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450 Documents Found in Legislative Session 93 (2023-2024)
for Authors of "Abeler"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF5427 2 04/15/2024 Text icon Abeler Equal access to human services electronic verification system data for electronic verification vendors establishment; weekly electronic documentation of certain services authorization
Senate SF5402 2 04/11/2024 Text icon Morrison St. Paul Foundation Rally to Read appropriation
Senate SF5381 2 04/08/2024 Text icon Mohamed Center for Nursing Equity and Excellence at the University of Minnesota establishment and appropriation
Senate SF5380 2 04/08/2024 Text icon Morrison Lead in school drinking water requirements modifications and account establishment in special revenue fund; appropriating money
Senate SF5376 2 04/08/2024 Text icon Anderson Use of parenting consultants in family court cases regulation
Senate SF5357 2 04/08/2024 Text icon Abeler Organization that serves artists who have intellectual and other disabilities appropriation
Senate SF5351 2 04/08/2024 Text icon Utke Actions prior to rate setting, reimbursement, and reconciliation process for targeted human services case management requirement; appropriating money
Senate SF5307 2 04/04/2024 Text icon Mohamed Simplifying supportive housing resources working group establishment
Senate SF5282 2 04/02/2024 Text icon Abeler Mental Health innovation programs eligible recipients and funding modifications, County responsibility for the cost of care for a client awaiting transfer to another state-operated facility or program or facility operated by the Department of Corrections removal, and appropriations
Senate SF5240 2 04/02/2024 Text icon Abeler Certain fund transfers for fiscal years 2025, 2026, and 2027 authorization
Senate SF5233 2 04/02/2024 Text icon Abeler Job accommodation request form for an employee with a know disability requirement provision
Senate SF5231 2 04/02/2024 Text icon Drazkowski Certain fund transfers authorization for fiscal years 2025, 2026, and 2027; School board permission to not comply with certain laws or rules
Senate SF5191 2 03/25/2024 Text icon Dibble Emerald ash borer infested trees removal tax credit provision
Senate SF5171 4 04/18/2024 Text icon Kunesh African American-focused Homeplace model grant appropriation
Senate SF5111 2 03/20/2024 Text icon Fateh Equitable Development Action workforce development appropriation
Senate SF5075 2 03/18/2024 Text icon Abeler HuddLUp grant to improve emotional wellness in teachers and students appropriation
Senate SF5027 2 03/18/2024 Text icon Coleman Certain school incidents notice provision
Senate SF5016 5 04/02/2024 Text icon Duckworth Transportation network companies regulation by political subdivisions prohibition
Senate SF4984 2 03/14/2024 Text icon Abeler Culturally responsive supports and resources related to well-being and long term services and supports grant establishment and appropriation
Senate SF4955 2 03/14/2024 Text icon Abeler Long-term care consultation services modification
Senate SF4953 2 03/14/2024 Text icon Dibble Land Bank Twin Cities appropriation
Senate SF4912 7 04/08/2024 Text icon Wiklund Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota submission of information to legislature prior to the introduction of a bill appropriating money requirement provision, requiring annual reporting, health professions workforce advisory council recommendations from the commissioner of health requirement, and University of Minnesota academic health system appropriation
Senate SF4882 2 03/13/2024 Text icon Kreun Cities of Blaine and Spring Lake Park marked Trunk Highway 65 corridor improvement study bond issuance and appropriation
Senate SF4881 2 03/13/2024 Text icon Kreun Cities of Ham Lake and East Bethel marked trunk Highway 65 corridor improvement study bond issuance and appropriation
Senate SF4877 5 04/15/2024 Text icon Mitchell Department of Human services child fatalities or near fatalities panel and process provisions modifications
Senate SF4841 2 03/11/2024 Text icon Abeler Elimination of duplicative background studies appropriation replacement
Senate SF4837 9 04/11/2024 Text icon Wiklund Oversight of health maintenance organization transactions by the commissioner of health authorization
Senate SF4780 8 04/18/2024 Text icon Fateh Transportation network companies regulations provisions
Senate SF4761 6 04/11/2024 Text icon Mitchell Child Protection Advisory Council establishment
Senate SF4715 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Abeler Dependent care credit expansions provision
Senate SF4710 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Abeler Child support circumstances under which the public authority must direct support to an obligee modifications
Senate SF4668 3 03/21/2024 Text icon Fateh Promise equalization scholarship program establishment to supplement state grant awards for students attending Minnesota private nonprofit postsecondary institutions
Senate SF4665 4 03/20/2024 Text icon Mann Department of Human Services Office of Inspector general policy bill
Senate SF4634 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Mohamed Uniform disability parking signs requirement provision
Senate SF4632 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Abeler Student discipline provisions modification
Senate SF4617 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Coleman Dependent care tax credit amount of and income phaseout threshold increased provision
Senate SF4616 2 03/07/2024 Text icon Mathews Postsecondary enrollment options eligible institutions requirements modifications
Senate SF4551 2 03/04/2024 Text icon Dornink At-home infant child care program modification
Senate SF4548 2 03/04/2024 Text icon Abeler Minnetonka nursing facility property payment rate exception authorization
Senate SF4547 2 03/04/2024 Text icon Utke Nursing facility payment rates and elderly waiver rates modification
Senate SF4531 3 04/08/2024 Text icon Fateh Community services and supports requirements for support workers to qualify for and enhanced rate modification
Senate SF4526 2 03/04/2024 Text icon Wiklund Long-term safety net insulin program sunset repealer
Senate SF4525 4 03/13/2024 Text icon Fateh Minnesota Respond, Innovate, Succeed and Empower (RISE) Act establishment
Senate SF4496 2 03/04/2024 Text icon Dahms Child care center definitions and provisions modifications
Senate SF4464 4 04/02/2024 Text icon Bahr Public Employees Retirement Association board of trustees member addition who is a member of the local government correctional service retirement plan
Senate SF4462 4 03/21/2024 Text icon Mann Hospital payment rates modification
Senate SF4460 5 04/11/2024 Text icon Mann Civil commitment priority admission requirements modification; prisoner in a correctional facility is not responsible for co-payments for mental health medications specification; reimbursement of county co-payment expenses authorization; appropriating money
Senate SF4458 4 03/13/2024 Text icon Lieske Direct primary care service agreements establishment
Senate SF4457 2 02/29/2024 Text icon Abeler Assisted living director qualifications and ongoing training requirements modification
