver county to Minneapolis and St. 
 41.20  Paul; 
 41.21  (2) the Bethel corridor linking 
 41.22  Cambridge with the Northstar corridor 
 41.23  in Anoka county; 
 41.24  (3) the Northwest corridor from 
 41.25  downtown Minneapolis to the Northwest 
 41.26  suburbs of Hennepin county; and 
 41.27  (4) other commuter rail corridors 
 41.28  identified in phase II of the 
 41.29  department of transportation's commuter 
 41.30  rail service study, except for the 
 41.31  corridors identified in paragraph (c). 
 41.32  The appropriation in this paragraph is 
 41.33  not available until the completion of 
 41.34  the commuter rail service study as 
 41.35  provided in Laws 1997, chapter 159, 
 41.36  article 2, section 51.  The funds may 
 41.37  be made available only after approval 
 41.38  by the commissioner of transportation 
 41.39  of an application submitted by county 
 41.40  regional rail authorities that is 
 41.41  consistent with the results of the 
 41.42  commuter rail service study and 
 41.43  demonstrates a coordinated 
 41.44  implementation strategy. 
 41.45  Subd. 4.  Rural Transit Assistance                    5,000,000
 41.46  This appropriation is from the general 
 41.47  fund. 
 41.48  $2,500,000 of this appropriation is for 
 41.49  grants to local units of government to 
 41.50  acquire rolling stock for transit 
 41.51  systems under Minnesota Statutes, 
 41.52  section 174.24.  $1,500,000 is for 
 41.53  public transit subsidy program grants 
 41.54  to eligible recipients under Minnesota 
 41.55  Statutes, section 174.24.  Priority 
 41.56  must be given to projects involving 
 41.57  collaboration between transit operators 
 41.58  and local government. 
 41.59  The following appropriations are not 
 41.60  available until equal amounts have been 
 42.1   committed from nonstate sources: 
 42.2   $675,000 is for renovation of the 
 42.3   Duluth transit operating facility.  
 42.4   $100,000 is for renovation and roof 
 42.5   replacement at the Duluth Transit 
 42.6   Center.  $100,000 is to design and 
 42.7   construct a transit hub on or near the 
 42.8   campus of St. Cloud State University.  
 42.9   $125,000 is to renovate the heating, 
 42.10  ventilation, and air conditioning 
 42.11  system at the Mankato transit building. 
 42.12  Subd. 5.  Forest Highway 11 and CSAH No. 90            3,050,000 
 42.13  To fund the nonfederal matching 
 42.14  requirement for Forest Highway 11 in 
 42.15  St. Louis and Lake counties and County 
 42.16  State Aid Highway No. 90 in Blue Earth 
 42.17  county.  The amount for Forest Highway 
 42.18  11 is $1,650,000 and the amount for 
 42.19  County State Aid Highway No. 90 is 
 42.20  $1,400,000. 
 42.21  This appropriation is from the general 
 42.22  fund. 
 42.23  Subd. 6.  Port Development Assistance                 4,500,000 
 42.24  For port development assistance grants, 
 42.25  the grants must be made to political 
 42.26  subdivisions for capital improvements 
 42.27  constructed after the effective date of 
 42.28  this appropriation under the provisions 
 42.29  of Minnesota Statutes, sections 457A.01 
 42.30  to 457A.06.  Any improvements made with 
 42.31  the proceeds of these grants must be 
 42.32  publicly owned. 
 42.33  Subd. 7.  Seaway Port Authority
 42.34  of Duluth                                               250,000
 42.35  For a grant to the Seaway Port 
 42.36  Authority of Duluth to design a new 
 42.37  warehouse. 
 42.38  This appropriation is from the general 
 42.39  fund. 
 42.40  Subd. 8.  Exception
 42.41  Notwithstanding any provision of 
 42.42  Minnesota Statutes, chapter 398A, the 
 42.43  Hennepin county regional railroad 
 42.44  authority may expend up to $400,000 
 42.45  from its funds to fund a circulator 
 42.46  vehicle pilot project in South 
 42.47  Minneapolis.  The funds may be used for 
 42.48  capital or operating costs. 
 42.49  Sec. 18.  HUMAN SERVICES 
 42.50  Subdivision 1.  To the
 42.51  commissioner of administration
 42.52  for the purposes specified 
 42.53  in this section                                      19,975,000
 42.54  Subd. 2.  Capital Roof Repairs
 42.55  and Replacement                                       1,900,000
 42.56  For critical repairs of a capital 
 43.1   nature and replacement to roofs of 
 43.2   department of human services service 
 43.3   facilities statewide. 
 43.4   This appropriation is from the general 
 43.5   fund. 
 43.6   Subd. 3.  Asset Preservation                          4,000,000 
 43.7   To be spent for asset preservation 
 43.8   needs at state regional treatment 
 43.9   centers.  Priority must be given to 
 43.10  fire alarm systems and sprinklers. 
 43.11  This appropriation is from the general 
 43.12  fund. 
 43.13  Subd. 4.  People, Inc. North Side Community 
 43.14  Support Program                                         375,000
 43.15  For a grant to Hennepin county to 
 43.16  purchase, remodel, and complete 
 43.17  accessibility upgrades to an existing 
 43.18  building to be used by the People, Inc. 
 43.19  North Side Community Support Program 
 43.20  which may provide office space for 
 43.21  state employees.  
 43.22  This appropriation is from the general 
 43.23  fund. 
 43.24  Subd. 5.  METO Construction,
 43.25  Cambridge                                             1,500,000
 43.26  To undertake site improvements 
 43.27  including demolition, and to design 
 43.28  construct, remodel, furnish, and equip 
 43.29  12 additional beds for the Minnesota 
 43.30  extended treatment option (METO) 
 43.31  program on the Cambridge regional human 
 43.32  services center campus.  
 43.33  Subd. 6.  Building Renovations, Moose Lake 
 43.34  Sexual Psychopathic Personality Center                8,000,000
 43.35  To design, construct, furnish, and 
 43.36  equip additional residential and 
 43.37  ancillary service facilities for the 
 43.38  Minnesota sexual psychopathic 
 43.39  personality treatment center at Moose 
 43.40  Lake.  The facilities are expected to 
 43.41  provide two 25-bed residential units 
 43.42  plus eight beds in an isolation unit. 
 43.43  Subd. 7.  Crisis and Respite 
 43.44  Residential Capacity                                  1,200,000
 43.45  To develop crisis and respite 
 43.46  residential capacity.  In the 
 43.47  development of this capacity, the 
 43.48  department shall consider the use of 
 43.49  existing surplus space in the public 
 43.50  and private human service system. 
 43.51  Debt service costs on the bonds sold to 
 43.52  finance projects for crisis and respite 
 43.53  capacity shall be paid to the 
 43.54  commissioner of finance in accordance 
 43.55  with Minnesota Statutes, section 
 43.56  16A.643, with funds appropriated to the 
 43.57  commissioner for this purpose.  
 44.1   Subd. 8.  Building Renovations, Willmar               3,000,000
 44.2   To renovate building 3 (MTC) and 
 44.3   building 14 at the Willmar regional 
 44.4   treatment center. 
 44.5   Sec. 19.  VETERANS HOMES BOARD 
 44.6   Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner
 44.7   of administration for the purposes
 44.8   specified in this section                            12,055,000  
 44.9   This appropriation is from the general 
 44.10  fund. 
 44.11  Subd. 2.  Minneapolis
 44.12  Veterans Home                                         6,340,000
 44.13  For design and construction of capital 
 44.14  infrastructure improvements to tunnels, 
 44.15  piping systems, and utility systems at 
 44.16  the campus of the Minneapolis veterans 
 44.17  home. 
 44.18  Subd. 3.  Hastings Veterans Home                      5,715,000 
 44.19  For design and renovation of the power 
 44.20  plant, boiler, and related utility 
 44.21  infrastructure systems at the campus of 
 44.22  the Hastings veterans home. 
 44.23  Sec. 20.  CORRECTIONS 
 44.24  Subdivision 1.  To the 
 44.25  commissioner of administration 
 44.26  for the purposes specified in
 44.27  this section                                         14,185,000
 44.28  Subd. 2.  Asset Preservation                          3,500,000 
 44.29  For asset preservation needs at state 
 44.30  correctional facilities.  $1,250,000 of 
 44.31  this appropriation is for fire/life 
 44.32  safety needs at the Stillwater 
 44.33  correctional facility.  $1,225,000 of 
 44.34  this appropriation is for new plumbing 
 44.35  for the education building at the St. 
 44.36  Cloud correctional facility.  The 
 44.37  remainder of the appropriation is for 
 44.38  installing fire sprinklers and 
 44.39  replacing roofs, where needed. 
 44.40  This appropriation is from the general 
 44.41  fund. 
 44.42  Subd. 3.  Inmate Bed
 44.43  Expansion, Shakopee                                   4,645,000
 44.44  To design, construct, furnish, and 
 44.45  equip a two story 62-bed living unit at 
 44.46  MCF-Shakopee and expansion and 
 44.47  modification of related support service 
 44.48  areas.  The living units must be able 
 44.49  to be double-bunked.  
 44.50  Subd. 4.  Administrative
 44.51  Segregation Unit, Lino Lakes                            340,000
 44.52  To construct, furnish, and equip an 
 44.53  80-cell administrative segregation unit 
 44.54  to provide more restrictive and 
 45.1   staff-efficient housing for inmates who 
 45.2   are unable to live in the general 
 45.3   population.  This appropriation is 
 45.4   contingent upon $7,592,000 in federal 
 45.5   matching funds. 
 45.6   Subd. 5.  Health Care 
 45.7   Improvements, Oak Park Heights                        3,000,000
 45.8   To convert Complex 4 from a 52-bed 
 45.9   living unit to a 45-bed departmentwide 
 45.10  mental health unit, convert an existing 
 45.11  42-bed unit to a 39-bed departmentwide 
 45.12  infirmary, and provide predesign and 
 45.13  partial design funds for a new 60-bed 
 45.14  high security unit to replace beds lost 
 45.15  in the previous improvements. 
 45.16  Subd. 6.  Intake Center,
 45.17  St. Cloud                                             1,500,000
 45.18  To design and renovate dayrooms into 
 45.19  offices and inmate processing areas. 
 45.20  Subd. 7.  Security Fence,
 45.21  Red Wing                                              1,200,000
 45.22  To design and construct a security 
 45.23  fence and purchase related lighting and 
 45.24  security equipment at MCF-Red Wing.  
 45.25  This subdivision is exempt from the 
 45.26  requirements of Minnesota Statutes, 
 45.27  sections 16B.33, subdivision 3, and 
 45.28  16B.335.  
 45.29  This appropriation is from the general 
 45.30  fund. 
 45.31  Sec. 21.  PUBLIC SAFETY                                       
 45.32  Subdivision 1.  To the 
 45.33  commissioner of public safety, or 
 45.34  other named official, for the purposes 
 45.35  specified in this section                             2,230,000
 45.36  Subd. 2.  State Patrol Camp 
 45.37  Ripley Training Facility                              1,200,000 
 45.38  To the commissioner of transportation 
 45.39  to design, construct, furnish, and 
 45.40  equip a state patrol training facility 
 45.41  at Camp Ripley in Little Falls.  This 
 45.42  appropriation is from the trunk highway 
 45.43  fund. 
 45.44  Subd. 3.  Fire and Public Safety 
 45.45  Training                                                150,000
 45.46  To develop a statewide master plan for 
 45.47  siting, ownership, and operation of 
 45.48  fire and public safety training 
 45.49  facilities.  The commissioner of public 
 45.50  safety will consult with the Minnesota 
 45.51  state colleges and universities, the 
 45.52  department of military affairs, and the 
 45.53  peace officer standards and training 
 45.54  board in preparation of the master plan.
 45.55  This appropriation is from the general 
 45.56  fund. 
 46.1   Subd. 4.  Regional Emergency
 46.2   Response and Industrial Training Center                  880,000
 46.3   For a grant to the Southwest Regional 
 46.4   Development Commission for an award to 
 46.5   a community for constructing a regional 
 46.6   emergency response and fire training 
 46.7   center following a site selection 
 46.8   process.  The community will contract 
 46.9   with Minnesota West Technical College 
 46.10  to provide instruction for the center.  
 46.11  The community selected will operate and 
 46.12  maintain the facility.  This grant is 
 46.13  not available until at least an equal 
 46.14  amount has been committed from nonstate 
 46.15  sources. 
 46.16  This appropriation is from the general 
 46.17  fund. 
 46.18  Sec. 22.  INDIAN AFFAIRS COUNCIL                      1,700,000
 46.19  To the Indian affairs council for 
 46.20  construction of the Battle Point 
 46.21  Cultural and Education Center.  The 
 46.22  center must be publicly owned. The 
 46.23  Indian affairs council may enter into a 
 46.24  lease or management agreement for the 
 46.25  center subject to Minnesota Statutes, 
 46.26  chapter 16A.695. 
 46.28  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner
 46.29  of trade and economic development or other
 46.30  named official for the purposes specified
 46.31  in this section                                     225,680,000
 46.32  Subd. 2.  Redevelopment Grant Program                 4,000,000
 46.33  For purposes of new Minnesota Statutes, 
 46.34  sections 116J.561 to 116J.567. 
 46.35  This appropriation is from the general 
 46.36  fund. 
 46.37  Priority must be given to projects in 
 46.38  areas of high unemployment, to projects 
 46.39  that enhance the property tax base on 
 46.40  the site or adjacent to it, and to 
 46.41  grants that will be used in conjunction 
 46.42  with remediation activities. 
 46.43  Subd. 3.  Direct Reduction Iron
 46.44  Processing Facilities                                10,000,000
 46.45  For grants for construction of up to 
 46.46  three direct reduction iron processing 
 46.47  facilities.  The commissioner of trade 
 46.48  and economic development and natural 
 46.49  resources must jointly agree on and 
 46.50  issue the grants.  This appropriation 
 46.51  is from the general fund and does not 
 46.52  cancel but is available until June 30, 
 46.53  2003.  
 46.54  Subd. 4.  Phillips Neighborhood Job
 46.55  Creation, Green Institute                             1,500,000
 46.56  To the city of Minneapolis for a grant 
 46.57  to the Green Institute to design, 
 47.1   construct, furnish, and equip a 
 47.2   building to house the Phillips 
 47.3   Ecoenterprise Center in the Phillips 
 47.4   neighborhood in south Minneapolis to 
 47.5   create up to 200 jobs in businesses, 
 47.6   many of which specialize in energy 
 47.7   conservation, renewable energy, 
 47.8   environmental technology, recycling, 
 47.9   reuse, and related fields.  One-half of 
 47.10  the job openings must be targeted for 
 47.11  persons on public assistance or below 
 47.12  150 percent of the federal poverty 
 47.13  level.  This grant must be matched on a 
 47.14  one-to-one basis from nonstate sources 
 47.15  of debt and equity.  The city may enter 
 47.16  into a lease or management agreement 
 47.17  with the Green Institute subject to 
 47.18  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.695. 
 47.19  This appropriation is from the general 
 47.20  fund. 
 47.21  Subd. 5.  Taconite Mining Grants                        500,000
 47.22  For the taconite mining grant program 
 47.23  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 47.24  116J.992. 
 47.25  This appropriation is from the general 
 47.26  fund. 
