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HF 3273

3rd Engrossment - 79th Legislature (1995 - 1996) Posted on 12/15/2009 12:00am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - 3rd Engrossment

  1.1                          A bill for an act 
  1.2             relating to public administration; authorizing 
  1.3             spending to acquire and to better public land and 
  1.4             buildings and other public improvements of a capital 
  1.5             nature with certain conditions; authorizing issuance 
  1.6             of bonds; appropriating money; amending Minnesota 
  1.7             Statutes 1994, sections 16A.632, by adding a 
  1.8             subdivision; 16A.641, subdivision 8; 16A.695, by 
  1.9             adding a subdivision; 16B.24, subdivisions 6 and 6a; 
  1.10            41B.19, subdivision 1; 41B.195; 124C.73, subdivision 
  1.11            1; 134.45, subdivisions 5 and 6; 135A.046; 268.917; 
  1.12            and 475.58, by adding a subdivision; Minnesota 
  1.13            Statutes 1995 Supplement, sections 16A.28, subdivision 
  1.14            5; 16B.335, subdivision 1; 240A.09; 473.894, 
  1.15            subdivision 11; and 473.901, subdivision 1; Laws 1990, 
  1.16            chapter 535, section 3, subdivision 3; Laws 1994, 
  1.17            chapter 643, section 11, subdivision 11, as amended; 
  1.18            section 19, subdivision 8, as amended; section 21, 
  1.19            subdivision 4, as amended; section 23, subdivision 20; 
  1.20            section 27, subdivision 2; section 35, subdivision 3; 
  1.21            and section 79, subdivision 8; Laws 1995, First 
  1.22            Special Session chapter 2, article 1, section 13; 
  1.23            proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, 
  1.24            chapters 268 and 446A; repealing Minnesota Statutes 
  1.25            1994, sections 15.50, subdivision 5; 116.162, as 
  1.26            amended; and 446A.071, subdivisions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 
  1.27            and 8; Minnesota Statutes 1995 Supplement, section 
  1.28            446A.071, subdivision 2; Laws 1994, chapter 643, 
  1.29            section 24, subdivision 3. 
  1.32     The sums in the column under "APPROPRIATIONS" are 
  1.33  appropriated from the bond proceeds fund, or another named fund, 
  1.34  to the state agencies or officials indicated, to be spent to 
  1.35  acquire and to better public land and buildings and other public 
  1.36  improvements of a capital nature, as specified in this act. 
  1.37                              SUMMARY 
  2.2   UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA                              93,804,000
  2.3   CHILDREN, FAMILIES, AND LEARNING                     19,100,000
  2.4   CENTER FOR ARTS EDUCATION                             6,879,000
  2.5   RESIDENTIAL ACADEMIES AT FARIBAULT                    2,373,000
  2.6   NATURAL RESOURCES                                    39,676,000
  2.7   OFFICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL ASSISTANCE                    3,000,000
  2.8   POLLUTION CONTROL AGENCY                              3,550,000
  2.9   PUBLIC FACILITIES AUTHORITY                          22,100,000
  2.10  BOARD OF WATER AND SOIL RESOURCES                    14,750,000
  2.11  AGRICULTURE                                          41,275,000
  2.12  ADMINISTRATION                                       48,485,000
  2.13  AMATEUR SPORTS COMMISSION                            21,600,000
  2.14  MILITARY AFFAIRS                                      1,120,000
  2.15  CORRECTIONS                                          94,154,000
  2.16  HUMAN SERVICES                                        8,807,000
  2.17  VETERANS HOMES BOARD                                    740,000
  2.18  TRANSPORTATION                                       49,639,000
  2.19  HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY                                3,500,000 
  2.20  ECONOMIC SECURITY                                     3,500,000 
  2.21  MINNESOTA HISTORICAL SOCIETY                          5,950,000 
  2.22  PUBLIC SERVICE                                        4,000,000
  2.23  GRANTS TO POLITICAL SUBDIVISIONS                     69,410,000
  2.24  BOND SALE EXPENSES                                      608,000
  2.25  TOTAL                                            $  651,951,000
  2.26  Bond Proceeds Fund                                  597,110,000
  2.27  Transportation Fund                                  10,000,000
  2.28  Trunk Highway Fund                                   36,053,000
  2.29  General Fund                                          8,253,000
  2.30  Highway User Tax Distribution Fund                      535,000
  2.31                                                   APPROPRIATIONS 
  2.32                                                   $
  2.35  Subdivision 1.  To the board of 
  2.36  trustees of the Minnesota state colleges 
  2.37  and universities for the purposes specified 
  2.38  in this section                                      93,931,000
  3.1   Subd. 2.  The board of trustees is 
  3.2   requested to conduct a thorough 
  3.3   evaluation of all buildings under its 
  3.4   jurisdiction to determine the condition 
  3.5   and the repair and betterment 
  3.6   requirements.  The evaluation shall 
  3.7   include a review of the energy 
  3.8   efficiency of all major building 
  3.9   systems.  The information should be 
  3.10  compiled for each campus and summarized 
  3.11  for the entire system.  
  3.12  Subd. 3.  Higher Education Asset 
  3.13  Preservation and Replacement                         16,000,000 
  3.14  To be spent in accordance with 
  3.15  Minnesota Statutes, section 135A.046.  
  3.16  This appropriation may not be spent for 
  3.17  renewal.  
  3.18  Subd. 4.  Alexandria Technical College 
  3.19  The board may use up to $300,000 in 
  3.20  revenue bonds under Minnesota Statutes, 
  3.21  sections 136A.25 to 136A.42, to 
  3.22  construct parking facilities for 
  3.23  independent school district No. 206 and 
  3.24  the technical college to settle land 
  3.25  acquisition issues resulting from the 
  3.26  merger.  The parking facilities may be 
  3.27  located on land owned by the school 
  3.28  district.  Debt service on the revenue 
  3.29  bonds must be paid with parking fees 
  3.30  and other charges.  The board may also 
  3.31  use money from other sources to pay for 
  3.32  the construction of the facilities. 
  3.33  Subd. 5.  Anoka Hennepin Technical College 
  3.34  The board of trustees of the Minnesota 
  3.35  state colleges and universities may 
  3.36  acquire the aviation management 
  3.37  facility and corresponding real 
  3.38  property leased for use by the Anoka 
  3.39  Hennepin technical college at the Anoka 
  3.40  county airport, according to the terms 
  3.41  of the existing lease-purchase 
  3.42  agreement. 
  3.43  Subd. 6.  Anoka Ramsey Community College 
  3.44  (a) Addition and Remodeling                         10,430,000
  3.45  Design, construct, furnish, and equip 
  3.46  an addition and remodel existing space 
  3.47  to provide classrooms, a learning 
  3.48  resource center, computer labs, a 
  3.49  developmental learning center, science 
  3.50  labs, nursing and student services 
  3.51  facilities, offices, and a campus 
  3.52  center. 
  3.53  (b) Design and construct a replacement
  3.54  energy plant and service elevator                    4,510,000
  3.55  Subd. 7.  Fond du Lac Community College              3,600,000
  3.56  Construct a residence facility that 
  3.57  provides cultural education experiences 
  3.58  for Indian students to meet the 
  4.1   statutory requirement that the campus 
  4.2   serve statewide Indian needs.  
  4.3   Subd. 8.  Hibbing Community and
  4.4   Technical Colleges                                    4,500,000
  4.5   Construct additions and install related 
  4.6   electrical and mechanical utilities at 
  4.7   the community college site to prepare 
  4.8   for collocation of programs. 
  4.9   Subd. 9.  Hutchinson Technical 
  4.10  College                                               2,000,000 
  4.11  Design and construct a heating, 
  4.12  ventilation, and air conditioning 
  4.13  system. 
  4.14  Subd. 10.  Itasca Community College             
  4.15  The board may use up to $600,000 in 
  4.16  revenue bonds under Minnesota Statutes, 
  4.17  sections 136A.25 to 136A.42, toward the 
  4.18  purchase of Wannigan Residence Hall.  
  4.19  The balance of the purchase price must 
  4.20  come from nonstate sources or from a 
  4.21  grant from a state agency.  The board 
  4.22  may not provide a grant. 
  4.23  Subd. 11.  Mankato State University  
  4.24  (a) Construct a hazardous 
  4.25  waste facility                                          270,000
  4.26  (b) Construct a chiller 
  4.27  plant addition                                        1,050,000
  4.28  Subd. 12.  Mesabi Community  
  4.29  College                                               1,230,000 
  4.30  Design and construct improvements for 
  4.31  code compliance and life safety; 
  4.32  telecommunications upgrades; 
  4.33  mechanical, heating, venting, and air 
  4.34  conditioning improvements; and 
  4.35  electrical upgrading. 
  4.36  Subd. 13.  Metropolitan State University,
  4.37  Minneapolis Region Campus                                      
  4.38  In selecting a site for Metro State 
  4.39  University, west metropolitan 
  4.40  Minneapolis region campus, it is the 
  4.41  intent of the legislature that the 
  4.42  board of trustees determine how best to 
  4.43  improve the delivery of comprehensive, 
  4.44  quality educational programs.  The 
  4.45  board shall seek input from the 
  4.46  communities, business interests, 
  4.47  elected officials, and other interested 
  4.48  parties, including the University of 
  4.49  Minnesota.  Priority shall be given to 
  4.50  sites that are under the authority of 
  4.51  the board, including consideration of 
  4.52  consolidating the Metro State programs 
  4.53  with other Minnesota state college and 
  4.54  university campuses to form a fully 
  4.55  integrated and consolidated campus 
  4.56  under a single administration.  The 
  4.57  board shall report its recommendations 
  4.58  to the 1997 legislature.  The board 
  5.1   must not enter into any agreements 
  5.2   regarding the lease or purchase of a 
  5.3   site until the site has been approved 
  5.4   in law. 
  5.5   Subd. 14.  Metropolitan State University, 
  5.6   St. Paul Region Campus                                  
  5.7   (a) Acquire Land Adjacent to the Campus               1,600,000
  5.8   (b) Power Plant Annex, Building C                     1,200,000
  5.9   Construct campus loading dock, Seventh 
  5.10  Street entrance and handicapped access, 
  5.11  site development, landscaping, and 
  5.12  lighting. 
  5.13  (c) Library                                             200,000
  5.14  Design a library for the St. Paul 
  5.15  campus.  This appropriation must be 
  5.16  matched by an equal amount from 
  5.17  nonstate sources. 
  5.18  Subd. 15.  Minneapolis Community 
  5.19  College                                               4,330,000 
  5.20  Design and construct modifications to 
  5.21  the air handling system and fire alarm 
  5.22  system, replace temperature control 
  5.23  system, air handling units, and 
  5.24  chillers.  
  5.25  Subd. 16.  Moorhead State   
  5.26  University                                             
  5.27  (a) Acquire land within the 
  5.28  campus boundaries                                     1,400,000
  5.29  (b) Construct a storm water drainage
  5.30  system for the campus                                 1,800,000
  5.31  Subd. 17.  North Hennepin   
  5.32  Community College                                     3,846,000 
  5.33  Design, remodel, construct, furnish, 
  5.34  and equip phase 2 of the learning 
  5.35  resource center. 
  5.36  Subd. 18.  Staples Technical
  5.37  College                                                 225,000
  5.38  Design and prepare contract documents 
  5.39  for replacement classrooms on the west 
  5.40  campus. 
  5.41  Subd. 19.  St. Cloud State  
  5.42  University Library                                   29,500,000
  5.43  Construct, furnish, and equip a new 
  5.44  library. 
  5.45  Subd. 20.  Vermilion Community
  5.46  College                                               1,890,000 
  5.47  Design and construct improvements for 
  5.48  code compliance, telecommunications 
  5.49  upgrade, mechanical upgrades, heating, 
  5.50  ventilation, and air conditioning 
  5.51  improvements, and electrical 
  5.52  modifications. 
  6.1   Subd. 21.  Willmar Technical
  6.2   College                                               2,150,000 
  6.3   Construct major modifications to the 
  6.4   heating, ventilation, and air 
  6.5   conditioning systems, install a 
  6.6   sprinkler system and telecommunications 
  6.7   cable trays. 
  6.8   Subd. 22.  Winona State     
  6.9   University                                            2,200,000 
  6.10  Construct a chiller plant addition. 
  6.11  Subd. 23.  Debt Service
  6.12  (a) The board shall pay one-third of 
  6.13  the debt service on state bonds sold to 
  6.14  finance projects authorized by 
  6.15  subdivisions 6, item (a); 7; 8; 14; 16, 
  6.16  item (a); 17; 18; and 19.  After each 
  6.17  sale of general obligation bonds, the 
  6.18  commissioner of finance shall notify 
  6.19  the board of the amounts assessed for 
  6.20  each year for the life of the bonds. 
  6.21  (b) The commissioner shall reduce the 
  6.22  board's assessment each year by 
  6.23  one-third of the net income from 
  6.24  investment of general obligation bond 
  6.25  proceeds in proportion to the amount of 
  6.26  principal and interest otherwise 
  6.27  required to be paid by the board.  The 
  6.28  board shall pay its resulting net 
  6.29  assessment to the commissioner of 
  6.30  finance by December 1 each year.  If 
  6.31  the board fails to make a payment when 
  6.32  due, the commissioner of finance shall 
  6.33  reduce allotments for appropriations 
  6.34  from the general fund otherwise 
  6.35  available to the board and apply the 
  6.36  amount of the reduction to cover the 
  6.37  missed debt service payment.  The 
  6.38  commissioner of finance shall credit 
  6.39  the payments received from the board to 
  6.40  the bond debt service account in the 
  6.41  state bond fund each December 1 before 
  6.42  money is transferred from the general 
  6.43  fund under Minnesota Statutes, section 
  6.44  16A.641, subdivision 10. 
  6.46  Subdivision 1.  To the board of regents 
  6.47  of the University of Minnesota for the 
  6.48  purposes specified in this section                   93,804,000
  6.49  Subd. 2.  Higher Education Asset 
  6.50  Preservation and Replacement                         12,000,000
  6.51  To be spent in accordance with 
  6.52  Minnesota Statutes, section 135A.046.  
  6.53  This appropriation may not be spent for 
  6.54  renewal.  
  6.55  The commissioner of finance shall not 
  6.56  release the appropriation in this 
  6.57  subdivision until the University of 
  6.58  Minnesota has provided to the 
  6.59  commissioner a list of buildings that 
  6.60  will be decommissioned. 
  7.1   Subd. 3.  Facility Renewal                            6,200,000
  7.2   Renovate existing classrooms and 
  7.3   instructional spaces.  
  7.4   The commissioner of finance shall not 
  7.5   release the appropriation in this 
  7.6   subdivision until the University of 
  7.7   Minnesota has provided to the 
  7.8   commissioner a list of buildings that 
  7.9   will be decommissioned. 
  7.10  Subd. 4.  Crookston                                   3,050,000 
  7.11  Design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
  7.12  controlled-environment science facility 
  7.13  and construct a connecting road. 
  7.14  Subd. 5.  Duluth                                      1,430,000 
  7.15  Design a library. 
  7.16  Subd. 6.  Morris                                      
  7.17  (a) Renovate Humanities and Fine
  7.18  Arts Building                                         2,300,000
  7.19  (b) Science Building                                  2,720,000
  7.20  Design a science laboratory addition, 
  7.21  student support facilities, power plant 
  7.22  addition, and physical education 
  7.23  addition. 
  7.24  Subd. 7.  Twin Cities      
  7.25  (a) Architecture Renovation                           9,000,000
  7.26  Design, renovate, furnish, and equip 
  7.27  the architecture building. 
  7.28  (b) Haecker Hall Renovation                          12,000,000
  7.29  Design, renovate, furnish, and equip 
  7.30  Haecker Hall and related space. 
  7.31  (c) Magnetic Resonance Research
  7.32  Building                                              3,500,000
  7.33  Design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
  7.34  new magnetic resonance research 
  7.35  building. 
  7.36  (d) Minnesota Library Access
  7.37  Center                                               38,500,000
  7.38  Construct, furnish, and equip the 
  7.39  Minnesota library access center to 
  7.40  house the university's archives and 
  7.41  special collections, immigration 
  7.42  history research center documents and 
  7.43  collections, to store less frequently 
  7.44  used library materials for state 
  7.45  university, private college, city, 
  7.46  county, and regional libraries in the 
  7.47  state, and to house Minitex services. 
  7.48  (e) Molecular and Cellular
  7.49  Therapeutics Facility Remodeling                      3,000,000
  7.50  Remodel and equip the molecular and 
  8.1   cellular therapeutics facility, 
  8.2   including the modification of 
  8.3   utilities, air filtration, and 
  8.4   distribution systems, to accommodate 
  8.5   new research programs. 
  8.6   Subd. 8.  Willmar Poultry 
  8.7   Testing Laboratory                                      104,000
  8.8   Pay the difference in an exchange of 
  8.9   land and facilities for the poultry 
  8.10  testing laboratory in Willmar.  
  8.11  Subd. 9.  Debt Service 
  8.12  (a) The board of regents shall pay 
  8.13  one-third of the debt service on state 
  8.14  bonds sold to finance projects 
  8.15  authorized by subdivisions 4; 5; 6, 
  8.16  item (b); 7, items (a) and (c) to (e); 
  8.17  and 8.  After each sale of general 
  8.18  obligation bonds, the commissioner of 
  8.19  finance shall notify the board of 
  8.20  regents of the amounts assessed for 
  8.21  each year for the life of the bonds. 
  8.22  (b) The commissioner shall reduce the 
  8.23  board's assessment each year by 
  8.24  one-third of the net income from 
  8.25  investment of general obligation bond 
  8.26  proceeds in proportion to the amount of 
  8.27  principal and interest otherwise 
  8.28  required to be paid by the board.  The 
  8.29  board shall pay its resulting net 
  8.30  assessment to the commissioner of 
  8.31  finance by December 1 each year.  If 
  8.32  the board fails to make a payment when 
  8.33  due, the commissioner of finance shall 
  8.34  reduce allotments for appropriations 
  8.35  from the general fund otherwise 
  8.36  available to the board and apply the 
  8.37  amount of the reduction to cover the 
  8.38  missed debt service payment.  The 
  8.39  commissioner of finance shall credit 
  8.40  the payments received from the board to 
  8.41  the bond debt service account in the 
  8.42  state bond fund each December 1 before 
  8.43  money is transferred from the general 
  8.44  fund under Minnesota Statutes, section 
  8.45  16A.641, subdivision 10. 
