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265 Documents Found in Legislative Session 93 (2023-2024)
for Authors of "Mann"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF5430 11 05/17/2024 Text icon Mann Minnesota Paid Leave Law provisions modifications
Senate SF5429 2 04/15/2024 Text icon Mann Establishing that exposure of the human breast alone is not indecent exposure
Senate HF5363 5 05/17/2024 Text icon Mann Minnesota Paid Leave Law provisions modifications
Senate SF5320 3 04/08/2024 Text icon Mann Health insurance coverage of cancer imaging and clinical genetic testing requirement
Senate SF5300 2 04/04/2024 Text icon Hawj East Side Neighborhood Development Company Los Alegres Bailadores appropriation
Senate SF5176 2 03/25/2024 Text icon Morrison Payment rates modification to Indian health services facilities for certain medications
Senate SF5159 8 04/09/2024 Text icon Mann Manufacturers prohibition from limiting pharmacy access to 340B drugs
Senate SF5124 4 04/18/2024 Text icon Mann Districts requirement to adopt policies and processes to assist parents who require language assistance
Senate SF5123 4 04/11/2024 Text icon Mann Commissioner of human services requirement to establish a direct pharmacy dispensing payment to improve and maintain access to pharmaceutical services
Senate SF5032 4 04/04/2024 Text icon Dibble Pregnant and parenting homeless youth study requirement and appropriation
Senate SF5001 2 03/18/2024 Text icon Mann Edina tax increment financing districts five-year rule extensions and duration extensions authorization
Senate SF4946 5 03/25/2024 Text icon Wiklund Graduate medical education costs supplemental payments establishment
Senate SF4915 2 03/13/2024 Text icon Wesenberg Constitutional amendment proposal to provide term limits for governor and lieutenant governor
Senate SF4912 7 04/08/2024 Text icon Wiklund Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota submission of information to legislature prior to the introduction of a bill appropriating money requirement provision, requiring annual reporting, health professions workforce advisory council recommendations from the commissioner of health requirement, and University of Minnesota academic health system appropriation
Senate SF4911 3 03/18/2024 Text icon Mann Department of Public Safety office of gun violence prevention establishment
Senate SF4908 2 03/13/2024 Text icon Mann Reporting requirement on student attendance
Senate SF4778 3 03/18/2024 Text icon Wiklund MinnesotaCare public option establishment, MinnesotaCare eligibility and various other provisions, and appropriation
Senate SF4733 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Hoffman Waiver reimagine phase II modification
Senate SF4675 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann Edina Aquatic Center capital improvements bond issuance and appropriation
Senate SF4674 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann Edina Community Health and Safety Center appropriation modification
Senate SF4673 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann Directing the Commissioner of Human Services to apply for a federal waiver for money for services provided to patients in an institution for mental diseases
Senate SF4665 4 03/20/2024 Text icon Mann Department of Human Services Office of Inspector general policy bill
Senate SF4664 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann Respite care grants modification and youth care professional training program creation
Senate SF4663 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann Department of Revenue report requirement on corporate tax base erosion
Senate SF4662 4 04/15/2024 Text icon Mann Kickbacks prohibition in human services benefits
Senate SF4614 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann City of Edina construction materials refundable sales and use tax exemption provision and appropriation
Senate SF4602 5 03/13/2024 Text icon Kupec Debt collection, garnishment and consumer finance provisions modifications; debtor protections authorization; related statutory review requirement
Senate SF4596 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann Use of seclusion on all children prohibition
Senate SF4584 3 03/14/2024 Text icon Mann Medication repository program requirements modification
Senate SF4463 2 02/29/2024 Text icon Mann 1115 demonstration waiver application submission to provide substance use disorder treatment services to incarcerated individuals requirement
Senate SF4462 4 03/21/2024 Text icon Mann Hospital payment rates modification