 47.27  Subd. 6.  St. Paul RiverCentre
 47.28  Arena                                                65,000,000
 47.29  This appropriation is from the general 
 47.30  fund to the commissioner of finance for 
 47.31  a loan to the city of St. Paul to 
 47.32  demolish the existing St. Paul 
 47.33  RiverCentre Arena and to design, 
 47.34  construct, furnish, and equip a new 
 47.35  arena.  This appropriation is not 
 47.36  available until the lessee to whom the 
 47.37  city has leased the arena has agreed to 
 47.38  make rental or other payments to the 
 47.39  city under the terms set forth in this 
 47.40  subdivision.  The loan is repayable 
 47.41  solely from and secured by the payments 
 47.42  made to the city by the lessee.  The 
 47.43  loan is not a public debt and the full 
 47.44  faith, credit, and taxing powers of the 
 47.45  city are not pledged for its repayment. 
 47.46  (a) $48,000,000 of the loan must be 
 47.47  repaid to the commissioner, without 
 47.48  interest, within 20 years from the date 
 47.49  of substantial completion of the arena 
 47.50  in accordance with the following 
 47.51  schedule: 
 47.52  (1) no repayments are due in the first 
 47.53  two years from the date of substantial 
 47.54  completion; 
 47.55  (2) in each of the years three to five, 
 47.56  the lessee must pay $1,250,000; 
 47.57  (3) in each of the years six to ten, 
 47.58  the lessee must pay $1,500,000; 
 47.59  (4) in each of the years 11 to 13, the 
 47.60  lessee must pay $2,000,000; 
 48.1   (5) in year 14, the lessee must pay 
 48.2   $3,000,000; 
 48.3   (6) in year 15, the lessee must pay 
 48.4   $4,000,000; and 
 48.5   (7) in each of the years 16 to 20, the 
 48.6   lessee must pay $4,750,000. 
 48.7   (b) The commissioner must deposit the 
 48.8   repayments in the state treasury and 
 48.9   credit them to the youth activities 
 48.10  account, which is hereby created in the 
 48.11  special revenue fund.  Money in the 
 48.12  youth activities account is available 
 48.13  for expenditure as appropriated by law. 
 48.14  (c) The loan may not be made until the 
 48.15  commissioner has entered into an 
 48.16  agreement with the city of St. Paul 
 48.17  identifying the rental or other 
 48.18  payments that will be made and 
 48.19  establishing the dates on and the 
 48.20  amounts in which the payments will be 
 48.21  made to the city and by the city to the 
 48.22  commissioner.  The payments may include 
 48.23  operating revenues and additional 
 48.24  payments to be made by the lessee under 
 48.25  agreements to be negotiated between the 
 48.26  commissioner, the city, and the 
 48.27  lessee.  Those agreements may include, 
 48.28  but are not limited to, an agreement 
 48.29  whereby the lessee pledges to provide 
 48.30  each year a letter of credit sufficient 
 48.31  to guarantee the payment of the amount 
 48.32  due for the next succeeding year; an 
 48.33  agreement whereby the lessee agrees to 
 48.34  maintain a net worth, certified each 
 48.35  year by a financial institution or 
 48.36  accounting firm satisfactory to the 
 48.37  commissioner, that is greater than the 
 48.38  balance due under the payment schedule 
 48.39  in paragraph (a); and any other 
 48.40  agreements the commissioner may deem 
 48.41  necessary to ensure that the payments 
 48.42  are made as scheduled. 
 48.43  (d) The agreements must provide that 
 48.44  the failure of the lessee to make a 
 48.45  payment due to the city under the 
 48.46  agreement is an event of default under 
 48.47  the lease between the city and the 
 48.48  lessee and that the state is entitled 
 48.49  to enforce the remedies of the lessor 
 48.50  under the lease in the event of 
 48.51  default.  Those remedies must include, 
 48.52  but need not be limited to, the 
 48.53  obligation of the lessee to pay the 
 48.54  balance due for the remainder of the 
 48.55  payment schedule in the event the 
 48.56  lessee ceases to operate a National 
 48.57  Hockey League team in the arena. 
 48.58  (e) By January 1, 1999, the 
 48.59  commissioner shall report to the chair 
 48.60  of the senate committee on state 
 48.61  government finance and the chair of the 
 48.62  house committee on ways and means the 
 48.63  terms of an agreement between the 
 48.64  lessee and the amateur sports 
 48.65  commission whereby the lessee agrees to 
 49.1   make the facilities of the arena 
 49.2   available to the commission on terms 
 49.3   satisfactory to the commission for 
 49.4   amateur sports activities consistent 
 49.5   with the purposes of Minnesota 
 49.6   Statutes, chapter 240A, each year 
 49.7   during the time the loan is 
 49.8   outstanding.  The amateur sports 
 49.9   commission must negotiate in good faith 
 49.10  and may be required to pay no more than 
 49.11  actual out-of-pocket expenses for the 
 49.12  time it uses the arena.  The agreement 
 49.13  may not become effective before 
 49.14  February 1, 1999.  During any calendar 
 49.15  year after 1999 that an agreement under 
 49.16  this paragraph is not in effect and a 
 49.17  payment is due under the schedule, the 
 49.18  lessee must pay to the commissioner a 
 49.19  penalty of $750,000 for that year.  If 
 49.20  the amateur sports commission has not 
 49.21  negotiated in good faith, no penalty is 
 49.22  due. 
 49.23  Subd. 7.  Minneapolis
 49.24  Convention Center                                    87,145,000
 49.25  To the commissioner of finance for a 
 49.26  grant to the city of Minneapolis to pay 
 49.27  principal costs on city of Minneapolis' 
 49.28  $178,985,000 general obligation sales 
 49.29  tax refunding bonds, series 1992.  It 
 49.30  is the expectation of the legislature 
 49.31  that the city will issue bonds and pay 
 49.32  all capital and operating costs 
 49.33  associated with an expansion of the 
 49.34  existing Minneapolis Convention 
 49.35  Center.  This is the final state 
 49.36  appropriation for this facility. 
 49.37  Subd. 8.  Minneapolis Convention
 49.38  Center Circulator                                       220,000
 49.39  To the Metropolitan Council in 
 49.40  cooperation with the Office of Tourism 
 49.41  at the Department of Trade and Economic 
 49.42  Development and the Scenic Byways 
 49.43  program at the Department of 
 49.44  Transportation from the general fund 
 49.45  for planning and start-up costs of a 
 49.46  pilot transportation project: 
 49.47  (1) connecting the Minneapolis 
 49.48  convention center and other locations 
 49.49  in downtown Minneapolis with 
 49.50  multicultural tourist, heritage, and 
 49.51  cultural resources in Phillips, Stevens 
 49.52  Square, Whittier, Central, Powderhorn, 
 49.53  Seward, Loring Park, and 
 49.54  Cedar-Riverside neighborhoods in 
 49.55  Minneapolis and contributing to the 
 49.56  revitalization of those neighborhoods 
 49.57  by increasing urban tourism; 
 49.58  (2) generating additional spending by 
 49.59  expanding the selection of tourism 
 49.60  activities provided by the convention 
 49.61  center and downtown Minneapolis; and 
 49.62  (3) promoting state and local tourism 
 49.63  activities which provide a richer, more 
 49.64  culturally diverse experience of 
 50.1   Minneapolis urban life as an 
 50.2   alternative to larger, more commercial 
 50.3   attractions. 
 50.4   Subd. 9.  Duluth Entertainment and
 50.5   Convention Center                                    12,000,000
 50.6   For a grant to the Duluth entertainment 
 50.7   and convention center authority for the 
 50.8   purpose of planning, designing, 
 50.9   constructing, and equipping of capital 
 50.10  improvements to the Duluth 
 50.11  entertainment and convention center.  
 50.12  This appropriation is not available 
 50.13  until the commissioner has determined 
 50.14  that the necessary additional financing 
 50.15  to complete a project with a total cost 
 50.16  of at least $20,000,000 has been 
 50.17  committed from nonstate sources. 
 50.18  Subd. 10.  Mayo Civic Center
 50.19  in Rochester                                          2,800,000
 50.20  For a grant to the city of Rochester to 
 50.21  acquire land, design, construct, 
 50.22  furnish, and equip an expansion and 
 50.23  remodeling of the Mayo Civic Center.  
 50.24  This appropriation is contingent upon 
 50.25  demonstration of an equal amount in 
 50.26  nonstate matching funds to the 
 50.27  commissioner of finance. 
 50.28  Subd. 11.  St. Cloud Community
 50.29  Event Center                                          6,100,000
 50.30  For a grant to the city of St. Cloud 
 50.31  for Phase I of the Central Minnesota 
 50.32  Events Center, including predesign, 
 50.33  design, land acquisition, site 
 50.34  preparation, and construction. 
 50.35  Subd. 12.  Fergus Falls Convention
 50.36  Center                                                1,500,000
 50.37  For a grant to the city of Fergus Falls 
 50.38  to acquire land, predesign, design, 
 50.39  construct, furnish, and equip a 
 50.40  convention center in Fergus Falls.  
 50.41  This appropriation is contingent upon 
 50.42  demonstration of $1,500,000 in nonstate 
 50.43  matching funds to the commissioner. 
 50.44  Subd. 13.  Hutchinson Community
 50.45  Civic Center                                          1,000,000
 50.46  For a grant to the city of Hutchinson 
 50.47  to design, construct, furnish, and 
 50.48  equip a community civic center, subject 
 50.49  to the requirements of Minnesota 
 50.50  Statutes, section 16A.695.  This 
 50.51  appropriation is not available until 
 50.52  the commissioner has determined that an 
 50.53  equal amount has been committed from 
 50.54  nonstate sources. 
 50.55  Subd. 14.  Humboldt Avenue Greenway
 50.56  Project                                               7,000,000
 50.57  To the commissioner of natural 
 50.58  resources for a grant to Hennepin 
 51.1   county as the state contribution for 
 51.2   the Humboldt Avenue greenway project in 
 51.3   accordance with the multijurisdictional 
 51.4   reinvestment program plan established 
 51.5   in Minnesota Statutes, section 
 51.6   383B.79.  The purpose of the grant is 
 51.7   to acquire land for green space and 
 51.8   infrastructure improvements in the 
 51.9   vicinity of Humboldt Avenue North; 
 51.10  reclamation of wetland amenities for 
 51.11  public use; and construction of a 
 51.12  parkway.  This appropriation is not 
 51.13  available until the governmental 
 51.14  jurisdictions participating in the 
 51.15  multijurisdictional reinvestment 
 51.16  program have committed in the aggregate 
 51.17  $12,000,000 for the project.  The 
 51.18  governmental jurisdictions, however 
 51.19  constituted, may use any nonstate money 
 51.20  under their control to meet the match 
 51.21  requirement. 
 51.22  Subd. 15.  Prairieland Expo                           3,000,000 
 51.23  To the commissioner of administration 
 51.24  for a grant to the southwest regional 
 51.25  development commission to construct and 
 51.26  equip Prairieland Expo.  The southwest 
 51.27  regional development commission may 
 51.28  enter into a lease or management 
 51.29  agreement for Prairieland Expo subject 
 51.30  to the requirements of Minnesota 
 51.31  Statutes, section 16A.695.  This 
 51.32  appropriation is contingent upon 
 51.33  demonstration of $1,500,000 in nonstate 
 51.34  matching funds. 
 51.35  Subd. 16.  Montevideo Downtown
 51.36  Revitalization                                        1,500,000
 51.37  For a grant to the city of Montevideo 
 51.38  for engineering, architecture, and 
 51.39  development of a public capital 
 51.40  improvement downtown revitalization 
 51.41  project following the 1997 flood.  This 
 51.42  appropriation is not available until 
 51.43  the commissioner has determined that 
 51.44  $1,500,000 has been committed to the 
 51.45  project from nonstate sources.  
 51.46  Subd. 17.  Paramount Arts District
 51.47  Regional Arts Center                                    750,000
 51.48  To the commissioner of administration 
 51.49  for a grant to the city of St. Cloud to 
 51.50  construct, furnish, and equip the 
 51.51  paramount arts district regional arts 
 51.52  center, subject to Minnesota Statutes, 
 51.53  section 16A.695.  This appropriation is 
 51.54  not available until the commissioner 
 51.55  has determined that the necessary 
 51.56  additional financing to complete at 
 51.57  least a $5,400,000 project has been 
 51.58  committed by nonstate sources.  
 51.59  Subd. 18.  Veterans Memorial Performing
 51.60  Arts Amphitheater                                       315,000 
 51.61  For a grant to the city of St. Louis 
 51.62  Park to construct a veterans memorial 
 51.63  performing arts amphitheater.  This 
 52.1   appropriation is for a portion of a 
 52.2   larger project to which at least an 
 52.3   equal amount of funds from nonstate 
 52.4   sources must be committed. 
 52.5   Subd. 19.  Brooklyn Center Earle Brown
 52.6   Heritage Center Restoration                           2,500,000
 52.7   To the commissioner of administration 
 52.8   to make a grant to the city of Brooklyn 
 52.9   Center to acquire land and improve it 
 52.10  for parking and to design, construct, 
 52.11  furnish, and equip an additional 
 52.12  building, together with connecting 
 52.13  structures and the remodeling of 
 52.14  existing buildings at the Earle Brown 
 52.15  Heritage Center. 
 52.16  Subd. 20.  Valley Technology Park
 52.17  in Crookston                                            600,000
 52.18  For a grant to the city of Crookston 
 52.19  for capital development of its Valley 
 52.20  Technology Park located adjacent to the 
 52.21  campus of the University of Minnesota 
 52.22  at Crookston.  This appropriation is 
 52.23  not available until an equal amount has 
 52.24  been committed from nonstate sources. 
 52.25  This appropriation is from the general 
 52.26  fund. 
 52.27  Subd. 21.  Minnesota Agricultural 
 52.28  Interpretive Center (Farmamerica)                     1,500,000
 52.29  For a grant to the Minnesota 
 52.30  Agricultural Interpretive Center 
 52.31  (Farmamerica) to construct its 
 52.32  visitors' center.  This appropriation 
 52.33  is from the general fund. 
 52.34  Subd. 22.  Owatonna Infrastructure                      500,000 
 52.35  For a grant from the general fund to 
 52.36  the city of Owatonna to defray costs of 
 52.37  city infrastructure for the Heritage 
 52.38  Halls Museum/Cabela's project. 
 52.39  Subd. 23.  United States Hockey 
 52.40  Hall of Fame                                            250,000
 52.41  For a grant to the city of Eveleth for 
 52.42  construction, remodeling, and 
 52.43  renovation of displays celebrating boys 
 52.44  and girls amateur and high school 
 52.45  hockey in the United States at the 
 52.46  United States Hockey Hall of Fame.  
 52.47  This appropriation is not available 
 52.48  until the commissioner has determined 
 52.49  that an equal amount has been committed 
 52.50  from nonstate sources. 
 52.51  This appropriation is from the general 
 52.52  fund. 
 52.53  Subd. 24.  Minnesota African-American
 52.54  Performing Arts Center                                2,250,000
 52.55  To the commissioner of administration 
 52.56  for a grant to the city of St. Paul to 
 52.57  predesign, design, construct, furnish, 
 53.1   and equip the Minnesota 
 53.2   African-American performing arts and 
 53.3   education center.  The city of St. Paul 
 53.4   may contract with a nonprofit 
 53.5   organization to operate the center, 
 53.6   subject to Minnesota Statutes, section 
 53.7   16A.695.  This appropriation is not 
 53.8   available until the commissioner has 
 53.9   determined that an equal amount has 
 53.10  been committed by nonstate sources.  
 53.11  Subd. 25.  Phalen Corridor                            3,850,000
 53.12  For a grant to the St. Paul Port 
 53.13  Authority for the removal of blight by 
 53.14  property acquisition, site preparation, 
 53.15  and redevelopment activities on and 
 53.16  around the former Stroh brewery 
 53.17  property and to acquire a roadway 
 53.18  right-of-way in the Phalen corridor.  