  8.46  Sec. 4.  CHILDREN, FAMILIES, AND LEARNING                      
  8.47  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner 
  8.48  of children, families, and learning, for 
  8.49  the purposes specified in this section               19,100,000
  8.50  Subd. 2.  Youth Initiative Grants                    16,000,000 
  8.51  For grants to local government units to 
  8.52  design, furnish, equip, repair, 
  8.53  replace, or construct parks and 
  8.54  recreation buildings and school 
  8.55  buildings to provide youth, with 
  8.56  preference for youth in grades four 
  8.57  through eight, with regular enrichment 
  8.58  activities during nonschool hours, 
  8.59  including after school, evenings, 
  8.60  weekends, and school vacation periods, 
  8.61  and that will provide equal access and 
  8.62  programming for girls.  The buildings 
  9.1   may be leased to nonprofit community 
  9.2   organizations, subject to Minnesota 
  9.3   Statutes, section 16A.695, for the same 
  9.4   purposes.  Enrichment programs include 
  9.5   academic enrichment, homework 
  9.6   assistance, computer and technology 
  9.7   use, arts and cultural activities, 
  9.8   clubs, school-to-work and work force 
  9.9   development, athletic, and recreational 
  9.10  activities.  Grants must be used to 
  9.11  expand the number of children 
  9.12  participating in enrichment programs or 
  9.13  improve the quality or range of program 
  9.14  offerings.  The facilities must be 
  9.15  fully available for programming 
  9.16  sponsored by youth-serving nonprofit 
  9.17  and community groups, or school, 
  9.18  county, or city programs, for maximum 
  9.19  hours after school, evenings, weekends, 
  9.20  summers, and other school vacation 
  9.21  periods.  Priority must be given to 
  9.22  proposals that demonstrate 
  9.23  collaboration among private, nonprofit, 
  9.24  and public agencies, including regional 
  9.25  entities dealing with at-risk youth, 
  9.26  and community and parent organizations 
  9.27  in arranging for programming, staffing, 
  9.28  transportation, and equipment.  All 
  9.29  proposals must include an inventory of 
  9.30  existing facilities and an assessment 
  9.31  of programming needs in the community. 
  9.32  (a) Enrichment grants within the
  9.33  city of Minneapolis                                   5,000,000
  9.34  Of this amount, at least $2,500,000 
  9.35  must be used in the neighborhoods of 
  9.36  the Near North Side, Hawthorne, 
  9.37  Sumner-Glenwood, Powderhorn, Central, 
  9.38  Whittier, and Phillips. 
  9.39  (b) Enrichment grants within the 
  9.40  city of St. Paul                                      5,000,000
  9.41  Of this amount, at least $2,500,000 
  9.42  must be used in the neighborhoods of 
  9.43  Summit-University, Thomas-Dale, North 
  9.44  End, Payne-Phalen, Daytons Bluff, and 
  9.45  the West Side. 
  9.46  The remaining $2,500,000 is available 
  9.47  citywide, with priority for some of the 
  9.48  remaining amount given to proposals by 
  9.49  public/private partnerships currently 
  9.50  offering after-school enrichment 
  9.51  programs in low-income areas in 
  9.52  conjunction with a neighborhood-based 
  9.53  organization. Up to $100,000 of the 
  9.54  remaining $2,500,000 may be used to 
  9.55  develop urban sports facilities for 
  9.56  at-risk inner city youth, including 
  9.57  those older than eighth grade. 
  9.58  (c) Enrichment grants outside 
  9.59  of the cities of Minneapolis 
  9.60  and St. Paul                                         6,000,000
  9.61  Priority must be given to school 
  9.62  attendance areas with high 
  9.63  concentrations of children eligible for 
  9.64  free or reduced school lunch and to 
 10.1   government units demonstrating a 
 10.2   commitment to collaborative youth 
 10.3   efforts. 
 10.4   $500,000 is to the city of Bloomington 
 10.5   for after school enrichment activities 
 10.6   in the northeast Bloomington study area.
 10.7   The commissioner of children, families, 
 10.8   and learning must make a grant of at 
 10.9   least $1,000,000 to a school district 
 10.10  that is a part of a collaborative 
 10.11  effort that has at least two other 
 10.12  school districts, is multicultural and 
 10.13  multijurisdictional, and has previously 
 10.14  received a facility planning grant for 
 10.15  collaborative purposes. 
 10.16  (d) Each grant must be matched by $1 
 10.17  from local sources for each $2 of state 
 10.18  money.  In-kind contributions of 
 10.19  facilities may be used for the local 
 10.20  match.  The value of in-kind 
 10.21  contributions must be determined by the 
 10.22  commissioner of finance.  
 10.23  (e) Preference must be given to 
 10.24  projects for which at least ten percent 
 10.25  of the youth initiative grant is 
 10.26  expended using youthbuild under 
 10.27  Minnesota Statutes, sections 268.361 to 
 10.28  268.367, or other youth employment and 
 10.29  training programs, for the labor 
 10.30  portion of the construction.  Eligible 
 10.31  programs must consult with appropriate 
 10.32  labor organizations to deliver 
 10.33  education and training. 
 10.34  Subd. 3.  Independent School
 10.35  District No. 38, Red Lake                               100,000
 10.36  For a grant to independent school 
 10.37  district No. 38, Red Lake, for the 
 10.38  construction of a classroom space for 
 10.39  interactive television instruction.  
 10.40  This grant is only available if the 
 10.41  district rebuilds other space with 
 10.42  insurance proceeds. 
 10.43  Subd. 4.  School Building Accessibility Grants        2,000,000
 10.44  For grants to local school districts 
 10.45  according to Minnesota Statutes, 
 10.46  sections 124C.71 to 124C.73.  Grants 
 10.47  are contingent upon a dollar-for-dollar 
 10.48  match by nonstate sources.  
 10.49  Subd. 5.  Library Accessibility                       1,000,000
 10.50  For grants to public libraries for 
 10.51  accessibility capital projects under 
 10.52  Minnesota Statutes, section 134.45.  
 10.53  Grants are contingent upon a 
 10.54  dollar-for-dollar match by nonstate 
 10.55  sources. 
 10.57  Subdivision 1.  To the 
 10.58  commissioner of administration for
 10.59  the purposes specified in this section                6,879,000
 11.1   Subd. 2.  Instructional Resource Facility             6,879,000
 11.2   To design, construct, furnish, and 
 11.3   equip a new instructional resource 
 11.4   facility. 
 11.6   Subdivision 1.  To the 
 11.7   commissioner of administration for the 
 11.8   purposes specified in this section                    2,373,000
 11.9   Subd. 2.  Asset Preservation                            750,000
 11.10  To be spent in accordance with 
 11.11  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.632.  
 11.12  The commissioner of administration 
 11.13  shall give priority to replacement and 
 11.14  repair of roofs and replacement of 
 11.15  windows. 
 11.16  Subd. 3.  Demolition of Dow Hall                      1,000,000
 11.17  To demolish Dow hall and the old 
 11.18  industrial building at the Minnesota 
 11.19  state academy for the blind in order to 
 11.20  remove potential safety hazards.  This 
 11.21  appropriation is also available to 
 11.22  construct surface parking on the site 
 11.23  following demolition. 
 11.24  A historical marker must be placed at 
 11.25  the site, which must include one or 
 11.26  more artifacts of the original building 
 11.27  and must explain the history and 
 11.28  significance of Dow Hall. 
 11.29  Subd. 4.  Exterior Lighting                             556,000
 11.30  To design and construct exterior 
 11.31  lighting. 
 11.32  Subd. 5.  Sidewalk Replacement                           67,000
 11.33  To design, remove, and reconstruct 
 11.34  deteriorated sidewalks at the Minnesota 
 11.35  state academy for the blind.  This 
 11.36  appropriation is from the general fund. 
 11.37  Sec. 7.  NATURAL RESOURCES 
 11.38  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner of
 11.39  natural resources or another named officer     
 11.40  for the purposes specified in this section           39,676,000
 11.41  Subd. 2.  Asset Preservation                            500,000
 11.42  To the commissioner of administration 
 11.43  to be spent in accordance with 
 11.44  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.632.  
 11.45  The commissioner of natural resources 
 11.46  shall determine project priorities as 
 11.47  appropriate based upon need. 
 11.48  Subd. 3.  Office Facility 
 11.49  Completions                                           1,800,000
 11.50  To design, construct, furnish, and 
 11.51  equip service facilities at 
 11.52  consolidated office sites. 
 12.1   Subd. 4.  Fergus Falls
 12.2   Office Consolidation                                  2,300,000
 12.3   To design, construct, furnish, and 
 12.4   equip office and service facilities for 
 12.5   the consolidated area headquarters in 
 12.6   Fergus Falls. 
 12.7   Subd. 5.  State Park and Recreation 
 12.8   Area Building Rehabilitation                          2,400,000
 12.9   For improvements of a capital nature to 
 12.10  repair, rehabilitate, construct, or add 
 12.11  to state park buildings throughout the 
 12.12  state, according to the management plan 
 12.13  required in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 
 12.14  86A.  The commissioner shall determine 
 12.15  project priorities as appropriate based 
 12.16  upon need.  
 12.17  Subd. 6.  State Park and Recreation 
 12.18  Area Building Development                             1,750,000
 12.19  To construct, furnish, and equip new 
 12.20  buildings and associated utilities in 
 12.21  the state park system, according to the 
 12.22  management plan required in Minnesota 
 12.23  Statutes, chapter 86A.  $500,000 of 
 12.24  this amount is for an interpretive 
 12.25  center at Lake Bronson state park.  The 
 12.26  commissioner shall determine project 
 12.27  priorities as appropriate based upon 
 12.28  need. 
 12.29  Subd. 7.  State Park and Recreation
 12.30  Area Betterment and Rehabilitation                    1,450,000
 12.31  To upgrade, repair, or rehabilitate 
 12.32  improvements of a capital nature at 
 12.33  state park and recreation area 
 12.34  facilities throughout the state, 
 12.35  including, but not limited to, resource 
 12.36  management projects, trail 
 12.37  rehabilitation, campground 
 12.38  rehabilitation, and road and bridge 
 12.39  repair.  The commissioner shall 
 12.40  determine project priorities as 
 12.41  appropriate based upon need. 
 12.42  Subd. 8.  State Park and 
 12.43  Recreation Area Acquisition                           1,750,000
 12.44  For acquisition from willing sellers of 
 12.45  private lands within state park and 
 12.46  recreation area boundaries established 
 12.47  by law.  The commissioner shall 
 12.48  determine project priorities as 
 12.49  appropriate based upon need. 
 12.50  Subd. 9.  Metro Regional Park 
 12.51  Rehabilitation, Acquisition, and
 12.52  Development                                           9,400,000
 12.53  This appropriation is for payment by 
 12.54  the commissioner of natural resources 
 12.55  to the metropolitan council.  The 
 12.56  commissioner shall pay the amount on a 
 12.57  reimbursement basis to the metropolitan 
 12.58  council upon receipt of a certified 
 12.59  copy of a council resolution requesting 
 12.60  payment.  The appropriation must be 
 13.1   used to pay the cost of rehabilitation, 
 13.2   acquisition, and development by the 
 13.3   council and local government units of 
 13.4   regional recreational open-space lands 
 13.5   in accordance with the council's policy 
 13.6   plan as provided in Minnesota Statutes, 
 13.7   section 473.315.  The metropolitan 
 13.8   council, in cooperation with the city 
 13.9   of St. Paul, must develop a plan and 
 13.10  fund the restoration of oak savannah 
 13.11  remnants in two regional parks in 
 13.12  Ramsey county.  This appropriation must 
 13.13  not be used for research, planning, 
 13.14  administration, or tax equivalency 
 13.15  payments.  This appropriation may be 
 13.16  used for the purchase of homes only if 
 13.17  the purchases are included in the work 
 13.18  program required by law and they are 
 13.19  expressly approved by the legislative 
 13.20  commission on Minnesota resources. 
 13.21  Subd. 10.  Mississippi River 
 13.22  Grant                                                   700,000 
 13.23  This appropriation is for a grant to 
 13.24  the Minneapolis park and recreation 
 13.25  board, working in cooperation with the 
 13.26  city of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis 
 13.27  Community Development agency, to 
 13.28  acquire or develop land along the 
 13.29  Mississippi Riverfront in both the 
 13.30  Central Mississippi Riverfront park and 
 13.31  upper harbor area.  If the park board 
 13.32  acquires land, the city and the 
 13.33  Minneapolis Community Development 
 13.34  agency must match the appropriation 
 13.35  from nonstate sources. 
 13.36  The funds appropriated under this 
 13.37  subdivision may not be used to acquire 
 13.38  land of a company engaged in the scrap 
 13.39  metal business. 
 13.40  Subd. 11.  Trail Rehabilitation                          500,000
 13.41  To upgrade, repair, or rehabilitate 
 13.42  improvements of a capital nature on the 
 13.43  Luce line trail, the Douglas trail, and 
 13.44  the North Shore trail.  The 
 13.45  commissioner shall determine project 
 13.46  priorities as appropriate based upon 
 13.47  need. 
 13.48  Subd. 12.  Trail Acquisition 
 13.49  and Development                                        4,000,000
 13.50  For acquisition and development of a 
 13.51  capital nature on state trails as 
 13.52  specified in Minnesota Statutes, 
 13.53  section 85.015.  The commissioner shall 
 13.54  determine project priorities as 
 13.55  appropriate based upon need.  
 13.56  $500,000 of this appropriation is for 
 13.57  acquisition and construction for the 
 13.58  Shooting Star trail and Goodhue Pioneer 
 13.59  trail portion of the Douglas trail, 
 13.60  provided that any land acquired must 
 13.61  provide a complete trail segment that 
 13.62  connects to a community or another 
 13.63  trail segment. 
 14.1   Subd. 13.  Blue Earth/Minnesota
 14.2   River Trail Acquisition                                  230,000
 14.3   This appropriation is from the general 
 14.4   fund for capital planning for Blue 
 14.5   Earth/Minnesota river trail acquisition 
 14.6   and other recreational opportunities 
 14.7   within the Minnesota river valley.  The 
 14.8   trail is to run along the Blue Earth 
 14.9   river from Mankato to the Iowa border 
 14.10  and along the Minnesota river from 
 14.11  Belle Plaine to the South Dakota 
 14.12  border.  The commissioner must work 
 14.13  with local communities and citizens for 
 14.14  trail planning purposes.  Planning for 
 14.15  other recreational purposes may include 
 14.16  public water accesses, canoe and 
 14.17  boating routes, and recreation areas 
 14.18  within the Minnesota river valley and 
 14.19  tributaries. 
 14.20  Subd. 14.  Mesabi Trail System                          500,000
 14.21  For a grant to the St. Louis and Lake 
 14.22  counties' regional railroad authority 
 14.23  for completion of the primary segments 
 14.24  of the Mesabi trail system.  This 
 14.25  appropriation is available to the 
 14.26  extent matched by money from other 
 14.27  sources. 
 14.28  Subd. 15.  Well Inventory 
 14.29  and Sealing                                             696,000
 14.30  To seal inactive wells on state-owned 
 14.31  land.  
 14.32  $276,000 of this appropriation is from 
 14.33  the general fund.  The commissioner 
 14.34  shall determine project priorities as 
 14.35  appropriate based upon need. 
 14.36  Subd. 16.  Dam Improvements                           1,560,000 
 14.37  For the emergency repair, 
 14.38  reconstruction, or removal of publicly 
 14.39  owned dams throughout the state.  
 14.40  $910,000 of this appropriation is for a 
 14.41  grant to Rochester public utilities for 
 14.42  the repair of the Lake Zumbro 
 14.43  hydroelectric dam.  The commissioner 
 14.44  shall determine remaining project 
 14.45  priorities as appropriate based upon 
 14.46  need as provided in Minnesota Statutes, 
 14.47  section 103G.511. 
 14.48  Subd. 17.  Flood Hazard 
 14.49  Mitigation Grants                                     1,490,000
 14.50  For the flood hazard mitigation grant 
 14.51  program to local government units for 
 14.52  capital improvements to prevent or 
 14.53  alleviate flood damages.  The 
 14.54  commissioner shall determine project 
 14.55  priorities as appropriate based upon 
 14.56  need. 
 14.57  Subd. 18.  Forest Road and 
 14.58  Bridge Projects                                         250,000
 14.59  For reconstruction, resurfacing, 
 15.1   replacement, or construction of 
 15.2   improvements of a capital nature to 
 15.3   state forest roads and bridges 
 15.4   throughout the state.  The commissioner 
 15.5   shall determine project priorities as 
 15.6   appropriate based upon need. 
 15.7   Subd. 19.  RIM Fisheries Improvement 
 15.8   Projects                                                250,000
 15.9   For fish habitat improvement projects 
 15.10  of a capital nature statewide, 
 15.11  including installation of aeration 
 15.12  systems and shoreline stabilization.  
 15.13  The commissioner shall determine 
 15.14  project priorities as appropriate based 
 15.15  upon need.  
 15.16  Subd. 20.  RIM Fisheries
 15.17  Acquisition                                             300,000
 15.18  For acquisition of trout and warm water 
 15.19  stream easements and aquatic management 
 15.20  areas.  The commissioner shall 
 15.21  determine project priorities as 
 15.22  appropriate based upon need. 
 15.23  Subd. 21.  RIM Wildlife, SNA, 
 15.24  and Prairie Bank Improvements                           900,000
 15.25  For development, protection, or 
 15.26  improvements of a capital nature to 
 15.27  wildlife management areas, state lands, 
 15.28  scientific and natural areas, and 
 15.29  prairie bank areas throughout the 
 15.30  state.  The commissioner shall 
 15.31  determine project priorities as 
 15.32  appropriate based upon need. 
 15.33  Subd. 22.  RIM Wildlife and Natural Area
 15.34  Land Acquisition                                      3,500,000
 15.35  To acquire land for wildlife management 
 15.36  areas under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 15.37  97A.135; to acquire land for scientific 
 15.38  and natural areas under Minnesota 
 15.39  Statutes, section 84.033; to acquire 
 15.40  native prairie bank easements under 
 15.41  Minnesota Statutes, section 84.96; for 
 15.42  the critical habitat private sector 
 15.43  matching account under Minnesota 
 15.44  Statutes, section 84.943; and for 
 15.45  acquisition and wetland restoration 
 15.46  under the North American Waterfowl 
 15.47  Management Plan.  The commissioner 
 15.48  shall determine project priorities as 
 15.49  appropriate based upon need. 
 15.50  $500,000 is for scientific and natural 
 15.51  areas and native prairie bank easements.
 15.52  Subd. 23.  St. Louis River
 15.53  Land Acquisition                                      2,200,000
 15.54  To acquire and preserve undeveloped 
 15.55  lands located along the St. Louis, 
 15.56  Cloquet, and Whiteface rivers.  This 
 15.57  appropriation is available only if 
 15.58  approximately 4,000 acres of 
 15.59  privately-owned land identified in the 
 15.60  St. Louis river management plan have 
 16.1   been donated to the state. 
 16.2   Subd. 24.  McQuade Public Access                        500,000
 16.3   For acquisition and development of a 
 16.4   public access on Lake Superior in the 
 16.5   city of Duluth, the town of Duluth, and 
 16.6   the town of Lakewood.  This 
 16.7   appropriation must be matched by a 
 16.8   total of $350,000 from the iron range 
 16.9   resources and rehabilitation board and 
 16.10  nonstate sources and is contingent on 
 16.11  sufficient land owned by the cities and 
 16.12  the town, the value of which may not be 
 16.13  applied as part of the required match, 
 16.14  being made available to complete the 
 16.15  project. 
 16.16  Subd. 25.  Eagle Creek Matching 
 16.17  Contributions                                                  
 16.18  The first $1,500,000 of contributions 
 16.19  of land received after June 8, 1995, by 
 16.20  the state from private sources in the 
 16.21  Eagle Creek watershed may not be used 
 16.22  as match for the critical habitat 
 16.23  private sector matching account under 
 16.24  Minnesota Statutes, section 84.943.  
 16.25  This subdivision is effective 
 16.26  retroactively to June 9, 1995. 
