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103 Documents Found in Legislative Session 89 (2015-2016)
for Authors of "Metzen"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF2092 2 04/17/2015   Text icon Metzen Economic growth in emerging markets appropriation
Senate SF2051 2 04/13/2015   Text icon Clausen Rosemount Mississippi River regional trail segment construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2010 2 03/26/2015   Text icon Pappas State lottery authority to sell tickets online and through self-service devices restriction
Senate SF2002 2 03/26/2015   Text icon Metzen Mighty Ducks grants appropriation; ice facilities indoor air quality improvements and elimination of R-22 grant criteria modifications
Senate SF1999 2 03/26/2015   Text icon Hawj Asian Economic Development Association grant appropriation
Senate SF1998 2 03/26/2015   Text icon Hawj Eastside Enterprise Center grant appropriation
Senate SF1980 2 03/25/2015   Text icon Metzen Workers compensation self-insurance program modification and reports requirement
Senate SF1964 2 03/25/2015   Text icon Metzen Mighty ducks indoor air quality improvement grants bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1963 2 03/25/2015   Text icon Hayden Minneapolis Norway House conference and event center grant appropriation
Senate SF1919 4 03/23/2015   Text icon Dziedzic Sunday growlers off-sale authorization
Senate SF1867 2 03/18/2015   Text icon Carlson Cooperative electric associations to file for public utilities commission (PUC) review adjustments for property taxes
Senate SF1866 2 03/18/2015   Text icon Metzen Local road improvement fund provisions modifications, bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1738 2 03/16/2015   Text icon Metzen Electronic paddlewheels establishment
Senate SF1696 2 03/12/2015   Text icon Franzen Continuing care at home program establishment
Senate SF1689 2 03/12/2015   Text icon Carlson Water conditioning installation requirements modifications
Senate SF1679 6 04/07/2015   Text icon Dziedzic Transportation network companies financial responsibility
Senate SF1650 2 03/11/2015   Text icon Carlson Black Minnesotans Council duties and powers expansion
Senate SF1645 4 03/26/2015   Text icon Metzen Unclaimed property requirements modifications
Senate SF1610 2 03/11/2015   Text icon Metzen Mighty ducks air handling systems grants for indoor ice facilities bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1586 2 03/11/2015   Text icon Metzen Noncompete agreements between employers and employees economic impact report requirement
Senate SF1585 2 03/11/2015   Text icon Metzen Charter school students extracurricular activities participation in resident district authorization
Senate SF1552 2 03/09/2015   Text icon Metzen Upper St. Anthony lock and dam closure grant program establishment
Senate SF1530 5 03/23/2015   Text icon Hoffman Health plans freedom of choice for pharmacy services requirement
Senate SF1512 2 03/09/2015   Text icon Hoffman Interest rate on verdicts, awards, and judgments modifications
Senate SF1444 6 04/13/2015   Text icon Sparks Mortgage foreclosure sales modifications
Senate SF1399 2 03/05/2015   Text icon Reinert Endow Minnesota program establishment
Senate SF1387 2 03/05/2015   Text icon Tomassoni Minnesota golf license plate contribution collection date modification
Senate SF1351 2 03/04/2015   Text icon Metzen Silver alert system establishment
Senate SF1350 4 03/26/2015   Text icon Metzen Mendota Heights Officer Scott Patrick Memorial highway designation
Senate SF1342 2 03/04/2015   Text icon Metzen Minnesota state retirement system (MSRS) allowable service credit purchase authorization for excluded pre-1995 seasonal department of revenue employment
Senate SF1331 2 03/04/2015   Text icon Cohen Minnesota Museum of American Art improvements bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1328 2 03/04/2015   Text icon Tomassoni Wage Theft Protection Act
Senate SF1322 2 03/04/2015   Text icon Hall School-age child program human services licensure exclusion expansion
Senate SF1321 2 03/04/2015   Text icon Dziedzic Bad faith assertions of patent infringement prohibition
