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HF 1040

as introduced - 88th Legislature (2013 - 2014) Posted on 02/28/2013 11:41am

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Introduction Posted on 02/28/2013

Current Version - as introduced

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A resolution
memorializing the President and Congress to establish the Charles A. Lindbergh
National Monument in Little Falls, Minnesota.

WHEREAS, Charles Augustus Lindbergh was born at the home of his maternal grandparents
on February 4, 1902, in Detroit, Michigan to Evangeline Land and Charles August Lindbergh; and

WHEREAS, when Charles was five weeks old, he and his mother moved back to their
home in Little Falls, Minnesota. He was the only child the Lindberghs would have, although
Charles Lindbergh Sr. had two older daughters from a previous marriage; and

WHEREAS, C.A., as Lindbergh's father was known, was a successful lawyer in Little Falls.
He had been born in Sweden and immigrated with his parents to Minnesota in 1859. Lindbergh's
mother, a well-educated woman from a wealthy Detroit family, was a former science teacher; and

WHEREAS, when Lindbergh was only three years old, the family home, newly built and
located on the banks of the Mississippi River, burned to the ground. The cause of the fire was
never determined. The Lindberghs replaced it with a smaller house on the same site; and

WHEREAS, Charles A. Lindbergh's boyhood home built on the banks of the Mississippi
River in 1906 is now the Charles A. Lindbergh State Historic Site; and

WHEREAS, in childhood, Charles A. Lindbergh showed exceptional mechanical ability and
subsequently enrolled in the engineering program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; and

WHEREAS, Charles A. Lindbergh's May 1927 transatlantic flight "fired the imagination of
mankind," revolutionized aviation, changed the course of history, and established the airplane as a
viable means of transportation; and

WHEREAS, there is considerable popular support for the establishment of a national
monument to Charles A. Lindbergh in Little Falls, Minnesota, as part of the National Park

BE IT RESOLVED by the Legislature of the State of Minnesota that it urges the Congress
of the United States to pass, and the President of the United States to sign, a bill establishing the
Charles A. Lindbergh National Monument.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of State of the State of Minnesota is
directed to prepare copies of this memorial and transmit them to the President of the United
States, the President and the Secretary of the United States Senate, the Speaker and the Clerk of
the United States House of Representatives, the chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and
Natural Resources, the chair of the House Committee on Natural Resources, and Minnesota's
Senators and Representatives in Congress.