 16.27  Subd. 26.  Residential Environmental
 16.28  Learning Centers      
 16.29  After the first $12,500,000 in nonstate 
 16.30  matching money has been committed for 
 16.31  the Long Lake Conservation Center, the 
 16.32  Deep Portage Conservation Reserve, the 
 16.33  Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning 
 16.34  Center, the Northwoods Audubon Center, 
 16.35  and the Forest Resource Center, as 
 16.36  required in Laws 1995, First Special 
 16.37  Session chapter 2, article 1, section 
 16.38  48, the specific appropriations for 
 16.39  these facilities in Laws 1994, chapter 
 16.40  643, section 23, subdivision 28, must 
 16.41  be distributed and administered 
 16.42  separately for each facility.  The 
 16.43  balances of these specific 
 16.44  appropriations must be matched as 
 16.45  required in Laws 1995, First Special 
 16.46  Session chapter 2, article 1, section 
 16.47  48, for each facility separately.  
 16.48  Matching funds raised after January 1, 
 16.49  1992, and spent or committed to be 
 16.50  spent to plan, design, or construct 
 16.51  these facilities are eligible to count 
 16.52  toward the required match.  The 
 16.53  predesign and design requirements of 
 16.54  Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.335, do 
 16.55  not apply to the specific 
 16.56  appropriations for these facilities in 
 16.57  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 23, 
 16.58  subdivision 28. 
 16.59  Subd. 27.  Laurentian Environmental 
 16.60  Learning Center                                         750,000
 16.61  For a grant to independent school 
 16.62  district No. 621, Mounds View, for 
 16.63  capital improvements at the Laurentian 
 17.1   Environmental Learning Center, 
 17.2   including remodeling of existing 
 17.3   buildings, construction of new 
 17.4   buildings, demolition, roadway and 
 17.5   parking improvements, trail 
 17.6   improvements, and handicapped access 
 17.7   improvements.  $250,000 of this 
 17.8   appropriation is available immediately. 
 17.9   The balance is available to the extent 
 17.10  matched by money from other sources. 
 17.11  Subd. 28.  Work Program 
 17.12  The commissioner of natural resources 
 17.13  must submit a work program and 
 17.14  semiannual progress reports in the form 
 17.15  determined by the legislative 
 17.16  commission on Minnesota resources and 
 17.17  request its recommendation before 
 17.18  spending any money appropriated by 
 17.19  subdivision 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 
 17.20  14, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, or 27 of 
 17.21  this section.  The commission's 
 17.22  recommendation is advisory only.  
 17.23  Failure to respond to a request within 
 17.24  60 days after receipt is a positive 
 17.25  recommendation.  Work programs 
 17.26  involving land acquisition must include 
 17.27  a land acquisition plan. 
 17.28  Sec. 8.  OFFICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL ASSISTANCE          3,000,000
 17.29  To the office of environmental 
 17.30  assistance for the solid waste capital 
 17.31  assistance grants program under 
 17.32  Minnesota Statutes, section 115A.54.  
 17.33  Grants under this section are exempt 
 17.34  from the requirements of Minnesota 
 17.35  Statutes, section 16B.335. 
 17.37  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner
 17.38  of the pollution control agency for the
 17.39  purposes specified in this section                    3,550,000
 17.40  Subd. 2.  Red Wing Combined Sewer Overflow            3,350,000
 17.41  For a combined sewer overflow grant 
 17.42  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 17.43  116.162, to the city of Red Wing to 
 17.44  complete construction and separation of 
 17.45  its combined sewer system.  This 
 17.46  appropriation must be matched dollar 
 17.47  for dollar from local sources.  It is 
 17.48  the expectation of the legislature that 
 17.49  this will be the final appropriation 
 17.50  for the combined sewer overflow program.
 17.51  Subd. 3.  Automated Water 
 17.52  Quality Monitoring Systems                              200,000
 17.53  This appropriation is from the general 
 17.54  fund for ten permanent water quality 
 17.55  monitoring stations and equipment at 
 17.56  river and stream locations throughout 
 17.57  the state.  
 17.58  Sec. 10.  PUBLIC FACILITIES AUTHORITY                           
 17.59  Subdivision 1.  To the public 
 18.1   facilities authority for the purposes 
 18.2   specified in this section                            22,100,000
 18.3   Subd. 2.  Matching Money for
 18.4   Federal Grants                                        4,000,000
 18.5   For state matching money for federal 
 18.6   grants to capitalize the water 
 18.7   pollution control revolving fund and 
 18.8   the state drinking water revolving fund 
 18.9   under Minnesota Statutes, sections 
 18.10  446A.07 and 446A.081. 
 18.11  Expenditure of this appropriation is 
 18.12  limited to the minimum amount necessary 
 18.13  to match the allotment of federal money 
 18.14  to Minnesota.  This appropriation must 
 18.15  be used for qualified capital projects. 
 18.16  Subd. 3.  Wastewater Infrastructure Program          17,500,000 
 18.17  For loans to municipalities under new 
 18.18  Minnesota Statutes, section 446A.072.  
 18.19  This appropriation must be used for 
 18.20  qualified capital projects.  
 18.21  The wastewater infrastructure program 
 18.22  in new Minnesota Statutes, section 
 18.23  446A.072, is a continuation of the 
 18.24  program in Minnesota Statutes 1994, 
 18.25  section 446A.071.  Any money previously 
 18.26  appropriated for the purposes of 
 18.27  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 
 18.28  446A.071, is appropriated for the 
 18.29  purposes of this subdivision.  
 18.30  Subd. 4.  Red Rock Rural Water
 18.31  System                                                  600,000 
 18.32  For a grant for up to 80 percent of the 
 18.33  cost of design and construction of an 
 18.34  elevated water tank and mainline for 
 18.35  the Red Rock rural water system, a 
 18.36  public water system authorized under 
 18.37  Minnesota Statutes, chapter 116A.  
 18.38  Increased demand on the Red Rock rural 
 18.39  water system has resulted in problems 
 18.40  including dangerously low water levels 
 18.41  in an existing storage tank.  This 
 18.42  appropriation is intended to allow the 
 18.43  Red Rock rural water system to address 
 18.44  these problems while avoiding 
 18.45  prohibitively high water rates.  This 
 18.46  appropriation is available only if the 
 18.47  commissioner of natural resources finds 
 18.48  that the Red Rock rural water system 
 18.49  has instituted a uniform rate for water 
 18.50  service and has in place an approved 
 18.51  emergency and conservation plan as 
 18.52  required in Minnesota Statutes, section 
 18.53  103G.291, subdivision 3. 
 18.54  Sec. 11.  BOARD OF WATER AND
 18.55  SOIL RESOURCES                                   
 18.56  Subdivision 1.  To the board 
 18.57  of water and soil resources for the 
 18.58  purposes in this section                             14,750,000 
 18.59  Subd. 2.  Area II Minnesota 
 18.60  River Basin                                             250,000 
 19.1   For grant-in-aid on roadside stormwater 
 19.2   retention projects initiated by local 
 19.3   governments in area II in the Minnesota 
 19.4   river basin. 
 19.5   Subd. 3.  RIM and PWP Conservation
 19.6   Easements                                            11,500,000 
 19.7   This appropriation is for the following 
 19.8   purposes: 
 19.9   (a) to acquire conservation easements 
 19.10  from landowners on marginal lands to 
 19.11  protect soil and water quality and to 
 19.12  support fish and wildlife habitat as 
 19.13  provided in Minnesota Statutes, section 
 19.14  103F.515; and 
 19.15  (b) to acquire perpetual conservation 
 19.16  easements on existing type 1, 2, 3, and 
 19.17  6 wetlands, adjacent lands, and for the 
 19.18  establishment of permanent cover on 
 19.19  adjacent lands, in accordance with 
 19.20  Minnesota Statutes, section 103F.516. 
 19.21  (c) Up to $1,500,000 may be used for 
 19.22  the acquisition of limited conservation 
 19.23  easements that allow cropping or 
 19.24  grazing at reduced payment rates on 
 19.25  land that is currently or within the 
 19.26  last two years has been enrolled in the 
 19.27  federal Conservation Reserve Program 
 19.28  (CRP), under United States Code, title 
 19.29  16, section 3831.  The board, in 
 19.30  conjunction with the commissioner of 
 19.31  agriculture, must select counties for 
 19.32  participation in the program based on:  
 19.33  (1) the number of CRP acres; (2) the 
 19.34  number of whole farm CRP acres; (3) the 
 19.35  number of highly erodible CRP acres; 
 19.36  (4) local soil conservation initiatives 
 19.37  in place; (5) the potential for 
 19.38  negative water quality impacts from CRP 
 19.39  acres converted to agricultural crop 
 19.40  production; and (6) the potential to 
 19.41  complement public wildlife lands and 
 19.42  other conservation lands, including 
 19.43  protected grassland prairies.  A 
 19.44  conservation easement must be for 20 
 19.45  years and require that the activities 
 19.46  on the enrolled lands comply with a 
 19.47  conservation plan that will limit soil 
 19.48  erosion within the soil loss tolerance, 
 19.49  as defined in rules adopted under 
 19.50  Minnesota Statutes, section 103F.411.  
 19.51  Payments for conservation easements and 
 19.52  practices under this program are as 
 19.53  follows: 
 19.54  (1) to establish permanent conservation 
 19.55  practices required by the conservation 
 19.56  plan, for the installation of permanent 
 19.57  livestock watering systems, or for the 
 19.58  installation of permanent fencing for 
 19.59  grazing systems, up to 75 percent of 
 19.60  the total eligible costs, not to exceed 
 19.61  an average of $75 per acre; and 
 19.62  (2) ten annual payments each equal to 
 19.63  five percent of the payment rate for 
 20.1   20-year easements acquired under 
 20.2   Minnesota Statutes, section 103F.515 
 20.3   for land restricted to grazing and 
 20.4   haying under the conservation plan; or 
 20.5   (3) ten annual payments each equal to 
 20.6   two and one-half percent of the payment 
 20.7   rate for 20-year easements acquired 
 20.8   under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 20.9   103F.515 for land where cropping is 
 20.10  allowed under the conservation plan. 
 20.11  The board may only acquire an easement 
 20.12  under this paragraph after it 
 20.13  determines that there is adequate 
 20.14  funding appropriated to make the annual 
 20.15  payments required for the duration of 
 20.16  the easement and the landowner agrees 
 20.17  to convey at least ten percent of the 
 20.18  landowner's CRP land in a permanent 
 20.19  easement under Minnesota Statutes, 
 20.20  section 103F.515.  Priority must be 
 20.21  given for land being conveyed or leased 
 20.22  to beginning farmers, as defined under 
 20.23  Minnesota Statutes, section 41C.02, 
 20.24  subdivision 6.  Up to 20 percent of the 
 20.25  appropriation may be used for 
 20.26  professional and technical services 
 20.27  related to acquisition of the 
 20.28  easements.  By March 15, 1997, the 
 20.29  board, in conjunction with the 
 20.30  commissioner of agriculture, shall 
 20.31  report to the finance division of the 
 20.32  senate environment and natural 
 20.33  resources committee and the house of 
 20.34  representatives environment and natural 
 20.35  resources finance committee on the 
 20.36  acquisition of easements under this 
 20.37  paragraph.  The report must include an 
 20.38  analysis of the need for expansion of 
 20.39  the program to all agricultural areas 
 20.40  of the state in order to protect water 
 20.41  quality and provide necessary wildlife 
 20.42  habitat, and the adequacy of payments 
 20.43  under the program. 
 20.44  Subd. 4.  Road Construction 
 20.45  Wetland Replacement Credit                            3,000,000 
 20.46  To acquire land for wetlands or restore 
 20.47  wetlands to be used to replace wetlands 
 20.48  drained or filled as a result of the 
 20.49  repair, maintenance, or rehabilitation 
 20.50  of existing public roads, as provided 
 20.51  in new Minnesota Statutes, section 
 20.52  103G.222, paragraphs (m) to (o), if 
 20.53  1996 House File No. 787 is enacted. 
 20.54  Subd. 5.  Work Program
 20.55  The board of water and soil resources 
 20.56  must submit a work program and 
 20.57  semiannual progress reports in the form 
 20.58  determined by the legislative 
 20.59  commission on Minnesota resources and 
 20.60  request its recommendation before 
 20.61  spending any money appropriated by this 
 20.62  section.  The commission's 
 20.63  recommendation is advisory only.  
 20.64  Failure to respond to a request within 
 20.65  60 days after receipt is a positive 
 21.1   recommendation.  Work programs 
 21.2   involving land acquisition must include 
 21.3   a land acquisition plan. 
 21.4   Sec. 12.  AGRICULTURE                          
 21.5   Subdivision 1.  To the
 21.6   commissioner of agriculture for
 21.7   purposes specified in this section                   41,275,000 
 21.8   Subd. 2.  Rural Finance 
 21.9   Authority                                            41,000,000
 21.10  To the rural finance authority to 
 21.11  purchase participation interests in or 
 21.12  to make direct agricultural loans to 
 21.13  farmers under Minnesota Statutes, 
 21.14  chapter 41B.  This appropriation is for 
 21.15  the beginning farmer program under 
 21.16  Minnesota Statutes, section 41B.039, 
 21.17  the loan restructuring program under 
 21.18  Minnesota Statutes, section 41B.04, the 
 21.19  seller-sponsored program under 
 21.20  Minnesota Statutes, section 41B.042, 
 21.21  the agricultural improvement loan 
 21.22  program under Minnesota Statutes, 
 21.23  section 41B.043, and the livestock 
 21.24  expansion loan program under Minnesota 
 21.25  Statutes, section 41B.045.  All debt 
 21.26  service on bond proceeds used to 
 21.27  finance this appropriation must be 
 21.28  repaid by the rural finance authority 
 21.29  under Minnesota Statutes, section 
 21.30  16A.643.  Loan participations must be 
 21.31  priced to provide full interest and 
 21.32  principal coverage and a reserve for 
 21.33  potential losses. 
 21.34  Loans for capital projects from this 
 21.35  appropriation are exempt from Minnesota 
 21.36  Statutes, section 16B.335.  Priority 
 21.37  for loans must be given first to basic 
 21.38  beginning farmer loans; second, to 
 21.39  seller-sponsored loans; and third, to 
 21.40  agricultural improvement loans. 
 21.41  Subd. 3.  Biological 
 21.42  Control Agents Greenhouse                               275,000
 21.43  To the commissioner of agriculture for 
 21.44  acquisition and construction of a 
 21.45  greenhouse to produce biological 
 21.46  control agents. 
 21.47  Sec. 13.  ADMINISTRATION
 21.48  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner of 
 21.49  administration or another named agency
 21.50  for the purposes specified in this section           48,485,000
 21.51  Subd. 2.  Capital Asset
 21.52  Preservation and Replacement (CAPRA)                 12,000,000
 21.53  To be spent in accordance with 
 21.54  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.632. 
 21.55  Up to $900,000 of the money 
 21.56  appropriated in this subdivision may be 
 21.57  used as necessary to renovate the 
 21.58  Governor's Residence in St. Paul for 
 21.59  life safety, code, security, and 
 22.1   ancillary storage facility improvements.
 22.2   In accordance with Minnesota Statutes, 
 22.3   section 16B.31, subdivision 6, the 
 22.4   commissioner of administration shall 
 22.5   identify the condition and suitability 
 22.6   of all major state buildings and office 
 22.7   space and report the commissioner's 
 22.8   findings by June 30, 1997, to the 
 22.9   chairs of the senate committee on 
 22.10  finance and the house of 
 22.11  representatives committees on ways and 
 22.12  means and on capital investment.  The 
 22.13  report must identify the useful life, 
 22.14  the current condition, the estimated 
 22.15  cost of currently needed repairs, and 
 22.16  the suitability for the current state 
 22.17  purposes of all major state-owned 
 22.18  buildings and office space owned or 
 22.19  leased by the state.  The legislature 
 22.20  intends to use the report in 
 22.21  considering future appropriations to 
 22.22  the commissioner of administration and 
 22.23  to state agencies for asset 
 22.24  preservation. 
 22.25  Subd. 3.  Statewide Building Access                   9,000,000
 22.26  For improvements of a capital nature to 
 22.27  remove barriers and make state-owned 
 22.28  buildings, programs, and services 
 22.29  accessible to individuals with 
 22.30  disabilities, including compliance with 
 22.31  federal ADA guidelines.  The 
 22.32  commissioner shall determine project 
 22.33  priorities as appropriate based upon 
 22.34  need and shall take into consideration 
 22.35  the recommendations and priorities of 
 22.36  the council on disability.  In 
 22.37  determining project priorities, the 
 22.38  commissioner must give lower priority 
 22.39  to projects in facilities which the 
 22.40  state intends to demolish, sell, or 
 22.41  abandon within five years. 
 22.42  Subd. 4.  Renovate Capitol
 22.43  Building                                              7,400,000
 22.44  $4,800,000 is to predesign, design, and 
 22.45  reconstruct the northeast and northwest 
 22.46  terraces of the capitol building.  
 22.47  $1,400,000 is to renovate the lantern 
 22.48  and related structures on the capitol 
 22.49  dome. 
 22.50  $1,200,000 is to predesign, design 
 22.51  construct, furnish, and equip the 
 22.52  renovation of the capitol cafeteria and 
 22.53  related spaces.  
 22.54  The balance of the appropriation in 
 22.55  this subdivision that is not needed for 
 22.56  the projects specified may be used for 
 22.57  other structural stabilization projects 
 22.58  at the capitol or to improve the 
 22.59  capitol mall. 
 22.60  Subd. 5.  Transportation 
 22.61  Building Phase IV                                     5,525,000
 23.1   To continue life safety renovation at 
 23.2   the transportation building in St. Paul.
 23.3   This renovation is to include new 
 23.4   heating, ventilation, and air 
 23.5   conditioning systems, elevators, 
 23.6   lighting, windows, and raised floors. 
 23.7   This appropriation is from the trunk 
 23.8   highway fund.  
 23.9   Account balances from previous 
 23.10  appropriations for earlier phases of 
 23.11  this continuing project may be used for 
 23.12  phase IV. 
 23.13  Subd. 6.  Renovate Capitol 
 23.14  Area Elevators                                        1,500,000
 23.15  To improve, upgrade, and modify 
 23.16  existing elevator equipment in the 
 23.17  capitol area. 
 23.18  Subd. 7.  Agency Relocation                           3,735,000
 23.19  $1,670,000 is from the general fund to 
 23.20  relocate the print communications, 
 23.21  micrographics, and travel management 
 23.22  divisions of the department of 
 23.23  administration into a new support 
 23.24  services facility, and to relocate the 
 23.25  department of human rights, the driver 
 23.26  and vehicle services division of the 
 23.27  department of public safety, the 
 23.28  department of labor and industry in St. 
 23.29  Cloud, and the department of human 
 23.30  services in St. Cloud. 
 23.31  $116,000 is from the general fund to 
 23.32  complete the move of the Minnesota 
 23.33  historical society to the state history 
 23.34  center. 
 23.35  $25,000 is from the general fund for 
 23.36  unanticipated moving expenses. 