 53.19  The city shall consider the potential 
 53.20  for connection with an adjoining 
 53.21  transit hub and any connector roads.  
 53.22  Subd. 26.  Sewer and Water
 53.23  to Community College                                    500,000
 53.24  For a grant to the city of Cambridge 
 53.25  for extension of pipe for sewer and 
 53.26  water service including extension under 
 53.27  the Rum River to the community college 
 53.28  campus at Cambridge. 
 53.29  This appropriation is from the general 
 53.30  fund. 
 53.31  Subd. 27.  Red Lake  
 53.32  Educational and Training Facility                     2,600,000
 53.33  For a grant to the Red Lake tribal 
 53.34  council to construct an educational and 
 53.35  training facility and a production 
 53.36  facility on land assigned by the 
 53.37  council on the Red Lake reservation.  
 53.38  The educational and training facility 
 53.39  will provide a site for Northwest 
 53.40  technical college to offer basic skills 
 53.41  and vocational training to adults to 
 53.42  help them overcome the effects of 
 53.43  underemployment and unemployment and to 
 53.44  prepare them for meaningful employment. 
 53.45  Training will utilize personalized, 
 53.46  computerized programs designed to 
 53.47  prepare participants for college and 
 53.48  other further training as well as 
 53.49  direct access to the work force. 
 53.50  This appropriation is from the general 
 53.51  fund. 
 53.52  Subd. 28.  Headwaters Science Center                     200,000
 53.53  To the commissioner of administration 
 53.54  for a grant to the city of Bemidji for 
 53.55  design of the Headwaters Science Center.
 53.56  Subd. 29.  Little Falls Conference
 53.57  and Retreat Center                                      100,000
 53.58  For a grant to the city of Little Falls 
 53.59  to equip a conference center and 
 54.1   retreat site on the Mississippi River 
 54.2   in Little Falls. 
 54.3   This appropriation is from the general 
 54.4   fund. 
 54.5   Subd. 30.  Itasca County School-to-Work
 54.6   Technology Center                                     2,000,000 
 54.7   For a grant to Itasca county to design 
 54.8   and construct a school-to-work 
 54.9   technology center in conjunction with 
 54.10  the school district, the city of 
 54.11  Nashwauk, and private industry.  Each 
 54.12  dollar of state money must be matched 
 54.13  by $1 of nonstate money. 
 54.14  This appropriation is from the general 
 54.15  fund. 
 54.16  Subd. 31.  Mankato Technology Center                  4,500,000
 54.17  For a grant to the city of Mankato to 
 54.18  acquire real property, design, and 
 54.19  construct a multiuse facility that 
 54.20  includes a technology incubator, a 
 54.21  community technology park, an education 
 54.22  center, headquarters space for the 
 54.23  Institute for Wireless Education, 
 54.24  laboratories, and office and 
 54.25  administrative space.  This 
 54.26  appropriation is not available until 
 54.27  the commissioner has determined that at 
 54.28  least $4,500,000 has been committed by 
 54.29  the city of Mankato and other nonstate 
 54.30  sources.  
 54.31  This appropriation is from the general 
 54.32  fund. 
 54.33  Sec. 24.  HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY                      6,000,000
 54.34  This appropriation is from the general 
 54.35  fund. 
 54.36  (a) $4,000,000 is for transfer to the 
 54.37  housing development fund for the 
 54.38  purpose of making loans or grants for 
 54.39  temporary or transitional housing under 
 54.40  Minnesota Statutes, section 462A.201, 
 54.41  subdivision 2, including loans or 
 54.42  grants for housing homeless youth, 
 54.43  homeless families, battered women, and 
 54.44  individuals leaving prostitution. 
 54.45  At least 25 percent of the 
 54.46  appropriation under this section must 
 54.47  utilize youthbuild, Minnesota Statutes, 
 54.48  sections 268.361 to 268.366, or other 
 54.49  youth employment and training programs. 
 54.50  Eligible programs must consult with 
 54.51  appropriate labor organizations to 
 54.52  deliver education and training.  In 
 54.53  making grants under this section, the 
 54.54  commissioner shall use a request for 
 54.55  proposal process. 
 54.56  (b) $2,000,000 is for transfer to the 
 54.57  housing development fund for the 
 54.58  purpose of making loans for permanent 
 54.59  housing under Minnesota Statutes, 
 55.1   sections 462A.21, subdivision 8b, and 
 55.2   462A.206. 
 55.4   Subdivision 1.  To the Minnesota 
 55.5   Historical Society for the purposes 
 55.6   specified in this section                            13,110,000
 55.7   Subd. 2.  Historic Site
 55.8   Preservation and Repair                               1,500,000
 55.9   For capital repair, reconstruction, or 
 55.10  replacement of deferred maintenance 
 55.11  needs at state historic sites, 
 55.12  buildings, exhibits, markers, and 
 55.13  monuments, including replacement of the 
 55.14  permanent exhibit at the Lindbergh 
 55.15  Historic Site Visitor Center.  The 
 55.16  society shall determine project 
 55.17  priorities as appropriate based on need.
 55.18  This appropriation is from the general 
 55.19  fund. 
 55.20  Subd. 3.  County and Local
 55.21  Preservation Projects                                 1,150,000
 55.22  To be allocated to county and local 
 55.23  jurisdictions as matching money for 
 55.24  historic preservation projects of a 
 55.25  capital nature.  Grant recipients must 
 55.26  be public entities and must match state 
 55.27  funds on at least an equal basis.  The 
 55.28  facilities must be publicly owned.  
 55.29  $175,000 of this appropriation is for 
 55.30  the Veterans Memorial Hall Project at 
 55.31  the St. Louis County Heritage and Arts 
 55.32  Center. 
 55.33  This appropriation is from the general 
 55.34  fund. 
 55.35  Subd. 4.  Split Rock Lighthouse
 55.36  Visitor Center Improvements                             780,000
 55.37  To design, renovate, and expand public 
 55.38  restrooms and related facilities at the 
 55.39  Split Rock Lighthouse visitor center. 
 55.40  This appropriation is from the general 
 55.41  fund. 
 55.42  Subd. 5.  Northwest Company Fur 
 55.43  Post Interpretive Center                              1,500,000
 55.44  To design, construct, furnish, and 
 55.45  equip the North West Company Fur Post 
 55.46  Interpretive Center. 
 55.47  Subd. 6.  Historic Fort Snelling                        600,000 
 55.48  For the abatement of hazardous 
 55.49  materials at Historic Fort Snelling and 
 55.50  design for the renovation of building 
 55.51  no. 17 at Fort Snelling for its 
 55.52  possible future use as the Fort 
 55.53  Snelling International Hostel. 
 55.54  Hosteling International of Minnesota 
 55.55  must enter into a lease with the 
 55.56  Minnesota historical society to operate 
 56.1   the hostel.  State operating funds must 
 56.2   not be used for the operation and 
 56.3   maintenance of the hostel. 
 56.4   This appropriation is from the general 
 56.5   fund. 
 56.6   Subd. 7.  St. Anthony Falls 
 56.7   Heritage Education Center                             4,000,000
 56.8   For structural stabilization, landscape 
 56.9   improvements of a capital nature, and 
 56.10  design in the St. Anthony Falls 
 56.11  Historic District. 
 56.12  Subd. 8.  Herman Monument in
 56.13  New Ulm                                                 400,000
 56.14  For a grant to the city of New Ulm for 
 56.15  the restoration, enhancement, and 
 56.16  protection of Herman Monument.  The 
 56.17  appropriation must be matched with 
 56.18  nonstate contributions sufficient to 
 56.19  provide and install the four decorative 
 56.20  copper lions depicted in Julius 
 56.21  Berndt's 1885 architectural drawings of 
 56.22  the monument.  The nonstate 
 56.23  contribution may be any combination of 
 56.24  materials, in-kind, or cash 
 56.25  contributions.  The city of New Ulm, in 
 56.26  consultation with the director of the 
 56.27  state historical society, must develop 
 56.28  interpretive displays depicting the 
 56.29  significance of Herman in the history 
 56.30  of German people and their immigration 
 56.31  to America and with the director of the 
 56.32  office of tourism to develop and 
 56.33  implement a program to inform and 
 56.34  attract national and international 
 56.35  visitors to New Ulm and Herman Monument.
 56.36  The appropriation is available 
 56.37  proportionally as the match is raised 
 56.38  by the city of New Ulm.  
 56.39  This appropriation is from the general 
 56.40  fund. 
 56.41  Subd. 9.  Treaty Site History
 56.42  Center                                                  400,000
 56.43  For a grant to the Nicollet county 
 56.44  historical society to design and 
 56.45  construct a new central exhibit at the 
 56.46  treaty site history center, subject to 
 56.47  the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, 
 56.48  section 16A.695.  This appropriation is 
 56.49  not available until an equal amount has 
 56.50  been committed from nonstate sources. 
 56.51  This appropriation is from the general 
 56.52  fund. 
 56.53  Subd. 10.  Humphrey Museum and
 56.54  Learning Center, Waverly                              1,000,000
 56.55  For a grant to the city of Waverly to 
 56.56  renovate the existing village hall as 
 56.57  the Hubert H. Humphrey Museum and 
 56.58  Learning Center.  The city may enter 
 56.59  into a lease or management agreement 
 56.60  for the center subject to Minnesota 
 57.1   Statutes, section 16A.695.  It is 
 57.2   expected that the city of Waverly will 
 57.3   construct an addition to the building 
 57.4   with funds from nonstate sources.  
 57.5   Subd. 11.  Bemidji Historic Railroad
 57.6   Depot                                                   650,000
 57.7   For a grant to the city of Bemidji to 
 57.8   pay up to one-half of the total costs, 
 57.9   including acquisition, design, other 
 57.10  preliminary work, construction costs, 
 57.11  furniture, fixtures, and equipment, to 
 57.12  convert an abandoned historic railroad 
 57.13  depot within the city to a historical 
 57.14  museum and facility for the Beltrami 
 57.15  county historical society.  This 
 57.16  appropriation is in addition to the 
 57.17  appropriation of $50,000 for the same 
 57.18  project in Laws 1997, chapter 200, 
 57.19  article 1, section 18, subdivision 5, 
 57.20  paragraph (g). 
 57.21  This appropriation is from the general 
 57.22  fund. 
 57.23  Subd. 12.  Montevideo Railroad
 57.24  Depot                                                   130,000
 57.25  For a grant to the city of Montevideo 
 57.26  for exterior improvements to the city's 
 57.27  historic railroad depot and for design 
 57.28  and development of a related parking 
 57.29  area, trailhead, and public facilities 
 57.30  at the site. 
 57.31  This appropriation is from the general 
 57.32  fund. 
 57.33  Subd. 13.  Red River Valley Center                    1,000,000 
 57.34  For a grant to the city of Moorhead for 
 57.35  capital remodeling and new construction 
 57.36  to expand the Red River Valley Center 
 57.37  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 57.38  138.93.  The state's share of the 
 57.39  remodeling and expansion must not 
 57.40  exceed 50 percent of the cost of the 
 57.41  project. 
 57.42  This appropriation is from the general 
 57.43  fund. 
 57.44  Sec. 26.  BOND SALE EXPENSES                            500,000 
 57.45  To the commissioner of finance for bond 
 57.46  sale expenses under Minnesota Statutes, 
 57.47  section 16A.641, subdivision 8.  This 
 57.48  appropriation is from the bond proceeds 
 57.49  fund. 
 57.50     Sec. 27.  [BOND SALE AUTHORIZATIONS.] 
 57.51     Subdivision 1.  [BOND PROCEEDS FUND.] To provide the money 
 57.52  appropriated in this act from the bond proceeds fund, the 
 57.53  commissioner of finance, on request of the governor, shall sell 
 57.54  and issue bonds of the state in an amount up to $463,795,000 in 
 58.1   the manner, upon the terms, and with the effect prescribed by 
 58.2   Minnesota Statutes, sections 16A.631 to 16A.675, and by the 
 58.3   Minnesota Constitution, article XI, sections 4 to 7.  
 58.4      Subd. 2.  [TRANSPORTATION FUND.] To provide the money 
 58.5   appropriated in this act from the transportation fund, the 
 58.6   commissioner of finance, on request of the governor, shall sell 
 58.7   and issue bonds of the state in an amount up to $34,000,000 in 
 58.8   the manner, upon the terms, and with the effect prescribed by 
 58.9   Minnesota Statutes, sections 16A.631 to 16A.675, and by the 
 58.10  Minnesota Constitution, article XI, sections 4 to 7.  The 
 58.11  proceeds of the bonds, except accrued interest and any premium 
 58.12  received on the sale of the bonds, must be credited to a bond 
 58.13  proceeds account in the state transportation fund. 
 58.14     Sec. 28.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 16A.105, is 
 58.15  amended to read: 
 58.16     16A.105 [DEBT CAPACITY FORECAST.] 
 58.17     By December 1 of each even-numbered In February and 
 58.18  November of each year the governor commissioner shall submit to 
 58.19  the legislature prepare a debt capacity forecast to be delivered 
 58.20  to the governor and legislature according to section 16A.103, 
 58.21  subdivision 1.  The debt capacity forecast must include 
 58.22  statements of the indebtedness of the state for bonds, notes, 
 58.23  and other forms of long-term general obligation 
 58.24  indebtedness that are not accounted for in proprietary or 
 58.25  fiduciary funds, including general obligation bonds, moral 
 58.26  obligation bonds, revenue bonds, loans, grants payable, and 
 58.27  capital leases.  The forecast must show the actual amount of the 
 58.28  debt service for at least the past two completed fiscal years, 
 58.29  and the estimated amount for the current fiscal year and the 
 58.30  next six fiscal years, the debt authorized and unissued, the 
 58.31  condition of the sinking funds, and the borrowing capacity for 
 58.32  the next six fiscal years. 
 58.33     Sec. 29.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 16A.11, 
 58.34  subdivision 3a, is amended to read: 
 58.35     Subd. 3a.  [PART THREE:  DETAILED CAPITAL BUDGET.] The 
 58.36  detailed capital budget must include recommendations for capital 
 59.1   projects to be funded during the next six fiscal years.  It must 
 59.2   be submitted with projects rank ordered in two ways:  in order 
 59.3   of importance among all budget projects as 
 59.4   determined recommended by the governor, and in order of 
 59.5   importance among that agency's requests as determined by the 
 59.6   agency originating the request. 
 59.7      Sec. 30.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 16A.11, is 
 59.8   amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 59.9      Subd. 6.  [BUILDING MAINTENANCE.] The detailed operating 
 59.10  budget must include amounts necessary to maintain state 
 59.11  buildings.  The commissioner of finance, in consultation with 
 59.12  the commissioner of administration, the board of trustees of the 
 59.13  Minnesota state colleges and universities, and the regents of 
 59.14  the University of Minnesota, shall establish budget guidelines 
 59.15  for building maintenance appropriations.  Unless otherwise 
 59.16  provided by the commissioner of finance, the amount to be 
 59.17  budgeted each year for building maintenance is two percent of 
 59.18  the cost of the building, adjusted up or down depending on the 
 59.19  age and condition of the building. 
 59.20     Sec. 31.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 16A.501, is 
 59.21  amended to read: 
 59.23  PROCEEDS.] 
 59.24     The commissioner of finance must report annually to the 
 59.25  legislature on the degree to which entities receiving 
 59.26  appropriations of bond proceeds contingent upon obtaining 
 59.27  matching money have been successful in raising have encumbered 
 59.28  or expended that money.  The report must be submitted to the 
 59.29  chairs of the house of representatives ways and means committee 
 59.30  and the senate finance committee by February 1 of each year. 
