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HF 1776

as introduced - 91st Legislature (2019 - 2020) Posted on 02/27/2019 10:43am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Bill Text Versions

Introduction Posted on 02/27/2019

Current Version - as introduced

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A bill for an act
relating to elections; modifying and clarifying the absentee ballot voting period
and ballot delivery schedule in certain circumstances; amending Minnesota Statutes
2018, sections 203B.081, subdivision 1; 204B.35, subdivision 4; 204D.22,
subdivision 1.


Section 1.

Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 203B.081, subdivision 1, is amended to read:

Subdivision 1.

Location; timing.

An eligible voter may vote by absentee ballot in the
office of the county auditor and at any other polling place designated by the county auditor
during the 46 days before the election, except as provided in this sectionnew text begin, section 204B.35,
subdivision 4, or as provided by writ calling for a special election under section 204D.22,
subdivision 1
new text end.

Sec. 2.

Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 204B.35, subdivision 4, is amended to read:

Subd. 4.

Absentee ballots; preparation; delivery.

new text begin(a) new text endAt least 46 days before an election,
ballots necessary to fill applications of absentee voters shall be prepared and delivered to
the officials who administer the provisions of chapter 203B, except as provided in this
subdivision. Ballots necessary to fill applications of absentee voters for a town general
election held in March shall be prepared and delivered to the town clerk at least 30 days
before the election.

new text begin (b) new text endThis section applies to school district elections held on the same day as a statewide
election or an election for a county or municipality located partially or wholly within the
school district.

new text begin (c) For a special election for a local office or question conducted on a date provided
under section 205A.05, subdivision 1a, a county auditor may waive the 46-day requirement
under paragraph (a) and under section 203B.081, subdivision 1, if the county auditor (1)
employs adequate measures to notify voters of information related to the special election,
including the notices required under section 204B.34, and (2) provides voters with a
reasonable time period to vote by absentee ballot. Notices required under this subdivision
must be made available or posted at least 14 days before a special primary and at least 21
days before a special election and must include the time period available for voting by
absentee ballot.
new text end

Sec. 3.

Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 204D.22, subdivision 1, is amended to read:

Subdivision 1.

Filing with secretary of state.

A writ calling for a special election shall
state the office to be filled, the opening and closing dates of filing for candidacy, new text beginthe
beginning date for voting by absentee ballot,
new text endand the dates of the special primary and special
election. The writ shall be filed with the secretary of state immediately upon issuance.