Senate SF4461 2 02/29/2024 Text icon Mann Open Meeting Law modification to allow unlimited remote participation
Senate SF4460 5 04/11/2024 Text icon Mann Civil commitment priority admission requirements modification; prisoner in a correctional facility is not responsible for co-payments for mental health medications specification; reimbursement of county co-payment expenses authorization; appropriating money
Senate SF4459 3 03/04/2024 Text icon Mann Community violence intervention services under medical assistance recommendations development
Senate SF4456 3 04/15/2024 Text icon Mann Advisory public bodies interactive technology use relating to the Open Meeting Law modification
Senate SF4420 2 02/29/2024 Text icon Mann State disability determination procedures modification; consumer-directed community supports provisions modifications
Senate SF4402 6 04/08/2024 Text icon Putnam SNAP eligibility for students enrolled in higher education modification
Senate SF4396 2 02/29/2024 Text icon Abeler Background study disqualifications for individuals regulated by a health-related licensing board modifications
Senate SF4392 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann Private equity companies and real estate investment trust acquisition or increasing control over providers of health care services prohibition
Senate SF4329 6 03/11/2024 Text icon Rasmusson Provisions governing long-term care options counseling modification
Senate SF4321 2 02/29/2024 Text icon Mann Summer camp programs certification requirement provision
Senate SF4320 2 02/29/2024 Text icon Mann Marriage record provisions modifications
Senate SF4318 3 03/04/2024 Text icon Mann Alleged maltreatment or abuse of a child notification requirements modifications
Senate SF4306 3 03/04/2024 Text icon Mann Dementia services program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF4258 3 02/29/2024 Text icon Mann Task Force on Preventing Violence Against Latina Women establishment and appropriation
Senate SF4238 3 03/13/2024 Text icon Mann Alternate hospital inpatient payment rate specification provision
Senate SF4232 2 02/26/2024 Text icon Port Coverage of over-the-counter contraceptive drugs, devices and products by insurers and medical assistance
Senate SF4198 2 02/26/2024 Text icon Abeler Direct care services pilot project existing appropriation availability extension
Senate SF4170 6 03/25/2024 Text icon Boldon Early childhood mental health consultation grants funding appropriation
Senate SF4147 4 04/15/2024 Text icon Mann Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act amendments and wholesale drug distributers to provide information by month in the annual report provisions
Senate SF4146 5 04/15/2024 Text icon Mann SNAP step up for seniors program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF4144 3 03/04/2024 Text icon Pha School district local option revenue increase and indexing optional revenue program to the formula allowance provisions
Senate SF4135 3 02/26/2024 Text icon Mann Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program restaurant meals program implementation requirement
Senate SF4089 3 02/26/2024 Text icon Mann Coverage requirement of vasectomies by health plans
Senate SF4024 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann Covered emergency medical assistance services modification
Senate SF4013 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann Dual training competency grant program grant amount increased provision, other adjustments, and appropriating money
Senate SF4012 4 03/20/2024 Text icon Mann Prompt payment of emergency room and ambulance charges incurred by patients enrolled in very high deductible health plans alternative mechanism provision
Senate SF4002 2 02/20/2024 Text icon Mann Edina Vernon Avenue and Highway 100 interchange bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3989 5 03/14/2024 Text icon Hoffman Medical assistance eligibility timeline modifications for certain hospital patients and providing supplemental payments for certain disability waiver services
Senate SF3977 3 03/25/2024 Text icon Fateh Entrepreneur innovation center in the city of Minneapolis appropriation
Senate SF3974 4 03/20/2024 Text icon Mann Parental notice of a student pulled out of the classroom establishment
Senate SF3973 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Mann Sober home requirements modification
Senate SF3972 5 03/25/2024 Text icon Mann Aerosol dusters containing 1, 1-difluoroethane sales restrictions establishment
Senate SF3971 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Mann Medical assistance dispensing fee increase