 23.37  $1,389,000 is from the trunk highway 
 23.38  fund for the partial relocation of the 
 23.39  department of transportation. 
 23.40  $535,000 is from the highway user tax 
 23.41  distribution fund to relocate the 
 23.42  driver and vehicle services division of 
 23.43  the department of public safety. 
 23.44  Subd. 8.  Revenue Facilities
 23.45  Design                                                1,950,000
 23.46  To design new revenue department 
 23.47  facilities. $1,450,000 of this 
 23.48  appropriation is not available until 
 23.49  the report required by subdivision 10 
 23.50  has been completed.  Notwithstanding 
 23.51  Minnesota Statutes, section 15.50, 
 23.52  subdivision 2, paragraph (e), plans for 
 23.53  the building need not be selected 
 23.54  through a design competition. 
 23.55  The plans for the facilities for the 
 23.56  department of revenue may provide for 
 23.57  two or more buildings in separate 
 23.58  locations.  The principal 
 24.1   administrative offices of the 
 24.2   department must be located in or near 
 24.3   the capitol area.  Other operations may 
 24.4   be located outside of the capitol area 
 24.5   as appropriate and conveniently 
 24.6   situated for efficient operations of 
 24.7   the department. 
 24.8   The design development phase of the 
 24.9   revenue department building project 
 24.10  must include an analysis of the cost, 
 24.11  benefit, and operational feasibility of 
 24.12  relocating revenue department jobs to 
 24.13  areas in greater Minnesota. 
 24.14  Subd. 9.  Support Services
 24.15  Facility                                              2,000,000
 24.16  To acquire land for print 
 24.17  communications, micrographics, records 
 24.18  center, and central stores.  This 
 24.19  appropriation is not available until 
 24.20  the report required by subdivision 10 
 24.21  has been completed.  
 24.22  Subd. 10.  Evaluate Capitol Area
 24.23  Office Building Construction Plans                      125,000
 24.24  This appropriation is from the general 
 24.25  fund to the legislative coordinating 
 24.26  commission to evaluate the projects in 
 24.27  subdivisions 8 to 9 and how they fit 
 24.28  into the master plan for construction 
 24.29  of office buildings in the capitol 
 24.30  area.  The evaluation must determine 
 24.31  the added costs and benefits, if any, 
 24.32  of building in the St. Paul central 
 24.33  business district over building in the 
 24.34  capitol complex.  The evaluation must 
 24.35  be completed and reported to the chairs 
 24.36  of the senate finance and house ways 
 24.37  and means and capital investment 
 24.38  committees by October 15, 1996.  This 
 24.39  appropriation is available until June 
 24.40  30, 1997. 
 24.41  In addition, the evaluation must 
 24.42  include an independent cost analysis of 
 24.43  the projects upon completion of the 
 24.44  construction drawings.  The analysis 
 24.45  must be reported to the legislature and 
 24.46  approved before the commissioner of 
 24.47  administration may advertise for bids 
 24.48  on construction of any of the projects. 
 24.49  Subd. 11.  Korean War Memorial                         250,000 
 24.50  For design and construction of a Korean 
 24.51  war veterans memorial on the capitol 
 24.52  mall.  In creating the memorial, the 
 24.53  commissioner may accept money from 
 24.54  nonstate sources.  The design is 
 24.55  subject to approval by the capitol area 
 24.56  architectural and planning board. 
 24.57  Subd. 12.  Robotics and Technical 
 24.58  Training Facility                                     5,000,000
 24.59  This appropriation is from the general 
 24.60  fund to predesign, design, and 
 24.61  construct, a technical training and 
 25.1   classroom facility in St. Paul for 
 25.2   training in the use of robotics methods 
 25.3   in manufacturing and other subjects.  
 25.4   The facility shall be owned by the 
 25.5   state.  It shall be managed to promote 
 25.6   the best interests of all parties 
 25.7   involved by a four-member board of 
 25.8   directors consisting of the 
 25.9   commissioner of administration and the 
 25.10  chancellor of the Minnesota state 
 25.11  colleges and universities or their 
 25.12  designees, and representatives of the 
 25.13  United Auto Workers local 879 and the 
 25.14  Ford Motor Company.  The board may 
 25.15  delegate on-site management to Ford 
 25.16  Motor Company.  This appropriation is 
 25.17  subject to negotiation of a use 
 25.18  agreement between the commissioner and 
 25.19  Ford Motor Company.  The appropriation 
 25.20  is also contingent upon a match of at 
 25.21  least $1,600,000 of nonstate money.  
 25.22  The agreement shall include provisions 
 25.23  for equipment, maintenance, and 
 25.24  management of the facility.  The 
 25.25  agreement shall provide for at least 20 
 25.26  percent use and access for students in 
 25.27  Minnesota state college and university 
 25.28  programs at no charge to the state over 
 25.29  the life of the agreement.  The term of 
 25.30  the agreement shall be 25 years.  The 
 25.31  commissioner shall consult with the 
 25.32  chancellor in negotiating the 
 25.33  educational provisions of the use 
 25.34  agreement. 
 25.35  Sec. 14.  AMATEUR SPORTS 
 25.37  Subdivision 1.  To the amateur
 25.38  sports commission for the purposes
 25.39  specified in this section                            21,600,000
 25.40  Subd. 2.  Ice Center Grants                           8,000,000
 25.41  (a) $6,500,000 is for grants of up to 
 25.42  $250,000 each to construct new ice 
 25.43  arenas and renovate existing arenas 
 25.44  throughout the state, according to 
 25.45  criteria in Minnesota Statutes, section 
 25.46  240A.09.  
 25.47  (b) $500,000 is for renovation grants 
 25.48  for arenas that are at least 20 years 
 25.49  old, which may be in amounts up to 
 25.50  $125,000. 
 25.51  (c) All new and renovated facilities 
 25.52  receiving grants must be publicly 
 25.53  owned.  Projects receiving grants from 
 25.54  appropriations in items (a) and (b) are 
 25.55  exempt from the requirements of 
 25.56  Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.335. 
 25.57  (d) $1,000,000 of this amount may be 
 25.58  used only for a national curling center 
 25.59  in the Virginia, Mountain Iron, 
 25.60  Gilbert, and Eveleth area.  The 
 25.61  facility may only be constructed after 
 25.62  endorsement by a national governing 
 25.63  body member of the United States 
 25.64  Olympic Committee. 
 26.1   Subd. 3.  Land Acquisition
 26.2   at National Sports Center                               400,000
 26.3   This appropriation is to acquire land 
 26.4   at the national sports center in Blaine 
 26.5   and related development costs of fees, 
 26.6   landscaping, parking, road access, and 
 26.7   construction needed to meet code 
 26.8   requirements. 
 26.9   Subd. 4.  Ski Jump                                      500,000
 26.10  For design, construction, and equipping 
 26.11  of a K70 ski jump in the Hyland 
 26.12  Hills/Bush Lake ski area. 
 26.13  Subd. 5.  National Inner City Center                  3,400,000
 26.14  (a) For a grant to special school 
 26.15  district No. 1, Minneapolis, for an 
 26.16  urban sports facility, to be owned by 
 26.17  the district.  The facility must be 
 26.18  located on land owned by the district. 
 26.19  (b) This appropriation is contingent on 
 26.20  the following: 
 26.21  (1) the commission has determined that 
 26.22  nonstate money in the amount of not 
 26.23  less than $8,000,000 has been committed 
 26.24  by nonstate sources for construction on 
 26.25  adjacent property of an integrated 
 26.26  community facility with a day care 
 26.27  center, a natatorium, and other sports 
 26.28  facilities to be owned and operated by 
 26.29  a nonprofit entity and providing sports 
 26.30  and community programming for urban 
 26.31  at-risk youth; and 
 26.32  (2) the nonprofit entity has agreed to 
 26.33  manage and operate the sports facility 
 26.34  and to pay all operating expenses at no 
 26.35  cost to the commission under a 
 26.36  management agreement complying with the 
 26.37  requirements of Minnesota Statutes, 
 26.38  section 16A.695. 
 26.39  Subd. 6.  National Volleyball Center                  2,300,000
 26.40  For a grant to the city of Rochester to 
 26.41  design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
 26.42  national volleyball center, to be 
 26.43  located on land owned by the city.  
 26.44  This grant is contingent upon a local 
 26.45  match of at least $2,300,000 from 
 26.46  nonstate sources.  The facility may be 
 26.47  constructed only after endorsement by a 
 26.48  national governing body member of the 
 26.49  United States Olympic Committee. 
 26.50  Subd. 7.  Mariucci Ice 
 26.51  and Tennis Facility                                   7,000,000
 26.52  To the board of regents of the 
 26.53  University of Minnesota to predesign, 
 26.54  design, construct, and equip a new 
 26.55  facility adjacent to Mariucci arena on 
 26.56  the Minneapolis campus to include an 
 26.57  ice sheet and tennis courts. 
 26.58  Sec. 15.  MILITARY AFFAIRS                               
 27.1   Subdivision 1.  To the adjutant 
 27.2   general or another named officer for the
 27.3   purposes specified in this section                    1,120,000
 27.4   Subd. 2.  Asset Preservation                            500,000
 27.5   To the commissioner of administration 
 27.6   to be spent in accordance with 
 27.7   Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.632.  
 27.8   The commissioner shall give priority to 
 27.9   replacement and repair of roofs. 
 27.10  Subd. 3.  Renovation of 
 27.11  Kitchen Facilities                                      400,000
 27.12  To renovate kitchen facilities at 
 27.13  national guard training and community 
 27.14  centers in Thief River Falls, Wadena, 
 27.15  Willmar, Redwood Falls, Pine City, 
 27.16  Pipestone, Red Wing, Fergus Falls, 
 27.17  Hastings, and Sauk Centre.  This 
 27.18  appropriation is exempt from the 
 27.19  requirements of Minnesota Statutes, 
 27.20  section 16B.335. 
 27.21  Subd. 4.  Armory Facility and Ramp                      220,000
 27.22  This appropriation is from the general 
 27.23  fund to the commissioner of 
 27.24  administration for purchasing options 
 27.25  for land for a military affairs 
 27.26  facility and parking ramp in the 
 27.27  capitol area as defined in Minnesota 
 27.28  statutes, section 15.50.  For this 
 27.29  purpose, the commissioner of 
 27.30  administration may also use 
 27.31  unencumbered balances of prior land 
 27.32  acquisition appropriations to the 
 27.33  commissioner. 
 27.34  Sec. 16.  CORRECTIONS
 27.35  Subdivision 1.  To the 
 27.36  commissioner of administration for
 27.37  the purposes specified in this section               94,154,000
 27.38  It is the policy of the state to 
 27.39  convert existing, surplus state 
 27.40  property for use as correctional 
 27.41  facilities, rather than construct new 
 27.42  facilities, whenever surplus state 
 27.43  property is available, appropriate, and 
 27.44  cost-effective for conversion.  
 27.45  Conversion of existing facilities 
 27.46  recycles buildings and materials, and 
 27.47  provides opportunities for current and 
 27.48  former state employees to continue 
 27.49  their careers without the total 
 27.50  disruption that relocation entails. 
 27.51  The commissioners of corrections and 
 27.52  human services shall evaluate the St. 
 27.53  Peter Regional Treatment Center 
 27.54  facilities as potential sites for 
 27.55  correction facilities, and shall report 
 27.56  their findings to the legislature by 
 27.57  February 1, 1997. 
 27.58  The commissioners of administration and 
 27.59  corrections and the adjutant general 
 27.60  must evaluate the feasibility of using 
 28.1   vacant or underutilized facilities at 
 28.2   Camp Ripley as a correctional 
 28.3   facility.  The commissioners and the 
 28.4   adjutant general must report the 
 28.5   results of the facility evaluation to 
 28.6   the legislature by February 1, 1997. 
 28.7   Subd. 2.  Asset Preservation                          1,750,000
 28.8   To be spent in accordance with 
 28.9   Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.632. 
 28.10  Subd. 3.  New Facility                               89,000,000
 28.11  To complete design and to construct, 
 28.12  furnish, and equip a new close-custody 
 28.13  correctional facility to provide at 
 28.14  least 800 beds. 
 28.15  The commissioner of administration 
 28.16  shall develop a design alternative to 
 28.17  bid and construct one of the six 
 28.18  residential pods at the new facility to 
 28.19  accommodate two inmates per cell.  This 
 28.20  would result in a total of 680 single 
 28.21  occupancy close-custody cells, and 136 
 28.22  medium-custody double occupancy cells. 
 28.23  The commissioner of administration may 
 28.24  use construction delivery methods as 
 28.25  may be appropriate to minimize the cost 
 28.26  of the facility and maximize the 
 28.27  construction time savings.  
 28.28  Before final contract documents for 
 28.29  this project are advertised for 
 28.30  construction bids, the commissioners of 
 28.31  administration and corrections shall 
 28.32  certify to the chairs of the senate 
 28.33  finance committee, the senate crime 
 28.34  prevention finance division, the house 
 28.35  ways and means committee, the house 
 28.36  judiciary finance committee, and the 
 28.37  house capital investment committee that 
 28.38  the program scope of the project has 
 28.39  not increased since the project budget 
 28.40  was reviewed in accordance with 
 28.41  Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.335.  
 28.42  Upon receipt and evaluation of 
 28.43  construction bids and before awarding 
 28.44  contracts for the construction phase of 
 28.45  the project, the commissioner of 
 28.46  administration shall provide the bids 
 28.47  and evaluation to the chairs of the 
 28.48  senate finance committee and the house 
 28.49  ways and means committee and the chairs 
 28.50  of the policy committees and finance 
 28.51  divisions having jurisdiction over 
 28.52  criminal justice policy.  Within 14 
 28.53  days after receiving them, the chairs 
 28.54  shall advise the commissioner on which 
 28.55  design should be constructed.  
 28.56  If the chairs advise the 952-bed 
 28.57  option, but the legislature does not 
 28.58  appropriate by April 15, 1997, any 
 28.59  additional money that may be needed to 
 28.60  complete the project with that option, 
 28.61  the commissioner shall award the bids 
 28.62  for the 800-bed single-cell 
 29.1   close-custody facility in order to 
 29.2   avoid delays that would further 
 29.3   escalate the cost of the project. 
 29.4   Upon receipt and evaluation of 
 29.5   construction bids and before awarding 
 29.6   contracts for the construction phase of 
 29.7   the project, the commissioners of 
 29.8   administration and finance shall inform 
 29.9   the same committee chairs of the 
 29.10  project budget necessary to complete 
 29.11  that portion of the project.  Any 
 29.12  portion of this appropriation that 
 29.13  exceeds the project budget shall be 
 29.14  unallotted by the commissioner of 
 29.15  finance. 
 29.16  By February 1 of each year, the 
 29.17  commissioner shall report to the chairs 
 29.18  of the house judiciary committee and 
 29.19  senate crime prevention committee on 
 29.20  efforts to recruit a workforce for the 
 29.21  correctional facility that is 
 29.22  proportional to the protected groups in 
 29.23  the inmate population, the results of 
 29.24  the efforts, and recommendations for 
 29.25  achieving the goal of proportional 
 29.26  representation of protected class 
 29.27  employees in relation to the inmate 
 29.28  population. 
 29.29  Subd. 4.  Bed Expansion for
 29.30  Geriatric Inmates - Ah Gwah Ching                       700,000
 29.31  To predesign, design, remodel, 
 29.32  construct, furnish, and equip new space 
 29.33  for 100 beds for geriatric inmates and 
 29.34  inmates with special medical needs at 
 29.35  the Minnesota correctional facility - 
 29.36  Ah Gwah Ching. 
 29.37  The commissioners of corrections and 
 29.38  human services must enter into 
 29.39  agreements to establish the 
 29.40  correctional facility at Ah Gwah Ching 
 29.41  with appropriations available for this 
 29.42  purpose.  
 29.43  Subd. 5.  Inmate    
 29.44  Bed Expansion - Brainerd                             1,500,000
 29.45  For capital improvements to the 
 29.46  Brainerd regional human services center 
 29.47  to establish a correctional facility 
 29.48  for medium and minimum security inmates 
 29.49  and to establish a special unit for 
 29.50  inmates with medical needs. 
 29.51  Subd. 6.  Minnesota Correctional 
 29.52  Facility - Lino Lakes                                  500,000
 29.53  For predesign and design of a 
 29.54  segregation unit for 80 medium security 
 29.55  beds. 
 29.56  Subd. 7.  Minnesota Correctional 
 29.57  Facility - Red Wing 
 29.58  By February 15, 1997, the commissioner 
 29.59  of corrections shall report to the 
 29.60  chairs of the house of representatives 
 30.1   and senate committees having 
 30.2   jurisdiction over criminal justice 
 30.3   funding on the advisability of 
 30.4   converting the Minnesota correctional 
 30.5   facility at Red Wing to a minimum 
 30.6   security facility for adults. 
 30.7   Subd. 8.  Third Judicial District
 30.8   Regional Juvenile Treatment Center-Rochester            680,000
 30.9   For a grant to Olmsted county.  The 
 30.10  grant is to design, remodel, equip, and 
 30.11  furnish building No. 7 on the campus of 
 30.12  the former Rochester State Hospital.  
 30.13  The remodeled building is to be used 
 30.14  for juvenile sex offenders and 
 30.15  predelinquent or delinquent youths as a 
 30.16  part of an integrated, comprehensive 
 30.17  juvenile services model for the third 
 30.18  judicial district.  For purposes of 
 30.19  this grant, Olmsted county is the 
 30.20  fiscal agent for participating counties.
 30.21  Subd. 9.  Braham Site Costs Grant                        24,000 
 30.22  For a grant to reimburse the city of 
 30.23  Braham for costs incurred in attempting 
 30.24  to qualify as a site for a new state 
 30.25  correctional facility for male 
 30.26  offenders.  Reimbursable costs include 
 30.27  but are not limited to planning 
 30.28  expenses, site analysis, purchase of 
 30.29  land options, legal services, 
 30.30  engineering surveys, and water and 
 30.31  sewer utility extensions.  This 
 30.32  appropriation is from the general fund. 
 30.33  Sec. 17.  HUMAN SERVICES
 30.34  Subdivision 1.  To the 
 30.35  commissioner of administration for the 
 30.36  purposes specified in this section                    8,807,000
 30.37  Subd. 2.  Asset Preservation                          1,000,000
 30.38  To be spent in accordance with 
 30.39  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.632.  
 30.40  The commissioner of administration 
 30.41  shall give priority to replacement and 
 30.42  repair of roofs and fire alarm systems. 
 30.43  Subd. 3.  Anoka Metro Regional 
 30.44  Treatment Center                                        322,000
 30.45  For predesign and design of 
 30.46  improvements to the existing 
 30.47  residential, program, clinical, and 
 30.48  ancillary support areas in the Miller 
 30.49  building. 
 30.50  Subd. 4.  Brainerd Regional 
 30.51  Human Services Center                                 1,500,000
 30.52  To improve and upgrade heating, 
 30.53  ventilation, cooling, air conditioning, 
 30.54  and electrical systems in the most 
 30.55  critical residential areas at the 
 30.56  center as determined by the 
 30.57  commissioner of human services.  
