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28 Documents Found in Legislative Session 91 (2019-2020)
for Authors of "Novotny"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4389 2 03/12/2020 Text icon Layman 911 telecommunicator working group established to create statewide standards for training and certification, and report required.
House HF4403 2 03/16/2020 Text icon O'Neill Abortion funding from state-sponsored health program funds limited.
House HF0661 3 02/26/2020 Text icon Heinrich Anoka County; U.S. Highway 10 additional lane construction funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1452 5 02/24/2020 Text icon Mekeland Becker; business park funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF4651 3 05/14/2020 Text icon Mekeland COVID-19; inverse condemnation by business closed by executive order authorized.
House HF3509 1 02/18/2020 Text icon Hertaus Consecutive sentence for inmates who assault local correctional facility employees required.
House HF4390 1 03/11/2020 Text icon Poston Cottage food license exemption sales limit increased.
House HF3668 2 02/26/2020 Text icon Novotny Critical infrastructure trespass liability and vicarious liability created, and crime created for recruiting or educating individuals to trespass on or damage critical infrastructure.
House HF4219 7 05/07/2020 Text icon Persell Driving under the influence provision uniform enforcement for recreational vehicles provided, and criminal penalties provided.
House HF3965 1 03/02/2020 Text icon Poston Grow Your Own teachers regional grant program created, and money appropriated.
House HF3988 1 03/02/2020 Text icon Johnson Health insurance coverage continued for former employees under the correctional employee retirement plan.
House HF3437 3 02/27/2020 Text icon Grossell Immigration law enforcement noncooperation ordinances and policies prohibited, and immigration-related data use provided.
House HF3765 2 02/26/2020 Text icon Robbins K-12 education expense subtraction and credit modified, credit extended to tuition, subtraction and credit amounts increased, income phaseout increased, and credit and subtraction amounts and credit phaseout thresholds adjusted for inflation.
House HF3267 4 02/24/2020 Text icon Schomacker Legislative auditor directed to conduct Department of Human Services audit, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF2966 2 02/13/2020 Text icon Mekeland Liability and vicarious liability for critical infrastructure trespass created, and recruiting or educating individuals to trespass on or damage critical infrastructure crime created.
House HF3579 1 02/20/2020 Text icon Demuth Local government aid; payments eliminated when city with sports or entertainment facility fails to detail adequate number of peace officers to protect visitors.
House HF3820 4 03/11/2020 Text icon Mekeland Metropolitan area definition expanded for 911 emergency service purposes.
House HF1529 5 02/13/2020 Text icon Schultz Out-of-home placement additional reimbursement established for county and tribes, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF3033 2 02/13/2020 Text icon Mekeland Political subdivision banning of natural gas use in newly constructed buildings prohibited.
House HF3669 1 02/24/2020 Text icon Novotny Public Safety Department funding provided to increase Bureau of Criminal Apprehension's capacity to investigate gang-related crime, and money appropriated.
House HF4225 1 03/05/2020 Text icon Johnson Sentencing Guideline proposed modifications relating to probation lengths rejected, commission authority to establish nonprison sanction guidelines removed, commission required to submit proposal regarding probation length to legislature, probation data collection provided, and probation sentence report required.
House HF4470 1 03/16/2020 Text icon Grossell Sexually explicit materials involving children penalties increased for creation, distribution, and possession.
House HF3481 2 02/19/2020 Text icon McDonald Social Security unlimited subtraction allowed.
House HF4256 2 03/11/2020 Text icon Fabian State Capitol complex electric vehicle charging station users required to pay for electricity consumed by vehicle.
House HF3740 2 02/26/2020 Text icon Koznick Transit safety, fare payment compliance, and administrative citation provisions modified; grants and fund allocation required; penalties established; and report required.
House HF2983 6 02/20/2020 Text icon O'Neill Unrestricted sexual assault examination kit; samples required to be tested, retention and storage requirements established, design and publication of a uniform consent form required, searchable database to track the status of testing created, additional lab scientists and software upgrade funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF3474 4 03/09/2020 Text icon Jurgens Veterans Suicide Prevention and Awareness Day modified.
House HF4093 2 03/11/2020 Text icon Daudt Zimmerman; highway designation interchange design funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.