Senate SF1306 2 03/04/2015   Text icon Sparks Farmer-lender mediation program debt requirement amount for mediation notice modification and program extension
Senate SF1268 3 03/04/2015   Text icon Carlson Eagan tax increment financing (TIF) district five-year rule extension authorization modification
Senate SF1254 2 03/02/2015   Text icon Pratt MNsure expanded access to small business health care tax credit federal approval requirement
Senate SF1238 6 04/16/2015   Text icon Metzen Omnibus liquor bill
Senate SF1231 2 03/02/2015   Text icon Metzen Minnesota Filipino veterans memorial establishment
Senate SF1227 2 03/02/2015   Text icon Skoe Lawful gambling taxes modification
Senate SF1171 2 02/26/2015   Text icon Cohen Crosby Farms Regional Park environmental learning center bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1147 6 04/14/2015   Text icon Latz Mortgage foreclosure advertisement publication requirements
Senate SF1142 2 02/26/2015   Text icon Metzen Dakota county Big Rivers regional trail trailhead grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1133 2 02/26/2015   Text icon Stumpf Flood hazard mitigation grants bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1131 2 02/26/2015   Text icon Pappas Wine transfers between liquor stores authorization
Senate SF1123 3 03/12/2015   Text icon Senjem Lifesaver grant program to locate lost or wandering mentally impaired persons establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1108 6 04/07/2015   Text icon Kent Proof of insurance requirement prior to motor vehicle or motorcycle registration, reregistration or ownership transfer
Senate SF1043 6 03/18/2015   Text icon Jensen Savings promotion raffles by financial institutions authorization
Senate SF1039 5 04/07/2015   Text icon Metzen Deputy registrar and agents electronic medium records storage authorization
Senate SF1038 3 03/11/2015   Text icon Metzen Insurance fraud prevention account funding modifications
Senate SF1006 2 02/23/2015   Text icon Tomassoni Employment support services to persons with mental illness appropriation
Senate SF0997 4 03/04/2015   Text icon Jensen Long-term care insurance partnership policy minimum permitted inflation protection reduction
Senate SF0989 3 03/25/2015   Text icon Metzen State agencies accommodation reimbursement expenses and appropriation
Senate SF0986 6 04/07/2015   Text icon Carlson Reckless driving misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor penalties
Senate SF0964 2 02/19/2015   Text icon Metzen School organization sale of group health policies regulations
Senate SF0963 2 02/19/2015   Text icon Metzen Lawful gambling tax rates reductions
Senate SF0957 7 04/16/2015   Text icon Jensen No-fault automobile insurance reform issues task force establishment
Senate SF0934 5 03/23/2015   Text icon Franzen Prescription drug coverage utilization review and prior authorization requirements modification; prescription drug advisory council establishment
Senate SF0917 2 02/19/2015   Text icon Hayden Opioid analgesics with abuse-deterrent properties health insurance coverage requirement
Senate SF0873 2 02/16/2015   Text icon Osmek Fair repair requirements for manufacturers of digital electronic equipment
Senate SF0855 3 03/11/2015   Text icon Fischbach Long-term care insurance tax credit increase
Senate SF0852 2 02/16/2015   Text icon Metzen West St. Paul South Robert street reconstruction grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0804 2 02/12/2015   Text icon Metzen Jobs and economic development appropriations; career pathways grant program; guaranteed energy savings platform account; financial exploitation modifications; utility assessment account
Senate SF0782 4 04/07/2015   Text icon Jensen Insurance fraud prevention regulations modifications
Senate SF0778 4 02/19/2015   Text icon Carlson Municipal street improvement districts establishment
Senate SF0760 3 02/16/2015   Text icon Clausen Dakota county technical college transportation and emerging technologies renovation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0732 2 02/12/2015   Text icon Metzen Income tax social security benefits phased in subtraction
Senate SF0669 3 02/19/2015   Text icon Saxhaug Aquatic invasive species trailer decal requirements and fees modifications
