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43 Documents Found in Legislative Session 88 (2013-2014)
for Chief Authors of "Loeffler"

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Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3393 1 05/16/2014 Text icon Loeffler Motorcycle owners required to obtain medical payments insurance coverage for insured owners or riders.
House HF3383 2 05/16/2014 Text icon Loeffler Federal marijuana medical research; President and Congress memorialized to require the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration to expedite serious research into the medical uses and benefits of marijuana.
House HF3294 1 03/26/2014 Text icon Loeffler Assistive technology grant funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF3200 1 03/19/2014 Text icon Loeffler Working family credit phaseout for married filers extended to conform to the Internal Revenue Code, and maximum allowed credit increased.
House HF3080 1 03/13/2014 Text icon Loeffler Probationary teacher continuing employment definition clarified.
House HF3030 1 03/13/2014 Text icon Loeffler Immigrant and refugee mental health conference planning and conduction money appropriated to the commissioner of health.
House HF2797 2 03/20/2014 Text icon Loeffler Medical assistance personal need allowance increased for persons in facilities.
House HF2772 3 03/10/2014 Text icon Loeffler Cleaning products containing triclosan sale prohibited.
House HF2599 1 03/03/2014 Text icon Loeffler Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) housing assistance grant effective date modified.
House HF2488 2 03/05/2014 Text icon Loeffler Proposed levies certification deadline extended for some local jurisdictions.
House HF2470 1 02/27/2014 Text icon Loeffler American Indian and alcohol and drug abuse human services advisory councils non-expiration provided.
House HF2335 2 02/27/2014 Text icon Loeffler Minneapolis; funding provided for the re-creation of Hall's Island, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2258 2 03/10/2014 Text icon Loeffler Detoxification services medical assistance benefit established.
House HF2244 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Loeffler Data practices requirements developed for entities participating in the integrated health care delivery network pilot program.
House HF2242 2 03/05/2014 Text icon Loeffler Commercial-industrial property value first tier exempted from the state general levy.
House HF2206 2 03/03/2014 Text icon Loeffler Juvenile treatment screening team timeline modified.
House HF2169 1 02/25/2014 Text icon Loeffler Adult foster home training requirements clarified for homes serving individuals with mental illness.
House HF2024 2 02/27/2014 Text icon Loeffler Qualified tuition and related expenses for tax year 2013 deductions conformed to federal extension.
House HF1867 2 03/13/2014 Text icon Loeffler Executive branch advisory group governing provisions modified.
House HF1863 19 05/16/2014 286 Text icon Loeffler Executive branch advisory group governing provisions modified.
House HF1733 1 04/08/2013 Text icon Loeffler Poison information centers funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1647 3 03/21/2013 Text icon Loeffler Property tax refund for renters modified.
House HF1627 1 03/20/2013 Text icon Loeffler Scherer Brothers Lumber Yard acquisition through use and application of parks and trails funding provided.
House HF1609 2 04/08/2013 Text icon Loeffler Equitable transit fares provided, and bus and bus shelter policy requirements established.
House HF1526 1 03/13/2013 Text icon Loeffler Transportation improvement and major project notice and coordination required.
House HF1474 1 03/11/2013 Text icon Loeffler Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board permitted to recreate Hall's Island in the Mississippi River.
House HF1322 3 03/14/2013 Text icon Loeffler Triclosan or similar antibacterial compound sale prohibited.
House HF1125 3 03/18/2013 Text icon Loeffler Sexual violence prevention demonstration partnership grant established, funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1047 5 04/02/2013 Text icon Loeffler Maternal depression outreach, public education, and screening development required; medical assistance eligibility expanded; technical assistance required for maternal depression screenings and referrals; parenting skills added to adult rehabilitative mental health services; Minnesota health care program outreach expanded; funding provided; and money appropriated.
House HF1039 4 03/19/2014 Text icon Loeffler Medical assistance income standard for seniors and persons with disabilities modified, commissioner required to request authority to continue current home and community-based services waiver policy on treatment of a nonassisted spouse's income and assets, and recommendations on asset limits required.
House HF1028 4 03/13/2013 Text icon Loeffler Hennepin Soil and Water Conservation District discontinued and duties transferred.
House HF0869 2 03/06/2013 Text icon Loeffler Medical assistance eligibility provided for inmates while they are inpatients in a medical institution.
House HF0856 2 04/02/2013 Text icon Loeffler Adult Mental Health Act; mental illness definition modified.
House HF0820 6 05/13/2013 Text icon Loeffler Health care and medical assistance provisions modified.
House HF0766 2 03/18/2013 Text icon Loeffler Health care delivery networks pilot programs modified.
House HF0760 11 05/10/2013 62 Text icon Loeffler Disability outdated terminology updated.
House SF0654 8 05/15/2013 81 Text icon Loeffler Health care and medical assistance provisions modified.
House HF0542 12 05/16/2013 83 Text icon Loeffler Whistleblower additional protection provided to state employees.
House HF0492 2 04/16/2013 Text icon Loeffler Solicitor defined for nexus purposes.
House HF0358 4 03/11/2013 Text icon Loeffler Children's mental health and pediatric services electronic survey of providers required, and new mental health services covered under medical assistance.
House HF0213 3 03/04/2013 Text icon Loeffler Medical assistance co-payment modified.
House HF0205 4 02/18/2013 Text icon Loeffler Hennepin and Ramsey Counties; authority to impose a mortgage and deed tax expiration amended.
House HF0195 7 05/08/2013 55 Text icon Loeffler Licensed dietitian or nutritionist allowed to adhere to a practice guideline or protocol for a legend drug prescribed by a physician.