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81 Documents Found in Legislative Session 92 (2021-2022)
for Authors of "Torres Ray"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF4580 3 05/22/2022 Text icon Rarick Teach for America grant appropriation
Senate SF4533 2 04/24/2022 Text icon McEwen Protections to individuals in Minnesota from enforcement of laws from other states prohibiting or restricting the individual of the individual's child from receiving gender-affirming care establishment
Senate SF4477 4 04/19/2022 Text icon Dibble Prekindergarten-12 grade education provision modifications and appropriations
Senate SF4342 2 03/28/2022 Text icon Torres Ray Fair labor standards provisions modification for agricultural and food processing
Senate SF4320 3 04/26/2022 Text icon Torres Ray Undocumented Immigrant Drivers' License Task Force establishment; lawful presence to obtain a driver's license requirement repeal
Senate SF4274 3 03/28/2022 Text icon López Franzen Publicly held corporations requirement to have a minimum number of female directors and directors from underrepresented communities
Senate SF4215 2 03/23/2022 Text icon Torres Ray Richfield veterans affordable housing construction and development bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3842 2 03/09/2022 Text icon Torres Ray Rent assistance program establishment for low-income, cost-burdened household
Senate SF3786 3 03/10/2022 Text icon Fateh East Phillips Neighborhood Institute grant appropriation
Senate SF3770 2 03/07/2022 Text icon Dibble Minneapolis Convention Center capital improvements bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3769 2 03/07/2022 Text icon Dibble Public right-of-way facilities ADA compliance requirements capital improvements bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3720 3 03/10/2022 Text icon Torres Ray Quality Parenting Initiative appropriation
Senate SF3674 2 03/02/2022 Text icon Torres Ray Latino Community Outreach Center appropriation
Senate SF3648 3 03/07/2022 Text icon Kunesh Urban Indigenous Legacy Initiative appropriation
Senate SF3643 4 04/04/2022 Text icon López Franzen Community restorative antiviolence program funding provision
Senate SF3618 3 03/10/2022 Text icon Marty MinnesotaCare eligibility provision for undocumented noncitizens
Senate SF3557 2 02/28/2022 Text icon Kunesh Ethnic studies requirement for graduation, Ethnic Studies Task Force establishment; appropriating money
Senate SF3370 5 03/02/2022 Text icon Kunesh Office for missing and murdered Black women and girls creation and appropriation
Senate SF3199 2 02/17/2022 Text icon Torres Ray Uterine fibroid database establishment and appropriation
Senate SF3198 6 03/24/2022 Text icon Champion Center for Economic Inclusion appropriation
Senate SF3132 2 02/14/2022 Text icon Kunesh Increase Teachers of Color Act strengthening
Senate SF3026 4 05/12/2022 Text icon Torres Ray Commissioner of health maternal death studies expansion to include maternal morbidity
Senate SF2897 3 03/09/2022 Text icon Fateh Indian Health Board Medical and Dental Facility appropriation
Senate SF2526 3 05/14/2021 Text icon Marty Planning strategy for equitable, sustainable energy for future by 2040 requirement
Senate SF2513 3 05/14/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Emmett Louis Till victims recovery program establishment
Senate SF2512 3 05/14/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Legislative Coordinating Commission (LCC) translation services appropriation
Senate SF2491 4 05/21/2022 Text icon Marty Catalytic converters purchase requirements establishment
Senate SF2462 4 05/15/2021 Text icon Fateh Peace officer authority to detain drivers for motor vehicle equipment violations limitation
Senate SF2446 2 04/20/2021 Text icon Fateh Law enforcement tear gas, chemical weapons, and kinetic energy munitions use prohibition
Senate SF2436 2 04/16/2021 Text icon Dibble Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness mining restrictions modification
Senate SF2281 2 03/24/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Commissioner of Human Services contracting with a public-private African-American community-driven partnership to support the integrated care for high-risk pregnant women grant program authorization
Senate SF2181 3 03/24/2021 Text icon Putnam Higher education system state grant program parameters and state colleges and universities developmental education restrictions modifications; office of higher education and MnSCU new grant programs creation; appropriations
Senate SF2127 3 04/27/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Environmental justice considerations in determining certain state permitting authorization
Senate SF2126 2 03/17/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Hairstyling, makeup application, and eyelash application licensing exemption; cosmetology apprenticeships establishment; Board of Cosmetology membership modification; interpreter services requirement; appropriating money
Senate SF2118 5 04/12/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Minnesota designation as a sanctuary state for immigration enforcement purposes establishment; state and local officials restriction from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement efforts authorization
Senate SF2043 4 03/18/2021 Text icon Kunesh Girl Scouts River Valleys ConnectZ program appropriation
Senate SF2031 3 03/17/2021 Text icon McEwen Minimum wage increase
Senate SF2020 3 03/15/2021 Text icon López Franzen Latino Economic Development Center appropriation
Senate SF1963 2 03/10/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Transit operators assisting passengers certain training requirements establishment
Senate SF1758 2 03/04/2021 Text icon Hawj Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES) appropriation
Senate SF1754 2 03/04/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Disability impact statement in a presentence investigation report inclusion authorization
Senate SF1747 2 03/04/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Annual diversity report energy grantee and utilities submission requirement
Senate SF1746 3 03/08/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Climate resiliency program appropriation
Senate SF1745 3 03/08/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Environmental Justice Board establishment in the Pollution Control Agency authorization
Senate SF1744 3 03/10/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Healthy development of babies during pregnancy and postpartum for families who are black, indigenous, or people of color grants appropriation
