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76 Documents Found in Legislative Session 93 (2023-2024)
for Actions of "Governor's action Approval"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate HF3342 5 05/22/2023 74 Text icon Hoffman Nursing facility workforce incentive grant program and appropriations
Senate SF3307 11 05/22/2023 69 Text icon Latz Miscellaneous oversights, inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors corrected
Senate HF3288 7 05/17/2023 56 Text icon Carlson Claims settlement bill; appropriating money
Senate HF3100 10 05/11/2023 45 Text icon Frentz Omnibus pension bill
Senate SF3035 23 05/17/2023 53 Text icon Champion Omnibus Jobs, Economic Development, Labor, and Industry appropriations
Senate SF2995 16 05/22/2023 70 Text icon Wiklund Omnibus Health appropriations
Senate HF2988 10 05/15/2023 51 Text icon McEwen Modifying workers' compensation self-insurance provisions
Senate HF2950 9 05/12/2023 47 Text icon Frentz Omnibus pension policy bill
Senate SF2934 17 05/20/2023 61 Text icon Hoffman Omnibus Human Services appropriations
Senate SF2909 16 05/17/2023 52 Text icon Latz Omnibus Judiciary and Public Safety appropriations
Senate HF2887 15 05/21/2023 68 Text icon Dibble Omnibus Transportation appropriations
Senate HF2757 7 02/22/2024 76 Text icon Klein Taxes corrections bill
Senate SF2744 18 05/18/2023 57 Text icon Klein Omnibus Commerce appropriations
Senate HF2497 16 05/16/2023 55 Text icon Kunesh Omnibus Education finance and policy bill
Senate SF2369 7 05/03/2023 33 Text icon Champion Omnibus Economic Development policy bill
Senate HF2335 16 05/09/2023 37 Text icon Port Omnibus Housing appropriations
Senate HF2310 16 05/18/2023 60 Text icon Hawj Omnibus Environment, Climate and Energy appropriations
Senate HF2292 16 05/16/2023 54 Text icon Kunesh Omnibus Early Education appropriations
Senate SF2265 9 04/03/2023 22 Text icon Wiklund Commissioner of human services public health emergency transition procedures establishment; continuous medical assistance eligibility for children establishment; state-funded cost-sharing reduction program establishment; appropriating money
Senate HF2204 7 05/10/2023 42 Text icon Rest Redistricting provision of the Metropolitan Council districts
Senate HF2073 16 05/10/2023 41 Text icon Fateh Omnibus Higher Education appropriations
Senate HF1999 15 05/10/2023 40 Text icon Hawj Omnibus Legacy appropriations
Senate SF1955 17 05/12/2023 43 Text icon Putnam Omnibus Agriculture, Broadband and Rural Development appropriations
Senate HF1938 16 05/21/2023 64 Text icon Rest Omnibus Tax bill
Senate HF1937 16 05/09/2023 38 Text icon Mitchell Omnibus Military Affairs and Department of Veteran Affairs appropriations
Senate HF1900 8 05/20/2023 67 Text icon Hawj Constitutional amendment providing for the renewal of the environment and natural resources trust fund
Senate HF1830 16 05/19/2023 62 Text icon Murphy Omnibus State Government and Elections appropriations
Senate SF1816 8 04/04/2023 23 Text icon Murphy Office of Administrative Hearings deficiency funding authorization and appropriation
Senate HF1656 7 04/11/2023 24 Text icon Frentz Minnesota State Competitiveness Fund establishment and appropriation
Senate HF1581 7 04/12/2023 25 Text icon Limmer Revisor's bill
Senate HF1486 7 05/12/2023 49 Text icon Abeler Supervised practice of alcohol and drug counseling by former students for a limited time authorization
Senate HF1440 7 03/27/2023 20 Text icon Port Family homeless prevention and assistance program appropriation
Senate HF1403 8 05/12/2023 50 Text icon Hoffman Omnibus Human Services policy bill
Senate SF1384 20 05/22/2023 75 Text icon Murphy Nurse and Patient Safety Act
Senate HF1370 15 05/17/2023 58 Text icon Maye Quade Cause of action establishment for nonconsensual dissemination of deep fake sexual images
Senate HF1278 9 04/13/2023 26 Text icon Putnam Disaster assistance contingency account appropriation
Senate HF1234 8 05/11/2023 48 Text icon Frentz Peace officer duty disability provisions modifications and appropriations
Senate HF1126 7 05/10/2023 44 Text icon Fateh Certain policy changes provision to postsecondary attainment goals, student financial aid, institutional licensure provisions, and institutional grant programs
Senate HF0800 7 05/09/2023 36 Text icon Frentz Certain labor agreements and memorandums of understanding ratification
Senate HF0782 7 05/11/2023 46 Text icon Pappas Minnesota Secure Choice Retirement Program Act
Senate HF0717 7 05/04/2023 35 Text icon Coleman Chanhassen Trunk Highway 5 segment designation as Prince Rogers Nelson Memorial Highway