 59.31     Sec. 32.  Minnesota Statutes 1997 Supplement, section 
 59.32  16A.641, subdivision 4, is amended to read: 
 59.33     Subd. 4.  [SALE AND ISSUANCE.] State bonds must be sold and 
 59.34  issued upon sealed competitive bids in the manner and on the 
 59.35  terms and conditions determined by the commissioner in 
 59.36  accordance with the laws authorizing them and subject to the 
 60.1   approval of the attorney general, but not subject to chapter 14, 
 60.2   including section 14.386.  For each series, in addition to 
 60.3   provisions required by subdivision 3, the commissioner may 
 60.4   determine:  
 60.5      (1) the time, place, and notice of sale and method of 
 60.6   comparing bids; 
 60.7      (2) the price, not less than par for highway bonds; 
 60.8      (3) the principal amount and date of issue; 
 60.9      (4) the interest rates and payment dates; 
 60.10     (5) the maturity amounts and dates, not more than 20 years 
 60.11  from the date of issue, subject to subdivision 5; 
 60.12     (6) the terms, if any, on which the bonds may or must be 
 60.13  redeemed before maturity, including notice, times, and 
 60.14  redemption prices; and 
 60.15     (7) the form of the bonds and the method of execution, 
 60.16  delivery, payment, registration, conversion, and exchange, in 
 60.17  accordance with section 16A.672.  
 60.18     Sec. 33.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 16B.30, is 
 60.19  amended to read: 
 60.20     16B.30 [GENERAL AUTHORITY.] 
 60.21     (a) Subject to other provisions in this chapter, the 
 60.22  commissioner shall supervise and control the making of all 
 60.23  contracts for the construction of buildings and for other 
 60.24  capital improvements to state buildings and structures, other 
 60.25  than buildings and structures under the control of the board of 
 60.26  trustees of the Minnesota state colleges and 
 60.27  universities.  Except as provided in paragraph (b), a state 
 60.28  agency may not undertake improvements of a capital nature 
 60.29  without specific legislative authority. 
 60.30     (b) Specific legislative authority is not required for 
 60.31  repairs or minor capital projects financed with operating 
 60.32  appropriations or agency receipts that: 
 60.33     (1) are undertaken for asset preservation or code 
 60.34  compliance purposes; 
 60.35     (2) do not materially increase the net square footage of a 
 60.36  facility; and 
 61.1      (3) do not materially increase the cost of agency programs. 
 61.2      Unless the commissioner determines that an urgency exists, 
 61.3   the commissioner of an agency undertaking a project with a cost 
 61.4   in excess of $50,000 pursuant to this paragraph shall notify the 
 61.5   chairs of the senate finance committee, the house capital 
 61.6   investment committee, the house ways and means committee, the 
 61.7   appropriate house and senate finance divisions, and the director 
 61.8   of the legislative coordinating commission prior to incurring 
 61.9   any contractual obligation with regard to the project.  Any 
 61.10  agency undertaking any project pursuant to this paragraph during 
 61.11  fiscal year 1999 must report all such projects to the 
 61.12  legislature by January 1, 2000. 
 61.13     Sec. 34.  Minnesota Statutes 1997 Supplement, section 
 61.14  16B.335, subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
 61.15     Subdivision 1.  [CONSTRUCTION AND MAJOR REMODELING.] (a) 
 61.16  The commissioner, or any other recipient to whom an 
 61.17  appropriation is made to acquire or better public lands or 
 61.18  buildings or other public improvements of a capital nature, must 
 61.19  not prepare final plans and specifications for any construction, 
 61.20  major remodeling, or land acquisition in anticipation of which 
 61.21  the appropriation was made until the agency that will use the 
 61.22  project has presented the program plan and cost estimates for 
 61.23  all elements necessary to complete the project to the chair of 
 61.24  the senate finance committee and the chair of the house ways and 
 61.25  means committee and the chairs have made their recommendations, 
 61.26  and the chair of the house capital investment committee is 
 61.27  notified.  "Construction or major remodeling" means construction 
 61.28  of a new building or, a substantial alteration of the exterior 
 61.29  dimensions addition to an existing building, or a substantial 
 61.30  change to the interior configuration of an existing building.  
 61.31  The presentation must note any significant changes in the work 
 61.32  that will be done, or in its cost, since the appropriation for 
 61.33  the project was enacted or from the predesign submittal.  The 
 61.34  program plans and estimates must be presented for review at 
 61.35  least two weeks before a recommendation is needed.  The 
 61.36  recommendations are advisory only.  Failure or refusal to make a 
 62.1   recommendation is considered a negative recommendation.  The 
 62.2   chairs of the senate finance committee, the house capital 
 62.3   investment committee, and the house ways and means committee 
 62.4   must also be notified whenever there is a substantial change in 
 62.5   a construction or major remodeling project, or in its cost. 
 62.6      (b) Capital projects exempt from the requirements of this 
 62.7   section subdivision include construction, renovation, or 
 62.8   improvements to dams, demolition or decommissioning of state 
 62.9   assets, hazardous material projects, utility infrastructure 
 62.10  projects, environmental testing, parking lots, exterior 
 62.11  lighting, fencing, highway rest areas, truck stations, storage 
 62.12  facilities not consisting primarily of offices or heated work 
 62.13  areas, roads, bridges, trails, bike paths pathways, campgrounds, 
 62.14  athletic fields, dams, floodwater retention systems, water 
 62.15  access sites, harbors, sewer separation projects, water and 
 62.16  wastewater facilities, campgrounds, roads, bridges, port 
 62.17  development projects for which the commissioner of 
 62.18  transportation has entered into an assistance agreement under 
 62.19  section 457A.04, ice centers, or any other capital project with 
 62.20  a construction cost of less than $200,000 $500,000. 
 62.21     Sec. 35.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 85.019, 
 62.22  subdivision 4a, is amended to read: 
 62.23     Subd. 4a.  [NATURAL AND SCENIC AREAS.] The commissioner 
 62.24  shall administer a program to provide grants to units of 
 62.25  government and school districts for the acquisition and 
 62.26  betterment of natural and scenic areas such as blufflands, 
 62.27  prairies, shorelands, wetlands, and wooded areas.  A grant may 
 62.28  not exceed 50 percent or $200,000 $500,000, whichever is less, 
 62.29  of the costs of acquisition and betterment of land acquired 
 62.30  under this subdivision. 
 62.31     Sec. 36.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 103F.725, 
 62.32  subdivision 1a, is amended to read: 
 62.33     Subd. 1a.  [FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE; LOANS.] (a) Up to 
 62.34  $24,000,000 $36,000,000 of the balance in the water pollution 
 62.35  control revolving fund in section 446A.07, as determined by the 
 62.36  public facilities authority shall be appropriated, may be 
 63.1   provided to the commissioner for the establishment of a clean 
 63.2   water partnership loan program. 
 63.3      (b) The agency may award loans for up to 100 percent of the 
 63.4   costs associated with activities identified by the agency as 
 63.5   best management practices pursuant to section 319 and section 
 63.6   320 of the federal Water Quality Act of 1987, as amended, 
 63.7   including associated administrative costs. 
 63.8      (c) Loans may be used to finance clean water partnership 
 63.9   grant project eligible costs not funded by grant assistance. 
 63.10     (d) The interest rate, at or below market rate, and the 
 63.11  term, not to exceed 20 years, shall be determined by the agency 
 63.12  in consultation with the public facilities authority. 
 63.13     (e) The repayment must be deposited in the water pollution 
 63.14  control revolving fund under section 446A.07. 
 63.15     (f) The local unit of government receiving the loan is 
 63.16  responsible for repayment of the loan. 
 63.17     (g) For the purpose of obtaining a loan from the agency, a 
 63.18  local government unit may provide to the agency its general 
 63.19  obligation note.  All obligations incurred by a local government 
 63.20  unit in obtaining a loan from the agency must be in accordance 
 63.21  with chapter 475, except that so long as the obligations are 
 63.22  issued to evidence a loan from the agency to the local 
 63.23  government unit, an election is not required to authorize the 
 63.24  obligations issued, and the amount of the obligations shall not 
 63.25  be included in determining the net indebtedness of the local 
 63.26  government unit under the provisions of any law or chapter 
 63.27  limiting the indebtedness. 
 63.28     Sec. 37.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 116.16, 
 63.29  subdivision 5, is amended to read: 
 63.30     Subd. 5.  [RULES.] (a) The agency shall promulgate 
 63.31  permanent rules for the administration of grants and loans 
 63.32  authorized to be made under the water pollution control program, 
 63.33  which rules, however, shall not be applicable to the issuance of 
 63.34  bonds by the commissioner of finance as provided in section 
 63.35  116.17.  The rules shall contain as a minimum: 
 63.36     (1) procedures for application by municipalities; 
 64.1      (2) conditions for the administration of the grant or loan; 
 64.2      (3) criteria for the ranking of projects in order of 
 64.3   priority for grants or loans, based on factors including the 
 64.4   extent and nature of pollution, technological feasibility, 
 64.5   assurance of proper operation, maintenance and replacement, and 
 64.6   participation in multimunicipal systems; and 
 64.7      (4) such other matters as the agency and the commissioner 
 64.8   find necessary to the proper administration of the grant program.
 64.9      (b) The agency shall award the amount of additional 
 64.10  priority points necessary to place a project in the fundable 
 64.11  range of the intended use plan if the agency determines that the 
 64.12  project would repair a facility that is an imminent threat to 
 64.13  discharge untreated or partially treated sewage to the Boundary 
 64.14  Waters Canoe Area Wilderness if it fails.  
 64.15     (c) For purposes of awarding independent state grants, the 
 64.16  agency may by rule waive the federal 20-year planning 
 64.17  requirement for municipalities with a population of less than 
 64.18  1,500. 
 64.19     Sec. 38.  Minnesota Statutes 1997 Supplement, section 
 64.20  116.18, subdivision 3c, is amended to read: 
 64.23  in fiscal year 1989, up to ten percent of the money to be 
 64.24  awarded as grants under subdivision 3a in any single fiscal 
 64.25  year, up to a maximum of $1,000,000, may be set aside for the 
 64.26  award of grants by the agency to municipalities to reimburse 
 64.27  owners of individual on-site wastewater treatment systems or 
 64.28  alternative discharging sewage systems for a part of the costs 
 64.29  of upgrading or replacing the systems. 
 64.30     (b) An individual on-site treatment system is a wastewater 
 64.31  treatment system, or part thereof, that uses soil treatment and 
 64.32  disposal technology to treat 5,000 gallons or less of wastewater 
 64.33  per day from dwellings or other establishments. 
 64.34     (c) An alternative discharging sewage system is a system 
 64.35  permitted under section 115.58 that: 
 64.36     (1) serves one or more dwellings and other establishments; 
 65.1      (2) discharges less than 10,000 gallons of water per day; 
 65.2   and 
 65.3      (3) uses any treatment and disposal methods other than 
 65.4   subsurface soil treatment and disposal. 
 65.5      (d) Municipalities may apply yearly for grants of up to 50 
 65.6   percent of the cost of replacing or upgrading individual on-site 
 65.7   treatment systems, including conversion to an alternative 
 65.8   discharging sewage system, within their jurisdiction, up to a 
 65.9   limit of $5,000 per system or per connection to a cluster 
 65.10  system.  Before agency approval of the grant application, a 
 65.11  municipality must certify that:  
 65.12     (1) it has adopted and is enforcing the requirements of 
 65.13  Minnesota Rules governing individual sewage treatment systems; 
 65.14     (2) the existing systems for which application is made do 
 65.15  not conform to those rules, are at least 20 years old, do not 
 65.16  serve seasonal residences, and were not constructed with state 
 65.17  or federal funds; and 
 65.18     (3) the costs requested do not include administrative 
 65.19  costs, costs for improvements or replacements made before the 
 65.20  application is submitted to the agency unless it pertains to the 
 65.21  plan finally adopted, and planning and engineering costs other 
 65.22  than those for the individual site evaluations and system design.
 65.23     (d) (e) The federal and state regulations regarding the 
 65.24  award of state and federal wastewater treatment grants do not 
 65.25  apply to municipalities or systems funded under this 
 65.26  subdivision, except as provided in this subdivision.  
 65.27     (e) (f) The agency shall adopt permanent rules regarding 
 65.28  priorities, distribution of funds, payments, inspections, 
 65.29  procedures for administration of the agency's duties, and other 
 65.30  matters that the agency finds necessary for proper 
 65.31  administration of grants awarded under this subdivision.  
 65.32     Sec. 39.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 116.182, 
 65.33  subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
 65.34     Subdivision 1.  [DEFINITIONS.] (a) For the purposes of this 
 65.35  section, the terms defined in this subdivision have the meanings 
 65.36  given them. 
 66.1      (b) "Agency" means the pollution control agency. 
 66.2      (c) "Authority" means the public facilities authority 
 66.3   established in section 446A.03. 
 66.4      (d) "Commissioner" means the commissioner of the pollution 
 66.5   control agency. 
 66.6      (e) "Essential project components" means those components 
 66.7   of a wastewater disposal system that are necessary to convey or 
 66.8   treat a municipality's existing wastewater flows and loadings, 
 66.9   and future wastewater flows and loadings based on 50 percent of 
 66.10  the projected residential growth of the municipality for a 
 66.11  20-year period. 
 66.12     (f) "Municipality" means a county, home rule charter or 
 66.13  statutory city, town, the metropolitan council, an Indian tribe 
 66.14  or an authorized Indian tribal organization; or any other 
 66.15  governmental subdivision of the state responsible by law for the 
 66.16  prevention, control, and abatement of water pollution in any 
 66.17  area of the state. 
 66.18     (g) "Outstanding international resource value waters" are 
 66.19  the surface waters of the state in the Lake Superior Basin, 
 66.20  other than Class 7 waters and those waters designated as 
 66.21  outstanding resource value waters. 
 66.22     (h) "Outstanding resource value waters" are those that have 
 66.23  high water quality, wilderness characteristics, unique 
 66.24  scientific or ecological significance, exceptional recreation 
 66.25  value, or other special qualities that warrant special 
 66.26  protection. 
 66.27     Sec. 40.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 116.182, is 
 66.28  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 66.30  addition to other applicable statutes or rules that are required 
 66.31  to receive financial assistance consistent with this 
 66.32  subdivision, the commissioner may not approve or certify a 
 66.33  project to the public facilities authority for wastewater 
 66.34  financial assistance unless the following requirements are met: 
 66.35     (1) prior to the initiation of the public facilities 
 66.36  planning process for a new wastewater treatment system, the 
 67.1   project proposer gives written notice to all municipalities as 
 67.2   defined in 116.82 within ten miles of the proposed project 
 67.3   service area, including the county in which the project is 
 67.4   located, the office of strategic and long-range planning, and 
 67.5   the pollution control agency.  The notice shall state the 
 67.6   proposer's intent to begin the facilities planning process and 
 67.7   provide a description of the need for the proposed project.  The 
 67.8   notice also shall request a response within 30 days of the 
 67.9   notice date from all government units who wish to receive and 
 67.10  comment on the future facilities plan for the proposed project; 
 67.11     (2) during development of the facility plan's analysis of 
 67.12  service alternatives, the project proposer must request 
 67.13  information from all municipalities and sanitary districts which 
 67.14  have existing systems that have current capacity to meet the 
 67.15  proposer's needs or can be upgraded to meet those needs.  At a 
 67.16  minimum, the proposer must notify in writing those 
 67.17  municipalities and sanitary districts whose corporate limits or 
 67.18  boundaries are within three miles of the proposed project's 
 67.19  service area; 
 67.20     (3) 60 days prior to the municipality's public hearing on 
 67.21  the facilities plan, a copy of the draft facilities plan and 
 67.22  notice of the public hearing on the facilities plan must be 
 67.23  given to the local government units who previously expressed 
 67.24  interest in the proposed project under clause (1); 
 67.25     (4) for a proposed project located or proposed to be 
 67.26  located outside the corporate limits of a city, the affected 
 67.27  county has certified to the agency that the proposed project is 
 67.28  consistent with the applicable county comprehensive plan and 
 67.29  zoning and subdivision regulations; and 
 67.30     (5) copies of the notifications required under clauses (1) 
 67.31  and (2), as well as the certification from the county and a 
 67.32  summary of the comments received, must be included by the 
 67.33  municipality in the submission of its facilities plan to the 
 67.34  pollution control agency, along with other required items as 
 67.35  specified in the agency's rules. 