 30.58  Subd. 5.  Cambridge Regional
 31.1   Human Services Center                                 3,400,000
 31.2   This appropriation is to demolish 
 31.3   existing buildings and design, 
 31.4   construct, and equip new facilities for 
 31.5   the first 36 out of 72 beds proposed 
 31.6   for the Minnesota extended treatment 
 31.7   option (METO) program; to renovate the 
 31.8   auditorium building for recreational 
 31.9   and program activities; and to renovate 
 31.10  the laundry building for work activity 
 31.11  programs. 
 31.12  Subd. 6.  Fergus Falls Regional
 31.13  Treatment Center Renovation Predesign                    85,000
 31.14  For predesign of improvements to 
 31.15  upgrade and consolidate residential, 
 31.16  program, and ancillary services at the 
 31.17  Fergus Falls campus. 
 31.18  Subd. 7.  Willmar Regional Treatment Center
 31.19  Residential and Program Space Remodeling              2,500,000
 31.20  For design and renovation of buildings 
 31.21  1 and 7 for use as an adolescent 
 31.22  treatment unit at the Willmar regional 
 31.23  treatment center. 
 31.24  Sec. 18.  VETERANS HOMES BOARD                
 31.25  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner of 
 31.26  administration for the purposes specified 
 31.27  in this section                                         740,000
 31.28  Subd. 2.  Asset Preservation                            500,000 
 31.29  To be spent in accordance with 
 31.30  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.632.  
 31.31  The commissioner shall give priority to 
 31.32  elimination or containment of hazardous 
 31.33  substances at facilities operated by 
 31.34  the veterans homes board, and to 
 31.35  acquisition and installation of an 
 31.36  emergency generator at the Hastings 
 31.37  veterans home. 
 31.38  Subd. 3.  Silver Bay Dementia Unit                      240,000 
 31.39  To design, construct, furnish, and 
 31.40  equip an addition to the Silver Bay 
 31.41  veterans home to be used for a day 
 31.42  room, activity area, and wander area 
 31.43  for dementia and alzheimer patients. 
 31.44  Sec. 19.  TRANSPORTATION
 31.45  Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner
 31.46  of transportation for the purposes
 31.47  specified in this section                            49,639,000
 31.48  Subd. 2.  Port Development Assistance
 31.49  Program                                               3,000,000
 31.50  For port improvement projects to 
 31.51  repair, construct, and improve terminal 
 31.52  structures, equipment, and access as 
 31.53  authorized under Minnesota Statutes, 
 31.54  chapter 457A.  Grants awarded under 
 31.55  this subdivision are contingent upon a 
 31.56  $4 state to $1 local match.  The grants 
 32.1   must be made to political subdivisions 
 32.2   or port authorities for capital 
 32.3   improvements.  Any improvements made 
 32.4   with the proceeds of these grants must 
 32.5   be publicly owned. 
 32.6   Subd. 3.  Metro Public Safety Radio
 32.7   System                                               15,000,000
 32.8   $7,500,000 of this appropriation is 
 32.9   from the trunk highway fund.  
 32.10  This appropriation is to construct the 
 32.11  initial backbone of the metropolitan 
 32.12  regionwide public safety radio 
 32.13  communications system described in 
 32.14  Minnesota Statutes, sections 473.891 to 
 32.15  473.905.  The appropriation is not 
 32.16  available until the commissioner of 
 32.17  finance has determined that the amount 
 32.18  necessary to complete the initial 
 32.19  backbone has been committed by other 
 32.20  sources.  The other sources may include 
 32.21  the $10,000,000 of bonds supported by 
 32.22  appropriations from the 911 emergency 
 32.23  telephone service fee account in the 
 32.24  state government special revenue fund 
 32.25  and the $3,000,000 of bonds supported 
 32.26  by the full faith and credit and taxing 
 32.27  powers of the metropolitan council that 
 32.28  are authorized by Minnesota Statutes, 
 32.29  sections 473.891 to 473.905, as well as 
 32.30  contributions from other nonstate 
 32.31  sources. 
 32.32  Subd. 4.  Local Bridge 
 32.33  Replacement and Rehabilitation                       10,000,000
 32.34  This appropriation is from the state 
 32.35  transportation fund as provided in 
 32.36  Minnesota Statutes, section 174.50, to 
 32.37  match federal funds and to replace or 
 32.38  rehabilitate local deficient bridges. 
 32.39  Political subdivisions may use grants 
 32.40  made under this section to construct or 
 32.41  reconstruct bridges, including: 
 32.42  (1) matching federal-aid grants to 
 32.43  construct or reconstruct key bridges; 
 32.44  (2) paying the costs of preliminary 
 32.45  engineering and environmental studies 
 32.46  authorized under Minnesota Statutes, 
 32.47  section 174.50, subdivision 6a; 
 32.48  (3) paying the costs to abandon an 
 32.49  existing bridge that is deficient and 
 32.50  in need of replacement, but where no 
 32.51  replacement will be made; and 
 32.52  (4) paying the costs to construct a 
 32.53  road or street to facilitate the 
 32.54  abandonment of an existing bridge 
 32.55  determined by the commissioner to be 
 32.56  deficient, if the commissioner 
 32.57  determines that construction of the 
 32.58  road or street is more cost-efficient 
 32.59  than the replacement of the existing 
 32.60  bridge. 
 33.1   Subd. 5.  Trunk Highway  
 33.2   Facility Projects                                    20,454,000
 33.3   This appropriation is from the trunk 
 33.4   highway fund. 
 33.5   (1) For construction documents, construction,
 33.6   furnishing, and equipping of Bemidji 
 33.7   headquarters building to replace the existing
 33.8   facility.  The new facility will house the district
 33.9   staff, support services, design, construction,
 33.10  right-of-way, materials engineering, maintenance,
 33.11  radio shop, inventory center, vehicle maintenance,
 33.12  vehicle storage, bridge maintenance, and building
 33.13  services                                              9,000,000
 33.14  (2) Repair, replace, construct, or develop
 33.15  additions to chemical and salt storage buildings
 33.16  at 29 department of transportation locations
 33.17  statewide                                             1,000,000
 33.18  (3) For schematic design, design
 33.19  development, construction documents, construction,
 33.20  furnishing, and equipping of an addition to the
 33.21  Rochester district office and state patrol center     1,260,000
 33.22  (4) Construct, furnish, and equip a new
 33.23  equipment storage building on a new site in
 33.24  Pipestone to replace the existing facility              520,000
 33.25  (5) Construct, furnish, and equip a new
 33.26  equipment storage building on a new site in
 33.27  Deer Lake to combine and replace existing
 33.28  operations at Togo and Effie                            644,000
 33.29  (6) Construct, furnish, and equip a new
 33.30  equipment storage building on a new site in 
 33.31  Rushford to replace the existing facility               663,000
 33.32  (7) For construction documents, construction,
 33.33  furnishing, and equipping of an addition to the 
 33.34  central services building at Fort Snelling for
 33.35  heated storage                                          855,000
 33.36  (8) Schematic design, design development,
 33.37  and construction documents for projects
 33.38  at Duluth, St. Cloud, Jordan, Fort Snelling,
 33.39  Golden Valley, and a new record building                677,000
 33.40  (9) Design, construction, equipping, and
 33.41  furnishing of an addition to the Garrison truck
 33.42  station and related improvements                        206,000
 33.43  (10) For construction documents, construction,
 33.44  furnishing, and equipping of an addition
 33.45  to the Hastings truck station                         1,362,000
 33.46  (11) Construct, furnish, and equip a new 
 33.47  equipment storage building on a new site in 
 33.48  Gaylord to replace the existing facility                680,000
 33.49  (12) Remove asbestos from various
 33.50  department of transportation buildings statewide        200,000
 33.51  (13) Construct, furnish, and equip a new
 33.52  equipment storage building on a new site
 33.53  in Hibbing to replace the existing facility.
 33.54  Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.33, does not
 33.55  apply to this project                                 1,237,000
 33.56  (14) Design, construction, equipping, and
 34.1   furnishing of an addition to the Long 
 34.2   Prairie truck station and related improvements          215,000
 34.3   (15) Design, construction, equipping, and
 34.4   furnishing of an addition to the Forest
 34.5   Lake truck station and related improvements             451,000
 34.6   (16) Design, construction, equipping, and
 34.7   furnishing of an addition to the Erskine
 34.8   truck station and related improvements                  300,000
 34.9   (17) Construct, furnish, and equip class
 34.10  II safety rest areas in Fillmore county,
 34.11  Cook county, and Kanabec county                         120,000
 34.12  (18) Construct pole-type storage buildings
 34.13  at department of transportation locations
 34.14  throughout the state                                    350,000
 34.15  (19) Land acquisition at Fort Snelling
 34.16  next to the central services complex when
 34.17  it is made available as surplus property
 34.18  by the federal government                               200,000
 34.19  (20) Design, construction, equipping, and
 34.20  furnishing of an addition to the Dilworth
 34.21  truck station and related improvements                  514,000
 34.22  (21) Clauses (1) to (20) 
 34.23  are exempt from the requirements 
 34.24  of Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.335.
 34.25  (22) The money for a project in 
 34.26  this section is available only if 
 34.27  not funded in another law enacted  
 34.28  in 1996.
 34.29  Subd. 6.  Drivers' Examination
 34.30  Stations                                              1,185,000
 34.31  This appropriation is from the trunk 
 34.32  highway fund to the commissioner of 
 34.33  transportation for capital improvements 
 34.34  to license exam stations, grounds, and 
 34.35  facilities at Arden Hills, Eagan, and 
 34.36  Plymouth. 
 34.37  Sec. 20.  HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY                  
 34.38  Subdivision 1.  (a) To the commissioner 
 34.39  of the housing finance agency for building 
 34.40  construction and rehabilitation or financing 
 34.41  of building construction and rehabilitation 
 34.42  for the purposes specified in this section            3,500,000 
 34.43  (b) At least 25 percent of the total 
 34.44  appropriation under this section, 
 34.45  except those grants made under the 
 34.46  neighborhood land trust program, must 
 34.47  utilize youthbuild, Minnesota Statutes, 
 34.48  sections 268.361 to 268.367, or other 
 34.49  youth employment and training programs 
 34.50  to do the labor portion of the 
 34.51  construction.  Eligible programs must 
 34.52  consult with appropriate labor 
 34.53  organizations to deliver education and 
 34.54  training.  In making grants under this 
 34.55  section, the commissioner shall use a 
 34.56  request for proposal process.  
 34.57  Subd. 2.  Grants for Transitional 
 35.1   Housing Loans for Families, Homeless    
 35.2   Youth, and Battered Women                             2,500,000
 35.3   To the commissioner of the housing 
 35.4   finance agency for the purpose of 
 35.5   making transitional housing loans, 
 35.6   including loans for housing for 
 35.7   homeless youths, homeless families, and 
 35.8   battered women to local government 
 35.9   units authorized under Minnesota 
 35.10  Statutes, section 462A.202, subdivision 
 35.11  2.  
 35.12  Subd. 3.  Neighborhood Land 
 35.13  Trust Program                                         1,000,000
 35.14  To the Minnesota housing finance 
 35.15  agency's local government unit housing 
 35.16  account established in Minnesota 
 35.17  Statutes, section 462A.202, for loans 
 35.18  with or without interest to a city to 
 35.19  purchase or acquire land and buildings 
 35.20  for purposes of the neighborhood land 
 35.21  trust program under Minnesota Statutes, 
 35.22  sections 462A.30 and 462A.31, upon 
 35.23  terms and conditions the agency 
 35.24  determines. 
 35.25  Sec. 21.  ECONOMIC SECURITY                           3,500,000
 35.26  To the commissioner of economic 
 35.27  security for grants to state agencies 
 35.28  and political subdivisions to construct 
 35.29  or rehabilitate facilities for Head 
 35.30  Start or other early childhood learning 
 35.31  programs, for crisis nurseries, or for 
 35.32  child visitation centers under 
 35.33  Minnesota Statutes, section 268.917, 
 35.34  and for drop-in centers, recreational 
 35.35  space, and other facilities to serve 
 35.36  homeless youth under new Minnesota 
 35.37  Statutes, section 268.918.  
 35.38  Grants for early childhood learning 
 35.39  programs may be committed so that 
 35.40  recipients may leverage the grants to 
 35.41  obtain other money for the program. 
 35.42  No project for homeless youth 
 35.43  facilities may receive a grant of more 
 35.44  than $250,000. 
 35.45  At least 25 percent, up to $50,000, of 
 35.46  each grant under this section must 
 35.47  utilize youthbuild, Minnesota Statutes, 
 35.48  sections 268.361 to 268.367, or other 
 35.49  youth employment and training programs 
 35.50  to do the labor portion of the 
 35.51  construction.  Eligible programs must 
 35.52  consult with appropriate labor 
 35.53  organizations to deliver education and 
 35.54  training.  In making grants under this 
 35.55  section, the commissioner shall use a 
 35.56  request for proposal process. 
 35.58  Subdivision 1.  To the Minnesota
 35.59  historical society for the purposes
 35.60  specified in this section                             5,950,000 
 36.1   Subd. 2.  Historic Site 
 36.2   Preservation and Repair                               3,000,000
 36.3   For capital repair, reconstruction, or 
 36.4   replacement of deferred maintenance 
 36.5   needs at state historic sites, 
 36.6   buildings, exhibits, markers, and 
 36.7   monuments, including restoration of the 
 36.8   fire tower at the forest history 
 36.9   center.  The society shall determine 
 36.10  project priorities as appropriate based 
 36.11  on need.  
 36.12  Subd. 3.  Historic Site
 36.13  Network Master Planning                                 300,000
 36.14  For updating of master plans for the 
 36.15  state historic sites network.  This 
 36.16  appropriation is from the general fund 
 36.17  and is available until June 30, 1998. 
 36.18  Subd. 4.  County and Local
 36.19  Preservation Projects                                   750,000
 36.20  To be allocated to county and local 
 36.21  jurisdictions as matching money for 
 36.22  historic preservation projects of a 
 36.23  capital nature.  Grant recipients must 
 36.24  be public entities and must match state 
 36.25  funds on at least an equal basis.  The 
 36.26  facilities must be publicly owned.  
 36.27  Subd. 5.  1879 Sibley County
 36.28  Courthouse Restoration                                  250,000
 36.29  For a grant to the city of Henderson 
 36.30  for the restoration, and life safety 
 36.31  and handicapped accessibility 
 36.32  upgrading, of the 1879 Sibley County 
 36.33  Courthouse in preparation for its use 
 36.34  as the Joseph R. Brown Interpretive 
 36.35  Center. 
 36.36  Subd. 6.  St. Anthony Falls
 36.37  Heritage Zone Implementation                          1,000,000
 36.38  For a grant to the St. Anthony Falls 
 36.39  heritage board for capital improvements 
 36.40  to implement the comprehensive 
 36.41  interpretive development plan for the 
 36.42  historic resources of the St. Anthony 
 36.43  Falls historic district. 
 36.44  Subd. 7.  Battle Point                                   500,000 
 36.45  For a grant to independent school 
 36.46  district No. 115, Cass Lake-Bena, for 
 36.47  capital improvements at the Battle 
 36.48  Point historic site.  This 
 36.49  appropriation may be supplemented with 
 36.50  money from other sources. 
 36.51  Subd. 8.  Pickwick Mill                                  150,000 
 36.52  For a grant to Winona county for 
 36.53  renovation of the historic Pickwick 
 36.54  Mill. 
 36.55  Sec. 23.  PUBLIC SERVICE                              4,000,000
 36.56  To the commissioner of finance for the 
 37.1   energy conservation investment loan 
 37.2   program in the department of public 
 37.3   service under Minnesota Statutes, 
 37.4   section 216C.37. 
 37.6   Subdivision 1.  To the commissioner of
 37.7   administration for the purposes specified
 37.8   in this section                                      69,410,000
 37.9   Subd. 2.  Austin School District No. 492                975,000
 37.10  For a grant to independent school 
 37.11  district No. 492, Austin, to construct 
 37.12  a television transmitter in the 
 37.13  Rushford area to broadcast the signal 
 37.14  of public television station KSMQ-TV 
 37.15  into Fillmore, Houston, and Winona 
 37.16  counties, subject to Minnesota 
 37.17  Statutes, section 16A.695. 
 37.18  Subd. 3.  Family Practice Residency
 37.19  Program Grant                                         1,400,000
 37.20  For a grant to the city of Duluth for 
 37.21  Miller-Dwan hospital, the 
 37.22  establishment, administration, 
 37.23  management, maintenance, improvement, 
 37.24  and financing of which is authorized 
 37.25  under Laws 1994, chapter 471.  The 
 37.26  grant is for remodeling a clinic 
 37.27  building used by a family practice 
 37.28  residency program that places 
 37.29  two-thirds of its graduates in 
 37.30  Minnesota communities outside the 
 37.31  seven-county metropolitan area.  The 
 37.32  grant is contingent upon a local match 
 37.33  of $1 for each $2 of state money. 
 37.34  Subd. 4.  Farmamerica                                   400,000
 37.35  For a grant to Farmamerica in Waseca 
 37.36  county for signage and for hard 
 37.37  surfacing of walkways, trails, and 
 37.38  roads related to the Farmamerica 
 37.39  facility. 
 37.40  Subd. 5.  Headwaters Science Grant                      200,000
 37.41  For a grant to the city of Bemidji for 
 37.42  predesign and design of the headwaters 
 37.43  science center. 
 37.44  Subd. 6.  Lake Superior Center                       10,000,000
 37.45  For a grant to the Lake Superior Center 
 37.46  authority for costs to design, 
 37.47  construct, furnish, and equip the Lake 
 37.48  Superior Center in Duluth.  All land, 
 37.49  buildings, and capital assets must be 
 37.50  owned by the Lake Superior Center 
 37.51  authority.  This appropriation is not 
 37.52  available until the commissioner of 
 37.53  administration has received commitments 
 37.54  from the city of Duluth that the city 
 37.55  will secure money from nonstate sources 
 37.56  to pay the operating costs of the Lake 
 37.57  Superior Center, if necessary.  This 
 37.58  appropriation is not available until 
 37.59  the commissioner of administration has 
 38.1   also determined that the match required 
 38.2   in Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 2, 
 38.3   subdivision 10, of $8,000,000 from 
 38.4   federal or nonstate sources, has been 
 38.5   committed and that an additional 
 38.6   $3,500,000 from nonstate sources has 
 38.7   been committed to the project. 
 38.8   Subd. 7.  Lake Superior 
 38.9   Zoological Gardens                                    1,500,000
 38.10  For a grant to the city of Duluth for 
 38.11  the purpose of constructing an animal 
 38.12  containment facility and new exhibits 
 38.13  at the Lake Superior Zoological Gardens.
 38.14  Subd. 8.  Lyn/Lake/Jungle 
 38.15  Theatre Performing Arts Center                          335,000
 38.16  For a grant to Hennepin county to 
 38.17  design, construct, furnish, and equip 
 38.18  the Lyn/Lake/Jungle Theatre community 
 38.19  performing arts center, subject to 
 38.20  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.695.  
 38.21  This appropriation is not available 
 38.22  until the commissioner has determined 
 38.23  that at least $1,630,000 has been 
 38.24  committed by nonstate sources to 
 38.25  complete the Lyn/Lake/Jungle Theatre. 