Senate SF3970 3 04/15/2024 Text icon Mann Health insurance coverage for the management and treatment of obesity requirement
Senate SF3969 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Mann Commissioner of human services application for a federal waiver to provide nutrition supports as a covered service under medical assistance requirement
Senate SF3968 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Mann SNAP as medicine program establishment; appropriating money
Senate SF3967 3 03/11/2024 Text icon Mann Health plan coverage of abortions and abortion-related services requirement; medical assistance coverage of abortions and abortion-related services requirement
Senate SF3966 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Mann Maximum stipend reward for underrepresented student teacher grants increase; appropriating money
Senate SF3965 4 04/15/2024 Text icon Mann English learner program revenue increase and indexing requirement; statewide English learner parent and community advisory council establishment; microcredentials for teachers and administrators of English learners establishment; appropriating money
Senate SF3926 3 03/11/2024 Text icon Hoffman Requiring health insurance plans to cover intermittent catheters
Senate SF3879 3 02/29/2024 Text icon Klein Health insurance claims assessment creation provision
Senate SF3873 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Murphy Informed consent for sensitive examinations of an anesthetized or unconscious patient and penalty establishment provision
Senate SF3870 5 03/04/2024 Text icon Morrison Backflow prevention rebuilder designation modifications
Senate SF3794 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Port Over-the-counter contraceptives approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration health plans coverage requirement
Senate SF3788 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Mohamed Inspire Change Clinic appropriation
Senate SF3771 3 03/18/2024 Text icon Coleman High School League coaches eating disorder prevention education resources provision
Senate SF3758 3 02/19/2024 Text icon Mann Optometry scope of practice and unlawful practice of medicine clarification
Senate SF3727 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Mann Opiate manufacturer reporting requirements amendments and opiate product registration fee determination process amendments
Senate SF3726 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Mann Change of ownership fees for persons registered with or licensed by the Board of Pharmacy establishment and specifying that licenses and registrations granted by the Board of Pharmacy are not transferable
Senate SF3725 3 04/15/2024 Text icon Mann Salary range disclosure in job postings by employers provision
Senate SF3724 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Mann Opiate epidemic response fund registration and license fee account appropriation amendment
Senate SF3723 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Mann Licensed psychologist income subsidy pilot program and appropriation
Senate SF3722 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Mann Prescription drug price transparency act provisions amendments
Senate SF3721 3 02/26/2024 Text icon Mann Restrictive employment covenants in certain service contracts prohibition
Senate SF3720 4 05/07/2024 Text icon Mann Constitutional amendment relating to term limits for legislators established
Senate SF3680 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Marty Possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines, semiautomatic military-style assault weapons, .50 caliber or larger firearms, undetectable firearms and other weapons prohibition
Senate SF3669 4 02/29/2024 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Eligibility standard applicable to retroactive relief for certain persons convicted of aiding and abetting felony murder provision modifications
Senate SF3664 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Fifth-degree controlled substance penalties modification
Senate SF3663 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Controlled substance laws modifications
Senate SF3649 4 04/04/2024 Text icon Boldon Medical assistance coverage provisions for violence prevention services
Senate SF3634 4 04/08/2024 Text icon Abeler State-only funding permission of personal care assistance services provided by parents or spouses
Senate SF3617 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Mitchell Physical and sexual abuse education requirement