 67.36     This subdivision does not apply to the western Lake 
 68.1   Superior sanitary district or the metropolitan council. 
 68.2      Sec. 41.  [116J.561] [CREATION OF ACCOUNT.] 
 68.3      A redevelopment account is created in the general fund.  
 68.4   Money in the account may be used to make grants as provided in 
 68.5   section 116J.564 and to pay for the commissioner's costs in 
 68.6   reviewing applications and making grants. 
 68.7      Sec. 42.  [116J.562] [DEFINITIONS.] 
 68.8      Subdivision 1.  [SCOPE OF APPLICATION.] For purposes of 
 68.9   sections 116J.561 to 116J.565, the terms in subdivisions 2 to 5 
 68.10  have the meanings given. 
 68.11     Subd. 2.  [REDEVELOPMENT COSTS OR COSTS.] "Redevelopment 
 68.12  costs" or "costs" means the costs of land acquisition, 
 68.13  demolition, infrastructure improvement, and ponding, or other 
 68.14  environmental infrastructure. 
 68.15     Subd. 3.  [DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY.] "Development authority" 
 68.16  includes a statutory or home rule charter city, county, housing 
 68.17  and redevelopment authority, economic development authority, and 
 68.18  port authority. 
 68.19     Subd. 4.  [METROPOLITAN AREA.] "Metropolitan area" means 
 68.20  the seven-county metropolitan area, as defined in section 
 68.21  473.121, subdivision 2. 
 68.22     Subd. 5.  [MUNICIPALITY.] "Municipality" means the 
 68.23  statutory or home rule charter city, town, or, in the case of 
 68.24  unorganized territory, county in which the redevelopment is 
 68.25  located. 
 68.26     Subd. 6.  [PUBLIC BENEFITS.] "Public benefits" include job 
 68.27  creation, environmental benefits to the state and region, 
 68.28  efficient use of public transportation, efficient use of 
 68.29  existing infrastructure, provision of affordable housing, 
 68.30  multiuse development that constitutes community rebuilding 
 68.31  rather than single-use development, crime reduction, blight 
 68.32  reduction, community stabilization, and property tax base 
 68.33  maintenance or improvement. 
 68.34     Sec. 43.  [116J.563] [GRANT APPLICATIONS.] 
 68.35     Subdivision 1.  [APPLICATION REQUIRED.] To obtain a 
 68.36  redevelopment grant, the development authority shall apply to 
 69.1   the commissioner.  The governing body of the municipality must 
 69.2   approve, by resolution, the application. 
 69.3      Subd. 2.  [REQUIRED CONTENT.] The commissioner shall 
 69.4   prescribe and provide the application form.  The application 
 69.5   must include at least the following information: 
 69.6      (1) identification of the site; 
 69.7      (2) a redevelopment plan for the site; 
 69.8      (3) a detailed estimate, along with necessary supporting 
 69.9   evidence, of the total redevelopment costs for the site; 
 69.10     (4) an assessment of the development potential or likely 
 69.11  use of the site after completion of the redevelopment plan, 
 69.12  including any specific commitments from third parties to 
 69.13  construct improvements on the site; 
 69.14     (5) the manner in which the municipality will meet the 
 69.15  local match requirement; and 
 69.16     (6) any additional information or material that the 
 69.17  commissioner prescribes. 
 69.18     Sec. 44.  [116J.564] [GRANTS.] 
 69.19     The commissioner may make a grant to an applicant 
 69.20  development authority to pay for up to 50 percent of the 
 69.21  redevelopment costs for a qualifying site.  The determination of 
 69.22  whether to make a grant for a site is within the sole discretion 
 69.23  of the commissioner, subject to sections 116J.561 to 116J.566 
 69.24  and available unencumbered money in the redevelopment account.  
 69.25  The commissioner's decisions and application of the priorities 
 69.26  under this section are not subject to judicial review, except 
 69.27  for abuse of discretion. 
 69.28     Sec. 45.  [116J.565] [PRIORITIES.] 
 69.29     Subdivision 1.  [CHARACTERISTICS.] (a) If applications for 
 69.30  grants exceed the available appropriations, grants shall be made 
 69.31  for sites that, in the commissioner's judgment, provide the 
 69.32  highest return in public benefits for the public costs 
 69.33  incurred.  In making this judgment, the commissioner shall give 
 69.34  priority to redevelopment projects with one or more of the 
 69.35  following characteristics: 
 69.36     (1) the need for redevelopment in conjunction with 
 70.1   contamination remediation needs; 
 70.2      (2) the redevelopment project meets current tax increment 
 70.3   financing requirements for a redevelopment district and tax 
 70.4   increments will contribute to the project; 
 70.5      (3) the redevelopment potential within the municipality; 
 70.6      (4) proximity to public transit if located in the 
 70.7   metropolitan area; and 
 70.8      (5) multijurisdictional projects that take into account the 
 70.9   need for affordable housing, transportation, and environmental 
 70.10  impact. 
 70.11     (b) The factors in paragraph (a), clauses (1) to (5), are 
 70.12  not listed in a rank order of priority; rather the commissioner 
 70.13  may weigh each factor, depending upon the facts and 
 70.14  circumstances, as the commissioner considers appropriate.  The 
 70.15  commissioner may consider other factors that affect the net 
 70.16  return of public benefits for completion of the redevelopment 
 70.17  plan.  The commissioner, notwithstanding the listing of 
 70.18  priorities and the goal of maximizing the return of public 
 70.19  benefits, shall make grants that distribute available money to 
 70.20  sites both within and outside of the metropolitan area.  The 
 70.21  commissioner shall provide a written statement of the supporting 
 70.22  reasons for each grant.  Unless sufficient applications are not 
 70.23  received for qualifying sites outside of the metropolitan area, 
 70.24  at least 25 percent of the money provided as grants must be made 
 70.25  for sites located outside of the metropolitan area.  The 
 70.26  commissioner shall consult with the metropolitan council about 
 70.27  metropolitan area grants. 
 70.28     Subd. 2.  [APPLICATION CYCLES.] In making grants, the 
 70.29  commissioner shall establish semiannual application deadlines in 
 70.30  which grants will be authorized from all or part of the 
 70.31  available money in the account. 
 70.32     Sec. 46.  [116J.566] [LOCAL MATCH REQUIREMENT.] 
 70.33     In order to qualify for a grant under sections 116J.561 to 
 70.34  116J.567, the municipality must pay for at least one-half of the 
 70.35  redevelopment costs as a local match from any money available to 
 70.36  the municipality. 
 71.1      Sec. 47.  [116J.567] [SALE OF LAND.] 
 71.2      Bond proceeds funds in the account may only be used for 
 71.3   redevelopment costs for publicly owned property.  Nonbond 
 71.4   proceeds funds in the account may be used for redevelopment 
 71.5   costs as defined in section 116J.562, subdivision 2, provided 
 71.6   that the land upon which the improvements are made will 
 71.7   ultimately be sold to a private developer at the fair market 
 71.8   value of the land.  Net sale proceeds, up to the amount of the 
 71.9   grant, must be paid to the account by the development authority 
 71.10  within two years of the sale. 
 71.11     Sec. 48.  Minnesota Statutes 1997 Supplement, section 
 71.12  124C.498, subdivision 2, is amended to read: 
 71.14  extent money is available, the commissioner of children, 
 71.15  families, and learning may approve projects from applications 
 71.16  submitted under this section.  The grant money must be used only 
 71.17  to design, acquire, construct, expand, remodel, improve, 
 71.18  furnish, or equip the building or site of a magnet school 
 71.19  facility according to contracts entered into within 24 months 
 71.20  after the date on which a grant is awarded. 
 71.21     Sec. 49.  Minnesota Statutes 1997 Supplement, section 
 71.22  268.917, is amended to read: 
 71.24  FACILITIES.] 
 71.25     The commissioner may make grants to state agencies and 
 71.26  political subdivisions to construct or rehabilitate facilities 
 71.27  for Head Start, early childhood and family education programs, 
 71.28  other early childhood intervention programs, or demonstration 
 71.29  family service centers housing multiagency collaboratives, with 
 71.30  priority to centers in counties or municipalities with the 
 71.31  highest number percentage of children living in poverty.  The 
 71.32  commissioner may also make grants to state agencies and 
 71.33  political subdivisions to construct or rehabilitate facilities 
 71.34  for crisis nurseries or child visitation centers.  The 
 71.35  facilities must be owned by the state or a political 
 71.36  subdivision, but may be leased under section 16A.695 to 
 72.1   organizations that operate the programs.  The commissioner shall 
 72.2   prescribe the terms and conditions of the leases.  A grant for 
 72.3   an individual facility must not exceed $200,000 for each program 
 72.4   that is housed in the facility, up to a maximum of $500,000 for 
 72.5   a facility that houses three programs or more.  The commissioner 
 72.6   shall give priority to grants that involve collaboration among 
 72.7   sponsors of programs under this section and may give priority to 
 72.8   projects that collaborate with child care providers, including 
 72.9   all-day and school-age child care programs, special needs care, 
 72.10  sick child care, and nontraditional hour care.  The commissioner 
 72.11  may give priority to grants for programs that will increase 
 72.12  their child care workers' wages as a result of the grant.  At 
 72.13  least 25 percent of the amounts appropriated for these 
 72.14  grants must be used in conjunction with the youth employment and 
 72.15  training programs operated by the commissioner up to $50,000 
 72.16  must utilize youthbuild under sections 268.361 to 268.366 or 
 72.17  other youth employment and training programs for the labor 
 72.18  portion of the construction.  Eligible programs must consult 
 72.19  with appropriate labor organizations to deliver education and 
 72.20  training.  State appropriations must be matched on a 50 percent 
 72.21  basis with nonstate funds.  The matching requirement must apply 
 72.22  programwide and not to individual grants. 
 72.23     Sec. 50.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 446A.072, 
 72.24  subdivision 2, is amended to read: 
 72.25     Subd. 2.  [TYPE OF SUPPLEMENTAL ASSISTANCE.] Supplemental 
 72.26  assistance shall be in the form of zero percent loans, with loan 
 72.27  repayments beginning February 20 or August 20 following the 
 72.28  scheduled date of the project obtaining grants.  If one year 
 72.29  after the initiation of operation of the project, the project 
 72.30  does not meet the operational performance standards established 
 72.31  by the agency, the grant must be repaid.  Upon receipt of notice 
 72.32  from the agency that the project operational performance 
 72.33  standards have been met, the authority will forgive the 
 72.34  scheduled loan repayments made under this section.  If not 
 72.35  forgiven, loan Grant repayments shall be deferred upon request 
 72.36  from the commissioner of the agency for six-month periods, 
 73.1   provided the commissioner has determined that satisfactory 
 73.2   progress is being made to achieve project performance or is 
 73.3   developing or implementing a corrective action plan. 
 73.4      Sec. 51.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 446A.072, 
 73.5   subdivision 4, is amended to read: 
 73.6      Subd. 4.  [FUNDING LEVEL.] (a) The authority shall provide 
 73.7   supplemental assistance for essential project component costs as 
 73.8   certified by the commissioner of the pollution control agency 
 73.9   under section 116.182, subdivision 4.  
 73.10     (b) A municipality may not receive more than $4,000,000 
 73.11  under this section unless specifically approved by law. 
 73.12     (c) The authority will calculate the grant amount needed 
 73.13  for the essential project component costs by first determining 
 73.14  the amount needed to reduce a municipality's monthly residential 
 73.15  sewer service charge to $25 or to an annual residential sewer 
 73.16  service charge in excess of 1.5 percent of the municipality's 
 73.17  median household income, whichever is less, and then multiplying 
 73.18  that amount by 80 percent to determine the actual award amount 
 73.19  to supplement loans under section 446A.07 or provide up to 
 73.20  one-third of the amount of the grant funding level required by 
 73.21  USDA/RECD for projects listed on the agency's intended use plan. 
 73.22     (d) The authority shall provide supplemental assistance for 
 73.23  up to one-half of the eligible grant funding level determined by 
 73.24  the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development 
 73.25  funding for projects listed on the agency's project priority 
 73.26  list, in priority order.  For municipalities that are not 
 73.27  eligible for United State Department of Agriculture Rural 
 73.28  Development funding for wastewater, the authority shall provide 
 73.29  supplemental assistance for:  (1) essential project component 
 73.30  costs calculated by first determining the amount needed to 
 73.31  reduce a municipality's annual residential sewer costs to 1.4 
 73.32  percent of the municipality's median household income or $25 per 
 73.33  month per household, whichever is greater, and then multiplying 
 73.34  that amount by 80 percent to determine the actual award amount 
 73.35  to supplement loans under section 446A.07; and (2) up to 50 
 73.36  percent of the incremental costs specifically identified by the 
 74.1   agency as being attributable to more stringent wastewater 
 74.2   standards required to protect outstanding resource value waters 
 74.3   or outstanding international resource value waters. 
 74.4      (d) Notwithstanding paragraph (b), in the event that a 
 74.5   municipality's monthly residential sewer service charges average 
 74.6   above $50, the authority will provide 90 percent of the grant 
 74.7   amount needed to reduce the average monthly sewer service charge 
 74.8   to $50, provided the project is ranked in the top 50 percentile 
 74.9   of the agency's intended use plan. 
 74.10     (e) Notwithstanding paragraphs (b), (c), and (d), a 
 74.11  municipality with an annual median household income of $40,000 
 74.12  or greater shall not be eligible for a grant, except for 
 74.13  incremental costs specifically identified by the agency as being 
 74.14  attributable to more stringent wastewater standards required to 
 74.15  protect outstanding resource value waters or outstanding 
 74.16  international resource value waters. 
 74.17     (f) The authority shall provide supplemental assistance to 
 74.18  a municipality that would not otherwise qualify for supplemental 
 74.19  assistance if: 
 74.20     (1) the municipality voluntarily accepts a sewer connection 
 74.21  from another governmental unit to serve residential, industrial, 
 74.22  or commercial developments that were completed before March 1, 
 74.23  1996, or are on lots whose plats were recorded before that date; 
 74.24  and 
 74.25     (2) fees charged by the municipality for the connection 
 74.26  must take into account state and federal grants used by the 
 74.27  municipality for the construction of the treatment plant. 
 74.28  The amount of supplemental assistance under this paragraph must 
 74.29  be sufficient to reduce debt service payments under section 
 74.30  446A.07 to an extent equivalent to a zero percent loan in an 
 74.31  amount up to the other governmental unit's project costs 
 74.32  necessary for connection.  Eligibility for supplemental 
 74.33  assistance under this paragraph ends three years after the 
 74.34  agency certifies that the connection has met the operational 
 74.35  performance standards established by the agency. 