 38.26  Subd. 9.  Milwaukee Road
 38.27  Depot in Montevideo                                     500,000
 38.28  For a grant to the city of Montevideo 
 38.29  to restore the Milwaukee Road Depot in 
 38.30  Montevideo. 
 38.31  Subd. 10.  Minneapolis Convention Center             12,000,000 
 38.32  For a grant to the city of Minneapolis 
 38.33  for land acquisition and related site 
 38.34  acquisition costs related to expansion 
 38.35  of the Minneapolis convention center. 
 38.36  The city shall utilize this grant in 
 38.37  such a way as not to compel the 
 38.38  legislature in any way to be required 
 38.39  to provide subsequent appropriations 
 38.40  for this project. 
 38.41  As a condition of this grant, the city 
 38.42  of Minneapolis shall provide a report 
 38.43  to the chairs of the house ways and 
 38.44  means committee, house capital 
 38.45  investment committee, senate finance 
 38.46  committee, and commissioner of finance 
 38.47  on or before July 1, 1997, which 
 38.48  describes the long-term financing plan 
 38.49  for expansion of the convention 
 38.50  center.  This financing plan must 
 38.51  identify all capital and operating 
 38.52  costs associated with the expansion 
 38.53  project and identify sources of 
 38.54  financing, including alternatives to 
 38.55  state participation in capital costs 
 38.56  for the project. 
 38.57  Subd. 11.  Multijurisdictional 
 38.58  Reinvestment Programs                                10,000,000 
 38.59  For a grant to Hennepin county to carry 
 39.1   out projects (a), (b), and (c) in 
 39.2   accordance with the multijurisdictional 
 39.3   reinvestment program plan established 
 39.4   as provided in Minnesota Statutes, 
 39.5   section 383B.79.  The amount to be 
 39.6   spent for each project, if anything, 
 39.7   may be determined by Hennepin county. 
 39.8   (a) Humboldt Avenue Project.  To 
 39.9   acquire land for green space connecting 
 39.10  the campuses of three schools in the 
 39.11  vicinity of Humboldt Avenue North.  
 39.12  Development of the green space, which 
 39.13  will be paid for by Hennepin county, 
 39.14  will include reclamation of wetland 
 39.15  amenities for public use and 
 39.16  construction of a parkway.  Hennepin 
 39.17  county shall consult with and seek 
 39.18  advice from the affected residents, 
 39.19  cities, and school districts. 
 39.20  (b) 29th Street Corridor.  To design 
 39.21  and construct the 29th Street Corridor 
 39.22  bikeway and trailway and a greenway 
 39.23  connecting it to the Urban Village 
 39.24  housing project in Minneapolis. 
 39.25  (c) Shingle Creek Pond.  To develop a 
 39.26  stormwater retention pond to reduce 
 39.27  runoff and minimize pollution of 
 39.28  Shingle Creek.  The project must be 
 39.29  compatible and consistent with a 
 39.30  comprehensive multijurisdictional 
 39.31  reinvestment program established under 
 39.32  Minnesota Statutes, section 383B.79. 
 39.33  (d) The government jurisdictions 
 39.34  participating in these projects must 
 39.35  match in the aggregate the total state 
 39.36  contribution under this subdivision on 
 39.37  at least a dollar-for-dollar basis.  
 39.38  The government jurisdictions, however 
 39.39  constituted, may use any nonstate money 
 39.40  under their control to meet the match 
 39.41  requirement. 
 39.42  Subd. 12.  Prairieland Expo                            1,500,000
 39.43  (a) For a grant to the southwest 
 39.44  regional development commission to 
 39.45  construct, equip, and furnish a 
 39.46  facility to display, preserve, and 
 39.47  interpret the history of southwest 
 39.48  Minnesota, as authorized in Minnesota 
 39.49  Statutes, section 462.3911.  The 
 39.50  facility is to be known as "Prairieland 
 39.51  Expo." 
 39.52  (b) The facility must be owned by the 
 39.53  southwest regional development 
 39.54  commission.  The southwest regional 
 39.55  development commission may enter into a 
 39.56  lease or management contract with an 
 39.57  entity under Minnesota Statutes, 
 39.58  section 16A.695, for operation, 
 39.59  management, and oversight of the 
 39.60  facility. 
 39.61  (c) This appropriation is not available 
 39.62  until the commissioner of 
 39.63  administration has determined that the 
 40.1   necessary financing to complete the 
 40.2   project has been committed by nonstate 
 40.3   sources, and the commissioner has 
 40.4   received commitments from the southwest 
 40.5   regional development commission that 
 40.6   the commission will secure money from 
 40.7   nonstate sources to pay the operating 
 40.8   costs of Prairieland Expo, if necessary.
 40.9   Subd. 13.  Science Museum 
 40.10  of Minnesota                                         30,000,000
 40.11  For a grant to the city of St. Paul to 
 40.12  design, construct, furnish, and equip a 
 40.13  science museum in St. Paul. 
 40.14  This appropriation is not available 
 40.15  until matched by at least $59,000,000 
 40.16  in nonstate funds and is not available 
 40.17  until the city of St. Paul has provided 
 40.18  written evidence of the availability of 
 40.19  matching funds to the commissioner of 
 40.20  finance and the commissioner of finance 
 40.21  has determined that all matching 
 40.22  requirements of current and prior 
 40.23  appropriations for this project have 
 40.24  been met.  This is the final state 
 40.25  appropriation for this project. 
 40.26  Subd. 14.  Stearns County Quarry Park and 
 40.27  Nature Preserve                                         250,000
 40.28  For a grant to Stearns county to design 
 40.29  and develop the first phase of this 
 40.30  park.  Eligible project costs include 
 40.31  site reclamation and capital 
 40.32  improvements to provide public access 
 40.33  for trail activities, swimming, scuba, 
 40.34  rock climbing, ski touring, mountain 
 40.35  biking, and general outdoor recreation. 
 40.36  Subd. 15.  Voyageur Center                               350,000 
 40.37  For a grant to the city of 
 40.38  International Falls for the predesign 
 40.39  and design of an interpretive and 
 40.40  conference center.  The center shall 
 40.41  provide educational opportunities and 
 40.42  enhance tourism by presenting 
 40.43  information and displays which preserve 
 40.44  and interpret the history of the 
 40.45  voyageur and related animals, 
 40.46  emphasizing the importance of the fur 
 40.47  trade to the history and development of 
 40.48  the region and the state.  The center 
 40.49  shall include conference facilities.  
 40.50  The center shall be located in the city 
 40.51  of International Falls.  The city may 
 40.52  enter into a lease or management 
 40.53  contract with a nonprofit entity under 
 40.54  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.695, 
 40.55  for operation of the center.  In 
 40.56  developing plans for the facility the 
 40.57  commissioner must consult with the 
 40.58  small business development center 
 40.59  located at Rainy River Community 
 40.60  College. 
 40.61  Sec. 25.  BOND SALE EXPENSES                            608,000
 40.62  To the commissioner of finance for bond 
 41.1   sale expenses under Minnesota Statutes, 
 41.2   section 16A.641, subdivision 8. 
 41.3      Sec. 26.  Laws 1995, First Special Session chapter 2, 
 41.4   article 1, section 13, is amended to read: 
 41.5   Sec. 23.  BOND SALE SCHEDULE                                    
 41.6   The commissioner of finance shall 
 41.7   schedule the sale of state general 
 41.8   obligation bonds so that, during the 
 41.9   biennium ending June 30, 1997, no more 
 41.10  than $458,704,000 $446,840,000 will 
 41.11  need to be transferred from the general 
 41.12  fund to the state bond fund to pay 
 41.13  principal and interest due and to 
 41.14  become due on outstanding state general 
 41.15  obligation bonds.  During the biennium, 
 41.16  before each sale of state general 
 41.17  obligation bonds, the commissioner of 
 41.18  finance shall calculate the amount of 
 41.19  debt service payments needed on bonds 
 41.20  previously issued and shall estimate 
 41.21  the amount of debt service payments 
 41.22  that will be needed on the bonds 
 41.23  scheduled to be sold, the commissioner 
 41.24  shall adjust the amount of bonds 
 41.25  scheduled to be sold so as to remain 
 41.26  within the limit set by this section.  
 41.27  The amount needed to make the debt 
 41.28  service payments is appropriated from 
 41.29  the general fund as provided in 
 41.30  Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.641. 
 41.31     Sec. 27.  [BOND SALE AUTHORIZATIONS.] 
 41.32     Subdivision 1.  [BOND PROCEEDS FUND.] To provide the money 
 41.33  appropriated in this act from the bond proceeds fund the 
 41.34  commissioner of finance, on request of the governor, shall sell 
 41.35  and issue bonds of the state in an amount up to $597,110,000 in 
 41.36  the manner, upon the terms, and with the effect prescribed by 
 41.37  Minnesota Statutes, sections 16A.631 to 16A.675, and by the 
 41.38  Minnesota Constitution, article XI, sections 4 to 7.  
 41.39     Subd. 2.  [TRANSPORTATION FUND.] To provide the money 
 41.40  appropriated in this act from the state transportation fund, the 
 41.41  commissioner of finance, on request of the governor, shall sell 
 41.42  and issue general obligation bonds of the state in an amount up 
 41.43  to $10,000,000 in the manner, upon the terms, and with the 
 41.44  effect prescribed by Minnesota Statutes, sections 16A.631 to 
 41.45  16A.675, and by the Minnesota Constitution, article XI, sections 
 41.46  4 to 7.  The proceeds of the bonds, except accrued interest and 
 41.47  any premium received on the sale of the bonds, must be credited 
 41.48  to a bond proceeds account in the state transportation fund. 
 42.1      Sec. 28.  [BOND REAUTHORIZATIONS.] 
 42.2      The following bond authorizations, which have been reported 
 42.3   to the legislature according to Minnesota Statutes, section 
 42.4   16A.642, subdivision 1, are reauthorized, and do not cancel 
 42.5   under the terms of that subdivision: 
 42.6      (1) an amount remaining of $7,000,000 for appropriations 
 42.7   from the state transportation fund for railroad assistance, 
 42.8   authorized in Laws 1984, chapter 597, section 22; 
 42.9      (2) an amount remaining of $2,463,442 for appropriations 
 42.10  from the bond proceeds fund for programs of the rural finance 
 42.11  authority, authorized in Laws 1986, chapter 398, article 6, 
 42.12  section 19, subdivision 1; 
 42.13     (3) an amount remaining of $121,756.89 for appropriations 
 42.14  from the bond proceeds fund for betterment of state trails, 
 42.15  authorized in Laws 1987, chapter 400, section 25, subdivision 1; 
 42.16  and 
 42.17     (4) an amount remaining of $1,654,993.40 for appropriations 
 42.18  from the water pollution control fund for wastewater treatment, 
 42.19  authorized in Laws 1987, chapter 400, section 25, subdivision 5. 
 42.20     Sec. 29.  Minnesota Statutes 1995 Supplement, section 
 42.21  16A.28, subdivision 5, is amended to read: 
 42.22     Subd. 5.  [PERMANENT IMPROVEMENTS.] An appropriation for 
 42.23  permanent improvements to acquire or better public land or 
 42.24  buildings or other public improvements of a capital nature, 
 42.25  including the acquisition of real property does not lapse until 
 42.26  the purposes of the appropriation are determined by the 
 42.27  commissioner, after consultation with the affected agencies, to 
 42.28  be accomplished or abandoned.  This subdivision also applies to 
 42.29  any part of an appropriation for a fiscal year that has been 
 42.30  requisitioned to acquire real property or construct permanent 
 42.31  improvements.  An appropriation to pay moving expenses lapses at 
 42.32  the end of the third fiscal year during which it was made 
 42.33  available.  
 42.34     Sec. 30.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 16A.632, is 
 42.35  amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 42.36     Subd. 4.  [REPORT.] By January 15 of each year the 
 43.1   commissioner of administration, with respect to each state 
 43.2   agency, shall submit to the commissioner of finance, the chairs 
 43.3   of the finance divisions that oversee the appropriations to that 
 43.4   state agency, and to the chairs of the senate finance committee 
 43.5   and the house of representatives capital investment committee, a 
 43.6   list of the projects in the agency that have been funded with 
 43.7   money from the capital asset preservation and replacement 
 43.8   account during the preceding calendar year, as well as a list of 
 43.9   those priority projects for which CAPRA appropriations will be 
 43.10  sought for the agency in that year's legislative session. 
 43.11     Sec. 31.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 16A.641, 
 43.12  subdivision 8, is amended to read: 
 43.13     Subd. 8.  [APPROPRIATION OF PROCEEDS.] (a) The proceeds of 
 43.14  bonds issued under each law are appropriated for the purposes 
 43.15  described in the law and in this subdivision.  This 
 43.16  appropriation may never be canceled.  
 43.17     (b) Before the proceeds are received in the proper special 
 43.18  fund, the commissioner may transfer to that fund from the 
 43.19  general fund amounts not exceeding the expected proceeds from 
 43.20  the next bond sale.  The commissioner shall return these amounts 
 43.21  to the general fund by transferring proceeds when received.  The 
 43.22  amounts of these transfers are appropriated from the general 
 43.23  fund and from the bond proceeds.  
 43.24     (c) Actual and necessary travel and subsistence expenses of 
 43.25  employees and all other nonsalary expenses incidental to the 
 43.26  sale, printing, execution, and delivery of bonds must be paid 
 43.27  from the proceeds.  The proceeds are appropriated for this 
 43.28  purpose.  Bond proceeds must not be used to pay any part of the 
 43.29  salary of a state employee involved in the sale, printing, 
 43.30  execution, or delivery of the bonds. 
 43.31     (d) Bond proceeds remaining in a special fund after the 
 43.32  purposes for which the bonds were issued are accomplished or 
 43.33  abandoned, as certified by the head of the agency administering 
 43.34  the special fund, or as determined by the commissioner, unless 
 43.35  devoted under the appropriation act to another purpose 
 43.36  designated in the act, shall be transferred to the state bond 
 44.1   fund. 
 44.2      Sec. 32.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 16A.695, is 
 44.3   amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 44.4      Subd. 5.  [PROGRAM FUNDING.] Recipients of grants from 
 44.5   money appropriated from the bond proceeds fund must demonstrate 
 44.6   to the commissioner of the agency making the grant that the 
 44.7   recipient has the ability and a plan to fund the program 
 44.8   intended for the facility.  A private nonprofit organization 
 44.9   that leases or manages a facility acquired or bettered with 
 44.10  grant money appropriated from the bond proceeds fund must 
 44.11  demonstrate to the commissioner of the agency making the grant 
 44.12  that the organization has the ability and a plan to fund the 
 44.13  program intended for the facility. 
 44.14     Sec. 33.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 16B.24, 
 44.15  subdivision 6, is amended to read: 
 44.16     Subd. 6.  [PROPERTY RENTAL.] (a)  [LEASES.] The 
 44.17  commissioner shall rent land and other premises when necessary 
 44.18  for state purposes.  Notwithstanding subdivision 6a, paragraph 
 44.19  (a), the commissioner may lease land or premises for up to ten 
 44.20  years, subject to cancellation upon 30 days' written notice by 
 44.21  the state for any reason except rental lease of other 
 44.22  nonstate-owned land or premises for the same use.  The 
 44.23  commissioner may not rent lease non-state-owned land and 
 44.24  buildings or substantial portions of land or buildings within 
 44.25  the capitol area as defined in section 15.50 unless the 
 44.26  commissioner first consults with the capitol area architectural 
 44.27  and planning board.  If the commissioner enters into a 
 44.28  lease-purchase agreement for buildings or substantial portions 
 44.29  of buildings within the capitol area, the commissioner shall 
 44.30  require that any new construction of non-state-owned buildings 
 44.31  conform to design guidelines of the capitol area architectural 
 44.32  and planning board.  Lands needed by the department of 
 44.33  transportation for storage of vehicles or road materials may 
 44.34  be rented leased for five years or less, such leases for terms 
 44.35  over two years being subject to cancellation upon 30 days 
 44.36  written notice by the state for any reason except rental lease 
 45.1   of other nonstate-owned land or premises for the same use.  An 
 45.2   agency or department head must consult with the chairs of the 
 45.3   house appropriations and senate finance committees before 
 45.4   entering into any agreement that would cause an agency's rental 
 45.5   costs to increase by ten percent or more per square foot or 
 45.6   would increase the number of square feet of office space rented 
 45.7   by the agency by 25 percent or more in any fiscal year.  
 45.8      (b)  [USE VACANT PUBLIC SPACE.] No agency may initiate or 
 45.9   renew a lease for space for its own use in a private building 
 45.10  unless the commissioner has thoroughly investigated presently 
 45.11  vacant space in public buildings, such as closed school 
 45.12  buildings, and found that none is available or use of the space 
 45.13  is not feasible, prudent, and cost-effective compared with 
 45.14  available alternatives.  
 45.15     (c)  [PREFERENCE FOR CERTAIN BUILDINGS.] For needs beyond 
 45.16  those which can be accommodated in state-owned buildings, the 
 45.17  commissioner shall acquire and utilize space in suitable 
 45.18  buildings of historical, architectural, or cultural significance 
 45.19  for the purposes of this subdivision unless use of that space is 
 45.20  not feasible, prudent and cost-effective compared with available 
 45.21  alternatives.  Buildings are of historical, architectural, or 
 45.22  cultural significance if they are listed on the national 
 45.23  register of historic places, designated by a state or county 
 45.24  historical society, or designated by a municipal preservation 
 45.25  commission.  
 45.26     (d)  [RECYCLING SPACE.] Leases for space of 30 days or more 
 45.27  for 5,000 square feet or more must require that space be 
 45.28  provided for recyclable materials. 
 45.29     Sec. 34.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 16B.24, 
 45.30  subdivision 6a, is amended to read: 
 45.32  AGREEMENT; CANCELLATION.] (a) With the approval of the 
 45.33  commissioner of finance and the recommendation of the 
 45.34  legislative advisory commission, the commissioner of 
 45.35  administration may lease land or premises for as long as 20 
 45.36  years if the lease agreement provides enter into lease-purchase 
 46.1   agreements.  A lease-purchase agreement must provide the 
 46.2   state with a unilateral right to purchase all the leased land 
 46.3   and premises and if the lease agreement provides for the 
 46.4   transfer of the ownership of the leased land and buildings upon 
 46.5   normal termination of the lease for an amount not to exceed 
 46.6   $1 at specified times for specified amounts.  Under these lease 
 46.7   agreements, the lease rental rates shall not be more than market 
 46.8   rental rates.  The unilateral right must be available at any 
 46.9   time during the lease agreement.  If the commissioner chooses to 
 46.10  exercise the option Notwithstanding subdivision 6, the term of 
 46.11  the lease may be for more than ten years, but must not exceed 20 
 46.12  years.  Prior to exercising the state's right to purchase prior 
 46.13  to the normal termination of the lease premises, the 
 46.14  commissioner shall obtain the approval of purchase must be 
 46.15  approved by an act of the legislature. 
 46.16     (b) A lease with option to buy lease-purchase agreement 
 46.17  entered into under paragraph (a) is must be subject to 
 46.18  cancellation upon 30 days written notice by the state for any 
 46.19  reason except rental of other land or premises for the same use. 
