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138 Documents Found in Legislative Session 93 (2023-2024)
for Authors of "Marty"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF4245 2 02/26/2024 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Law Enforcement data collection requirement provisions
Senate SF4244 2 02/26/2024 Text icon Marty Common interest community ombudsperson creation and appropriation
Senate SF4132 2 02/22/2024 Text icon Mitchell Open meeting law noncompliance sanctions increase
Senate SF4103 2 02/22/2024 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Minnesota State Fair transportation plan requirement provision and appropriation
Senate SF4102 2 02/22/2024 Text icon Oumou Verbeten City of St. Paul YMCA of the North appropriation
Senate SF4065 2 02/22/2024 Text icon Boldon Various provisions modification governing debt collection, garnishment, and consumer finance
Senate SF3990 2 02/20/2024 Text icon Marty Ramsey County Rice Creek Commons road project connecting existing County Road H and County Highway 96 through Rice Creek Commons bond issuance and appropriation
Senate SF3959 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Marty Rate recovery of executive pay for certain public utilities limitation
Senate SF3880 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Mohamed Provisional licensure sections movement and modification
Senate SF3871 2 02/19/2024 Text icon Cwodzinski Voter application and reporting requirements for school district amendment
Senate SF3802 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Marty Scrap metal dealer record-keeping and marking requirements for purchase and acquisition of catalytic converters modification
Senate SF3801 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Marty Arden Hills pedestrian and bicycle segment bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3800 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Marty Arden Hills sanitary sewer force main repair and replacement bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3792 4 02/26/2024 Text icon McEwen Lead ammunition use prohibition when hunting; lead tackle sale, manufacture and use prohibition; nontoxic ammunition performance standard for shooting sports facilities requirement; nontoxic ammunition in school shooting sports requirement; appropriating money
Senate SF3760 3 02/26/2024 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Ramsey County juvenile corrections facility bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3748 5 02/26/2024 Text icon Gustafson Landlord eviction action against a tenant who terminates a lease based on their status as a crime victim prohibition and eviction records expungement modifications
Senate SF3725 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Mann Salary range disclosure in job postings by employers provision
Senate SF3681 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Marty Certain purchases of medical debt prohibition
Senate SF3680 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Marty Possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines, semiautomatic military-style assault weapons, .50 caliber or larger firearms, undetectable firearms and other weapons prohibition
Senate SF3660 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Dibble Metro Mobility funding forecast clarification provision
Senate SF3649 3 02/26/2024 Text icon Boldon Medical assistance coverage provisions for violence prevention services
Senate SF3638 3 02/22/2024 Text icon Marty Oral fluid testing procedures authorization as a preemployment alternative for drug, alcohol, and cannabis testing by employers
Senate SF3637 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Marty Plan requirement for an equitable, sustainable, and 100 percent renewable energy future that brings Minnesota's economy to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions
Senate SF3635 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Mitchell Licensed family foster setting background study disqualification criteria modification
Senate SF3614 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Mitchell Notice requirement modification for foster children receiving benefits
Senate SF3584 2 02/15/2024 Text icon Marty Guidant John Rose Minnesota OVAL of Roseville renovation bonding issuance and appropriation
Senate SF3543 3 02/19/2024 Text icon Marty Health maintenance organizations requirement to be nonprofit corporations organized under chapter 317A
Senate SF3542 2 02/12/2024 Text icon Marty Office of Animal Protection establishment and duties provision
Senate SF3541 2 02/12/2024 Text icon McEwen Prohibition removal on banning merchant bags
Senate SF3537 3 02/26/2024 Text icon Port Deceptive trade practices definition modification to include the failure to disclose mandatory fees in advertising
Senate SF3510 2 02/12/2024 Text icon Mann Insurers prohibition from requiring co-payments for children's mental health services
Senate SF3466 3 02/26/2024 Text icon Hoffman 12-month continuous assistance eligibility provision for adults
Senate SF3365 2 02/12/2024 Text icon Pappas Eliminating contracting restrictions on the legislature and executive branch based on vendor practices towards Israel
Senate SF3324 2 05/08/2023 Text icon Marty Animal protection provisions modifications and appropriations
Senate SF3309 2 04/28/2023 Text icon Port A resolution memorializing the President and Congress to pass federal legislation granting statehood to the people of Washington D.C.