Senate HF0670 13 05/22/2023 71 Text icon Pappas Capital investment; spending authorization to acquire and better land and buildings and for other improvements of capital nature with certain conditions
Senate HF0669 18 05/22/2023 72 Text icon Pappas Capital investment; spending authorization to acquire and better land and buildings and for other improvements of capital nature with certain conditions; bonds issued
Senate SF0667 10 03/13/2023 16 Text icon Kunesh Minnesota Indian Family Preservation Act modifications
Senate HF0463 7 05/01/2023 32 Text icon Putnam Rural Finance Authority bond issue and appropriation
Senate HF0447 9 05/22/2023 73 Text icon Latz Fee for uncertified copies of instruments from civil or criminal proceedings elimination; expedited attorney entry to district courthouse buildings authorization; attorneys secured access to court records establishment
Senate HF0402 11 05/21/2023 66 Text icon Wiklund Specifying requirements for health care entity transactions and extending the moratorium on conversion transactions for certain organizations
Senate HF0366 7 04/21/2023 31 Text icon Morrison Release of health records limitation in cases related to reproductive health
Senate HF0244 7 03/22/2023 21 Text icon Westlin Uniform Electronic Wills Act adoption
Senate HF0213 7 02/27/2023 11 Text icon Maye Quade Food shelf programs appropriation
Senate HF0197 7 05/17/2023 1 Text icon Pappas A resolution memorializing Congress to resolve that the requirements have been met to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
Senate HF0146 7 04/21/2023 29 Text icon Maye Quade Gender-affirming health care out-of-state law interference provision modifications
Senate HF0121 7 03/01/2023 14 Text icon Draheim Competency attainment modifications and appropriation
Senate HF0112 7 03/15/2023 17 Text icon Cwodzinski Physical education standards review delay authorization
Senate HF0100 19 05/19/2023 63 Text icon Port Cannabis provisions modification
Senate HF0050 7 02/20/2023 9 Text icon Hawj Requirements for conveying easements and leasing state lands modification; state forest and state park modifications; sales and conveyances of certain land authorization
Senate HF0045 7 03/22/2023 19 Text icon Mitchell Assessment process to determine if current and former members of the military charged with certain offenses are eligible for deferred prosecution establishment
Senate HF0042 7 04/12/2023 27 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Labor trafficking provisions modifications
Senate SF0040 8 01/25/2023 2 Text icon Hauschild Iron ore mining and related industry additional unemployment benefits program establishment
Senate HF0037 9 01/26/2023 3 Text icon Champion Minnesota Human Rights Act definition of race addition establishment
Senate HF0035 7 02/20/2023 10 Text icon Marty State forecast inclusion of the rate of inflation authorization
Senate SF0033 13 02/08/2023 8 Text icon Murphy Office of the Attorney General funding to provide legal services for enhanced criminal enforcement and related initiatives, and money appropriated
Senate HF0031 7 01/11/2023 1 Text icon Rest Certain conformity provision to federal tax provisions
Senate HF0030 9 03/02/2023 15 Text icon Marty Catalytic converter purchase requirements establishment
Senate HF0028 10 02/21/2023 12 Text icon Champion Right to vote restoration to individuals convicted of a felony upon completion of any term of incarceration imposed and executed by a court for the offense
Senate HF0026 7 01/30/2023 6 Text icon Dibble Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act appropriation
Senate HF0024 10 05/09/2023 39 Text icon McEwen Lead drinking water service lines grant program establishment; appropriating money
Senate HF0016 7 04/21/2023 28 Text icon Dibble Conversion therapy prohibition establishment
Senate SF0013 12 02/02/2023 5 Text icon Champion Juneteenth (June 19) state holiday recognition
Senate SF0010 13 04/25/2023 30 Text icon Seeberger Skilled and trained contractor workforce use at petroleum refineries authorization
Senate HF0007 9 02/02/2023 7 Text icon Frentz Electric utility renewable energy standard obligations modifications
Senate HF0005 8 03/14/2023 18 Text icon Gustafson School lunch and breakfast provision for all students
Senate HF0004 9 02/21/2023 13 Text icon Mohamed Requirement modification for non compliant driver's license or Minnesota identification card and making related changes
Senate HF0003 7 04/26/2023 34 Text icon Boldon Voter registration provisions modifications and appropriations
Senate HF0002 21 05/18/2023 59 Text icon Mann Paid family, pregnancy, bonding, and applicant's serious medical condition benefits establishment and appropriation
Senate HF0001 9 01/27/2023 4 Text icon McEwen Fundamental right to reproductive health establishment