Senate SF4454 4 03/25/2024 Text icon Coleman University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to provide free access to veterans with disabilities request
Senate SF4444 6 04/02/2024 Text icon Port Annual adverse health event report publication continuation requirement provision, retaliation against patient care staff prohibition, compliancy orders authorization and enforcement provisions
Senate SF4396 2 02/29/2024 Text icon Abeler Background study disqualifications for individuals regulated by a health-related licensing board modifications
Senate SF4387 8 04/18/2024 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Communication services and other communication devices duties of certain facilities that confine people modifications and phone calls and other communications duties of direct care and treatment programs specification
Senate SF4382 3 04/18/2024 Text icon Kupec Notice and public hearings for hospital closures, curtailment of operations, relocation of services, and cessation in offering certain services requirement modifications, penalties provisions, right of first refusal before the sale of a hospital or hospital campus
Senate SF4342 2 02/29/2024 Text icon Housley Grant funding appropriation to train and make therapy dogs available to law enforcement officers who are suffering from job-related trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder
Senate SF4331 5 03/11/2024 Text icon Hoffman Taste of Minnesota event costs appropriation
Senate SF4330 4 03/20/2024 Text icon Hoffman Definition modification of usual and customary price for the purposes of medical assistance prescription drug reimbursement
Senate SF4325 2 02/29/2024 Text icon Coleman Employment-based training skills path program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF4306 3 03/04/2024 Text icon Mann Dementia services program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF4303 2 02/26/2024 Text icon Kupec Advanced practice registered nurse postgraduate collaborative practice requirements removal
Senate SF4276 5 03/13/2024 Text icon Abeler Behavioral health provisions modifications
Senate SF4238 3 03/13/2024 Text icon Mann Alternate hospital inpatient payment rate specification provision
Senate SF4235 4 04/08/2024 Text icon Fateh Nursing assistants and medication aides training requirements modifications
Senate SF4229 2 02/26/2024 Text icon Hoffman Phototherapy lights individual pricing requirement, certain enteral nutrition equipment and supplies payment methodology process modifications, certain medical equipment and supplies payment rate establishment process modifications, and technical changes provisions
Senate SF4228 2 02/26/2024 Text icon Abeler Prospective worker platforms to initiate background studies authorization
Senate SF4219 3 03/14/2024 Text icon Dornink Special education teacher pipeline grant uses modifications and appropriation
Senate SF4199 5 03/14/2024 Text icon Limmer Requirements for the release of patient health records modification
Senate SF4198 2 02/26/2024 Text icon Abeler Direct care services pilot project existing appropriation availability extension
Senate SF4191 2 02/26/2024 Text icon Housley Assisted living facility compliance with correction orders information access requirements modification
Senate SF4184 2 02/26/2024 Text icon Gustafson Local optional revenue modifications, unemployment costs and family paid medical leave in local optional revenue inclusion, referendum revenue simplification, equalization aid increase, and appropriating money
Senate SF4130 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Hoffman Nursing facility funding for compensation-related costs authorization
Senate SF4109 4 04/02/2024 Text icon Morrison Seizure detection device public awareness campaign grant program and appropriation
Senate SF4105 3 02/29/2024 Text icon Kunesh Construction of schools near former landfills prohibition provision
Senate SF4104 2 02/22/2024 Text icon Kupec Opioid treatment program medication dispensing for take-home uses rules modifications
Senate SF4064 3 03/18/2024 Text icon Boldon Requirements establishment for hospital behavioral health crisis intervention teams
Senate SF4054 4 03/07/2024 Text icon Hoffman Minnesota Athletic Trainers Act modification
Senate SF4046 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Pappas Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities grant appropriation
Senate SF4045 3 03/21/2024 Text icon Hoffman Professional competency and shift wage differential enhanced payment rates for personal care assistant and community first services and support professional establishment, enhanced rate revenue for workers modification, temporary personal care assistance rate increase established, appropriations
Senate SF4044 5 03/25/2024 Text icon Hoffman Assisted living licensure settings expansion and settings exempt from assisted living licensure requirements modification
Senate SF4043 4 03/21/2024 Text icon Hoffman Expansion of reimbursement for overtime, overnight asleep services, and consecutive shifts for personal care assistants and community-first services and support workers direction to the Commissioner of Human Services provision
Senate SF4042 4 03/21/2024 Text icon Hoffman MinnesotaCare access for direct support professionals authorization and appropriation
Senate SF4041 4 03/21/2024 Text icon Hoffman Home care worker education grants and loan forgiveness establishment and appropriations
Senate SF4036 3 04/04/2024 Text icon McEwen Lead service line replacement grants appropriation
Senate SF4030 4 04/04/2024 Text icon Maye Quade Lifework Services, Inc. payment provision for a disability inclusion pilot project
Senate SF4024 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Mann Covered emergency medical assistance services modification
Senate SF4023 3 02/29/2024 Text icon Hoffman Grant establishment for capital improvements to expand services for adults with developmental disabilities
Senate SF4010 3 03/14/2024 Text icon Hoffman Funeral travel protection agreements to certain provisions exclusion provision
Senate SF4005 2 02/20/2024 Text icon Anderson Beltrami County grant appropriation for planning and developing a comprehensive mental health services program for individuals under arrest or subject to arrest
Senate SF3989 5 03/14/2024 Text icon Hoffman Medical assistance eligibility timeline modifications for certain hospital patients and providing supplemental payments for certain disability waiver services
Senate SF3985 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Abeler City of Coon Rapids East River Road at marked Trunk Highway 610 interchange project bond issuance and appropriation
Senate SF3984 4 03/11/2024 Text icon Abeler Behavioral science health licensing and eligibility requirements modifications
Senate SF3983 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Abeler Rail grade warning devices bond issuance and appropriation
Senate SF3973 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Mann Sober home requirements modification
Senate SF3940 5 03/07/2024 Text icon Kupec Recycled electronic waste collection program establishment, creating an account, and appropriating money