Senate SF3613 3 02/26/2024 Text icon Hoffman Licensure establishment for clinical art therapist
Senate SF3611 4 03/20/2024 Text icon Mann Licensing requirements amendment for graduates of foreign medical schools
Senate SF3606 4 03/18/2024 Text icon Xiong Parity for mental illness and substance use disorders in disability income coverage
Senate SF3572 3 02/19/2024 Text icon Fateh Minnesota People Over Parking Act
Senate SF3552 5 03/18/2024 Text icon Boldon Assertive community treatment provisions modifications
Senate SF3543 3 02/19/2024 Text icon Marty Health maintenance organizations requirement to be nonprofit corporations organized under chapter 317A
Senate SF3541 2 02/12/2024 Text icon McEwen Prohibition removal on banning merchant bags
Senate SF3532 4 03/07/2024 Text icon Morrison Prior authorization and coverage of health services requirements modification; ground for disciplinary action against physicians modification; commissioner of commerce and legislature report requirements; classifying data
Senate SF3531 6 04/02/2024 Text icon Morrison Provider health conditions questions on credentialing applications prohibition; health care professional well-being recognition grant program establishment; physician wellness program establishment; well-being of health care workers awareness campaign; appropriating money
Senate SF3516 3 02/15/2024 Text icon Fateh Appropriate use of state and local resources establishment by limiting government participation in federal civil immigration enforcement efforts
Senate SF3511 3 03/11/2024 Text icon Mann Health plans requirement to cover prenatal, maternity, and postnatal care
Senate SF3510 3 04/15/2024 Text icon Mann Insurers prohibition from requiring co-payments for children's mental health services
Senate SF3509 3 04/15/2024 Text icon Mann Short-term medical assistance enrollment assistance establishment
Senate SF3506 4 04/11/2024 Text icon Maye Quade Available resources for medical assistance long-term care eligibility modification
Senate SF3483 4 04/08/2024 Text icon Pappas Minnesota Latino Museum bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3461 6 04/02/2024 Text icon Boldon Encouraging schools to provide instruction on healthy aging and dementia
Senate SF3455 2 02/12/2024 Text icon Wiklund Bloomington Fire Station 2 reconstruction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3454 2 02/12/2024 Text icon Mann Bloomington fleet maintenance garage bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3453 2 02/12/2024 Text icon Mann Open-door requirement establishment
Senate SF3451 4 03/18/2024 Text icon Boldon Mental health services provision modification
Senate SF3450 4 03/07/2024 Text icon Gustafson Charter school provisions modifications
Senate SF3434 4 02/19/2024 Text icon Morrison Rainy River headwaters watershed nonferrous mining prohibitions
Senate SF3378 2 02/12/2024 Text icon Wiklund Bloomington athletic field renovations bond issuance and appropriations
Senate SF3377 2 02/12/2024 Text icon Mann Normandale Community College campus improvement bond issuance and appropriations
Senate SF3376 2 02/12/2024 Text icon Mann Normandale Boulevard trail bond issuance and appropriation
Senate SF3299 3 03/11/2024 Text icon Hoffman Establishing coverage of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation cannulation as an outpatient service
Senate SF3217 2 04/03/2023 Text icon Dibble RS Eden Recovery Campus appropriation
Senate SF3203 3 02/15/2024 Text icon Latz Civil Commitment Coordinating Division establishment and appropriation
Senate SF3062 4 03/30/2023 Text icon Dibble HIV/AIDS support services appropriation
Senate SF3060 2 03/22/2023 Text icon Mohamed Expanding membership and providing staggered terms for the Sentencing Guidelines Commission
Senate SF3018 2 03/20/2023 Text icon Mann Available and affordable health care guarantee for every Minnesota
Senate SF2947 2 03/16/2023 Text icon Nelson Special veterans' license plates for each armed services branch establishment
Senate SF2945 2 03/15/2023 Text icon Abeler Board on Aging Native American elders coordinator position modification and appropriation
Senate SF2944 4 03/20/2023 Text icon Abeler Direct Care Service Corps pilot project establishment and appropriation
Senate SF2923 3 04/13/2023 Text icon Morrison Medical assistance reimbursement rates increase for doula services
Senate SF2888 5 03/22/2023 Text icon Wiklund Minnesota prescription monitoring program reporting requirements and immunity from liability modification
