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59 Documents Found in Legislative Session 87 (2011-2012)
for Authors of "Tillberry"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF2995 2 04/18/2012 Text icon Mahoney Vikings stadium; National Football League Stadium in Minnesota provided for, Minnesota Stadium Authority established, Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission abolished, local tax revenue use provided for, electronic pull-tabs and bingo authorized, state appropriation bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF2937 3 03/21/2012 Text icon Norton Polling place roster photograph use required, and money appropriated.
House HF2925 2 03/20/2012 Text icon Hortman Foreclosure prohibited if the lender has not acted on a loan modification request.
House HF2823 5 03/19/2012 Text icon Mullery Supporting Responsible Homeowners and Stabilizing Neighborhoods Act enacted, and homeowner opportunities provided in regard to underwater mortgage and foreclosure relief on residential homestead property.
House HF2807 5 04/17/2012 Text icon Lesch School district policies required to address child sexual abuse, and advisory task force established on preventing child sexual abuse.
House HF2591 3 03/14/2012 Text icon Howes Bloomington; tax increment financing district extension allowed.
House HF2329 5 03/27/2012 Text icon Holberg CPR training and instruction requirements clarified.
House HF2290 2 02/22/2012 Text icon Atkins Minnesota Insurance Marketplace Act established, powers and duties prescribed, and money appropriated.
House HF2281 2 02/16/2012 Text icon Laine Patient record copying charge by providers decreased.
House HF2186 5 04/16/2012 Text icon Fritz Minnesota investment fund money appropriated.
House HF2184 5 04/16/2012 Text icon Mahoney Bridge to Work Minnesota program created, and job-training incentives provided.
House HF2183 4 04/16/2012 Text icon Koenen Urban initiative loan program and greater Minnesota business development funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF2182 3 02/15/2012 Text icon Melin State procurement policies amended, and Buy Minnesota Act established.
House HF2181 6 04/16/2012 Text icon Brynaert FastTRAC adult career pathway program created, and money appropriated.
House HF2088 1 02/08/2012 Text icon Winkler Legislature; various reforms enacted; districting principles established and commission appointment provided for; council to determine legislator compensation established; executive and judicial official compensation council modified; state government funding provided for if a complete budget is not enacted; executive branch unexpended allotments authority modified; meeting times prohibited; officers of major political parties prohibited from legislature employment; and economic disclosure requirement expanded.
House HF2075 3 03/12/2012 Text icon Dittrich Permanent school fund revenue required to be set aside for school technology purposes.
House HF2026 1 01/30/2012 Text icon Greiling School boards and teacher representatives offered a financial incentive to sign a collective bargaining agreement by January 15 in an even-numbered year, and money appropriated.
House HF1885 6 03/30/2012 Text icon Clark Proposed amendment to the Minnesota Constitution recognizing marriage as only a union between one man and one woman repealed.
House HF1775 2 02/03/2012 Text icon Marquart Market value homestead credit restored.
House HF1761 2 01/24/2012 Text icon Laine Civil union contracts provided.
House HF1485 18 05/07/2012 Text icon Lanning New National Football League stadium provided for in Minnesota; Minnesota Stadium Authority established; and Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission abolished; local tax revenue use, electronic pull-tab games, electronic linked bingo games, and sports-themed tipboard games provided for; conditional imposition of taxes and revenue collection provided for; lawful gambling tax rates modified; bonds issued; and money appropriated.
House HF1438 1 04/11/2011 Text icon Kahn Health insurance benefits required to be made available to domestic partners of state employees if they are also made available to spouses.
House HF1386 5 05/04/2011 Text icon Bills Unfair business practices prevented by credit and debit card companies.
House HF1272 3 02/29/2012 Text icon McFarlane High school transition plan proposed for students to successfully pursue postsecondary education and employment, and money appropriated.
House HF1204 3 03/23/2011 Text icon Murphy, E. Minnesota health benefit exchange created.
House HF1187 2 03/21/2011 Text icon Greiling Early childhood and family, prekindergarten through grade 12, and adult education, including general education, education excellence, special programs, facilities and technology, nutrition and accounting, libraries, early childhood education, prevention, self-sufficiency and lifelong learning, and state agencies provided for, rulemaking authorized, and money appropriated.