Senate SF3206 2 03/30/2023 Text icon Marty Definition of transfer establishment
Senate SF3134 2 03/27/2023 Text icon Marty Human remains conversion to basic elements using natural organic reduction; natural organic reduction facilities licensure requirements establishment
Senate SF3130 3 04/03/2023 Text icon Hoffman Kind In Need Foundation grant appropriation
Senate SF3124 3 04/12/2023 Text icon Marty University of Minnesota public health mission academic health care facilities essential designation
Senate SF2902 2 03/14/2023 Text icon Marty Roseville Guidant John Rose Minnesota OVAL capital improvements bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2864 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Marty Public officials lobbying restriction after leaving office authorization
Senate SF2844 2 03/13/2023 Text icon Port Household stability fund, homeownership opportunity fund and the rental opportunity fund establishment
Senate SF2740 2 03/08/2023 Text icon Marty Minnesota Health Plan Establishment
Senate SF2664 2 03/07/2023 Text icon Marty Commissioner of human services requirement to contract for the administration of the medical assistance and MinnesotaCare programs
Senate SF2471 4 03/14/2023 Text icon Mohamed Micro-unit dwellings authorization on religious properties
Senate SF2464 3 03/20/2023 Text icon Mitchell Trust establishment for current and recent foster children receiving benefits and other income
Senate SF2463 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Mitchell Foster youth ombudsperson terms modification
Senate SF2461 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Boldon State rent assistance program establishment for low-income, cost-burdened households
Senate SF2456 3 03/30/2023 Text icon Murphy Legislative review of contracts between the state and exclusive representatives of public employees elimination
Senate SF2383 2 03/02/2023 Text icon Cwodzinski Extracurricular Activities Grant Program appropriation
Senate SF2260 3 03/06/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Peace officers immunity prohibition
Senate SF2223 3 03/22/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Every Meal grant appropriation
Senate SF2209 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Dibble Gender-affirming care health plan and medical assistance coverage requirement clarification
Senate SF2160 4 03/08/2023 Text icon Morrison Claims denial from certain hospitals and ambulance services
Senate SF2148 4 02/12/2024 Text icon Dibble Animal care campus appropriation
Senate SF2098 3 03/15/2023 Text icon Marty Process provision to refund the state stadium bonds
Senate SF2079 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Marty Prompt payment requirements modification to health care providers
Senate SF2062 2 02/27/2023 Text icon Kunesh Open season for taking wolves prohibition
Senate SF2033 2 02/21/2023 Text icon Marty Ramsey County families experiencing homelessness appropriation
Senate SF2026 2 02/21/2023 Text icon Mohamed Speed safety camera enforcement
Senate SF1988 6 03/16/2023 Text icon Seeberger New enforcement provisions creation for construction workers wage protection
Senate SF1950 2 02/20/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Limit of five years on length of probation in most felony cases establishment
Senate SF1937 5 03/30/2023 Text icon Hawj Pollution Control Agency citizen membership reinstatement
Senate SF1933 2 02/20/2023 Text icon Marty Metro Mobility partnership pilot program establishment
Senate SF1840 2 02/20/2023 Text icon Marty Mounds View community center expansion and renovation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1771 4 03/22/2023 Text icon Marty Universal health care system benefits and costs analysis to assist the legislature in comparing it to the current public and private health care financing system authorization and appropriation
Senate SF1759 2 02/16/2023 Text icon Mohamed Energy-use goal for certain commercial and residential buildings establishment
Senate SF1727 3 02/27/2023 Text icon Gustafson The Good Acre grant appropriation for the Local Emergency Assistance Farmer Fund program
Senate SF1723 4 05/10/2023 Text icon Marty Concealed carry of firearms modification
Senate SF1687 3 02/20/2023 Text icon Abeler Sanford Health and Fairview Health Services merger prohibition unless certain transfers occur
Senate SF1681 6 03/20/2023 Text icon Wiklund Specifying requirements for health care entity transactions and extending the moratorium on conversion transactions for certain organizations