Senate SF2871 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Port First-generation homebuyers down payment assistance fund establishment under the authorization of a central community development financial institution
Senate SF2826 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Mann Latino Museum of Minnesota appropriation
Senate SF2821 3 03/15/2023 Text icon Seeberger Grants establishment for medical resource communication centers
Senate SF2810 4 03/18/2024 Text icon Maye Quade Minnesota Age-Appropriate Design Code Act
Senate SF2803 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Kunesh Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota appropriation
Senate SF2719 3 03/22/2023 Text icon Mohamed Identification requirements modification for the insulin safety net program
Senate SF2693 4 02/15/2024 Text icon Mann Hospital payment rates modification
Senate SF2618 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Mann Academic acceleration pilot program and appropriation
Senate SF2594 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Hoffman Playworks grant appropriation for the expansion of social-emotional programming in elementary schools authorization
Senate SF2585 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Coleman Pregnancy-related disability parking certificates authorization
Senate SF2546 3 03/13/2023 Text icon Mann Comunidades Latinas Unidas EN Servicio (CLUES) appropriation
Senate SF2524 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Mann YWCA Minneapolis grant appropriation for girls and youth programming
Senate SF2512 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Mann Pupil withdrawal agreements defining and reporting requirements
Senate SF2508 3 02/19/2024 Text icon Mann Thrombectomy-capable stroke centers designation
Senate SF2503 3 04/03/2023 Text icon Pappas Skin-lightening Public Awareness and Education Grant Program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF2485 4 03/27/2023 Text icon Gustafson Commercial health plan coverage requirement of certain treatment at psychiatric residential treatment facilities
Senate HF2476 5 05/03/2024 Text icon Mann Child care assistance obsolete language removal
Senate SF2459 4 04/11/2024 Text icon Mann Equal coverage requirement of services provided by a pharmacist
Senate SF2437 10 05/17/2024 Text icon Mann Child care assistance obsolete language removal
Senate SF2394 6 04/18/2024 Text icon Kupec Health Occupations Licensure Compacts establishment
Senate SF2387 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Mann Summer healthcare intern program appropriation
Senate SF2386 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Mann Health professional education loan forgiveness program modification and appropriation
Senate SF2353 2 03/01/2023 Text icon Kupec Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Training Program establishment
Senate SF2319 9 05/20/2023 Text icon Fateh Protections establishment for transportation network company drivers
Senate SF2229 4 03/16/2023 Text icon Wiklund Child care assistance eligibility and co-payment requirements
Senate SF2216 5 03/27/2023 Text icon Mann Restrictive franchise agreements prohibition
Senate SF2211 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Wiklund Electronic identity verification for vital records use establishment
Senate SF2210 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Wiklund Health care capital expenditure notification and reporting modification
Senate SF2153 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Mann All-payer claims database sunset repeal
Senate SF2152 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Mann Local public health emergency preparedness and response capabilities appropriation
Senate SF2144 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Grant appropriation to improve access to polling places
Senate SF2143 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Mann Refundable sales tax exemption provision for construction materials for the renovation of Fire Station No.2 in Edina
Senate SF2142 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Mann Application and renewal fees increase for opiate drug wholesalers
Senate SF2139 3 03/15/2023 Text icon Morrison Task Force on Pregnancy Health and Substance Use Disorders establishment
Senate SF2090 3 03/07/2023 Text icon Morrison Commissioner of health appropriation for the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders prevention grants
Senate SF2067 8 02/15/2024 Text icon Mann Commissioner of human services direction to establish a prescription drug purchasing program