 74.36     Sec. 52.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 446A.072, is 
 75.1   amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 75.2      Subd. 13.  [PLANNING GRANTS.] In order to determine the 
 75.3   feasibility of providing wastewater treatment in unsewered areas 
 75.4   and encourage multijurisdictional coordination, the authority 
 75.5   may provide grants to local governments to prepare preliminary 
 75.6   engineering plans and develop, as appropriate, intermunicipal 
 75.7   agreements, joint powers boards, or sanitary sewer districts.  
 75.8   Planning grants shall be equal to one-half of the eligible 
 75.9   engineering, legal, and administrative costs as determined by 
 75.10  the authority, up to a maximum of $50,000.  The authority shall 
 75.11  award planning grants based on the severity of the environmental 
 75.12  need and the potential for cooperation among local governments. 
 75.13     Sec. 53.  Minnesota Statutes 1997 Supplement, section 
 75.14  462A.202, subdivision 3a, is amended to read: 
 75.15     Subd. 3a.  [PERMANENT RENTAL HOUSING.] The agency may make 
 75.16  loans, with or without interest, to cities and counties to 
 75.17  finance the construction, acquisition, or rehabilitation of 
 75.18  affordable, permanent, publicly owned rental housing located in 
 75.19  the area designated under Presidential Declaration of Major 
 75.20  Disaster, DR-1175.  Loans made under this subdivision are 
 75.21  subject to the restrictions of subdivision 7.  In making loans 
 75.22  under this subdivision, the agency shall give priority to 
 75.23  projects that increase the supply of affordable family housing. 
 75.24     Sec. 54.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 473.39, is 
 75.25  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 75.27  council may not issue obligations for construction of light rail 
 75.28  transit in the Hiawatha corridor. 
 75.29     Sec. 55.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 473.399, is 
 75.30  amended to read: 
 75.32  RAIL PLANNING.] 
 75.33     Subdivision 1.  [GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.] (a) The council 
 75.34  shall adopt a regional light rail transit plan to ensure that 
 75.35  light rail transit facilities in the metropolitan area will be 
 75.36  acquired, developed, owned, and capable of operation in an 
 76.1   efficient, cost-effective, and coordinated manner as an 
 76.2   integrated and unified system on a multicounty basis in 
 76.3   coordination with buses and other transportation modes and 
 76.4   facilities.  The plan may be developed and adopted in phases 
 76.5   corresponding to phasing of construction of light rail.  To the 
 76.6   extent practicable, the council shall incorporate into its plan 
 76.7   appropriate elements of the plans of regional railroad 
 76.8   authorities in order to avoid duplication of effort. 
 76.9      (b) The regional light rail transit plan or first phase of 
 76.10  the plan required by this section must be adopted by the council 
 76.11  before the commissioner of transportation may begin construction 
 76.12  of light rail transit facilities and before the commissioner may 
 76.13  expend funds appropriated or obtained through bonding for 
 76.14  constructing light rail transit facilities.  Following adoption 
 76.15  of the regional plan, each regional railroad authority and the 
 76.16  commissioner of transportation shall act in conformity with the 
 76.17  plan.  The commissioner shall prepare or amend the final design 
 76.18  plans as necessary to make the plans consistent with 
 76.19  the regional light rail transit plan. 
 76.20     (c) Throughout the development and implementation of the 
 76.21  plan, the council shall contract for or otherwise obtain 
 76.22  engineering services to assure that the plan adequately 
 76.23  addresses the technical aspects of light rail transit. 
 76.24     Sec. 56.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 473.399, is 
 76.25  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 76.27  commissioner of transportation, the metropolitan council, and 
 76.28  the regional rail authorities shall ensure that the light rail 
 76.29  transit and commuter rail facilities are planned, designed, and 
 76.30  implemented:  (1) to move commuters and transit users into and 
 76.31  out of, as well as within, the metropolitan area, and (2) to 
 76.32  ensure that rail transit lines will interface with each other 
 76.33  and other transportation facilities and services so as to 
 76.34  provide a unified, integrated, and efficient multimodal 
 76.35  transportation system. 
 76.36     Sec. 57.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 473.3994, 
 77.1   subdivision 5, is amended to read: 
 77.2      Subd. 5.  [FINAL DESIGN PLANS.] (a) If the final design 
 77.3   plans incorporate a substantial change from the preliminary 
 77.4   design plans with respect to location, length, or termini of 
 77.5   routes; general dimension, elevation, or alignment of routes and 
 77.6   crossings; location of tracks above ground, below ground, or at 
 77.7   ground level; or station locations, before beginning 
 77.8   construction, the commissioner shall submit the physical design 
 77.9   changed component of final design plans to the governing body of 
 77.10  each statutory and home rule city, county, and town in which the 
 77.11  route changed component is proposed to be located.  Within 60 
 77.12  days after the submission of the plans, the city, county, or 
 77.13  town shall review and approve or disapprove the plans for the 
 77.14  route changed component located in the city, county, or town.  A 
 77.15  local unit of government that disapproves the plans change shall 
 77.16  describe specific amendments to the plans that, if adopted, 
 77.17  would cause the local unit to withdraw its disapproval.  Failure 
 77.18  to approve or disapprove the changed plans in writing within the 
 77.19  time period is deemed to be approval, unless an extension is 
 77.20  agreed to by the city, county, or town and the commissioner.  
 77.21     (b) If the governing body of one or more cities, counties, 
 77.22  or towns disapproves the changed plans within the period allowed 
 77.23  under paragraph (a), the commissioner may refer the plans, along 
 77.24  with any comments of local jurisdictions, to the metropolitan 
 77.25  council.  The council shall review the final design plans under 
 77.26  the same procedure and with the same effect as provided in 
 77.27  subdivision 4 for preliminary design plans. 
 77.28     Sec. 58.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 473.3994, 
 77.29  subdivision 10, is amended to read: 
 77.30     Subd. 10.  [CORRIDOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE.] A corridor 
 77.31  management committee shall be established to advise the 
 77.32  commissioner of transportation in the design and construction of 
 77.33  light rail transit in each corridor to be constructed.  The 
 77.34  corridor management committee shall consist of the following 
 77.35  members of the light rail transit joint powers board established 
 77.36  pursuant to section 473.3998 and one representative from each 
 78.1   city in which the corridor is located.  Additionally, the 
 78.2   commissioner of transportation and three representatives of the 
 78.3   metropolitan council shall each appoint a member to the 
 78.4   committee.  For the corridor between Minneapolis and St. Paul, 
 78.5   the University of Minnesota shall appoint one member to the 
 78.6   committee.  A member representing the metropolitan council shall 
 78.7   chair the committee: 
 78.8      (1) one member appointed by the joint powers board 
 78.9   established under section 473.3998; 
 78.10     (2) one member appointed by each city and county in which 
 78.11  the corridor is located; 
 78.12     (3) the commissioner of transportation or a designee of the 
 78.13  commissioner; 
 78.14     (4) two members appointed by the metropolitan council, one 
 78.15  of whom shall be designated as the chair of the committee; 
 78.16     (5) one member appointed by the metropolitan airports 
 78.17  commission, if the designated corridor provides direct service 
 78.18  to the Minneapolis-St. Paul international airport; and 
 78.19     (6) one member appointed by the president of the University 
 78.20  of Minnesota, if the designated corridor provides direct service 
 78.21  to the university. 
 78.22     The corridor management committee shall advise the 
 78.23  commissioner of transportation and the regional railroad 
 78.24  authority or authorities in whose jurisdiction the line or lines 
 78.25  are located on issues relating to the alternatives analysis, 
 78.26  environmental review, preliminary design, preliminary 
 78.27  engineering, final design, implementation method, and 
 78.28  construction of light rail transit. 
 78.29     Sec. 59.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 473.3994, 
 78.30  subdivision 12, is amended to read: 
 78.32  For light rail transit lines to be constructed in the 
 78.33  metropolitan area, the regional railroad authority or 
 78.34  authorities in whose jurisdiction a line or lines are to be 
 78.35  constructed and the commissioner of transportation shall jointly 
 78.36  prepare an alternatives analysis, the environmental review 
 79.1   documents required, and the preliminary engineering plan.  The 
 79.2   council must approve the design for the alternatives analysis 
 79.3   and the completed alternatives analysis.  The department of 
 79.4   transportation shall be the responsible governmental unit.  An 
 79.5   alternatives analysis is not required for the Hiawatha corridor. 
 79.6      Sec. 60.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 473.3998, is 
 79.7   amended to read: 
 79.9      A light rail transit joint powers board shall be formed 
 79.10  under section 471.59 consisting of one voting member from the 
 79.11  regional rail authorities of Hennepin, Ramsey, Anoka, 
 79.12  Washington, Dakota, Scott, and Carver counties. 
 79.13     The board shall review and approve light rail transit 
 79.14  system standards to be used by the commissioner in designing and 
 79.15  building a light rail transit facility and shall review and 
 79.16  approve the plan for community involvement and the marketing 
 79.17  program.  The board shall advise the corridor management 
 79.18  committee established pursuant to section 473.3994, subdivision 
 79.19  10, and the commissioner on the method of implementation.  All 
 79.20  members of the board shall be members of the corridor management 
 79.21  committee established pursuant to section 473.3994, subdivision 
 79.22  10. 
 79.23     Sec. 61.  Laws 1963, chapter 305, section 1, is amended to 
 79.24  read: 
 79.25     Section 1.  [DULUTH, CITY OF; ARENA-AUDITORIUM 
 79.27     There is hereby created an arena-auditorium administrative 
 79.28  board entertainment and convention center authority for the city 
 79.29  of Duluth, hereinafter referred to as the board authority, which 
 79.30  shall consist of seven the directors, who shall be appointed to 
 79.31  membership on such board authority, and who shall have and 
 79.32  exercise the powers, perform the duties, and be subject to the 
 79.33  obligations, as hereinafter set forth in this act. 
 79.34     Sec. 62.  Laws 1963, chapter 305, section 2, is amended to 
 79.35  read: 
 79.36     Sec. 2.  The board authority created under this act shall 
 80.1   consist of seven 11 directors, who shall seven appointed by the 
 80.2   city of Duluth and four appointed by the governor.  The 
 80.3   directors serve without compensation but who may be reimbursed 
 80.4   for authorized out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the 
 80.5   fulfillment of their duties.  The original term of three of the 
 80.6   directors shall be for one year; the original term of two of the 
 80.7   directors shall be for two years; and the original term of two 
 80.8   of the directors shall be for three years, and until their 
 80.9   respective successors are appointed and qualified.  Subsequent 
 80.10  terms of directors appointed by the city shall be for three 
 80.11  years.  All terms shall expire on June 30 of the appropriate 
 80.12  year.  Directors appointed by the governor serve at the pleasure 
 80.13  of the governor.  Whenever a vacancy on such board authority 
 80.14  shall occur by reason of resignation, death, removal from the 
 80.15  city, or removal for failure or neglect to perform duties of a 
 80.16  director, such vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term.  
 80.17  All appointments and removal of directors of the board authority 
 80.18  appointed by the city shall be made by the mayor, with the 
 80.19  approval of the city council, evidenced by resolution.  Every 
 80.20  appointee who shall fail, within ten days after notification of 
 80.21  his appointment, to file with the city clerk his oath or 
 80.22  affirmation to perform faithfully, honestly, and impartially the 
 80.23  duties of his office, shall be deemed to have refused such 
 80.24  appointment, and thereupon another person shall be appointed in 
 80.25  the manner prescribed in this section. 
 80.26     Sec. 63.  Laws 1963, chapter 305, section 3, is amended to 
 80.27  read: 
 80.28     Sec. 3.  Subdivision 1.  Within 30 days after the members 
 80.29  of the board authority shall have qualified for office, the 
 80.30  board authority shall meet and organize, and adopt and 
 80.31  thereafter may amend such rules and regulations for the conduct 
 80.32  of the board authority as the board authority shall deem to be 
 80.33  in the public interest and most likely to advance, enhance, 
 80.34  foster, and promote the use of such arena-auditorium the 
 80.35  entertainment and convention center and its facilities for 
 80.36  activities, conventions, events, and athletic and cultural 
 81.1   productions.  Such rules and regulations shall at all times be 
 81.2   in harmony with this act.  
 81.3      Subd. 2.  Such directors shall elect from among their 
 81.4   number a president and a vice-president, and shall also elect a 
 81.5   secretary who may or may not be a member of such board authority.
 81.6   No two of such offices may be held by one director.  The 
 81.7   officers shall have the duties and powers usually attendant upon 
 81.8   such officers, and such other duties and powers not inconsistent 
 81.9   herewith as may be provided by the board authority. 
 81.10     Subd. 3.  The authority shall select a specific site within 
 81.11  the city of Duluth for location of a national class 
 81.12  entertainment and convention center, and may spend money 
 81.13  appropriated, or otherwise available to it for that purpose, to 
 81.14  acquire property for the center and to plan, design, construct, 
 81.15  equip, and furnish the center.  The authority shall administer, 
 81.16  promote, and operate the center as a state facility, but for 
 81.17  which the state assumes no financial responsibility or liability 
 81.18  beyond the amounts appropriated for the facility. 
 81.19     Sec. 64.  Laws 1963, chapter 305, section 4, is amended to 
 81.20  read: 
 81.21     Sec. 4.  Subdivision 1.  The city treasurer of the city of 
 81.22  Duluth shall be the treasurer of the board authority.  The 
 81.23  treasurer shall receive and have the custody of all moneys of 
 81.24  the board authority from whatever source derived, and the same 
 81.25  shall be deemed public funds.  The treasurer shall disburse such 
 81.26  funds only upon written orders drawn against such funds, signed 
 81.27  by the manager and approved by the president, or in his absence, 
 81.28  the vice-president of such board authority; and each order shall 
 81.29  state the name of the payee and the nature of the claim for 
 81.30  which the same is issued.  The treasurer shall keep an account 
 81.31  of all monies coming into his hands, showing the source of all 
 81.32  receipts and the nature, purpose, and authority of all 
 81.33  disbursements, and at least four times each year, at times and 
 81.34  in a form to be determined by the city council, the board 
 81.35  authority shall file with the city clerk a financial statement 
 81.36  of the board authority, showing all receipts and disbursements, 
 82.1   the nature of the same, the moneys on hand, and the purposes for 
 82.2   which the same are applicable, the credits and assets of 
 82.3   the board authority, and its outstanding liabilities. 
 82.4      Subd. 2.  The board authority has the exclusive power to 
 82.5   receive, control, and order the expenditure of any and all 
 82.6   moneys and funds pertaining to the arena-auditorium center 
 82.7   operations.  
 82.8      Subd. 3.  There are hereby created in the treasury of the 
 82.9   city of Duluth a special arena-auditorium entertainment and 
 82.10  convention center fund, hereinafter referred to as the special 
 82.11  fund, and an arena-auditorium entertainment and convention 
 82.12  center operating fund, hereinafter referred to as the operating 
 82.13  fund.  The moneys in the special fund shall be used solely for 
 82.14  the acquisition and preparation of a site, and for the planning, 
 82.15  construction, and equipping of the arena-auditorium center.  The 
 82.16  special fund shall consist of: 
 82.17     (1) All moneys derived from the sale of bonds by the city 
 82.18  to provide funds for the acquisition and preparation of a site, 
 82.19  and for the planning, construction, and equipping of an 
 82.20  arena-auditorium the center.  
 82.21     (2) All moneys appropriated or made available to the city 
 82.22  of Duluth for the acquisition and preparation of a site, and for 
 82.23  the planning, construction, and equipping of the 
 82.24  arena-auditorium center. 