Senate SF1598 7 03/27/2023 Text icon Kupec Digital Fair Repair Act
Senate SF1584 2 02/13/2023 Text icon Mohamed Minneapolis Latino Community Outreach Center appropriation
Senate SF1582 2 02/13/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Gibbs Farm Museum: Pathways to Dakota and Pioneer Life improvements appropriation
Senate SF1581 2 02/13/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Como Park Zoo and Conservatory appropriation
Senate SF1580 3 02/16/2023 Text icon Marty Loophole closure in disclosure of economic interests of public officials to include disclosure of certain independent contracting and consulting
Senate SF1561 6 03/15/2023 Text icon Murphy The Keeping Nurses at the Bedside Act of 2023
Senate SF1554 2 02/13/2023 Text icon Westlin Constitutional amendment providing for free, fair and equal elections
Senate SF1548 6 03/27/2023 Text icon Rest Local election expense reimbursement account establishment
Senate SF1533 3 03/16/2023 Text icon Port Executive compensation regulation of hospitals and affiliated medical entities
Senate SF1526 7 03/27/2023 Text icon Morrison Requirement modification for certain owners of farmed Cervidae
Senate SF1520 2 02/09/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Como Zoo appropriation
Senate SF1518 2 02/09/2023 Text icon Marty Use authorization of automated traffic enforcement systems for certain speed violations
Senate SF1423 3 02/16/2023 Text icon Marty Department of Revenue prohibition from recapturing taxpayer refunds for medical debt
Senate SF1391 2 02/08/2023 Text icon Hoffman Grant appropriation to maintain and promote self-advocacy services and supports for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Senate SF1368 4 03/06/2023 Text icon Port Energy code adoption modification for new commercial buildings
Senate SF1328 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Marty Arden Hills water and sewer improvements appropriation
Senate SF1324 4 05/10/2023 Text icon Morrison Land, water quality, aquatic life and wildlife protection from the effects of using certain motorized recreational trails; environmental assessment worksheet to construct of expand off-highway vehicle trial requirement
Senate SF1301 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Xiong Ramsey County Rice Street revitalization project bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1258 7 04/11/2023 Text icon Seeberger Payment prohibition of certain sexual harassment or abuse settlements as severance; state income tax subtraction for damages received establishment
Senate SF1241 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten State and local jail and prison inmates requirement to be housed in publicly owned and operated jails and prisons
Senate SF1220 2 02/06/2023 Text icon Cwodzinski Appointment confirmation through Senate inaction establishment
Senate SF1185 2 02/02/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Law enforcement and family members petitioning of a court to prohibit people from possessing firearms if they pose a significant danger to themselves or others by possessing a firearm authorization and appropriation
Senate SF1136 6 03/30/2023 Text icon Dibble Companion Animal Board establishment
Senate SF1130 2 02/02/2023 Text icon Marty False labeling prohibition of certain pesticide-treated plants as pollinator friendly
Senate SF1116 3 03/27/2023 Text icon Latz Criminal background checks requirement for firearms transfers
Senate SF1100 2 02/02/2023 Text icon Marty Lake Johanna Fire Department public safety facility bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1022 3 03/02/2023 Text icon Morrison Legislative task force establishment to review and prioritize resources to support an aging demographic in the state; appropriating money
Senate SF0999 7 03/27/2023 Text icon Boldon Installation requirement of adult-size changing facilities in restrooms accessible to public
Senate SF0912 5 02/20/2023 Text icon Morrison Bill Dooley Bicycle Safety Act
Senate SF0863 2 01/27/2023 Text icon Marty State and local units of government and law enforcement agencies prohibition from acquiring military grade weapons from the Pentagon's 1033 program
Senate SF0839 3 03/27/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Public safety innovation board establishment; community safety grants and law enforcement grants and policy establishment; appropriating money
Senate SF0838 3 03/02/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Money bail uses for certain offenses limitation