Senate SF3929 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Duckworth Grounds for the use of reasonable force in schools modifications, defining duties and establishing minimum training requirements for school resource officers, and appropriating money
Senate SF3926 3 03/11/2024 Text icon Hoffman Requiring health insurance plans to cover intermittent catheters
Senate SF3886 6 03/07/2024 Text icon Hauschild Onetime aid program for certain licensed ambulance services establishment and appropriation
Senate SF3845 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Kreun Anoka-Ramsey Community College campus improvements bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3844 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Duckworth Short-call substitute teacher pilot program modification
Senate SF3840 3 04/08/2024 Text icon Abeler Home services provider capacity-building grants establishment and appropriation
Senate SF3839 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Boldon Residential programs licensing and zoning requirements modification
Senate SF3838 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Rest Supplemental medical assistance program to provide payments to a provider of level I trauma care and statewide emergency medical services development requirement
Senate SF3809 6 03/21/2024 Text icon Boldon Home and community-based services standards modification for out-of-home respite services for children
Senate SF3780 3 02/20/2024 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Source of income discrimination prohibition
Senate SF3735 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Seeberger Disability waiver rates modification
Senate SF3731 5 04/04/2024 Text icon Kunesh North Star state education accountability plan amendment provision
Senate SF3698 5 04/04/2024 Text icon Maye Quade Read Act amendment
Senate SF3643 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Duckworth Changes to prone restraints, certain physical holds, and reasonable force standards used on students repeal
Senate SF3634 4 04/08/2024 Text icon Abeler State-only funding permission of personal care assistance services provided by parents or spouses
Senate SF3633 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Abeler Board of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, and Interior Design requirement to provide notice by email to license and certificate holders whose license or certificate is about to expire
Senate SF3632 5 03/18/2024 Text icon Abeler Anoka County authorization to build a jail and criminal justice center in a location outside the county seat
Senate SF3625 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Seeberger Rent increases limitation in certain low-income rental projects receiving low-income housing tax credits
Senate SF3611 4 03/20/2024 Text icon Mann Licensing requirements amendment for graduates of foreign medical schools
Senate SF3606 4 03/18/2024 Text icon Xiong Parity for mental illness and substance use disorders in disability income coverage
Senate SF3580 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Hoffman Anoka Count Soil and Water Conservation District natural resource stewardship area establishment authorization and tax levy authority provision
Senate SF3552 5 03/18/2024 Text icon Boldon Assertive community treatment provisions modifications
Senate SF3546 10 03/11/2024 77 Text icon Pappas Licensed traditional midwife authority to obtain, possess, and administer certain drugs, supplies, and devices clarification
Senate SF3532 4 03/07/2024 Text icon Morrison Prior authorization and coverage of health services requirements modification; ground for disciplinary action against physicians modification; commissioner of commerce and legislature report requirements; classifying data
Senate SF3531 6 04/02/2024 Text icon Morrison Provider health conditions questions on credentialing applications prohibition; health care professional well-being recognition grant program establishment; physician wellness program establishment; well-being of health care workers awareness campaign; appropriating money
Senate SF3523 6 03/04/2024 Text icon Kupec Behavior analysis licensing requirement modifications provision and appropriation
Senate SF3489 4 02/26/2024 Text icon Mohamed Contract for deed requirements between investor sellers and purchasers of real property modification; recording provisions modifications; disclosures requirement; right to cancel and civil remedies authorization
Senate SF3461 6 04/02/2024 Text icon Boldon Encouraging schools to provide instruction on healthy aging and dementia
Senate SF3458 6 04/18/2024 Text icon Westlin Commercial dog and cat breeder data classification amendment and advertising requirement modifications
Senate SF3451 4 03/18/2024 Text icon Boldon Mental health services provision modification
Senate SF3450 4 03/07/2024 Text icon Gustafson Charter school provisions modifications
Senate SF3369 4 02/29/2024 Text icon Gustafson Mental health care policy requirement
Senate SF3364 4 03/07/2024 Text icon Hoffman Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research and caregiver support programs grant appropriation
Senate SF3353 5 05/22/2023 Text icon Mathews Creating a exclusion to protected classes
Senate SF3351 3 03/11/2024 Text icon Hoffman Coverage requirement for orthotic and prosthetic devices
Senate SF3334 5 02/29/2024 Text icon Xiong Real property private transfer fees authorization
Senate SF3327 6 02/26/2024 Text icon Abeler Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness mining restrictions modifications
Senate SF3306 2 04/27/2023 Text icon Abeler Anoka ice arena capital improvements appropriation
Senate SF3299 3 03/11/2024 Text icon Hoffman Establishing coverage of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation cannulation as an outpatient service
Senate SF3297 2 04/25/2023 Text icon Hoffman Rum River Dam bond issuance authorization and appropriation
Senate SF3293 2 04/20/2023 Text icon Abeler Minnesota Federated Humane Societies annual grant appropriation
Senate SF3278 2 04/18/2023 Text icon Abeler Allowing ranking minority members of standing legislative committees to request fiscal notes
Senate SF3277 2 04/18/2023 Text icon Abeler Establishing a temporary hold on assessing fines against assisted living facilities and requiring repayment of certain fines assessed against assisted living facilities
Senate SF3265 2 04/14/2023 Text icon Dibble Infectious control requirements in long term care settings modification
Senate SF3263 2 04/13/2023 Text icon Hoffman William Shegstad Healthcare Advocates Act establishment
Senate SF3248 3 04/14/2023 Text icon Hoffman African Career Education and Resource, Inc. appropriation
Senate SF3247 2 04/12/2023 Text icon Hoffman Establishing competency and shift wage differential enhanced payment rates for personal care assistant and community first services and supports professionals; modifying use of enhanced rate revenue for workings; establishing temporary personal care assistance rate increase; appropriating money.
Senate SF3246 2 04/12/2023 Text icon Hoffman Directing the commissioner of human services to expand reimbursement for overtime, overnight sleep services, and consecutive shifts for personal care assistants and community- first services and supports workers.