 46.20     Sec. 35.  Minnesota Statutes 1995 Supplement, section 
 46.21  16B.335, subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
 46.22     Subdivision 1.  [CONSTRUCTION AND MAJOR REMODELING.] (a) 
 46.23  The commissioner, or any other recipient to whom an 
 46.24  appropriation is made to acquire or better public lands or 
 46.25  buildings or other public improvements of a capital nature, must 
 46.26  not prepare final plans and specifications for any construction, 
 46.27  major remodeling, or land acquisition in anticipation of which 
 46.28  the appropriation was made until the agency that will use the 
 46.29  project has presented the program plan and cost estimates for 
 46.30  all elements necessary to complete the project to the chair of 
 46.31  the senate finance committee and the chair of the house ways and 
 46.32  means committee and the chairs have made their recommendations, 
 46.33  and the chair of the house capital investment committee is 
 46.34  notified.  "Construction or major remodeling" means construction 
 46.35  of a new building or substantial alteration of the exterior 
 46.36  dimensions or interior configuration of an existing building.  
 47.1   The presentation must note any significant changes in the work 
 47.2   that will be done, or in its cost, since the appropriation for 
 47.3   the project was enacted or from the predesign submittal.  The 
 47.4   program plans and estimates must be presented for review at 
 47.5   least two weeks before a recommendation is needed.  The 
 47.6   recommendations are advisory only.  Failure or refusal to make a 
 47.7   recommendation is considered a negative recommendation.  The 
 47.8   chairs of the senate finance committee, the house capital 
 47.9   investment committee, and the house ways and means committee 
 47.10  must also be notified whenever there is a substantial change in 
 47.11  a construction or major remodeling project, or in its cost. 
 47.12     (b) Capital projects exempt from the requirements of this 
 47.13  section include construction, renovation, or improvements to 
 47.14  dams, highway rest areas, truck stations, storage facilities not 
 47.15  consisting primarily of offices or heated work areas, trails, 
 47.16  bike paths, sewer separation projects, water and wastewater 
 47.17  facilities, campgrounds, roads, bridges, or any other capital 
 47.18  project with a construction cost of less than $200,000. 
 47.19     Sec. 36.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 41B.19, 
 47.20  subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
 47.21     Subdivision 1.  [PROCEDURE.] For the purpose of developing 
 47.22  the state's agricultural resources by providing for the 
 47.23  extension of credit on real estate security and to assure the 
 47.24  timely payment of the principal of and interest on the bonds or 
 47.25  other obligations issued by the rural finance authority, and 
 47.26  upon request of the rural finance authority under section 
 47.27  41B.08, the commissioner of finance may at the direction of the 
 47.28  authority, issue general obligation bonds of the state in a 
 47.29  principal amount not exceeding $50,000,000.  Additional amounts 
 47.30  for the same purpose may be authorized from time to time by 
 47.31  law.  The bonds must be secured as provided in the Minnesota 
 47.32  Constitution, article XI, section 7, and, except as provided in 
 47.33  this section, must be issued and secured as provided in section 
 47.34  16A.641.  The proceeds of the bonds, except any premium and 
 47.35  accrued interest, must be deposited and held in the security 
 47.36  account established by this section, and disbursed from, a 
 48.1   separate account in the bond proceeds fund and used solely for 
 48.2   the purposes specified in this section.  The authority may use 
 48.3   the proceeds of the bonds to make direct loans or to purchase 
 48.4   participations in qualified agricultural loans as provided in 
 48.5   this chapter.  The participations purchased with the bond 
 48.6   proceeds must be held as assets of the rural renewal bond 
 48.7   account established by subdivision 4 in the state bond fund.  
 48.8   The premium and accrued interest, if any, must be deposited in 
 48.9   the the rural renewal bond account in the state bond fund. 
 48.10     Sec. 37.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 41B.195, is 
 48.11  amended to read: 
 48.13     Notwithstanding the limit set forth in section 41B.19, 
 48.14  subdivision 1, the commissioner of finance, upon the request of 
 48.15  the rural finance authority, may issue the general obligation 
 48.16  bonds authorized by section 41B.19 and use the proceeds of the 
 48.17  bonds to purchase participations in qualified agricultural loans 
 48.18  if the commissioner determines that it is not practical or 
 48.19  efficient to issue revenue bonds under section 41B.08 for the 
 48.20  purpose of sections 41B.025, subdivision 5, 41B.037, 41B.038, 
 48.21  and 41B.04 as a result of reduced program size or increased 
 48.22  program costs.  Subject to the other provisions of this section, 
 48.23  the proceeds of the bonds must be deposited, held, and disbursed 
 48.24  from a separate account, the bonds are payable from the bond 
 48.25  account established by section 41B.19, subdivision 4, and the 
 48.26  participations purchased with the bond proceeds must be held as 
 48.27  assets of the bond account.  If the rural finance authority 
 48.28  later determines to issue revenue bonds under section 41B.08 for 
 48.29  the purposes specified in section 41B.04, the commissioner may 
 48.30  by order provide for the transfer of all or a portion of the 
 48.31  remaining general obligation bond proceeds and interest on them, 
 48.32  and all or a portion of the participations purchased with the 
 48.33  bond proceeds and proceeds of them, to be transferred to the 
 48.34  security account established in section 41B.19, subdivision 5, 
 48.35  and used for the purposes specified in section 41B.19, 
 48.36  subdivisions 1 and 5. 
 49.1      Sec. 38.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 124C.73, 
 49.2   subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
 49.3      Subdivision 1.  [QUALIFICATION.] A school district that 
 49.4   meets the criteria required under subdivision 2 may apply for a 
 49.5   grant in an amount up to 50 percent of the approved costs of 
 49.6   removing architectural barriers from a building or site.  A 
 49.7   grant may not exceed $150,000 to a recipient district in any 
 49.8   fiscal year. 
 49.9      Sec. 39.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 134.45, 
 49.10  subdivision 5, is amended to read: 
 49.11     Subd. 5.  [QUALIFICATION.] A public library jurisdiction 
 49.12  may apply for a grant in an amount up to $150,000 or 50 percent 
 49.13  of the approved costs of removing architectural barriers from a 
 49.14  building or site, whichever is less.  Grants may be made only 
 49.15  for projects in existing buildings used as a library, or to 
 49.16  prepare another existing building for use as a library.  Grants 
 49.17  must not be used to pay part of the cost of meeting 
 49.18  accessibility requirements in a new building. 
 49.19     Sec. 40.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 134.45, 
 49.20  subdivision 6, is amended to read: 
 49.21     Subd. 6.  [AWARD OF GRANTS.] The commissioner, in 
 49.22  consultation with the state council on disability, shall examine 
 49.23  and consider all applications for grants.  If a public library 
 49.24  jurisdiction is found not qualified, the commissioner shall 
 49.25  promptly notify it.  The commissioner shall prioritize grants on 
 49.26  the following bases:  the degree of collaboration with other 
 49.27  public or private agencies, the public library jurisdiction's 
 49.28  tax burden, the long-term feasibility of the project, the 
 49.29  suitability of the project, and the need for the project.  If 
 49.30  the total amount of the applications exceeds the amount that is 
 49.31  or can be made available, the commissioner shall award grants 
 49.32  according to the commissioner's judgment and discretion and 
 49.33  based upon a ranking of the projects according to the factors 
 49.34  listed in this subdivision.  The commissioner shall promptly 
 49.35  certify to each public library jurisdiction the amount, if any, 
 49.36  of the grant awarded to it. 
 50.1      Sec. 41.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 135A.046, is 
 50.2   amended to read: 
 50.5      Subdivision 1.  [PURPOSE.] The legislature recognizes that 
 50.6   post-secondary governing boards operate campus physical plants 
 50.7   that in number, size, and programmatic use differ significantly 
 50.8   from the physical plants operated by state departments and 
 50.9   agencies.  However, the legislature recognizes the need for 
 50.10  standards to aid in categorizing and funding capital projects.  
 50.11  The purpose of this section is to provide standards for those 
 50.12  higher education projects that are intended to preserve and 
 50.13  replace existing campus facilities. 
 50.14     Subd. 2.  [STANDARDS.] Capital budget expenditures for 
 50.15  Higher Education Asset Preservation and Renewal 
 50.16  Replacement (HEAPR) projects must be for one or more of the 
 50.17  following:  code compliance including health and safety, 
 50.18  Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, hazardous material 
 50.19  abatement, access improvement, or air quality improvement; or 
 50.20  building or infrastructure repairs necessary to preserve the 
 50.21  interior and exterior of existing buildings; or renewal to 
 50.22  support the existing programmatic mission of the campuses. 
 50.23     Subd. 3.  [REPORTING PRIORITIES.] Each post-secondary 
 50.24  governing board shall establish priorities within its HEAPR 
 50.25  Higher Education Asset Preservation and Replacement projects.  
 50.26  By December 31 January 15 of each year, it shall submit a list 
 50.27  of those priorities for which capital bonding appropriations 
 50.28  will be sought in the next legislative session, as well as a 
 50.29  list of the projects that have received bond proceeds during 
 50.30  that calendar year to the commissioner of finance and to the 
 50.31  chairs of the higher education finance divisions, the senate 
 50.32  finance committee, and the house of representatives capital 
 50.33  investment committee a list of the projects that have been paid 
 50.34  for with money from a higher education asset preservation and 
 50.35  replacement appropriation during the preceding calendar year as 
 50.36  well as a list of those priority projects for which higher 
 51.1   education asset preservation and replacement appropriations will 
 51.2   be sought in that year's legislative session. 
 51.3      Sec. 42.  Minnesota Statutes 1995 Supplement, section 
 51.4   240A.09, is amended to read: 
 51.5      240A.09 [PLAN DEVELOPMENT; CRITERIA.] 
 51.6      The Minnesota amateur sports commission shall develop a 
 51.7   plan to promote the development of proposals for new statewide 
 51.8   public ice facilities including proposals for ice centers and 
 51.9   matching grants based on the criteria in this section. 
 51.10     (a) For ice center proposals, the commission will give 
 51.11  priority to proposals that come from more than one local 
 51.12  government unit and that,. 
 51.13     (b)  In the metropolitan area as defined in section 
 51.14  473.121, subdivision 2, involve the commission is encouraged to 
 51.15  give priority to the following proposals: 
 51.16     (1) proposals for construction of at least two or more ice 
 51.17  sheets in a single new facility; 
 51.18     (2) proposals for construction of an additional sheet of 
 51.19  ice at an existing ice center; 
 51.20     (3) proposals for construction of a new, single sheet of 
 51.21  ice as part of a sports complex with multiple sports facilities; 
 51.22  and 
 51.23     (4) proposals for construction of a new, single sheet of 
 51.24  ice that will be expanded to a two-sheet facility in the future. 
 51.25     (b) (c) The commission shall administer a site selection 
 51.26  process for the ice centers.  The commission shall invite 
 51.27  proposals from cities or counties or consortia of cities.  A 
 51.28  proposal for an ice center must include matching contributions 
 51.29  including in-kind contributions of land, access roadways and 
 51.30  access roadway improvements, and necessary utility services, 
 51.31  landscaping, and parking. 
 51.32     (c) (d) Proposals for ice centers and matching grants must 
 51.33  provide for meeting the demand for ice time for female groups by 
 51.34  offering up to 50 percent of prime ice time, as needed, to 
 51.35  female groups.  For purposes of this section, prime ice time 
 51.36  means the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and 
 52.1   9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.  
 52.2      (d) (e) The location for all proposed facilities must be in 
 52.3   areas of maximum demonstrated interest and must maximize 
 52.4   accessibility to an arterial highway. 
 52.5      (e) (f) To the extent possible, all proposed facilities 
 52.6   must be dispersed equitably, must be located to maximize 
 52.7   potential for full utilization and profitable operation, and 
 52.8   must accommodate noncompetitive family and community skating for 
 52.9   all ages. 
 52.10     (f) (g) The commission may also use the funds to upgrade 
 52.11  current facilities, purchase girls' ice time, or conduct amateur 
 52.12  women's hockey and other ice sport tournaments. 
 52.13     (g) (h) To the extent possible, 50 percent of all grants 
 52.14  must be awarded to communities in greater Minnesota.  
 52.15     (h) (i) To the extent possible, technical assistance shall 
 52.16  be provided to Minnesota communities by the commission on ice 
 52.17  arena planning, design, and operation, including the marketing 
 52.18  of ice time. 
 52.19     (i) (j) The commission may use funds for rehabilitation and 
 52.20  renovation grants.  Priority must be given to grant applications 
 52.21  for indoor air quality improvements, including zero emission ice 
 52.22  resurfacing equipment. 
 52.23     (j) At least ten percent of the (k) Grant funds must may be 
 52.24  used for ice centers designed for sports other than hockey. 
 52.25     Sec. 43.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 268.917, is 
 52.26  amended to read: 
 52.28  FACILITIES.] 
 52.29     The commissioner may make grants to state agencies and 
 52.30  political subdivisions to construct or rehabilitate facilities 
 52.31  for Head Start, early childhood and family education facilities, 
 52.32  other early childhood intervention programs, or demonstration 
 52.33  family service centers housing multiagency collaboratives, with 
 52.34  priority to centers in counties or municipalities with the 
 52.35  highest number of children living in poverty.  The commissioner 
 52.36  may also make grants to state agencies and political 
 53.1   subdivisions to construct or rehabilitate facilities for crisis 
 53.2   nurseries, or child visitation centers.  The facilities must be 
 53.3   owned by the state or a political subdivision, but may be leased 
 53.4   under section 16A.695 to organizations that operate the 
 53.5   programs.  The commissioner shall prescribe the terms and 
 53.6   conditions of the leases.  A grant for an individual facility 
 53.7   must not exceed $200,000.  The commissioner shall give priority 
 53.8   to grants that involve collaboration among sponsors of early 
 53.9   childhood learning programs under this section.  At least 25 
 53.10  percent of the amounts appropriated for these grants must be 
 53.11  used in conjunction with the youth employment and training 
 53.12  programs operated by the commissioner.  Eligible programs must 
 53.13  consult with appropriate labor organizations to deliver 
 53.14  education and training. 
 53.15     Sec. 44.  [268.918] [HOMELESS YOUTH FACILITIES.] 
 53.16     The commissioner may make grants to state agencies and 
 53.17  political subdivisions to construct or rehabilitate facilities 
 53.18  to provide services to homeless or at-risk youth.  The 
 53.19  facilities must be owned by the state or a political 
 53.20  subdivision, but may be leased under section 16A.695 to 
 53.21  organizations that operate the programs.  The commissioner shall 
 53.22  prescribe the terms and conditions of the leases.  The 
 53.23  commissioner shall give priority to grants that involve 
 53.24  collaboration among sponsors of programs.  At least 25 percent 
 53.25  of the amounts appropriated for these grants must be used in 
 53.26  conjunction with the youth employment and training programs 
 53.27  operated by the commissioner.  Eligible programs must consult 
 53.28  with appropriate labor organizations to deliver education and 
 53.29  training. 
 53.30     Sec. 45.  [446A.072] [WASTEWATER INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDING 
 53.31  PROGRAM.] 
 53.32     Subdivision 1.  [ESTABLISHMENT OF PROGRAM.] The authority 
 53.33  will establish a wastewater infrastructure funding program to 
 53.34  provide supplemental assistance to municipalities applying for 
 53.35  funding under the water pollution control revolving loan program 
 53.36  or the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Economic 
 54.1   and Community Development's (USDA/RECD) Water and Waste Disposal 
 54.2   Loans and Grants program for the design and planning, 
 54.3   improvements to, and construction of municipal wastewater 
 54.4   treatment systems. 
 54.5      Subd. 2.  [TYPE OF SUPPLEMENTAL ASSISTANCE.] Supplemental 
 54.6   assistance shall be in the form of zero percent loans, with loan 
 54.7   repayments beginning February 20 or August 20 following the 
 54.8   scheduled date of the project obtaining the operational 
 54.9   performance standards established by the agency.  Upon receipt 
 54.10  of notice from the agency that the project operational 
 54.11  performance standards have been met the authority will forgive 
 54.12  the scheduled loan repayments made under this section.  If not 
 54.13  forgiven, loan repayments shall be deferred upon request from 
 54.14  the commissioner of the agency for six-month periods, provided 
 54.15  the commissioner has determined that satisfactory progress is 
 54.16  being made to achieve project performance or is developing or 
 54.17  implementing a corrective action plan. 
 54.18     Subd. 3.  [PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION.] The authority shall 
 54.19  provide supplemental assistance, as provided in subdivision 2, 
 54.20  to municipalities demonstrating financial need, as provided in 
 54.21  subdivision 4, whose projects have been certified to the 
 54.22  authority by the commissioner of the agency.  The authority 
 54.23  shall reserve supplemental assistance for projects in order of 
 54.24  their priority ranking established by the agency. 
 54.25     Subd. 4.  [FUNDING LEVEL.] (a) The authority shall provide 
 54.26  supplemental assistance for essential project component costs as 
 54.27  certified by the commissioner of the pollution control agency 
 54.28  under section 116.182, subdivision 4.  
 54.29     (b) A municipality may not receive more than $4,000,000 
 54.30  under this section unless specifically approved by law. 
 54.31     (c) The authority will calculate the grant amount needed 
 54.32  for the essential project component costs by first determining 
 54.33  the amount needed to reduce a municipality's monthly residential 
 54.34  sewer service charge to $25 or to an annual residential sewer 
 54.35  service charge in excess of 1.5 percent of the municipality's 
 54.36  median household income, whichever is less, and then multiplying 
 55.1   that amount by 80 percent to determine the actual award amount 
 55.2   to supplement loans under section 446A.07 or provide up to 
 55.3   one-third of the amount of the grant funding level required by 
 55.4   USDA/RECD for projects listed on the agency's intended use plan. 
 55.5      (d) The authority shall provide supplemental assistance to 
 55.6   a municipality that would not otherwise qualify for supplemental 
 55.7   assistance if: 
 55.8      (1) the municipality voluntarily accepts a sewer connection 
 55.9   from another governmental unit to serve residential, industrial, 
 55.10  or commercial developments that were completed before March 1, 
 55.11  1996, or are on lots whose plats were recorded before that date; 
 55.12  and 
 55.13     (2) fees charged by the municipality for the connection 
 55.14  must take into account state and federal grants used by the 
 55.15  municipality for the construction of the treatment plant. 
 55.16  The amount of supplemental assistance under this paragraph must 
 55.17  be sufficient to reduce debt service payments under section 
 55.18  446A.07 to an extent equivalent to a zero percent loan in an 
 55.19  amount up to the other governmental unit's project costs 
 55.20  necessary for connection.  Eligibility for supplemental 
 55.21  assistance under this paragraph ends three years after the 
 55.22  agency certifies that the connection has met the operational 
 55.23  performance standards established by the agency. 
 55.24     Subd. 5.  [APPLICATIONS.] Applications for the wastewater 
 55.25  infrastructure funding program must be made to the authority on 
 55.26  forms prescribed by the authority and the agency for the water 
 55.27  pollution control revolving loan program.  The commissioner of 
 55.28  the pollution control agency shall determine if the project 
 55.29  meets the criteria in section 116.182.  The commissioner of the 
 55.30  pollution control agency shall certify projects to the authority 
 55.31  under section 116.182, and shall rank the certified applications 
 55.32  in accordance with section 116.182, and determine the essential 
 55.33  project component percentage for each certified application. 
