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42 Documents Found in Legislative Session 83 (2003-2004)
for Chief Authors of "Erickson"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HC0003 1 04/02/2003 Text icon Erickson A house concurrent resolution relating to gambling; requesting renegotiation of tribal-state gambling compacts.
House HF0580 10 05/12/2004 Text icon Erickson Abstinence until marriage premised curriculum and instruction required.
House HF1174 4 05/16/2003 Text icon Erickson Advisory committee expiration dates modified.
House HF2636 2 03/17/2004 Text icon Erickson Assistive technology money appropriated.
House HF0602 4 04/14/2003 Text icon Erickson Auto glass repair and replacement regulation provided.
House HF1799 1 02/02/2004 Text icon Erickson Blue light display by volunteer firefighters on private motor vehicles authorized under certain circumstances.
House HF1769 1 02/02/2004 Text icon Erickson Charitable organization compensation increases reporting requirements imposed.
House HF1810 2 03/03/2004 Text icon Erickson Child care assistance military exception established, and money appropriated.
House HF2515 1 02/26/2004 Text icon Erickson Corporation definition expanded relating to campaign finance.
House HF1160 1 03/24/2003 Text icon Erickson Curriculum definition clarified under the school district process to plan, provide, and improve instruction and curriculum relating to the state's graduation standards.
House HF1325 2 04/16/2003 Text icon Erickson Digital elevation and flood plain management mapping pilot project funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF0977 7 05/19/2003 Text icon Erickson Diving; high school diving competition pools built before 1987 subject to compliance with national federation of high school associations swimming and diving rules.
House HF0221 3 04/01/2003 Text icon Erickson Education finance; actual maximum effort capital loan tax rate for existing loans lowered, and technical corrections provided.
House HF0390 5 05/19/2003 Text icon Erickson Elections conducted by mail; county auditor approval requirement eliminated.
House HF2516 1 02/26/2004 Text icon Erickson Electronic wagers authorized for horse racing.
House HF0220 2 01/29/2003 Text icon Erickson English designated as the official language of the state of Minnesota.
House HF1560 1 04/22/2003 Text icon Erickson Family planning grant funds prohibited from being used to subsidize abortion services.
House HF3088 1 03/18/2004 Text icon Erickson Foreign business entities prohibited from making campaign contributions.
House HF2453 7 05/13/2004 Text icon Erickson Funeral provider attorney fee recovery in actions to recover costs of services authorized.
House HF2019 1 02/12/2004 Text icon Erickson Independent School District No. 51, Foley, fund transfer authorized.
House HF1858 4 03/08/2004 Text icon Erickson Library capital improvement grants authorized, bonds issued, and money appropriated.
House HF0677 16 05/16/2003 85 Text icon Erickson Licensure requirements modified for architects, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, geoscientists, and interior designers.
House HF1704 3 03/01/2004 Text icon Erickson Maximum effort capital loan tax rate lowered.
House HF3160 1 04/02/2004 Text icon Erickson Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Reservation tribal boundaries established in 1855 not recognized by the state of Minnesota, Mille Lacs County reimbursed for legal expenses, and money appropriated.
House HF2069 10 05/13/2004 Text icon Erickson Mille Lacs Lake; 1837 Ceded Territory Fisheries Committee meetings required to be open to the public.
House HF1474 1 04/07/2003 Text icon Erickson Minnesota State Colleges and Universities employees retirement plan provisions modified.
House HF0897 3 03/20/2003 Text icon Erickson Minnesota State Library Board established.
House HF1862 1 02/05/2004 Text icon Erickson Off-highway vehicle operation in wetlands restriction modified.
House HF1339 1 03/31/2003 Text icon Erickson Parental access to statewide education assessment tests codified, and annual release of increasingly greater portions of statewide tests required.
House HF0910 1 03/17/2003 Text icon Erickson Political subdivision employee city and county of residence defined as public information.
House HF0193 2 01/28/2003 Text icon Erickson Profile of learning repealed and replaced; and legislative review of proposed statewide core academic standards in language arts, mathematics, science, history and geography required.
House HF1197 1 03/26/2003 Text icon Erickson Public employee city and county of residence information classified as private.
House HF0219 8 03/13/2003 Text icon Erickson Retired teachers encouraged to serve as short-call substitute teachers.
House HF1311 1 03/31/2003 Text icon Erickson School districts authorized to not comply with mandates unless revenue to comply is identified.
House HF2003 1 02/12/2004 Text icon Erickson School districts authorized to teach full range of scientific views.
House HF0684 3 03/10/2003 Text icon Erickson Special education; Congress and the President memorialized by resolution to stop unfunded mandates and laws that support the over-identification of children with mental disorders in special education.
House SF0726 6 03/27/2003 6 Text icon Erickson State Building Code municipal reporting requirements modified.
House HF0744 6 03/26/2003 Text icon Erickson State Building Code municipal reporting requirements modified.
House HF0992 1 03/20/2003 Text icon Erickson Stillbirth record registration required.
House HF2573 1 03/01/2004 Text icon Erickson Teacher retirement plan extended leave of absence programs sunset provided.
House HF1814 4 03/22/2004 Text icon Erickson Teacher training program for qualified professionals established.
House HF1800 12 05/12/2004 Text icon Erickson Tribal agreement-related costs report related to the management of game, fish, or other natural resources required.