Senate SF3227 2 04/04/2023 Text icon Hoffman Vietnam War personal and historical accounts documentation and appropriation
Senate SF3217 2 04/03/2023 Text icon Dibble RS Eden Recovery Campus appropriation
Senate SF3204 9 04/18/2024 Text icon Maye Quade Public employees insurance program modification, Minnesota insurance pool committee creation, and appropriation
Senate SF3197 3 03/25/2024 Text icon Hauschild Labor definition of project expansion provision
Senate SF3176 2 03/30/2023 Text icon Abeler Minor age 16 or 17 permission to operate certain patient lifts in certain long-term care settings
Senate SF3175 2 03/30/2023 Text icon Abeler Temporary reduction of individual income tax rates by one percentage point
Senate SF3174 2 03/30/2023 Text icon Abeler Public pension benefit subtraction establishment
Senate SF3165 2 03/30/2023 Text icon Hoffman Oromo Community of Minnesota mental health, violent behaviors, trauma, and drug use appropriations
Senate SF3156 3 03/30/2023 Text icon Hoffman Taste of Minnesota event appropriations
Senate SF3138 2 03/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Department of Human reporting and licensing changes implementation for provider licensing and reporting hub
Senate SF3137 2 03/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Property types that cannot be attached, garnished, or sold in a final judgement expansion
Senate SF3130 3 04/03/2023 Text icon Hoffman Kind In Need Foundation grant appropriation
Senate SF3124 3 04/12/2023 Text icon Marty University of Minnesota public health mission academic health care facilities essential designation
Senate SF3094 6 04/09/2024 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Creating a Plain Language Driver's Manual and Written Examination Working Group and appropriations
Senate SF3055 2 03/22/2023 Text icon Pratt Establishment of the A+ Energy Act to preserve a safe, reliable, and affordable energy system
Senate SF3050 2 03/22/2023 Text icon Hoffman White Earth Nation specific digital therapy tool development for substance use disorder services appropriation
Senate SF3049 2 03/22/2023 Text icon Hoffman Exempting property tax refunds from attachment, garnishment or sale
Senate SF3048 2 03/22/2023 Text icon Hoffman Provisions related to care facilities
Senate SF3037 5 04/13/2023 Text icon Bahr Ramsey exemption provision for construction materials for a new water treatment plant
Senate SF3023 2 03/20/2023 Text icon Hoffman Hennepin County Community Action Partnership grant appropriation
Senate SF3001 2 03/20/2023 Text icon Duckworth Reading instruction requirement to be based on the science of reading
Senate SF2972 2 03/20/2023 Text icon Hoffman Disability Services Accessibility Task Force and pilot projects establishment
Senate SF2969 2 03/16/2023 Text icon Hoffman Coon Rapids new fire station bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2968 2 03/16/2023 Text icon Hoffman Reimbursement rates modification for transitional supports under the home and community-based services waivers
Senate SF2960 2 03/16/2023 Text icon Hoffman Ramsey County appropriation for a youth mental health urgency room
Senate SF2948 2 03/16/2023 Text icon Hoffman Public Utilities Commission authority to change or delay implementation of standard obligations modifications
Senate SF2945 2 03/15/2023 Text icon Abeler Board on Aging Native American elders coordinator position modification and appropriation
Senate SF2944 4 03/20/2023 Text icon Abeler Direct Care Service Corps pilot project establishment and appropriation
Senate SF2938 5 04/14/2023 Text icon Mitchell Hong De Wu Guan appropriation
Senate SF2934 17 05/20/2023 61 Text icon Hoffman Omnibus Human Services appropriations
Senate SF2911 3 03/23/2023 Text icon Nelson Low-income home energy assistance appropriation
Senate SF2910 2 03/15/2023 Text icon Abeler Low-income home energy assistance appropriation
Senate SF2885 3 03/21/2024 Text icon Morrison Temporary funding establishment for settings that receive high-acuity patients discharged from hospitals
Senate SF2877 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Cwodzinski Hennepin County prairie and big woods remnants acquisition and preservation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2873 3 04/12/2023 Text icon Pha Special Guerilla Units Veterans and Families of the United States of America appropriation for health and well-being programming
Senate SF2838 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Abeler Paid family leave insurance benefits insurer offering authorization
Senate SF2837 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Abeler Donate Life special license plates establishment and appropriation
Senate SF2822 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Coleman Positive alternates grants program appropriation
Senate SF2806 3 02/26/2024 Text icon Hoffman Approved recovery program grant amounts increase
Senate SF2805 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Dibble Valuation reductions permission for conservation easements
Senate SF2803 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Kunesh Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota appropriation
Senate SF2796 2 03/09/2023 Text icon Hoffman Office of Ombudsman for Long-Term Care capacity expansion appropriation
Senate SF2752 2 03/08/2023 Text icon Coleman Sales tax holiday for the purchase of school supplies establishment
Senate SF2728 3 04/03/2023 Text icon Xiong Home Heroes Act establishment to provide seniors with services to age in place
Senate SF2706 2 03/08/2023 Text icon Utke Reporting requirement expansion related to maternal and infant health
Senate SF2705 2 03/08/2023 Text icon Utke Minnesota premium security plan transferal
Senate SF2704 2 03/08/2023 Text icon Hoffman Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center renovation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2700 4 03/30/2023 Text icon Hauschild Grant provision for a federally qualified health centers apprenticeship program
Senate SF2699 4 03/20/2024 Text icon Hauschild Commissioner of health requirement to provide a grant to a network of federally qualified health centers to support the development of electronic health records
Senate SF2691 3 03/08/2023 Text icon Hoffman Requirements modification for licensure and license renewal of ambulance services
Senate SF2660 2 03/07/2023 Text icon Nelson Certification requirements modification for community paramedics
Senate SF2647 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Kupec Prepared meals food relief grants establishment
Senate SF2608 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Hoffman Health Enforcement Consolidation Act date change for correction order reconsideration authorization
Senate SF2600 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Morrison Acquisition of land and easements for habitat and natural area management purposes bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2594 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Hoffman Playworks grant appropriation for the expansion of social-emotional programming in elementary schools authorization
Senate SF2590 3 03/16/2023 Text icon Hoffman Rent increases limitation in certain low-income rental projects that use residential bonds authorization
Senate SF2583 5 04/04/2024 Text icon Boldon Special education addition as an eligible master's degree program for the credit for teachers attaining a master's degree authorization
Senate SF2581 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Hoffman Testing of school building door and locks requirement and appropriation
Senate SF2580 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Hoffman School building improvements including new windows and doors appropriation
Senate SF2579 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Rarick No Patient Left Alone Act
Senate SF2529 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Rasmusson Douglas County supplemental housing support rate creation for a long-term residential facility
Senate SF2519 3 03/15/2023 Text icon Hoffman Obesity study in individuals with intellectual disabilities requirement; health and wellness pilot program for adults with intellectual disabilities establishment; appropriating money
Senate SF2514 3 03/20/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Personal care assistance services and community first services and supports component values and payment rates modification