Senate SF2052 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Boldon Commissioner of health requirement to award grants to health care entities for staff training on self-defense and de-escalation, infrastructure improvements and IT system improvements
Senate SF2044 5 05/01/2023 Text icon Abeler Closed-captioned television requirement in certain circumstances
Senate SF2032 2 02/21/2023 Text icon Mohamed Counties requirement to provide shelter for families experiencing homelessness
Senate SF2031 2 02/21/2023 Text icon Mohamed Termination of lease authorization upon loss of income of tenant
Senate SF1911 5 03/09/2023 Text icon Kunesh School library aid establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1814 4 03/20/2023 Text icon Fateh Alzheimer's public information program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1813 2 02/16/2023 Text icon Morrison End-of-Life Option Act
Senate SF1771 4 03/22/2023 Text icon Marty Universal health care system benefits and costs analysis to assist the legislature in comparing it to the current public and private health care financing system authorization and appropriation
Senate SF1723 4 05/10/2023 Text icon Marty Concealed carry of firearms modification
Senate SF1681 6 03/20/2023 Text icon Wiklund Specifying requirements for health care entity transactions and extending the moratorium on conversion transactions for certain organizations
Senate SF1680 3 03/02/2023 Text icon Wiklund Family, friend, and neighbor child care grant establishment
Senate SF1620 2 02/13/2023 Text icon Fateh Headway Emotional Health Services appropriation
Senate SF1615 4 03/01/2023 Text icon Gustafson Mental health services eligibility and rates modification
Senate SF1538 3 03/06/2023 Text icon Wiklund Richfield veterans affordable housing construction and development appropriation
Senate SF1537 2 02/13/2023 Text icon Mann Edina community health and safety center bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1478 2 02/09/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Liability for felony murder committed by another person limitation; task force on aiding and abetting felony murder extension
Senate SF1476 3 03/08/2023 Text icon Kunesh Ethnic studies requirement establishment; Ethnic Studies Working Group establishment; appropriating money
Senate SF1465 4 03/27/2023 Text icon Morrison Coverage provision of advance care planning services by health plans, medical assistance and MinnesotaCare
Senate SF1416 5 04/11/2023 Text icon McEwen Certain determinations requirement before issuing nonferrous mining permits
Senate SF1384 20 05/22/2023 75 Text icon Murphy Nurse and Patient Safety Act
Senate SF1323 3 02/09/2023 Text icon Morrison Family planning services payment rates increase
Senate SF1320 4 02/20/2023 Text icon Morrison Medical assistance coverage of tobacco and nicotine cessation treatment modification and expansion
Senate SF1318 5 03/18/2024 Text icon Mann School employee health insurance authorization; nonlicensed school personnel minimum starting salary increase; paid orientation and professional development for paraprofessionals authorization; appropriating money
Senate SF1272 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Notice of the medical assistance program for employed person with disabilities requirement; medical assistance eligibility requirements for employed persons with disabilities modification
Senate SF1270 3 02/27/2023 Text icon Cwodzinski Reach Out and Read Minnesota program grant appropriation
Senate SF1266 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Latz Edina local and sales and use tax modification; Edina revenue collection amount for the Braemar Park project increase
Senate SF1259 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Mann Hair technician licenses creation
Senate SF1258 7 04/11/2023 Text icon Seeberger Payment prohibition of certain sexual harassment or abuse settlements as severance; state income tax subtraction for damages received establishment
Senate SF1186 2 02/02/2023 Text icon Murphy Criminal background checks for firearms transfers; grounds for disqualification of a transferee permit modification
Senate SF1174 3 02/27/2023 Text icon Morrison Children's mental health provisions modifications and appropriations
Senate SF1117 3 03/27/2023 Text icon Latz Law enforcement and family members permission to petition a court to prohibit people from possessing firearms if they pose a significant danger to themselves or others by possessing a firearm
Senate SF1045 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Port Postsecondary institution's mandated sexual harassment and sexual assault policy amendment