Senate SF0605 2 02/05/2015   Text icon Clausen Autism spectrum disorder insurance coverage modification
Senate SF0554 3 02/09/2015   Text icon Skoe Qualified small business and qualified farm property estate tax subtraction increase
Senate SF0507 4 02/12/2015   Text icon Marty Personal care products containing microbeads sale prohibition
Senate SF0483 2 02/02/2015   Text icon Clausen Minnesota zoological bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0477 2 02/02/2015   Text icon Metzen Economic development, redevelopment and job creation programs and projects for second class city grants appropriation
Senate SF0474 4 03/02/2015   Text icon Lourey Health care regulatory review task force creation and appropriation
Senate SF0444 2 02/02/2015   Text icon Franzen Payroll card account for payment of wages regulation
Senate SF0423 2 01/29/2015   Text icon Metzen Mighty Ducks indoor ice facilities air handling systems grants bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0393 2 01/29/2015   Text icon Metzen Inflow and infiltration reduction programs grants appropriation
Senate SF0381 2 01/29/2015   Text icon Clausen Nonprofit fundraising events sales tax exemption threshold for duration of premises leases modification
Senate SF0377 2 01/29/2015   Text icon Hall St. Paul I-35E speed limit increase
Senate SF0373 2 01/29/2015   Text icon Metzen Liquor statutes relating to brewers and other providers of alcoholic beverages recodification
Senate SF0368 2 01/29/2015   Text icon Lourey Carlton county Sawyer recreation tax levy authorization
Senate SF0363 2 01/29/2015   Text icon Metzen Corridors of commerce program appropriation
Senate SF0361 2 01/29/2015   Text icon Metzen Estate tax single exclusion amount establishment
Senate SF0360 2 01/29/2015   Text icon Metzen Inver Grove Heights InverWood golf course liquor license authorization
Senate SF0339 3 02/12/2015   Text icon Hann Office of ombudsman for common interest communities establishment
Senate SF0324 2 01/26/2015   Text icon Koenen Vendor sales and use tax allowance authorization
Senate SF0292 2 01/26/2015   Text icon Clausen Dakota county road #42 and trunk highway #52 interchange bond issuance and appropriation
Senate SF0280 3 02/19/2015   Text icon Metzen Labor agreements and compensation plans ratification
Senate SF0270 3 02/02/2015   Text icon Schmit Business relocation revolving loan fund establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0269 5 04/17/2015   Text icon Rest Aviation taxes dedication to the state airports fund
Senate SF0201 2 01/20/2015   Text icon Pederson, J. Construction code six-year cycle and 12-month implementation requirements modifications
Senate SF0139 5 03/19/2015   Text icon Lourey MNsure state agency designation and regulation; MNsure board and legislative oversight committee elimination
Senate SF0138 5 03/18/2015   Text icon Bonoff MNvest program establishment and securities registration exemption for crowdfunding transactions
Senate SR0137 2 04/17/2015   Text icon Metzen A Senate resolution congratulating Henry Sibley High School Students Against Destructive Decisions on receiving a Promising Practices Award
Senate SF0135 4 03/19/2015   Text icon Latz Motor vehicle insurer conduct in collision cases regulation
Senate SR0128 2 04/07/2015   Text icon Champion A Senate resolution honoring Stevie Wonder for his contributions to music and his charitable works
Senate SF0104 2 01/15/2015   Text icon Goodwin Housing warranties breaches prevailing vendee or owner attorney fees recovery
Senate SF0102 2 01/15/2015   Text icon Bonoff Active trade or business income maximum income tax rate
Senate SF0099 2 01/15/2015   Text icon Metzen Ice centers indoor air quality improvement bond issue and appropriation
Senate SR0071 2 02/02/2015   Text icon Sparks A Senate resolution honoring rockabilly artist Robby Vee
Senate SF0041 2 01/08/2015   Text icon Clausen School tickets and admissions sales tax exemption permanency
Senate SF0026 5 04/16/2015   Text icon Jensen Self-service storage facility insurance sales regulations
Senate SF0011 2 01/08/2015   Text icon Scalze Metropolitan area transportation sales tax allocation requirements modifications

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