Senate SF2505 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Hoffman Public Utility Commission authority to modify or delay implementation of standard obligations modification; separate carbon-free standard obligations for public utilities and other electric utilities establishment
Senate SF2503 3 04/03/2023 Text icon Pappas Skin-lightening Public Awareness and Education Grant Program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF2501 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Hoffman Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities appropriation
Senate SF2500 5 03/20/2023 Text icon Hoffman High school students permission to earn elective credits through employment with certain health care providers
Senate SF2499 4 03/20/2023 Text icon Abeler Fees provision and dismissal for certified birth records, identification cards and driver's licenses for persons treated for substance use disorder who are eligible for medical assistance
Senate SF2498 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Abeler Minnesota health care programs special revenue fund establishment
Senate SF2497 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Fateh Payment modification for customized living
Senate SF2490 3 03/13/2023 Text icon Abeler Eligibility modification for peer recovery service eligibility; Minnesota Board of Recovery Services establishment
Senate SF2489 3 03/07/2023 Text icon Hoffman Treatment review and staffing requirements modification for opioid treatment programs
Senate SF2488 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Hoffman Payment rates establishment for substance use disorder treatment services with medications for opioid use disorder
Senate SF2486 3 03/20/2023 Text icon Mohamed Project ECHO program appropriation
Senate SF2485 4 03/27/2023 Text icon Gustafson Commercial health plan coverage requirement of certain treatment at psychiatric residential treatment facilities
Senate SF2464 3 03/20/2023 Text icon Mitchell Trust establishment for current and recent foster children receiving benefits and other income
Senate SF2457 5 02/26/2024 Text icon Boldon Health plan coverage provision for certain acupuncture services
Senate SF2449 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Boldon Mental health provider staffing, documentation and diagnostic assessment requirements modification
Senate SF2442 8 03/20/2023 Text icon Cwodzinski Holocaust and genocide of Indigenous Peoples and other genocides education requirement in social studies curriculum for middle and high school students; Holocaust, genocide of Indigenous Peoples and other genocides education working group creation; appropriating money
Senate SF2432 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Early learning scholarships program modifications and appropriation
Senate SF2404 10 05/11/2023 Text icon Hawj Constitutional amendment providing for the renewal of the environment and natural resources trust fund
Senate SF2388 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Abeler Right of hospitalized patients to receive treatment from their own doctors establishment
Senate SF2383 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Cwodzinski Extracurricular Activities Grant Program appropriation
Senate SF2364 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Hoffman Mississippi Gateway Regional Park improvements in the city of Brooklyn Park bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2362 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Hoffman Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers appropriation for a grant to the Direct Support Professionals Employee-Owned Cooperative Program authorization
Senate SF2353 2 03/01/2023 Text icon Kupec Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care Training Program establishment
Senate SF2342 2 03/01/2023 Text icon Hoffman Acupuncture and herbal medicine practice provisions modifications
Senate SF2340 3 03/22/2023 Text icon Morrison Renovation and lead hazard reductions provisions modifications
Senate SF2339 3 03/22/2023 Text icon Morrison Provision modification of administration of opiate antagonists for drug overdose
Senate SF2338 3 03/22/2023 Text icon Morrison Definitions addition for regulation of safe drinking water
Senate SF2269 3 03/15/2023 Text icon Boldon Victims of labor trafficking and labor exploitation services appropriation
Senate SF2266 3 03/07/2023 Text icon Hoffman Pharmacist dispensing of prescriptions using an audible container or braille container label for patients who are visually impaired or blind requirement
Senate SF2265 9 04/03/2023 22 Text icon Wiklund Commissioner of human services public health emergency transition procedures establishment; continuous medical assistance eligibility for children establishment; state-funded cost-sharing reduction program establishment; appropriating money
Senate SF2251 4 03/22/2023 Text icon Kunesh Law enforcement modification of Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians
Senate SF2248 3 03/08/2023 Text icon Hoffman Employment qualifications modification for child care centers and amending child care center staffing rules
Senate SF2244 2 03/01/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Senior nutrition program appropriation
Senate SF2217 3 03/02/2023 Text icon Abeler Minnesota State High School Mathematics League students scholarship program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF2208 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Kreun Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission appropriation for upgrades to the roof of the ice arena complex at the National Sports Center
Senate SF2207 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman East River Road at marked Highway 610 in the City of Coon Rapids interchange bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2203 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Healthy learning and teaching environments fund establishment and appropriation
Senate SF2197 3 03/30/2023 Text icon Kunesh American Indians and Alaska Natives dually certified organization medical assistance payment modification
Senate SF2184 4 04/13/2023 Text icon Bahr Ramsey special tax increment financing authority provision
Senate SF2160 4 03/08/2023 Text icon Morrison Claims denial from certain hospitals and ambulance services
Senate SF2146 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Abeler Addiction and recovery office establishment in the Department of Health
Senate SF2145 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Terms clarification for certain members of the Palliative Care Advisory Council
Senate SF2144 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Grant appropriation to improve access to polling places
Senate SF2139 3 03/15/2023 Text icon Morrison Task Force on Pregnancy Health and Substance Use Disorders establishment
Senate SF2138 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Kreun Same weight threshold and penalty provision for fentanyl as is for heroin
Senate SF2120 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Farnsworth Police officer skills training and provider program grants appropriation
Senate SF2119 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Farnsworth Coordination, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of environmental review improvement and permitting process for metallic mineral mining projects
Senate SF2117 3 03/06/2023 Text icon Kunesh Mahnomen White Earth Area Health and Wellness Center appropriation
Senate SF2090 3 03/07/2023 Text icon Morrison Commissioner of health appropriation for the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders prevention grants
Senate SF2089 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Abeler Appropriation modification for Anoka County road improvements
Senate SF2088 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Abeler Counties permission to provide in-house training for certain training and technical assistance programs
Senate SF2084 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Kupec Minnesota Independence College and Community grant appropriation for student scholarships and other specified purposes
Senate SF2083 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Isuroon appropriation to staff a crisis nursery