Senate SF1040 2 02/01/2023 Text icon Boldon Definition modification of covered services for dental care
Senate SF1035 2 02/01/2023 Text icon Hoffman Health insurance definition for peace officers and firefighters
Senate SF1029 6 03/27/2023 Text icon Morrison Unrestricted access requirement to services for diagnosis. monitoring, and treatment of rare diseases
Senate SF1020 3 02/16/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Essential community supports modification
Senate SF0992 3 03/16/2023 Text icon Boldon Income definitions modification for housing support
Senate SF0925 4 03/01/2023 Text icon Boldon Medical assistance reimbursement for parents and spouses providing services under consumer-directed community supports and community first services and supports establishment
Senate SF0911 5 03/20/2023 Text icon Morrison School-related active transportation policy provisions modification
Senate SF0903 2 01/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Care evaluation as a covered medical assistance home care service establishment; medical assistance homecare rates modification
Senate SF0902 2 01/27/2023 Text icon Mann Home care services medical assistance reimbursement rates increase
Senate SF0901 2 01/27/2023 Text icon Cwodzinski Personal finance class for graduation from high school requirement
Senate SF0896 4 03/01/2023 Text icon Mann MinnesotaCare eligibility for undocumented noncitizens establishment
Senate SF0887 3 03/27/2023 Text icon Kunesh CornerHouse new facility construction and renovations appropriation
Senate SF0886 2 01/27/2023 Text icon Kunesh Protect Reproductive Options Act
Senate SF0868 5 02/27/2023 Text icon Mann Board of Pharmacy requirement to provide the central repository under contract to administer the medication repository program with any legislative funding provided for the purpose
Senate SF0836 4 03/01/2023 Text icon Morrison Minors age 16 or older authorization to consent to nonresidential mental health services
Senate SF0834 9 03/27/2023 Text icon Seeberger PFAS in certain products prohibition
Senate SF0755 5 02/20/2023 Text icon Morrison Salt applicator program establishment and liability limitation authorization
Senate SF0705 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Morrison Minnesota Rare Disease Advisory Council appropriation
Senate SF0669 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Morrison PFAS in ski wax prohibition
Senate SF0668 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Morrison Family planning grants appropriation
Senate SF0664 4 04/11/2023 Text icon Kunesh Regional library systems appropriation
Senate SF0663 4 02/13/2023 Text icon Kunesh Number increase of heritage language and culture teachers
Senate SF0662 3 01/30/2023 Text icon Kunesh Commissioner of education requirement to develop a model program for sexual health education
Senate SF0656 3 01/30/2023 Text icon Marty Exception addition to the prohibition on concealing identity
Senate SF0653 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Wiklund Bloomington veterans' memorial bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0620 4 02/27/2023 Text icon Kunesh Pilot program to improve educational outcomes and accountability establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0610 7 04/18/2024 Text icon Boldon Child care center and family child care provider adoption of a policy regarding immunizations authorization
Senate SF0606 4 04/02/2024 Text icon Westlin Lost or stolen firearms reporting promptly to law enforcement requirement
Senate SF0543 2 01/23/2023 Text icon Abeler Pilot project providing grants establishment for integrated community-based housing
Senate SF0532 2 01/23/2023 Text icon Wiklund Bloomington public health facility bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0531 2 01/23/2023 Text icon Wiklund Procedures specification for the disenrollment of medical assistance and MinnesotaCare enrollees
Senate SF0482 7 03/16/2023 Text icon Klein Requirements establishment for pharmacy benefit managers and health carriers related to clinician-administered drugs
Senate SF0441 2 01/19/2023 Text icon Morrison Study of the development of a statewide registry for provider orders for life sustaining treatment requirement
Senate SF0438 2 01/19/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Affirmative consent instruction in schools requirement
Senate SF0437 3 02/08/2023 Text icon Maye Quade School lunch and breakfast for all students establishment
Senate SF0406 5 02/13/2023 Text icon Mann Right establishment for a pregnant patient to have a designated support person present while receiving health care