Senate SF1682 4 04/27/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Landfill Responsibility Act establishment; tribal access to rural recycling grants authorization; closed landfill investment fund use modification; environmental justice considerations in determining state permitting authorization; biodegradable and compostable labeling requirements modification; climate resiliency program establishment; appropriating money
Senate SF1675 4 03/10/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Civil unrest immediate relief program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1648 3 03/04/2021 Text icon Murphy Standardized testing suspension for 2020-2021 school year authorization
Senate SF1644 2 03/01/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Minnesota Health Plan establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1640 3 03/04/2021 Text icon McEwen Cannabis provisions modifications
Senate SF1630 3 03/11/2021 Text icon McEwen State greenhouse gas reduction goals modification; governmental actions consistency with greenhouse gas reduction goals requirement
Senate SF1489 4 03/17/2021 Text icon Fateh Peace Officer Standards and Training Board revision of the standards of conduct for police officers requirement
Senate SF1440 2 02/25/2021 Text icon Marty Phased-in minimum wage increase; low-income workers basic needs fulfillment; working family credit, low-income workers child care assistance and reimbursement rates, and Minnesota family investment program grants increases; high-income individuals social security tax loophole closure; sliding fee child care assistance program forecast; appropriation
Senate SF1439 2 02/25/2021 Text icon Marty Phased-in minimum wage increase for low-income workers
Senate SF1118 3 02/18/2021 Text icon Kunesh Task Force on Missing and Murdered African American Women task force creation and appropriation
Senate SF1065 2 02/17/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Voter registration and access improvement; voter intimidation prohibition; campaign finance system modernization; secret spending transparency and disclosure; redistricting fair principles creation; political contribution refund and campaign public subsidy programs repeal; appropriation
Senate SF1051 4 02/25/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Carbon sequestration in public and private forests set goals report requirement
Senate SF1050 2 02/15/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Bus deployment in the seven-county metro area bases on vehicle emissions regulation
Senate SF1049 2 02/15/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Public engagement requirements for certain trunk highway construction projects establishment
Senate SF1048 5 01/31/2022 Text icon Torres Ray Dismissals of students in kindergarten through grade 3 prohibition
Senate SF1008 4 03/08/2021 Text icon Champion Redevelopment appropriation bonds issuance and appropriation for areas damaged by civil unrest
Senate SF0994 4 02/22/2021 Text icon Duckworth Hennepin county housing for burn victims and families during treatment bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0890 3 02/22/2021 Text icon Marty Catalytic converters sale to scrap metal dealers regulation
Senate SF0879 3 02/17/2021 Text icon Torres Ray A resolution relating to the ratification of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution; memorializing Congress to remove the extra-textual time limit for ratification of the amendment by the states
Senate SF0878 5 02/07/2022 Text icon Torres Ray A resolution memorializing Congress to overturn the Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC; requesting that Congress clarify that the rights protected under the Constitution are the rights of natural persons and not the rights of artificial entities and spending money to influence elections is not speech under the First Amendment; asking that Congress propose a constitutional amendment to provide such a clarification
Senate SF0877 5 03/04/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act; anti-racism training and implicit bias continuing education requirement; maternal death studies expansion to include maternal morbidity; appropriating money
Senate SF0849 3 02/15/2021 Text icon Kunesh Federally recognized Indian tribes legal actions court filing fees nonapplicability establishment
Senate SF0643 4 02/22/2021 Text icon Frentz Electric utility renewable energy standards obligations modifications; Public Utility Commission authority to issue site permits for electric generation facilities modifications
Senate SF0547 4 02/15/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Women of Color Opportunity Act; appropriations
Senate SF0546 2 02/04/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Education paraprofessionals paid orientation requirement; appropriation
Senate SF0474 4 02/04/2021 Text icon Wiklund Minnesota family investment program, housing, food and broadband assistance appropriation
Senate SF0428 3 02/01/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Student discipline and nonexclusionary disciplinary policies and practices modification
Senate SF0427 2 01/28/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Drivers licensing requirements related to diabetes mellitus repeal
Senate SF0424 4 02/07/2022 Text icon Torres Ray City creation of land-value taxation districts authorization
Senate SF0298 3 02/01/2021 Text icon Torres Ray Prohibition on local ordinances governing plastic bags and similar items repeal
Senate SF0218 6 02/11/2021 Text icon Eken Ranked choice voting implementation in federal and state elective offices establishment
Senate SF0178 4 02/08/2021 Text icon Nelson Commissioner of health Alzheimer's public information program establishment requirement; appropriation
Senate SF0165 5 02/18/2021 Text icon Champion Providing Resources, Opportunity, and Maximizing Investments in Striving Entrepreneurs (PROMISE) Act; civil unrest investigatory commission establishment; appropriations
Senate SR0102 2 02/17/2022 Text icon Clausen A Senate resolution commending Danna Elling Schultz for over 25 years of service with the Minnesota State Senate
Senate SF0059 3 01/19/2021 Text icon McEwen Nonferrous sulfide ore mining permits determinations requirement prior to permit issuance
Senate SC0009 2 04/15/2021 Text icon Hawj A Senate concurrent resolution condemning acts of violence, racism, and hate against Minnesotans of Asian descent