Senate SF2082 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Minneapolis Isuroon building improvement and renovation appropriation
Senate SF2081 3 03/08/2023 Text icon Gustafson Ramsey County Library Advisory Board and Anoka County Library Advisory Board establishment
Senate SF2062 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Kunesh Open season for taking wolves prohibition
Senate SF2045 4 03/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Funding mechanism establishment for a long-term care access fund in the state treasury
Senate SF2044 5 05/01/2023 Text icon Abeler Closed-captioned television requirement in certain circumstances
Senate SF2037 2 02/21/2023 Text icon Hoffman Appropriation to address invasive carp
Senate SF2036 3 03/14/2023 Text icon Hoffman Anoka Rum River Dam reconstruction and repair work and studies appropriation
Senate SF2033 2 02/21/2023 Text icon Marty Ramsey County families experiencing homelessness appropriation
Senate SF2030 2 02/21/2023 Text icon Gustafson Levy limits modification for public safety financing
Senate SF2028 2 02/21/2023 Text icon Limmer Crime of carjacking establishment
Senate SF2020 3 03/20/2023 Text icon Seeberger Registration prohibition of pesticides containing a perfluoroalkyl substance
Senate SF2010 4 03/08/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Active shooter drill standards provision
Senate SF1969 3 03/16/2023 Text icon Housley Assisted living facilities and services provisions modification
Senate SF1968 2 02/20/2023 Text icon Kunesh Department of Commerce authorization to assist any Tribal advocacy council on energy established by the 11 federally recognized Tribes in Minnesota
Senate SF1967 4 03/01/2023 Text icon Morrison Medical assistance requirement to cover seizure detection devices
Senate SF1951 2 02/20/2023 Text icon Morrison Medical assistance coverage of recuperative care services requirement
Senate SF1948 3 03/08/2023 Text icon Seeberger Health plans coverage of biomarker testing requirement
Senate SF1924 3 03/01/2023 Text icon Kupec Coverage of hearing aids requirement for individuals 26 years of age or younger
Senate SF1900 5 03/13/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Home and community-based services systemic critical incident review team establishment
Senate SF1898 2 02/20/2023 Text icon Hawj Disappearing indigenous cultures preservation appropriation
Senate SF1872 2 02/20/2023 Text icon Hoffman Central service technicians requirements establishment
Senate SF1862 5 04/11/2023 Text icon Abeler Supervised practice of alcohol and drug counseling by former students for a limited time authorization
Senate SF1852 3 04/03/2023 Text icon Fateh CornerHouse grant appropriation
Senate SF1831 4 03/23/2023 Text icon Hoffman Coverage requirement for self-measured blood pressure monitoring devices
Senate SF1830 4 03/06/2023 Text icon Hoffman Medical assistance reimbursement rates increase for home care nursing
Senate SF1829 2 02/20/2023 Text icon Frentz Exclusions clarification for certain types of claims handling from civil liability
Senate SF1799 5 03/13/2023 Text icon Utke Grants appropriation to the Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement
Senate SF1765 6 04/14/2023 Text icon Abeler Emergency grant program for autism spectrum disorder treatment providers establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1753 2 02/16/2023 Text icon Cwodzinski African American Registry grant appropriation
Senate SF1749 5 03/01/2023 Text icon Putnam Age-Friendly Minnesota Council establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1745 9 04/15/2024 Text icon Murphy Accountable health care entities receiving eligible state expenditures accounting procedures requirements, State auditor to examine records of accountable health care entities authorization, Minnesota Commission for Equitable Health Care Services, providing appointments, and appropriations
Senate SF1743 5 04/02/2024 Text icon Boldon Certified midwife licensure establishment by the Board of Nursing
Senate SF1733 2 02/16/2023 Text icon Hoffman Full Lives Initiative appropriation
Senate SF1732 2 02/16/2023 Text icon Hoffman Pathway Home Initiative appropriation
Senate SF1718 5 03/14/2024 Text icon Kunesh New program establishment for systemic pesticide-treated seed
Senate SF1697 3 02/27/2023 Text icon Fateh Temporary priorities establishment as permanent for basic sliding fee child care
Senate SF1696 2 02/16/2023 Text icon Fateh Community wealth-building grant program creation
Senate SF1692 5 03/08/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Policies governing access to substance use disorder treatment services modification
Senate SF1690 2 02/16/2023 Text icon Nelson Additional purchases made by public and private health plans exemption
Senate SF1687 3 02/20/2023 Text icon Abeler Sanford Health and Fairview Health Services merger prohibition unless certain transfers occur
Senate SF1655 3 03/27/2023 Text icon Rarick Average daily membership minimum hours for a disabled kindergartner pupil alignment to those other kindergarten pupils
Senate SF1640 2 02/13/2023 Text icon Morrison PACE program funding mechanism establishment
Senate SF1639 2 02/13/2023 Text icon Kunesh Informal kinship caregiver support grant program establishment
Senate SF1638 2 02/13/2023 Text icon Kunesh Quality Parenting Initiative appropriation
Senate SF1637 6 03/15/2023 Text icon Fateh Medical assistance income and spenddown limits increase for persons with disabilities and persons age 65 and over
Senate SF1621 5 03/20/2023 Text icon Pappas Minnesota Nursing Home Workforce Standards Board Act
Senate SF1616 5 03/06/2023 Text icon Pappas SEIU healthcare agreement ratification
Senate SF1615 4 03/01/2023 Text icon Gustafson Mental health services eligibility and rates modification
Senate SF1599 4 03/13/2023 Text icon Putnam Career pathways program modification and appropriation
Senate SF1597 4 03/06/2023 Text icon Abeler Personal care assistance program modification
Senate SF1593 4 04/14/2023 Text icon Hoffman Permanent increases in reimbursement rates for qualified early intensive development and behavioral intervention providers establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1590 4 02/20/2023 Text icon Champion African American Child Wellness Institute grant appropriation
Senate SF1572 4 03/07/2024 Text icon Abeler Occupational therapist licensure compact establishment
Senate SF1568 3 03/02/2023 Text icon Utke Wellness in the Woods grant appropriation
Senate SF1567 4 03/15/2023 Text icon Boldon Remote supervision of personal care assistance services authorization
Senate SF1561 6 03/15/2023 Text icon Murphy The Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act of 2023
Senate SF1527 2 02/13/2023 Text icon Fateh Somali Museum of Minnesota appropriation
Senate SF1517 2 02/09/2023 Text icon Boldon Family assets for independence program modification
Senate SF1499 3 02/27/2024 Text icon Lieske Governor Tim Walz Rebate Check Act of 2023
Senate SF1490 4 03/27/2023 Text icon Xiong Medical assistance and insurance coverage of psychiatric collaborative care model authorization
Senate HF1486 7 05/12/2023 49 Text icon Abeler Supervised practice of alcohol and drug counseling by former students for a limited time authorization
Senate SF1468 5 03/11/2024 Text icon Morrison Mental health screening requirement for students
Senate SF1445 5 03/07/2024 Text icon Morrison Interstate compact for professional counselors establishment
Senate SF1417 5 03/22/2023 Text icon McEwen Minimum crew size requirement for certain rail carriers
Senate SF1391 2 02/08/2023 Text icon Hoffman Grant appropriation to maintain and promote self-advocacy services and supports for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Senate SF1343 3 02/16/2023 Text icon Cwodzinski State fossil designation
Senate SF1317 4 02/20/2023 Text icon Seeberger Sale of dogs and cats by retail pet shops prohibition
Senate SF1300 3 03/27/2023 Text icon Westlin Local public safety aid program establishment
Senate SF1295 4 03/27/2023 Text icon Rarick Education initiatives appropriation for to support students who are or were in foster care
Senate SF1281 4 03/08/2023 Text icon Howe Definition of physically disabled person amendment for the purposes of parking permits
Senate SF1275 3 03/07/2024 Text icon Duckworth FAFSA or state financial aid application high school students completion requirement