Senate SF0405 5 03/16/2023 Text icon Mann Provision that covenants not to compete are void and unenforceable
Senate SF0404 3 02/06/2023 Text icon Mann Medical assistance enrollees permission to opt out of managed care enrollment
Senate SF0402 6 03/02/2023 Text icon Kunesh Community solutions establishment and appropriation for healthy child development grant
Senate SF0401 2 01/19/2023 Text icon Kunesh Developmental screening aid increase and appropriation
Senate SF0336 4 01/25/2023 Text icon Kunesh Grant program modification to support pregnant people in carrying their pregnancies to term and new parents caring for babies after birth
Senate SF0330 2 01/17/2023 Text icon Mann Bloomington Ice Garden capital improvements bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0329 6 03/08/2023 Text icon Mann No-cost diagnostic services and testing requirement following a mammogram
Senate SF0328 5 03/20/2023 Text icon Mann Manufacturers requirement to report and maintain prescription drug prices
Senate SF0302 6 03/16/2023 Text icon Mann Disclosure of certain payments made to health care providers requirement; all-payer claims data provision modification; transparency of health care payments report requirement
Senate SF0228 3 04/21/2023 Text icon Draheim Constitutional amendment proposal to place limits on the terms of office of legislators and executive officers
Senate SF0173 7 02/27/2023 Text icon Boldon Fourth-degree assault expansion related to health care professionals and health care professional well being education and outreach initiative
Senate SF0168 10 03/27/2023 Text icon Morrison Excessive price increases by manufacturers prohibition to generic or off-patent drugs
Senate SF0167 5 01/23/2023 Text icon Morrison Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness mining restrictions modification
Senate SF0166 5 04/02/2024 Text icon Morrison Maternal death studies conducted by the commissioner of health expansion to include maternal morbidity
Senate SF0165 3 03/15/2023 Text icon Morrison Release of health records limitation in cases related to reproductive health
Senate SF0164 3 01/17/2023 Text icon Morrison Separate medical assistance reimbursement provision for long-acting reversible contraceptives
Senate SF0162 4 01/17/2023 Text icon Morrison Elevated blood lead concentration level decrease from ten micrograms of lead to 3.5 micrograms
Senate SF0123 6 01/27/2023 Text icon Gustafson School lunch and breakfast provision for all students
Senate SR0100 2 05/09/2024 Text icon Mann A Senate resolution expressing the sense of the Senate; recognizing May as Hypertension Awareness Month
Senate SR0099 2 05/09/2024 Text icon Mann A Senate resolution designating May 2024 as Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month in Minnesota
Senate SF0098 3 01/23/2023 Text icon Mohamed Right to counsel provision in certain public housing eviction actions
Senate SF0094 2 01/09/2023 Text icon Mann Appropriation extension for the South Metro Public Training Facility and additional money appropriation
Senate SF0069 2 01/09/2023 Text icon Mann Dismissal prohibition of students in kindergarten through grade 3
Senate SF0050 7 02/06/2023 Text icon Cwodzinski School district requirement and appropriation to provide access to menstrual products for students
Senate SF0049 9 04/12/2023 Text icon Wiklund Health insurance provisions modifications and appropriations
Senate SR0047 2 05/01/2023 Text icon Abeler A Senate resolution designating May 1 to 7, 2023, as Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week
Senate SF0027 5 01/23/2023 Text icon Mohamed Requirement modification for non compliant driver's license or Minnesota identification card and making related changes
Senate SF0026 5 01/19/2023 Text icon Champion Right to vote restoration to individuals convicted of a felony upon completion of any term of incarceration imposed and executed by a court for the offense
Senate SF0023 8 02/27/2023 Text icon Dibble Conversion therapy prohibition establishment
Senate SF0021 5 01/25/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten English learner programming funding increase; English learner cross subsidy aid addition; appropriating money
Senate SF0002 21 05/18/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Paid family, pregnancy, bonding, and applicant's serious medical condition benefits establishment and appropriation
Senate HF0002 21 05/18/2023 59 Text icon Mann Paid family, pregnancy, bonding, and applicant's serious medical condition benefits establishment and appropriation