Senate SF0833 2 01/26/2023 Text icon Marty Cities and towns permission to require additional licensing for hotels
Senate SF0678 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Murphy Income tax rates and brackets modification
Senate SF0675 5 02/06/2023 Text icon Pappas St. Paul day shelter appropriation
Senate SF0668 2 01/25/2023 Text icon Morrison Family planning grants appropriation
Senate SF0656 3 01/30/2023 Text icon Marty Exception addition to the prohibition on concealing identity
Senate SF0579 7 03/20/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Lead testing and remediation requirements in schools modification and appropriation
Senate SF0577 3 02/06/2023 Text icon McEwen Reintegration license for certain individuals released from custody establishment
Senate SF0557 4 02/01/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten New American workforce training appropriation
Senate SF0531 2 01/23/2023 Text icon Wiklund Procedures specification for the disenrollment of medical assistance and MinnesotaCare enrollees
Senate SF0481 4 02/16/2023 Text icon Marty Per diem payments to legislature preclusion
Senate SF0466 5 03/30/2023 Text icon Champion Requirement to analyze and consider cumulative pollution before issuing air quality permit modification; identification of environmental justice areas establishment; demographic analysis in certain environmental permitting and review requirement
Senate SF0427 5 04/20/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten County and local authorities sharing of data with the POST Board when board has ordered an investigation into peace officer misconduct authorization
Senate SF0426 5 04/20/2023 Text icon Oumou Verbeten Law enforcement agencies sharing of criminal history background check data with the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training authorization
Senate SF0413 7 05/03/2023 Text icon Pappas Minnesota Secure Choice Retirement Program Act
Senate SF0406 5 02/13/2023 Text icon Mann Right establishment for a pregnant patient to have a designated support person present while receiving health care
Senate SF0405 5 03/16/2023 Text icon Mann Provision that covenants not to compete are void and unenforceable
Senate SF0404 3 02/06/2023 Text icon Mann Medical assistance enrollees permission to opt out of managed care enrollment
Senate SF0386 5 02/06/2023 Text icon Kunesh Commission creation to redesign the official state flag and the official state seal
Senate SF0384 3 01/26/2023 Text icon Marty A resolution memorializing Congress to overturn the United States Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC
Senate SF0355 3 02/01/2023 Text icon Latz Board of Public Defense appropriation
Senate SF0353 3 01/25/2023 Text icon Marty Possessions of dangerous weapons in the capitol complex prohibition
Senate SF0324 3 01/19/2023 Text icon Limmer Requirement establishment for providing Social Security numbers for foster children
Senate SF0188 2 01/12/2023 Text icon Hoffman Rough fish report appropriation
Senate SF0148 4 02/13/2023 Text icon Maye Quade Individual who registers as a civil marriage officiant authorization to perform civil marriages
Senate SF0129 2 01/11/2023 Text icon Fateh Acquisition and use prohibition of facial recognition technology by government entities
Senate SF0085 2 01/09/2023 Text icon Marty Religious Freedom Day joint resolution
Senate SF0046 7 02/01/2023 Text icon Marty State forecast inclusion of the rate of inflation authorization
Senate SF0043 4 01/25/2023 Text icon Champion Constitutional amendment prohibiting slavery or involuntary servitude as a criminal punishment for a crime
Senate HF0035 7 02/20/2023 10 Text icon Marty State forecast inclusion of the rate of inflation authorization
Senate SF0033 13 02/08/2023 8 Text icon Murphy Office of the Attorney General funding to provide legal services for enhanced criminal enforcement and related initiatives, and money appropriated
Senate HF0030 9 03/02/2023 15 Text icon Marty Catalytic converter purchase requirements establishment
Senate SF0026 5 01/19/2023 Text icon Champion Right to vote restoration to individuals convicted of a felony upon completion of any term of incarceration imposed and executed by a court for the offense
Senate SF0013 12 02/02/2023 5 Text icon Champion Juneteenth (June 19) state holiday recognition
Senate SF0006 8 03/08/2023 Text icon Port Price gouging prohibition
Senate SF0005 8 02/27/2023 Text icon Marty Catalytic converter purchase requirements establishment and appropriation