Senate SF1272 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Notice of the medical assistance program for employed person with disabilities requirement; medical assistance eligibility requirements for employed persons with disabilities modification
Senate SF1263 3 02/13/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Eligibility modification for home and community-based services workforce development grants
Senate SF1262 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Eligibility modification for home and community-based services workforce development grants
Senate SF1261 4 03/08/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Recommendations adoption of the Advisory Task force on State Employment and Retention of Employees with Disabilities
Senate SF1260 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Hoffman Community action grants appropriation
Senate SF1257 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Coleman Evidence-based literacy instruction requirement
Senate SF1219 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Boldon Psychiatric collaborative care model medical assistance and insurance coverage establishment
Senate SF1203 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Klein Long-term care insurance credit maximum amount pert beneficiary and maximum credit amount increase authorization
Senate SF1202 2 02/02/2023 Text icon Hoffman Demonstration project to continue to offer program benefits during a transition period feasibility requirement
Senate SF1201 2 02/02/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Parental contribution fees for services for children with disabilities elimination
Senate SF1200 2 02/02/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Restrictive procedures and seclusion standards modification
Senate SF1197 3 04/13/2023 Text icon Bahr Ramsey water treatment plant appropriation; sales and use tax exemption for construction materials used in the project authorization
Senate SF1176 4 03/09/2023 Text icon Hoffman Licensed pharmacists authority to initiate, order and administer vaccines and certain medical and laboratory tests; coverage under medical assistance requirement
Senate SF1164 5 03/27/2023 Text icon Champion Health and human services background study consideration of juvenile court records; disqualification periods modification; set aside for disqualification based on conduct or convictions in an individuals court record allowance
Senate SF1129 5 03/23/2023 Text icon Hoffman Membership modification of the Formulary Committee
Senate SF1048 2 02/01/2023 Text icon Abeler Disqualification prohibition of individuals subject to human services background studies with expunged criminal records
Senate SF1046 3 02/20/2023 Text icon Fateh Minnesota Council on Disability appropriation to provide outreach, training, assistance and auditing related to local government website accessibility
Senate SF1043 2 02/01/2023 Text icon Rarick Commissioner direction to make recommendations for paperwork reduction relating to child protection cases
Senate SF1036 3 02/16/2023 Text icon Boldon Head Start appropriation use and distribution modification
Senate SF1035 2 02/01/2023 Text icon Hoffman Health insurance definition for peace officers and firefighters
Senate SF1028 5 03/09/2023 Text icon Frentz Medical assistance coverage modification for special education school social work services
Senate SF1022 3 03/02/2023 Text icon Morrison Legislative task force establishment to review and prioritize resources to support an aging demographic in the state; appropriating money
Senate SF1020 3 02/16/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Essential community supports modification
Senate SF1015 3 03/20/2023 Text icon Fateh Disability waiver rate system modification
Senate SF1013 3 02/02/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Food relief infrastructure needs appropriation
Senate SF1009 3 04/12/2023 Text icon Fateh Integrated community supports modification
Senate SF1007 2 02/01/2023 Text icon Pappas Minnesota Children's Museum appropriation
Senate SF1001 2 02/01/2023 Text icon Morrison Regional parks and trails appropriation
Senate SF0997 5 04/17/2023 Text icon Latz Survival of certain causes of action modification
Senate SF0994 2 02/01/2023 Text icon Boldon Income reporting requirements modification for the Minnesota family investment program
Senate SF0967 5 02/29/2024 Text icon Gustafson Minnesota Massage Therapy and Asian Bodywork Therapy Act
Senate SF0947 3 02/08/2023 Text icon Limmer Law enforcement agencies requirement to report carjacking data to commissioner of public safety
Senate SF0926 3 03/06/2023 Text icon Boldon Mental health services rate increase bridge establishment
Senate SF0925 4 03/01/2023 Text icon Boldon Medical assistance reimbursement for parents and spouses providing services under consumer-directed community supports and community first services and supports establishment
Senate SF0903 2 01/27/2023 Text icon Hoffman Care evaluation as a covered medical assistance home care service establishment; medical assistance homecare rates modification
Senate SF0902 2 01/27/2023 Text icon Mann Home care services medical assistance reimbursement rates increase
Senate SF0874 2 01/27/2023 Text icon Wesenberg Lake Shamineau High Water Project bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0868 5 02/27/2023 Text icon Mann Board of Pharmacy requirement to provide the central repository under contract to administer the medication repository program with any legislative funding provided for the purpose
Senate SF0803 5 03/27/2023 Text icon Klein Open discussion process by which certain parties of a health care adverse incident may discuss potential outcomes establishment
Senate SF0782 3 03/15/2023 Text icon Boldon Medical assistance coverage for adult dental services expansion
Senate SF0780 4 02/09/2023 Text icon Hoffman Nursing facility payment rates, elderly waiver rates, customized living services payment rates provided under certain disability waivers, home-delivered meals payment rates under the disability waivers modifications; appropriating money
Senate SF0770 5 03/09/2023 Text icon Morrison Medical assistance reimbursement rate for critical access mental health services provided by certain providers increase
Senate SF0759 3 02/01/2023 Text icon Hoffman Hospice respite and end-of-life care medical assistance benefit for individuals under the age of 22 establishment
Senate SF0758 3 04/11/2023 Text icon Hoffman Community residential settings license requirements modification
Senate SF0756 2 01/26/2023 Text icon Abeler Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities payment rates modification
Senate SF0747 5 03/02/2023 Text icon Hoffman Prevailing wage agreements requirement for projects funded in whole or in part with renewable development account funds
Senate SF0716 8 04/02/2024 Text icon Champion Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act
Senate SF0695 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Fateh Community first services and supports payment rates modification
Senate SF0694 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Hauschild Muzzleloader provisions modification
Senate SF0693 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Rest James Metzen Mighty Ducks Grant Program appropriation
Senate SF0681 3 02/08/2023 Text icon Hoffman Reasonable accommodations requirement for parents of children with disabilities
Senate SF0673 3 03/01/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Family supportive housing programs funding and appropriation
Senate SF0667 10 03/13/2023 16 Text icon Kunesh Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act modifications
Senate SF0660 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Abeler Report to the legislature requirement on medical assistance, long-term services and supports, and the other public assistance program application
Senate SF0659 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Limitations modification on prescribing and administering certain drugs by optometrists
Senate SF0657 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Fateh Private agencies prohibition from providing case management services to persons receiving certain waiver services
