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17 Documents Found in Legislative Session 89 (2015-2016)
for Chief Authors of "Loeffler"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF4028 1 05/22/2016 Text icon Loeffler Human services direct service staff minimum hourly pay increase directive authorized.
House HF4025 1 05/21/2016 Text icon Loeffler Direct service staff minimum hourly pay increase plan development required, and report required.
House HF3947 1 04/20/2016 Text icon Loeffler Nameless job application review process tax credit provided.
House HF3838 1 04/06/2016 Text icon Loeffler Health and human services supplemental funding provided.
House HF3817 2 04/07/2016 Text icon Loeffler Landscaping related to state-funded capital projects required to be pollinator friendly.
House HF3730 1 03/31/2016 Text icon Loeffler County liability for cost of care modified.
House HF3197 2 03/29/2016 Text icon Loeffler Minneapolis; reallocation of prior appropriations to leverage federal funds allowed.
House HF3061 2 03/16/2016 Text icon Loeffler Inspector General Office established, and money appropriated.
House HF3060 3 04/20/2016 Text icon Loeffler Medical assistance and MinnesotaCare continuous eligibility created.
House HF2363 1 05/16/2015 Text icon Loeffler Moist snuff tax structure modified.
House HF2242 1 04/17/2015 Text icon Loeffler Motorcycle owners required to obtain medical payments insurance coverage for insured owners or riders.
House HF1982 3 03/23/2015 Text icon Loeffler Tax data disclosure to the human services commissioner modified.
House HF1685 1 03/10/2015 Text icon Loeffler Minneapolis; Hall's Island re-creation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF1662 2 03/12/2015 Text icon Loeffler Medical assistance income eligibility limit, asset limits, and excess income standards for the blind, disabled, and elderly increased.
House HF1661 1 03/09/2015 Text icon Loeffler Juror per diem rate set in statute, and judicial branch study on jury service compensation requested.
House HF1441 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Loeffler Mental health provider rate increase provided.
House HF1439 2 03/10/2015 Text icon Loeffler Medical assistance reimbursement rate for critical access mental health services increased.