 82.25     (3) The proceeds of all financial aid or assistance by the 
 82.26  city or state governments for the acquisition and preparation of 
 82.27  a site, and for the planning, construction, and equipping of the 
 82.28  arena-auditorium center. 
 82.29     (4) All moneys received from the United States of America 
 82.30  to aid in the acquisition and preparation of a site, and for the 
 82.31  planning, construction, and equipping of the 
 82.32  arena-auditorium center. 
 82.33     (5) All moneys received as gifts or contributions to the 
 82.34  acquisition and preparation of a site, and for the planning, 
 82.35  construction, and equipping of the arena-auditorium center. 
 82.36     The operating fund shall be used for maintenance, 
 83.1   promotion, operation, or betterment of the arena-auditorium 
 83.2   center, and for expenses of the board authority.  The operating 
 83.3   fund shall consist of all moneys of the board authority derived 
 83.4   from any source other than moneys credited to the special fund 
 83.5   as hereinabove provided. 
 83.6      Subd. 4.  At least once in each year the city auditor shall 
 83.7   make, or cause to be made, at the expense of the board 
 83.8   authority, a complete examination and audit of all books and 
 83.9   accounts of the aforesaid board authority; and for such purpose 
 83.10  the city auditor shall have the authority and power to inspect 
 83.11  and examine such books and accounts at any time during regular 
 83.12  business hours and such intervals as he may determine.  One copy 
 83.13  of such yearly audit shall be filed by the city auditor with the 
 83.14  city clerk as a public document. 
 83.15     Subd. 5.  The authority shall annually submit to the 
 83.16  governor and the legislature a report detailing its activities 
 83.17  and finances for the previous year.  The report shall also 
 83.18  include a proposed budget for the succeeding two years, showing 
 83.19  in reasonable detail estimated operating and nonoperating 
 83.20  revenues from all sources, and estimated expenditures for 
 83.21  operation, administration, ordinary repair, and debt service. 
 83.22     Subd. 6.  The legislative auditor shall make an annual 
 83.23  audit of the authority's books and accounts once each year or as 
 83.24  often as the legislative auditor's funds and personnel permit. 
 83.25     Sec. 65.  Laws 1963, chapter 305, section 5, is amended to 
 83.26  read: 
 83.27     Sec. 5.  Subdivision 1.  Wherever the word 
 83.28  "arena-auditorium" are "center" is used in this act, such words 
 83.29  shall mean and include the municipal arena-auditorium 
 83.30  cultural it means the entertainment and convention center 
 83.31  complex of the city of Duluth, including the land upon which it 
 83.32  stands and land appurtenant thereto. 
 83.33     Subd. 2.  Notwithstanding anything to the contrary 
 83.34  contained in any law, or in the charter of the city of Duluth, 
 83.35  or in any ordinance thereof, passed by the city council, or 
 83.36  approved by the electors of the city, there is hereby conferred 
 84.1   upon such board authority the power and duty to contract for and 
 84.2   superintend the erection, construction, equipping and furnishing 
 84.3   of such arena-auditorium the center, and to administer, promote, 
 84.4   control, direct, manage, and operate such arena-auditorium the 
 84.5   center as a municipal facility. 
 84.6      Sec. 66.  Laws 1963, chapter 305, section 7, is amended to 
 84.7   read: 
 84.8      Sec. 7.  Subdivision 1.  No motor vehicle, either privately 
 84.9   or publicly owned, may be parked upon any parking lot or 
 84.10  facility operated by the board authority except as authorized by 
 84.11  this section.  The operation and supervision of all such parking 
 84.12  lots and facilities are vested in the board authority.  It may 
 84.13  fix and collect rents, charges, or fees in connection with and 
 84.14  for the use of any parking lot or facility operated by the board 
 84.15  authority. 
 84.16     Subd. 2.  [RULES AND REGULATIONS.] The board authority may 
 84.17  adopt and enforce rules and regulations governing the parking of 
 84.18  motor vehicles upon any such parking lot or facility so operated 
 84.19  by it.  Such rules and regulations shall be approved as to form 
 84.20  and validity by the city attorney, shall be published once in 
 84.21  the official newspaper of the city, and a certified copy of such 
 84.22  publication filed with the city clerk, and thereupon such rules 
 84.23  and regulations shall have the force of law. 
 84.24     Subd. 3.  [REMOVAL AND IMPOUNDING OF VEHICLES.] Any motor 
 84.25  vehicle parked upon any parking lot or facility operated by the 
 84.26  board authority not in conformity with the rules and regulations 
 84.27  of the board authority governing the operation and use thereof 
 84.28  shall be deemed a public nuisance and the board authority shall 
 84.29  provide for the abatement of such nuisance by rules and 
 84.30  regulations, including provision for the removal and impounding 
 84.31  of such motor vehicle.  The cost of such removal and impounding 
 84.32  shall be a lien against the motor vehicle until paid. 
 84.33     Subd. 4.  [VIOLATIONS.] Any person, city official, elective 
 84.34  or appointed, firm, association, or corporation which violates 
 84.35  any of the provisions of this section or any rule or regulation 
 84.36  made by the board authority hereunder is guilty of a misdemeanor 
 85.1   and upon conviction thereof shall be punished in the manner 
 85.2   provided by law. 
 85.3      Subd. 5.  [MONEYS COLLECTED.] All moneys collected by the 
 85.4   board authority as rents, charges, or fees in connection with 
 85.5   and for the use of any parking lot or facility shall be 
 85.6   deposited in the arena-auditorium entertainment and convention 
 85.7   center operating fund. 
 85.8      Sec. 67.  Laws 1963, chapter 305, section 8, is amended to 
 85.9   read: 
 85.10     Sec. 8.  The board authority shall have the power: 
 85.11     To adopt and alter all bylaws and rules and regulations 
 85.12  which it shall from time to time deem best for the conduct of 
 85.13  the business of the board authority, and for the use of the 
 85.14  facilities of the board authority, and for the purposes of 
 85.15  carrying out the objects of this act; but such bylaws, rules, 
 85.16  and regulations shall not be in conflict with the terms of this 
 85.17  act. 
 85.18     To appoint and remove a manager and such other employees as 
 85.19  the board authority may deem necessary, who shall not be within 
 85.20  the civil service classifications of the city, and to prescribe 
 85.21  the duties and fix the compensation and other benefits of such 
 85.22  manager and employees, without regard to any provision contained 
 85.23  in the charter or any ordinance of the city relating to civil 
 85.24  service, or to any provision contained in Minnesota Statutes 
 85.25  1961, Sections 197.45 to 197.47, inclusive. 
 85.26     To procure and provide for a policy or policies of 
 85.27  insurance for the defense and indemnification of the city of 
 85.28  Duluth, its officers and employees, and directors, manager, and 
 85.29  employees of the board authority, against claims arising against 
 85.30  them out of the performance of duty, whether such claims be 
 85.31  groundless, or otherwise.  Premiums for any policies of 
 85.32  insurance required by this act shall be paid for out of the 
 85.33  funds of the arena-auditorium administrative board entertainment 
 85.34  convention center authority. 
 85.35     To implement and carry out the provisions of section 7 of 
 85.36  this act. 
 86.1      To utilize the services and facilities of the city so far 
 86.2   as the same are offered by appropriate city officials and 
 86.3   accepted by the board authority, and to pay the city for all 
 86.4   charges and costs for such services. 
 86.5      To operate and maintain and to lease from others all 
 86.6   facilities necessary or convenient in connection with the 
 86.7   arena-auditorium center and to contract for the operation and 
 86.8   maintenance of any parts thereof or for services to be 
 86.9   performed; to lease the whole or parts thereof, and grant 
 86.10  concessions, all on such terms and conditions as the board 
 86.11  authority may determine. 
 86.12     To authorize and direct the city treasurer to invest, in 
 86.13  the manner provided by law, any funds held in reserve, or 
 86.14  sinking funds, or any funds not required for immediate 
 86.15  disbursement. 
 86.16     To fix, alter, charge, and collect rates, fees, and all 
 86.17  other charges to be made for all services or facilities 
 86.18  furnished by the board authority for the use of the 
 86.19  arena-auditorium center facilities by any persons or public or 
 86.20  private agencies utilizing such services or facilities. 
 86.21     To make and execute contracts, agreements, instruments, and 
 86.22  other arrangements necessary or convenient to the exercise of 
 86.23  its powers. 
 86.24     Sec. 68.  Laws 1963, chapter 305, section 9, is amended to 
 86.25  read: 
 86.26     Sec. 9.  The manager of the arena-auditorium center shall 
 86.27  be responsible for the custody and control of all moneys 
 86.28  received and collected from the daily operations of the 
 86.29  arena-auditorium center until such moneys are delivered to the 
 86.30  city treasurer and he shall have obtained a receipt therefor, or 
 86.31  until such moneys are deposited in a bank account under control 
 86.32  of the city treasurer. 
 86.33     The manager shall give bond in favor of the city of Duluth 
 86.34  in a sum equal to twice the amount of money which will probably 
 86.35  be in his hands at any time during any one year, that amount to 
 86.36  be determined at least annually by the board authority; such 
 87.1   bond to be conditioned upon the faithful discharge of his 
 87.2   official duties, and be approved as to form, correctness, and 
 87.3   validity by the city attorney, and filed with the city auditor; 
 87.4   such bond, however, shall not exceed $300,000.  Premiums for 
 87.5   such bonds shall be paid out of funds of the board authority. 
 87.6      Sec. 69.  Laws 1963, chapter 305, section 10, is amended to 
 87.7   read: 
 87.8      Sec. 10.  The board authority shall regulate the making of 
 87.9   bids and the letting of contracts through procedure established 
 87.10  by the board authority, subject to the following conditions: 
 87.11     (a) In all cases of work to be done by contract or the 
 87.12  purchase of property of any kind, or the rendering of any 
 87.13  service to the board authority other than professional services, 
 87.14  competitive bids shall be secured before any purchase is made or 
 87.15  any contract awarded where the amount involved exceeds the sum 
 87.16  of $2,000. 
 87.17     (b) All bids shall be sealed when received, shall be opened 
 87.18  in public at the hour stated in the notice; and all original 
 87.19  bids, together with all documents pertaining to the award of the 
 87.20  contract, shall be retained and made a part of the permanent 
 87.21  file or record, and shall be open to public inspection. 
 87.22     (c) Purchases of $2,000 or less may, through procedure 
 87.23  established by the board authority, be delegated to 
 87.24  the auditorium center manager.  Contracts involving more than 
 87.25  $2,000 shall be awarded only after authorization by the board 
 87.26  authority. 
 87.27     (d) The board authority may reject, or through procedure 
 87.28  established by the board authority, authorize the auditorium 
 87.29  center manager to reject, any and all bids. 
 87.30     (e) Contract shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder, 
 87.31  and purchases shall be made from the responsible bidder who 
 87.32  offers to furnish the article desired for the lowest sum. 
 87.33     (f) In determining the lowest responsible bidder, in 
 87.34  addition to price, the following may be considered: 
 87.35     (1) The ability, capacity, and skill of the bidder to 
 87.36  perform the contract or provide the service required. 
 88.1      (2) Whether the bidder can perform the contract or provide 
 88.2   the service promptly, or within the time specified, without 
 88.3   delay or interference. 
 88.4      (3) The character, integrity, reputation, judgment, 
 88.5   experience and efficiency of the bidder. 
 88.6      (4) The quality of performance of previous contracts or 
 88.7   services. 
 88.8      (5) The sufficiency of the financial resources and ability 
 88.9   of the bidder to perform the contract or provide the service. 
 88.10     (6) The quality, availability, and adaptability of the 
 88.11  supplies or contractual service to the particular use required. 
 88.12     (7) The ability of the bidder to provide future maintenance 
 88.13  and service for the use of the subject of the contract. 
 88.14     (8) The number and scope of conditions attached to the bid. 
 88.15     (g) Specifications shall not be so prepared as to exclude 
 88.16  all but one type or kind, but shall include competitive supplies 
 88.17  and equipment; provided, however, that unique or noncompetitive 
 88.18  articles which are determined by the board authority to be 
 88.19  sufficiently superior for the service intended by the board 
 88.20  authority, may be purchased without regard to other bids. 
 88.21     Sec. 70.  Laws 1963, chapter 305, section 11, is amended to 
 88.22  read: 
 88.23     Sec. 11.  The arena-auditorium board authority shall not 
 88.24  exercise the powers of eminent domain, but the city may acquire 
 88.25  lands for the arena-auditorium authority by exercise of the 
 88.26  power of eminent domain at the request and expense of the board 
 88.27  authority.  The arena-auditorium board authority shall not have 
 88.28  the power to raise any moneys by taxation in any form 
 88.29  whatsoever, nor to levy assessments for local improvements, nor 
 88.30  have the power to pledge the full faith and credit of the city. 
 88.31     Sec. 71.  Laws 1986, chapter 396, section 2, subdivision 1, 
 88.32  as amended by Laws 1987, chapter 55, section 4, and Laws 1989, 
 88.33  chapter 54, section 2, is amended to read: 
 88.34     Subdivision 1.  [ACTIVITIES; CONTRACTS.] The city may 
 88.35  acquire, design, construct, equip, improve, expand, control, 
 88.36  operate, and maintain the convention center and related 
 89.1   facilities.  The city shall have all powers necessary or 
 89.2   convenient for those purposes and may enter into any contract 
 89.3   for those purposes, including the financing of the convention 
 89.4   center and any related facilities. 
 89.5      The city may contract for construction materials, supplies, 
 89.6   and equipment in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, section 
 89.7   471.345, except that it may enter into contracts with persons, 
 89.8   firms, or corporations to perform one or more or all of the 
 89.9   functions of architect, engineer, and construction manager with 
 89.10  respect to all or part of a project to build or remodel the 
 89.11  convention center and related facilities.  Contractors shall be 
 89.12  selected through the process of public bidding provided that it 
 89.13  shall be permissible for the city to narrow the listing of 
 89.14  eligible bidders to those which the city determines to possess 
 89.15  sufficient expertise to perform the intended functions and the 
 89.16  city may negotiate with the three lowest responsible bidders to 
 89.17  achieve the lowest possible bid.  Notwithstanding any other law 
 89.18  or charter provision to the contrary, the city may, at the 
 89.19  discretion of the city council, enter into agreements relating 
 89.20  to the convention center, related facilities or any other city 
 89.21  construction project with appropriate labor organizations and 
 89.22  contractors which provide that no strike or lockout may be 
 89.23  ordered during the term of the agreements.  These provisions and 
 89.24  necessary procedures may be utilized for the purpose of 
 89.25  maintaining employment stability and avoiding delay or 
 89.26  interference with the performance of the fast-track construction 
 89.27  schedule in connection with the project.  The city may require 
 89.28  any construction manager to certify a construction price and 
 89.29  completion date to the city.  The city may require the posting 
 89.30  of a bond in an amount determined by the city to cover any costs 
 89.31  which may be incurred over and above the certified price, 
 89.32  including but not limited to costs incurred by the city or loss 
 89.33  of revenues resulting from incomplete construction on the 
 89.34  completion date and any other obligations the city may require 
 89.35  the construction manager to bear.  The city shall secure surety 
 89.36  bonds as required in Minnesota Statutes, section 574.26, 
 90.1   securing payment of just claims in connection with all public 
 90.2   work undertaken by it.  Persons entitled to the protection of 
 90.3   the bonds may enforce them as provided in Minnesota Statutes, 
 90.4   sections 574.28 to 574.32, and shall not be entitled to a lien 
 90.5   on any property of the city under the provisions of Minnesota 
 90.6   Statutes, sections 514.01 to 514.16. 
 90.7      Sec. 72.  Laws 1990, chapter 610, article 1, section 16, 
 90.8   subdivision 4, is amended to read: 
 90.9   Subd. 4.  For the labor 
 90.10  history center                                          550,000
 90.11  This appropriation is to plan and 
 90.12  design the Labor History Center.  The 
 90.13  society shall develop a facility 
 90.14  program document that defines the space 
 90.15  and programming needs of the center 
 90.16  including operating expenses.  The 
 90.17  society shall determine, through a site 
 90.18  location assessment study, the location 
 90.19  of the center on a site adjacent to the 
 90.20  history center and prepare working 
 90.21  drawings for the project.  Cost 
 90.22  estimates for all elements necessary to 
 90.23  complete the project must be submitted 
 90.24  to the chairs of the agriculture, 
 90.25  transportation, and semi-states 
 90.26  divisions of the senate finance and 
 90.27  house appropriations committees for 
 90.28  their recommendations.  The 
 90.29  recommendations are advisory only.  