Senate SF0655 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Fateh Inclusive Higher Education Technical Assistance Center and inclusive higher education grant establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0654 4 01/30/2023 Text icon Fateh Access to shared services under the home and community -based services waiver expansion
Senate SF0638 2 01/25/2023 Text icon McEwen Time limit modification for bringing health care provider actions
Senate SF0635 3 02/01/2023 Text icon Kunesh American Indian regalia or objects of cultural significance at graduation ceremonies permission
Senate SF0595 3 02/01/2023 Text icon Hoffman Ambulance provider assessment and payment program establishment
Senate SF0579 7 03/20/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Lead testing and remediation requirements in schools modification and appropriation
Senate SF0550 2 01/23/2023 Text icon Kreun Blaine National Sports Center capital improvements bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0549 2 01/23/2023 Text icon Kreun Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission sales and use tax collections allocation
Senate SF0543 2 01/23/2023 Text icon Abeler Pilot project providing grants establishment for integrated community-based housing
Senate SF0539 3 02/09/2023 Text icon Boldon Council on Disability appropriation
Senate SF0537 3 03/02/2023 Text icon Hoffman Manufacturers permission to distribute medical cannabis to Tribal medical cannabis program patients
Senate SF0530 2 01/23/2023 Text icon Lieske Legion of Merit special license plates authorization
Senate SF0514 2 01/23/2023 Text icon Coleman Crime of carjacking establishment
Senate SF0506 4 03/22/2023 Text icon Morrison Health insurance claims assessment establishment
Senate SF0502 4 02/13/2023 Text icon Westlin Paid orientation for paraprofessionals requirement and training appropriation
Senate SF0482 7 03/16/2023 Text icon Klein Requirements establishment for pharmacy benefit managers and health carriers related to clinician-administered drugs
Senate SF0460 2 01/19/2023 Text icon Lang Reimbursement requirements modification for ambulance service volunteer education costs
Senate SF0439 8 03/21/2024 Text icon Hoffman Minnesota Higher Education Facilities Authority restructure and renaming as the Minnesota Health and Education Facilities Authority; construction and financing of health care facilities authority authorization; bonding capacity increase
Senate SF0432 2 01/19/2023 Text icon Hoffman National Sports Center Solar Array appropriation
Senate SF0430 3 02/09/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Rental discrimination based on participation in public assistance prohibition
Senate SF0409 2 01/19/2023 Text icon Hoffman National Sports Center solar array appropriation
Senate SF0408 2 01/19/2023 Text icon Hoffman U.S. Highway 10 segment additional lane construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0404 3 02/06/2023 Text icon Mann Medical assistance enrollees permission to opt out of managed care enrollment
Senate SF0402 6 03/02/2023 Text icon Kunesh Community solutions establishment and appropriation for healthy child development grant
Senate SF0382 3 01/25/2023 Text icon Abeler Emergency grant program creation for autism spectrum disorder treatment providers
Senate SF0379 2 01/17/2023 Text icon Hoffman Unearned income included in economic assistance program calculations modification
Senate SF0370 3 01/19/2023 Text icon Hoffman Umarked police cars motor vehicle sales tax exemption establishment
Senate SF0369 2 01/17/2023 Text icon Hoffman Energy storage systems property tax exemption establishment
Senate SF0332 3 01/27/2023 Text icon Duckworth Definition expansion of shared time pupils
Senate SF0324 3 01/19/2023 Text icon Limmer Requirement establishment for providing Social Security numbers for foster children
Senate SF0322 2 01/17/2023 Text icon Hoffman School health services modification to allow for the use of private clinical nursing services
Senate SF0317 2 01/17/2023 Text icon Abeler Statewide parent-to-parent programs appropriation for families of children and youth with special health care needs
Senate SF0316 2 01/17/2023 Text icon Abeler Nonemergency medical transportation payment rates increase
Senate SF0312 2 01/17/2023 Text icon Bahr Andover contaminant mitigation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0309 2 01/17/2023 Text icon Hoffman Advanced digital technology center for orthotics and prosthetics appropriation
Senate SF0288 4 02/01/2023 Text icon Murphy Political activities by foreign-influenced corporations prohibition; certifications of compliance requirement; candidates acceptance of certain contributions prohibition
Senate SF0276 2 01/12/2023 Text icon Bahr U.S. Highway 10 segment additional lane construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0275 2 01/12/2023 Text icon Hoffman Champlin park land bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0274 2 01/12/2023 Text icon Pha North Hennepin Community College campus improvements bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0273 2 01/12/2023 Text icon Hoffman Champlin Mississippi Crossings Parking Area bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0225 6 03/07/2023 Text icon Hoffman Carbon monoxide alarm requirement modification for hotels and lodging houses
Senate SF0215 3 02/06/2023 Text icon Abeler HOPE 4 Youth appropriation for a youth homeless drop-in center
Senate SF0214 3 02/06/2023 Text icon Hoffman Anoka County youth homeless drop-in center bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0204 2 01/12/2023 Text icon Pratt Vaccine requirements establishment prohibition
Senate SF0196 2 01/12/2023 Text icon Klein Minnesota advance premium tax credit and cost sharing subsidies for eligible individuals who enroll in an eligible qualified health plan through MNsure establishment
Senate SF0188 2 01/12/2023 Text icon Hoffman Rough fish report appropriation
Senate SF0187 2 01/12/2023 Text icon Hoffman Lawful combined net receipts tax relating to lawful gambling modification
Senate SF0162 4 01/17/2023 Text icon Morrison Elevated blood lead concentration level decrease from ten micrograms of lead to 3.5 micrograms
Senate SF0128 2 01/11/2023 Text icon Abeler Anoka U.S. highway 10 noise barrier bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0127 3 01/12/2023 Text icon Abeler Use of electronic benefit transfer cards modification
Senate SF0111 4 01/27/2023 Text icon Westrom Restricted disabled relative license establishment
Senate SR0090 2 04/11/2024 Text icon Abeler A Senate resolution congratulating Kolten McClure for earning the rank of Eagle Scout
Senate SR0081 2 03/13/2024 Text icon Hoffman A Senate resolution congratulating Connexus Energy CEO Greg Ridderbusch on his retirement
Senate SF0060 5 03/27/2023 Text icon Kunesh Educational data sharing permission with Tribal nations about Tribally enrolled or descendent students
Senate SF0058 6 03/15/2023 Text icon Murphy Worker safety requirements establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0057 2 01/09/2023 Text icon Hoffman Coon Rapids Boulevard trail and pedestrian bridge bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0056 2 01/09/2023 Text icon Hoffman Student support personnel aid establishment and appropriation
Senate SR0047 2 05/01/2023 Text icon Abeler A Senate resolution designating May 1 to 7, 2023, as Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week
Senate SF0032 6 03/27/2023 Text icon McEwen Wage credits modification and reimbursement provision; unemployment insurance aid establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0030 11 04/25/2023 Text icon McEwen Lead drinking water service lines grant program establishment; appropriating money
Senate SR0015 2 03/06/2023 Text icon Abeler A Senate resolution congratulating the Coon Rapids High School varsity cheer team on their outstanding 2022-2023 season performance
Senate SF0012 5 01/30/2023 Text icon Miller Unlimited social security income tax subtraction authorization
Senate SF0011 6 02/01/2023 Text icon Mohamed State rent assistance program for low-income, cost-burdened households establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0010 13 04/25/2023 30 Text icon Seeberger Skilled and trained contractor workforce use at petroleum refineries authorization
Senate SF0007 3 01/05/2023 Text icon Hoffman Caregivers Stabilization Act of 2023