 55.34     Subd. 6.  [DISBURSEMENTS.] Disbursements made by the 
 55.35  authority to recipients must be made for eligible project costs 
 55.36  as incurred by the recipients, and must be made by the authority 
 56.1   in accordance with the project financing agreement and 
 56.2   applicable state and federal laws and rules governing the 
 56.3   payments. 
 56.4      Subd. 7.  [LOAN REPAYMENTS.] All loan repayments received 
 56.5   by the authority under subdivision 2 must be used to provide 
 56.6   additional assistance under this section. 
 56.7      Subd. 8.  [ELIGIBILITY.] A municipality is eligible only 
 56.8   after grant funding from other sources has been applied for, 
 56.9   obtained, rejected, or the authority has determined that the 
 56.10  potential funding is unlikely. 
 56.11     Subd. 9.  [LOAN LIMITATION.] Supplemental assistance may 
 56.12  not be used to reduce the sewer service charges of a significant 
 56.13  wastewater contributor, or a single user that has caused the 
 56.14  need for the project or whose current or projected flow and load 
 56.15  exceed one-half of the current wastewater treatment plant's 
 56.16  capacity, unless the applicant can demonstrate to the authority 
 56.17  that the significant wastewater contributor cannot pay its fair 
 56.18  share.  Funding will not be provided for projects that are not 
 56.19  qualified for assistance or that would violate the state's 
 56.20  constitution or laws regarding the use of funds appropriated for 
 56.21  the program. 
 56.22     Subd. 10.  [HIGH COST PROJECTS.] The authority shall not 
 56.23  award supplemental assistance for projects in excess of $10,000 
 56.24  per household unless the agency has ranked the project in the 
 56.25  top half of the project priority list.  
 56.26     Subd. 11.  [REPORT ON NEEDS.] By October 15 of each 
 56.27  odd-numbered year, the authority, in conjunction with the 
 56.28  pollution control agency, shall prepare a report to the finance 
 56.29  division of the senate environment and natural resources 
 56.30  committee and the house environment and natural resources 
 56.31  finance committee on wastewater funding assistance needs of 
 56.32  municipalities under this section. 
 56.33     Subd. 12.  [SYSTEM REPLACEMENT FUND.] Each recipient of 
 56.34  assistance under this section shall establish a system 
 56.35  replacement fund setting aside a minimum of $.10 per 1,000 
 56.36  gallons of flow for major rehabilitation, expansion, or 
 57.1   replacement of the treatment plant at the end of its useful 
 57.2   life.  Money must remain in the account, for the life of the 
 57.3   loan associated with the supplemental assistance under section 
 57.4   446A.072, unless use of the fund is approved by the authority 
 57.5   for major rehabilitation, expansion, or replacement of the 
 57.6   treatment plant.  Failure to maintain the fund will cancel the 
 57.7   loan forgiveness provided under section 446A.072, subdivision 2. 
 57.8      Sec. 46.  Minnesota Statutes 1995 Supplement, section 
 57.9   473.894, subdivision 11, is amended to read: 
 57.10     Subd. 11.  [PERFORMANCE STANDARDS.] The board shall is 
 57.11  authorized to set or adopt performance and technical standards 
 57.12  for operation of the backbone and subsystems and may modify 
 57.13  standards as necessary to meet changing needs. 
 57.14     Sec. 47.  Minnesota Statutes 1995 Supplement, section 
 57.15  473.901, subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
 57.16     Subdivision 1.  [COSTS COVERED BY FEE.] For each fiscal 
 57.17  year beginning with the fiscal year commencing July 1, 
 57.18  1995 1997, the amount necessary to pay the following costs shall 
 57.19  be paid from money is appropriated to the commissioner of 
 57.20  administration for those costs from the 911 emergency telephone 
 57.21  service account established under section 403.11: 
 57.22     (1) debt service costs and reserves for bonds issued 
 57.23  pursuant to section 473.898; 
 57.24     (2) repayment of the right-of-way acquisition loans; 
 57.25     (3) costs of design, construction, maintenance of, and 
 57.26  improvements to those elements of the first phase that support 
 57.27  mutual aid communications and emergency medical services; or 
 57.28     (4) recurring charges for leased sites and equipment for 
 57.29  those elements of the first phase that support actual aid and 
 57.30  emergency medical communication services. 
 57.31     Money appropriated from the 911 emergency telephone service 
 57.32  fee account This appropriation shall be used to pay annual debt 
 57.33  service costs and reserves for bonds issued pursuant to section 
 57.34  473.898 prior to use of fee money to pay other costs eligible 
 57.35  under this subdivision.  In no event shall the money 
 57.36  appropriated from the 911 emergency telephone service fee 
 58.1   account for the first phase radio system the appropriation for 
 58.2   each fiscal year exceed an amount equal to four cents a month 
 58.3   for each customer access line or other basic access service, 
 58.4   including trunk equivalents as designated by the public 
 58.5   utilities commission for access charge purposes and including 
 58.6   cellular and other nonwire access services, in the fiscal year. 
 58.7      Sec. 48.  Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 475.58, is 
 58.8   amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 58.9      Subd. 4.  [PROPER USE OF BOND PROCEEDS.] The proceeds of 
 58.10  obligations issued after approval of the electors under this 
 58.11  section may only be spent:  (1) for the purposes stated in the 
 58.12  ballot language; or (2) to pay, redeem, or defease obligations 
 58.13  and interest, penalties, premiums, and costs of issuance of the 
 58.14  obligations.  The proceeds may not be spent for a different 
 58.15  purpose or for an expansion of the original purpose without the 
 58.16  approval by a majority of the electors voting on the question of 
 58.17  changing or expanding the purpose of the obligations. 
 58.18     Sec. 49.  Laws 1990, chapter 535, section 3, subdivision 3, 
 58.19  is amended to read: 
 58.20     Subd. 3.  [FUNDS.] The corporation may accept and use 
 58.21  gifts, grants, or contributions from any source, except that the 
 58.22  corporation may not receive state general fund appropriations to 
 58.23  support operation of the facility.  If the facility experiences 
 58.24  an operating deficit, the corporation and any Minnesota 
 58.25  nonprofit corporation with which the corporation enters into 
 58.26  management contracts or lease agreements shall rely upon private 
 58.27  or local government sources to provide operating funds.  Unless 
 58.28  otherwise restricted by the terms of a gift or bequest, the 
 58.29  board may sell, exchange, or otherwise dispose of, and invest or 
 58.30  reinvest the money, securities, or other property given or 
 58.31  bequeathed to it.  The principal of these funds, the income from 
 58.32  them, and all other revenues received by it from any nonstate 
 58.33  source must be placed in the depositories the board determines 
 58.34  and is subject to expenditure for the board's purposes.  
 58.35  Expenditures of $25,000 or more must be approved by the full 
 58.36  board. 
 59.1      Sec. 50.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 11, subdivision 
 59.2   11, as amended by Laws 1995, chapter 208, section 4, is amended 
 59.3   to read: 
 59.4   Subd. 11.  Northland Community College 
 59.5   (a) Integrate community college 
 59.6   and technical college                                   100,000
 59.7   This appropriation is to prepare design 
 59.8   documents for remodeling and new 
 59.9   construction necessary for the 
 59.10  integration of Northland community 
 59.11  college and Thief River Falls technical 
 59.12  college.  The project will begin with 
 59.13  the integration of the student services 
 59.14  area and the learning resources center. 
 59.15  (b) Construct regional multievent  
 59.16  cultural center athletic facilities                   3,000,000
 59.17  This appropriation is to construct 
 59.18  athletic facilities that are expected 
 59.19  to be part of a regional multievent 
 59.20  cultural center.  All cities, counties, 
 59.21  and school districts in region 8A, and 
 59.22  public post-secondary education systems 
 59.23  shall are encouraged to cooperate in 
 59.24  the construction and joint use of 
 59.25  the facility facilities.  Up to 
 59.26  $2,000,000 is available immediately for 
 59.27  this project, but the remainder of the 
 59.28  money is not available unless matched 
 59.29  by an equal amount of money or in-kind 
 59.30  contributions from nonstate sources.  
 59.31  Nonstate money or in-kind contributions 
 59.32  that are raised in excess of the 
 59.33  required match may be used to expand 
 59.34  the center with additional phases. 
 59.35  Predesign plans for the expanded center 
 59.36  may be based on the assumption that 
 59.37  contributions in excess of the required 
 59.38  match will be available to construct 
 59.39  it, but design and construction for 
 59.40  each phase may not be undertaken until 
 59.41  the money necessary to complete the 
 59.42  phase has been committed.  
 59.43  The nonstate match added to this 
 59.44  project is in lieu of the debt service 
 59.45  payment assessed to higher education 
 59.46  projects. 
 59.47     Sec. 51.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 19, subdivision 
 59.48  8, as amended by Laws 1995, First Special Session chapter 2, 
 59.49  article 1, section 45, is amended to read: 
 59.50  Subd. 8.  Battle Point 
 59.51  Historic Site                                           350,000
 59.52  For design of the Battle Point historic 
 59.53  site, preliminary plans for which were 
 59.54  authorized in Laws 1990, chapter 610, 
 59.55  article 1, section 17, and Laws 1992, 
 59.56  chapter 558, section 24, subdivision 5. 
 60.1   Notwithstanding Laws 1990, chapter 610, 
 60.2   article 1, section 17, the planned 
 60.3   educational center will be owned by 
 60.4   independent school district No. 115, 
 60.5   Cass Lake-Bena, and is subject to 
 60.6   Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.695.  
 60.7   The center must be constructed on land 
 60.8   leased to the school district by the 
 60.9   Leech Lake Band of Chippewa Indians 
 60.10  under a ground lease having an initial 
 60.11  term of at least 20 years and a total 
 60.12  term of at least 40 years, including 
 60.13  renewal options.  The school district 
 60.14  must contract with the Leech Lake Band 
 60.15  to operate the center on behalf of the 
 60.16  council school district.  The center 
 60.17  and all classes and programs run by or 
 60.18  through the center must be open to the 
 60.19  public. 
 60.20     Sec. 52.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 21, subdivision 
 60.21  4, as amended by Laws 1995, First Special Session chapter 2, 
 60.22  article 1, section 46, is amended to read: 
 60.23  Subd. 4.  Tourism and Exposition
 60.24  Centers                                               2,200,000
 60.25  For two grants to political 
 60.26  subdivisions for exhibition space for 
 60.27  tourism and exposition centers.  One 
 60.28  grant must be for $1,000,000 to the 
 60.29  southwest regional development 
 60.30  commission for the Prairieland Expo 
 60.31  facility to develop construction 
 60.32  planning documents for capital 
 60.33  improvements and to acquire land for 
 60.34  the facility.  This grant is subject to 
 60.35  new Minnesota Statutes, section 
 60.36  16A.695.  It is the legislature's 
 60.37  expectation that the commission will 
 60.38  secure a grant from the department of 
 60.39  transportation's intermodal surface 
 60.40  transportation efficiency act funds.  
 60.41  The other grant must be for capital 
 60.42  improvements for a publicly owned 
 60.43  tourism and exposition center selected 
 60.44  by the commissioner and located in 
 60.45  northeastern Minnesota, and is not 
 60.46  subject to Minnesota Statutes, section 
 60.47  16B.335. 
 60.48     Sec. 53.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 23, subdivision 
 60.49  20, is amended to read: 
 60.50  Subd. 20.  Local Recreation Grants                    1,400,000
 60.51  For matching grants to be provided to 
 60.52  local units of government for 
 60.53  acquisition, development, or renovation 
 60.54  of a capital nature of local park and 
 60.55  recreation areas.  Recipients must 
 60.56  provide a match of at least one-half of 
 60.57  total eligible project costs.  The 
 60.58  commissioner shall make payment to 
 60.59  local units of government upon 
 60.60  receiving documentation of reimbursable 
 60.61  expenditures.  The commissioner shall 
 60.62  determine project priorities as 
 61.1   appropriate based upon need.  
 61.2   Of this appropriation, $300,000 is to 
 61.3   provide a grant to Winona county for 
 61.4   the purchase and development of the 
 61.5   scenic vista on Hiawatha-Appleblossom 
 61.6   Scenic Drive in Winona county.  These 
 61.7   funds must be matched on a 
 61.8   dollar-for-dollar basis. 
 61.9   $500,000 of this appropriation is for 
 61.10  grants to units of government to 
 61.11  acquire and better natural and scenic 
 61.12  areas under new Minnesota Statutes, 
 61.13  section 85.019, subdivision 4a. 
 61.14     Sec. 54.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 27, subdivision 
 61.15  2, is amended to read: 
 61.16  Subd. 2.  Marine Education Center                    20,500,000
 61.17  To design, construct, furnish, and 
 61.18  equip a marine education center and 
 61.19  related visitor improvements at the 
 61.20  zoo.  This appropriation is intended to 
 61.21  complete the project.  
 61.22  All of the debt service costs on the 
 61.23  bonds sold to finance this project that 
 61.24  are due and payable before fiscal year 
 61.25  1998 must be paid from dedicated 
 61.26  receipts of the Minnesota zoological 
 61.27  garden to the commissioner of finance 
 61.28  as required by Minnesota Statutes, 
 61.29  section 16A.643.  Beginning in fiscal 
 61.30  year 1998, 60 percent of the debt 
 61.31  service costs on the bonds sold to 
 61.32  finance this project must be paid from 
 61.33  dedicated receipts of the Minnesota 
 61.34  zoological garden to the commissioner 
 61.35  of finance as required by Minnesota 
 61.36  Statutes, section 16A.643.  
 61.37  The board may not institute an 
 61.38  admission fee increase before April 1, 
 61.39  2000. 
 61.40     Sec. 55.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 35, subdivision 
 61.41  3, is amended to read: 
 61.42     Subd. 3.  [METHOD OF PAYMENT.] The commissioner shall 
 61.43  reduce each system's assessment each year under subdivisions 1 
 61.44  and 2 by one-third of the net income from investment of general 
 61.45  obligation bond proceeds that must be allocated among between 
 61.46  the systems in proportion to the amount of principal and 
 61.47  interest otherwise required to be paid by each.  Each higher 
 61.48  education system shall pay its resulting net assessment to the 
 61.49  commissioner of finance by December 1 each year.  If a higher 
 61.50  education system fails to make a payment when due, the 
 61.51  commissioner of finance shall reduce allotments for 
 62.1   appropriations from the general fund otherwise available to the 
 62.2   system and apply the amount of the reduction to cover the missed 
 62.3   debt service payment.  The commissioner of finance shall credit 
 62.4   the payments received from the higher education systems to the 
 62.5   bond debt service account in the state bond fund each December 1 
 62.6   before money is transferred from the general fund under 
 62.7   Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.641, subdivision 10. 
 62.8      Sec. 56.  Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 79, subdivision 
 62.9   8, is amended to read: 
 62.10     Subd. 8.  [REALLOCATION OF UNUSED GRANT MONEY.] On December 
 62.11  31, 1995 1996, the commissioner shall determine whether any 
 62.12  money remains of the appropriations made in 1994 for the 
 62.13  purposes of this section.  If any money remains that has not 
 62.14  been granted to counties, the commissioner shall invite counties 
 62.15  to submit applications for capital improvements to acquire or 
 62.16  better publicly owned secure juvenile detention facilities.  The 
 62.17  commissioner shall consider the needs of applicants for 
 62.18  improvements at the facilities and shall make grants to counties 
 62.19  whose needs, in the commissioner's judgment, are greatest. 
 62.20     Sec. 57.  [FURNISHINGS.] 
 62.21     The house of representatives may spend up to $300,000 from 
 62.22  funds carried over from its appropriations for the biennium 
 62.23  ending June 30, 1995, for the purchase or renovation of chairs 
 62.24  for public rooms in the state office building and the capitol 
 62.25  building. 
 62.27     Beginning with the capital budget projects approved by law 
 62.28  in 1996, the commissioner of administration or the commissioner 
 62.29  of transportation may use a design-build method of project 
 62.30  development and construction for projects to construct new 
 62.31  vehicle and equipment storage or maintenance facilities.  
 62.32  "Design-build method of project development and construction" 
 62.33  means a project delivery system in which a single contractor is 
 62.34  responsible for both the design and the construction of the 
 62.35  project.  The commissioner of administration or the commissioner 
 62.36  of transportation may select the projects that will be 
 63.1   constructed using the design-build method.  Minnesota Statutes, 
 63.2   section 16B.33, does not apply to the projects selected.  When 
 63.3   the design-build method has been used, the commissioners are 
 63.4   requested to report to the legislature on the use of the 
 63.5   design-build method, including comparative cost analysis, 
 63.6   quality of product obtained, advantages and disadvantages of 
 63.7   using this method, and the commissioners' recommendations for 
 63.8   further use of the design-build method. 
 63.9      Sec. 59.  [LAND TRANSFER.] 
 63.10     Notwithstanding other law, the board of trustees of the 
 63.11  Minnesota state colleges and universities shall without 
 63.12  compensation transfer to the school board of independent school 
 63.13  district No. 347, Willmar, up to seven acres in the southwest 
 63.14  corner of approximately 40 acres of undeveloped technical 
 63.15  college property previously transferred by the school board and 
 63.16  legally described as "The Southeast Quarter of the Southwest 
 63.17  Quarter (SE 1/4 of the SW 1/4) of Section 4, Township 119, Range 
 63.18  35."  The number of acres transferred shall be as agreed by the 
 63.19  school board and the board of trustees of the Minnesota state 
 63.20  colleges and universities.  Unless and until the school board 
 63.21  elects to develop this property for its own educational 
 63.22  purposes, the board of trustees of the Minnesota state colleges 
 63.23  and universities shall have access to the property at no cost 
 63.24  for the purpose of agricultural instruction.  If the school 
 63.25  board elects to develop the property, it shall do so only for an 
 63.26  educational purpose.  The deed of gift must provide that, if the 
 63.27  school board develops the property for other than an educational 
 63.28  purpose, uses the property without developing it, or no longer 
 63.29  desires to hold the property, the property will revert to the 
 63.30  state on behalf of the board of trustees of the Minnesota state 
 63.31  colleges and universities. 
 63.32     Sec. 60.  [REVISOR'S INSTRUCTION.] 
 63.33     The revisor shall, in Minnesota Statutes, section 116.182, 
 63.34  change references to Minnesota Statutes, section "446A.071" to 
 63.35  section "446A.072." 
 63.36     Sec. 61.  [REPEALER.] 
 64.1      (a) Minnesota Statutes 1994, sections 15.50, subdivision 5; 
 64.2   and 446A.071, subdivisions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8; Minnesota 
 64.3   Statutes 1995 Supplement, section 446A.071, subdivision 2; and 
 64.4   Laws 1994, chapter 643, section 24, subdivision 3, are repealed. 
 64.5      (b) Minnesota Statutes 1994, section 116.162, as amended by 
 64.6   Laws 1995, chapter 233, article 2, section 56, is repealed. 
 64.7      Sec. 62.  [EFFECTIVE DATES.] 
 64.8      Except as otherwise provided, this act is effective the day 
 64.9   following final enactment.  Section 45 applies to projects 
 64.10  contracted for in calendar year 1996 and later.  Section 56 is 
 64.11  effective retroactively to December 31, 1995.  Section 61, 
 64.12  paragraph (b), is effective December 31, 2000.