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HF 3405

as introduced - 86th Legislature (2009 - 2010) Posted on 03/04/2010 09:59am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - as introduced

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A bill for an act
relating to human services; modifying the commissioner's duties related to the
state medical review team; amending Minnesota Statutes 2009 Supplement,
section 256.01, subdivision 29.


Section 1.

Minnesota Statutes 2009 Supplement, section 256.01, subdivision 29,
is amended to read:

Subd. 29.

State medical review team.

(a) To ensure the timely processing of
determinations of disability by the commissioner's state medical review team under
sections 256B.055, subdivision 7, paragraph (b), 256B.057, subdivision 9, paragraph
(j), and 256B.055, subdivision 12, the commissioner shall review all medical evidence
submitted by county agencies with a referral and seek additional information from
providers, applicants, and enrollees to support the determination of disability where
necessary. Disability shall be determined according to the rules of title XVI and title
XIX of the Social Security Act and pertinent rules and policies of the Social Security

(b) Prior to a denial or withdrawal of a requested determination of disability due
to insufficient evidence, the commissioner shall (1) ensure that the missing evidence is
necessary and appropriate to a determination of disability, and (2) assist applicants and
enrollees to obtain the evidence, including, but not limited to, medical examinations
and electronic medical records.

(c) The commissioner shall provide the chairs of the legislative committees with
jurisdiction over health and human services finance and budget the following information
on the activities of the state medical review team by February 1deleted text begin, 2010, and annually
deleted text endnew text begin of each yearnew text end:

(1) the number of applications to the state medical review team that were denied,
approved, or withdrawn;

(2) the average length of time from receipt of the application to a decision;

(3) the number of appeals deleted text beginanddeleted text endnew text begin,new text end appeal resultsnew text begin, and the length of time taken from the
date the person involved requested an appeal for a written decision to be made on each
new text end;

(4) for applicants, their age, health coverage at the time of application, hospitalization
history within three months of application, and whether an application for Social Security
or Supplemental Security Income benefits is pending; and

(5) specific information on the medical certification, licensure, or other credentials
of the person or persons performing the medical review determinations and length of
time in that position.

new text begin (d) Any appeal made under section 256.045, subdivision 3, of a disability
determination made by the state medical review team must be decided according to the
timelines under section 256.0451, subdivision 22, paragraph (a). If a written decision is
not issued within the timelines under section 256.0451, subdivision 22, paragraph (a), the
appeal must be immediately reviewed by the chief appeals referee.
new text end