 90.30  Failure or refusal to make a 
 90.31  recommendation promptly is deemed a 
 90.32  negative recommendation.  The total 
 90.33  cost of the project must not exceed 
 90.34  $12,500,000 $14,000,000.  The project 
 90.35  cost may include exhibits and 
 90.36  audio-visual devices and systems. 
 90.37     Sec. 73.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 2, subdivision 
 90.38  13, is amended to read: 
 90.39  Subd. 13.  St. Louis County
 90.40  Heritage and Arts Center                                750,000
 90.41  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 90.42  St. Louis county to construct an 
 90.43  addition and improvements to the St. 
 90.44  Louis county heritage and arts center 
 90.45  in Duluth, subject to new Minnesota 
 90.46  Statutes, section 16A.695. 
 90.47  This appropriation is available only as 
 90.48  matched by $2 of nonstate money for 
 90.49  every $1 of state money. 
 90.50     Sec. 74.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 13, subdivision 
 90.51  4, as amended by Laws 1997, chapter 246, section 29, is amended 
 90.52  to read:  
 90.53  Subd. 4.  Renovate Capitol
 91.1   Building                                                     
 91.2                                                         8,435,000
 91.3   $4,800,000 is to predesign, design, and 
 91.4   reconstruct the northeast terrace and 
 91.5   predesign and design the northwest 
 91.6   terrace terraces of the capitol 
 91.7   building.  
 91.8   $1,400,000 is to renovate the lantern 
 91.9   and related structures on the capitol 
 91.10  dome. 
 91.11  $2,235,000 is to predesign, design, 
 91.12  construct, furnish, and equip the 
 91.13  renovation of the capitol cafeteria 
 91.14  including full-service kitchen and 
 91.15  related spaces.  The appropriation is 
 91.16  available after review and comment by 
 91.17  the council on disability. 
 91.18  The balance of the appropriation in 
 91.19  this subdivision that is not needed for 
 91.20  the projects specified may be used for 
 91.21  other structural stabilization projects 
 91.22  at the capitol or to improve the 
 91.23  capitol mall. 
 91.24     Sec. 75.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 14, subdivision 
 91.25  2, is amended to read: 
 91.26  Subd. 2.  Ice Center Grants                           8,000,000
 91.27  (a) $6,500,000 is for grants of up to 
 91.28  $250,000 each to construct new ice 
 91.29  arenas and renovate existing arenas 
 91.30  throughout the state, according to 
 91.31  criteria in Minnesota Statutes, section 
 91.32  240A.09.  
 91.33  (b) $500,000 is for renovation grants 
 91.34  for arenas that are at least 20 years 
 91.35  old, which may be in amounts up to 
 91.36  $125,000. 
 91.37  (c) All new and renovated facilities 
 91.38  receiving grants must be publicly 
 91.39  owned.  Projects receiving grants from 
 91.40  appropriations in items (a) and, (b), 
 91.41  and (d) are exempt from the 
 91.42  requirements of Minnesota Statutes, 
 91.43  section 16B.335. 
 91.44  (d) $1,000,000 of this amount may be 
 91.45  used only for a national curling center 
 91.46  in the Virginia, Mountain Iron, 
 91.47  Gilbert, and Eveleth area.  The 
 91.48  facility may only be constructed after 
 91.49  endorsement by a national governing 
 91.50  body member of the United States 
 91.51  Olympic Committee. 
 91.52     Sec. 76.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 14, subdivision 
 91.53  6, is amended to read: 
 91.54  Subd. 6.  National Volleyball Center                  2,300,000
 91.55  For a grant to the city of Rochester to 
 91.56  design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
 92.1   national volleyball center, to be 
 92.2   located on land owned by the city.  
 92.3   This grant is contingent upon a local 
 92.4   match of at least $2,300,000 from 
 92.5   nonstate sources.  The facility may be 
 92.6   constructed only after endorsement by a 
 92.7   national governing body member of the 
 92.8   United States Olympic Committee.  This 
 92.9   project is exempt from the requirements 
 92.10  of Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.335. 
 92.11     Sec. 77.  Laws 1996, chapter 463, section 22, subdivision 
 92.12  7, is amended to read: 
 92.13  Subd. 7.  Battle Point                                   500,000 
 92.14  For a grant to independent school 
 92.15  district No. 115, Cass 
 92.16  Lake-Bena, Notwithstanding subdivision 
 92.17  1, this appropriation is to the Indian 
 92.18  Affairs Council for capital 
 92.19  improvements at the Battle Point 
 92.20  historic site.  This appropriation may 
 92.21  be supplemented with money from other 
 92.22  sources. 
 92.23     Sec. 78.  Laws 1997, chapter 202, article 1, section 35, as 
 92.24  amended by Laws 1997, chapter 246, section 34, and Laws 1997, 
 92.25  Second Special Session chapter 2, section 24, is amended to read:
 92.26  Sec. 35.  BOND SALE SCHEDULE 
 92.27  The commissioner of finance shall 
 92.28  schedule the sale of state general 
 92.29  obligation bonds so that, during the 
 92.30  biennium ending June 30, 1999, no more 
 92.31  than $565,457,000 $554,691,000 will 
 92.32  need to be transferred from the general 
 92.33  fund to the state bond fund to pay 
 92.34  principal and interest due and to 
 92.35  become due on outstanding state general 
 92.36  obligation bonds.  During the biennium, 
 92.37  before each sale of state general 
 92.38  obligation bonds, the commissioner of 
 92.39  finance shall calculate the amount of 
 92.40  debt service payments needed on bonds 
 92.41  previously issued and shall estimate 
 92.42  the amount of debt service payments 
 92.43  that will be needed on the bonds 
 92.44  scheduled to be sold, the commissioner 
 92.45  shall adjust the amount of bonds 
 92.46  scheduled to be sold so as to remain 
 92.47  within the limit set by this section.  
 92.48  The commissioner may use the amount 
 92.49  needed of this appropriation to redeem 
 92.50  and prepay the state general obligation 
 92.51  taxable state various purpose bonds 
 92.52  dated July 1, 1988, and to also pay 
 92.53  expenses related to redeeming and 
 92.54  repaying these bonds.  The amount 
 92.55  needed to make the debt service 
 92.56  payments is appropriated from the 
 92.57  general fund as provided in Minnesota 
 92.58  Statutes, section 16A.641. 
 92.60  CIVIC CENTERS.] 
 93.1      Subdivision 1.  [PURPOSE.] The state has a strong interest 
 93.2   in the proper development, marketing, and coordinated planning 
 93.3   for the use and funding of public convention and civic centers 
 93.4   throughout Minnesota.  The state further recognizes the need for 
 93.5   a joint effort among convention and civic centers in planning 
 93.6   and marketing the wide array of choices of state public centers 
 93.7   to the convention and tourist business. 
 93.8      Subd. 2.  [ESTABLISHMENT.] The advisory committee on public 
 93.9   convention and civic centers is hereby established.  The 
 93.10  advisory committee will be made up of the following members: 
 93.11     (1) a chair appointed by the governor; 
 93.12     (2) one member from any political subdivision receiving a 
 93.13  state subsidy for a convention or civic center, to be appointed 
 93.14  by the city council or board of county commissioners; 
 93.15     (3) four members of the public, appointed by the governor, 
 93.16  two of whom are representatives, members, or employees of 
 93.17  convention bureaus or trade associations, and two of whom are 
 93.18  representatives of other businesses or employee organizations 
 93.19  that benefit from the operation of public convention and civic 
 93.20  centers; and 
 93.21     (4) the commissioner of trade and economic development or 
 93.22  the commissioner's designee.  
 93.23     Subd. 3.  [DUTIES.] The duties of the advisory committee 
 93.24  include: 
 93.25     (1) development of methods and principles for coordinating 
 93.26  the marketing and use of public convention and civic centers 
 93.27  throughout the state; 
 93.28     (2) development of a plan to implement coordinated 
 93.29  marketing of all the facilities in the state to national, 
 93.30  regional, and state conventions and hospitality shows; 
 93.31     (3) development, in conjunction with the department of 
 93.32  trade and economic development, of an electronic database that 
 93.33  will promote the variety of state convention and civic centers 
 93.34  to interested parties outside the state including national and 
 93.35  international shows; 
 93.36     (4) solicitation of advice from the general public, 
 94.1   convention and tourist organizations, state companies with an 
 94.2   interest in displaying at conventions, and other individuals 
 94.3   with regard to the improvement of the use of convention and 
 94.4   civic centers; and 
 94.5      (5) review of proposals for state funding of new convention 
 94.6   and civic centers or major remodeling or additions to existing 
 94.7   facilities and preparation of funding recommendations to the 
 94.8   governor and legislature. 
 94.9      Subd. 4.  [OBLIGATIONS OF GRANT RECIPIENTS.] Any political 
 94.10  subdivision that has accepted state funding for a convention or 
 94.11  civic center shall: 
 94.12     (1) work cooperatively to determine the formula to be 
 94.13  applied to economic impact estimates for convention and civic 
 94.14  center usage in Minnesota; 
 94.15     (2) submit an annual report of the activity of the previous 
 94.16  year including usage days; local, state, regional, national, and 
 94.17  international conventions hosted; number of hotel room nights 
 94.18  generated; and economic impact to the area based on the agreed 
 94.19  upon formula; and 
 94.20     (3) work cooperatively to generate new meetings and 
 94.21  convention business to Minnesota from outside the state and to 
 94.22  avoid using the state subsidy to undercut existing in-state 
 94.23  business from using other convention and civic center facilities 
 94.24  throughout the state. 
 94.26     The commissioner of children, families, and learning shall 
 94.27  consider establishing a youth enrichment and community center 
 94.28  grant program.  The commissioner shall report to the legislature 
 94.29  by January 15, 1999, recommendations on whether the program 
 94.30  should be established and what criteria should govern the 
 94.31  program. 
 94.33     (a) With respect to the construction of the RiverCentre 
 94.34  Arena, the construction manager may:  (1) guarantee a maximum 
 94.35  cost of construction; and (2) provide payment and performance 
 94.36  bonds or other security reasonably acceptable to the city in an 
 95.1   amount equal to the guaranteed maximum cost of construction, and 
 95.2   shall comply with all employment requirements applicable to 
 95.3   other city contracts for construction, including prevailing 
 95.4   wages, affirmative action, and outreach.  
 95.5      (b) The lessee under the arena lease described in paragraph 
 95.6   (c) or the construction manager may enter into contracts with 
 95.7   contractors for labor, materials, supplies, and equipment to 
 95.8   demolish the existing arena and equip and construct the new 
 95.9   RiverCentre Arena through the process of public bidding.  
 95.10     (c) The lessee or the construction manager may, with the 
 95.11  consent of the city lease representative as defined in the arena 
 95.12  lease among the city of St. Paul, the civic center authority, 
 95.13  and a lessee, dated as of January 15, 1998:  (1) limit the list 
 95.14  of eligible bidders to those that the construction manager 
 95.15  determines possess sufficient expertise to perform the intended 
 95.16  functions; (2) award contracts to the contractors that the 
 95.17  construction manager determines provide the best value, which 
 95.18  shall not necessarily be the lowest responsible bidder; and (3) 
 95.19  for work the construction manager determines to be critical to 
 95.20  the completion schedule, the construction manager may award 
 95.21  contracts on the basis of competitive proposals or perform work 
 95.22  with its own forces without soliciting competitive bids if the 
 95.23  construction manager provides evidence of competitive pricing. 
 95.25  TAXES.] 
 95.26     Notwithstanding any contrary provisions of law or charter, 
 95.27  the arena lease among the city, the civic center authority, and 
 95.28  a lessee, dated as of January 15, 1998, is authorized and the 
 95.29  civic center authority and the city of St. Paul may otherwise 
 95.30  lease the use and operation of the civic center arena for any 
 95.31  period of time by agreement in which the city retains title to 
 95.32  the property.  If the lease of January 15, 1998, is amended to 
 95.33  provide that the lessee will make to the city a payment in lieu 
 95.34  of taxes of at least $2,500,000 a year, increasing to over 
 95.35  $6,000,000 by the end of the lease, the use and operation of the 
 95.36  civic center arena, whether by the civic center authority or its 
 96.1   licensee or lessee, including any use arising from the arena 
 96.2   lease referred to in this section or demolition and construction 
 96.3   of the arena, is declared a use, lease, or occupancy for public, 
 96.4   governmental, and municipal purposes, and the civic center arena 
 96.5   is exempt from taxation by the state or any political 
 96.6   subdivision of the state during the use. 
 96.7      Sec. 83.  [CANCELLATIONS.] 
 96.8      (a) $1,200,000 of the appropriation in Laws 1994, chapter 
 96.9   643, section 8, subdivision 2, for homes for state-operated 
 96.10  waiver services is canceled.  The bond sale authorization in 
 96.11  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 31, subdivision 1, is reduced by 
 96.12  $1,200,000. 
 96.13     (b) The $10,000,000 appropriation from the state 
 96.14  transportation fund in Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 15, 
 96.15  subdivision 6, for light rail transit is canceled.  The bond 
 96.16  authorization in Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 31, subdivision 
 96.17  2, is reduced by $10,000,000. 
 96.18     (c) The $150,000 appropriation from the bond proceeds fund 
 96.19  under Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 23, subdivision 31, as 
 96.20  added by Laws 1997, chapter 246, section 25, to the commissioner 
 96.21  of natural resources for a grant to the city of Taylors Falls to 
 96.22  prepare a preliminary design for the St. Croix Valley heritage 
 96.23  center is canceled.  The bond sale authorization in Laws 1994, 
 96.24  chapter 643, section 31, subdivision 1, is reduced by $150,000. 
 96.25     Sec. 84.  [REPEALER.] 
 96.26     Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 473.3994, subdivision 11, 
 96.27  is repealed.  
 96.28     Minnesota Statutes 1997 Supplement, section 446A.072, 
 96.29  subdivision 4a, is repealed. 
 96.30     Laws 1985, First Special Session chapter 15, section 36, is 
 96.31  repealed.  
 96.32     Laws 1986, chapter 396, section 2, subdivision 2, is 
 96.33  repealed. 
 96.34     Sec. 85.  [EFFECTIVE DATE.] 
 96.35     This act is effective the day after final enactment, except 
 96.36  that section 30 is effective for all operating budgets and 
 97.1   budget projections for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1999, 
 97.2   and thereafter, and sections 61 to 70 are effective the day 
 97.3   after the governing body of the city of Duluth complies with 
 97.4   Minnesota Statutes, section 645.021, subdivision 3.