House HF1113 5 02/29/2012 Text icon McFarlane Ramsey County; mortgage registry and deed tax expiration authority removed.
House HF1043 7 02/29/2012 Text icon Gauthier Motor vehicle property crime penalties proposed for repeat violators.
House HF0883 3 03/14/2011 Text icon Greiling Commissioner of education's role in approving, certifying, and recertifying online learning providers clarified.
House HF0879 4 04/14/2011 Text icon Erickson Annual evaluations for principals established, and a group of experts and stakeholders convened to recommend a performance-based system model for these evaluations.
House HF0847 4 03/14/2011 Text icon Kriesel Orthotic and prosthetic device insurance coverage required.
House HF0768 1 02/28/2011 Text icon Hosch School districts required to obtain employee health coverage through the public employees insurance program, gross premium tax imposed on the program, and enrollment fee imposed.
House HF0765 3 04/05/2011 Text icon Davnie Harassment, bullying, intimidation, and violence policies provided.
House HF0702 5 02/29/2012 Text icon Lesch Dog and cat breeder licensing and inspection provided.
House HF0665 5 04/30/2012 Text icon Hornstein Corporate franchise taxation; foreign source income preferences eliminated, subtraction for foreign royalties repealed, domestic corporation definition expanded to include certain foreign corporations incorporated in or doing business in tax havens, and foreign operating corporations repealed.
House HF0634 1 02/21/2011 Text icon Tillberry Anoka County; trunk highway improvement funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0610 1 02/21/2011 Text icon Hilty Transportation funding provided through new regulations governing checkbook money created by state-chartered banks, and penalty provided.
House HF0570 1 02/17/2011 Text icon Laine Fridley; Springbrook Nature Center funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0568 2 02/21/2011 Text icon Kahn Appropriations provided to continue in effect with exceptions and adjustments.
House HF0555 3 04/05/2011 Text icon Moran Principals' Leadership Institute money appropriated.
House HF0552 4 03/10/2011 Text icon Greene Child with disability definition and related circumstances clarified.
House HF0488 1 02/14/2011 Text icon Hortman Voluntary full-day kindergarten funding authorized.
House HF0429 3 04/18/2011 Text icon Dettmer Anoka County; countywide public safety improvement finance cost authority expanded.
House HF0406 3 02/21/2011 Text icon Simon Legislative and congressional plan districting principles established, commission appointment provided to recommend the boundaries of legislative and congressional districts, and money appropriated.
House HF0388 6 04/05/2011 Text icon Benson, J. Dog and cat breeder standards of care provided, fees established, rulemaking authorized, criminal penalties provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0360 4 03/14/2011 Text icon Peterson, S. School district provision of educational services to students without disabilities from other states requirement clarified.
House HF0345 3 02/10/2011 Text icon Greiling School finance system modified, new education funding framework created, and income tax schedule changes made.
House HF0333 3 02/21/2011 Text icon Moran Extended time programs funding restored.
House HF0271 2 02/02/2011 Text icon Liebling Tax Expenditure Advisory Commission created, and review and sunset of tax expenditures provided.
House HF0219 2 02/09/2011 Text icon Benson, J. School district mandates reduced, additional flexibility allowed, and fund transfers authorized.
House HF0218 1 01/26/2011 Text icon Benson, J. Location equity index created, general education revenue formula modified, and revenue increased for some school districts.
House HF0217 1 01/26/2011 Text icon Benson, J. Equity revenue formula modified.
House HF0216 1 01/26/2011 Text icon Benson, J. Referendum allowance limit eliminated.
House HF0206 11 05/10/2011 Text icon Dittrich Permanent School Fund Advisory Committee membership modified.
House HF0172 3 04/05/2012 Text icon Benson, J. Counselor to student ratio minimum established, and report required.
House HF0155 3 02/24/2011 Text icon Benson, J. Levy limits abolished.
House HF0150 3 04/04/2011 Text icon Rukavina Commissioner of management and budget required to adjust for projected inflation in forecasting state expenditures.
House HF0141 17 03/17/2011 9 Text icon Cornish Public safety dog injury penalty increased.
House HF0117 3 01/26/2011 Text icon Peterson, S. High-need public high school grant program funding provided for additional student counseling services, and money appropriated.