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15 Documents Found in Legislative Session 81 (1999-2000)
for Chief Authors of "Haake"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF0849 21 05/09/2000 491 Text icon Haake Airports; minor use metro airports expansion and upgrade authority modified.
House SF2653 7 03/29/2000 332 Text icon Haake Internet state agency grant information required and uniform application developed.
House HF0007 24 05/12/1999 178 Text icon Haake Motor vehicle emissions inspection program repealed.
House HF1707 8 04/26/1999 127 Text icon Haake Courts prohibited from modifying statutory sex offender registration requirements in criminal sentences and juvenile disposition orders.
House HF0453 8 03/11/1999 15 Text icon Haake Minneapolis required to enroll trades and electrical workers, stagehands, production technicians, and apprentices in the deferred compensation plan.
House HF4076 5 03/16/2000 Text icon Haake Internet state agency grant information required and uniform application developed.
House HF4004 1 03/01/2000 Text icon Haake School district pupil units modified.
House HF3558 1 02/16/2000 Text icon Haake Commissioner of public safety authorized to award public safety grants.
House HF2746 1 02/03/2000 Text icon Haake Predatory offender registration law violations provided increased penalties.
House HF2593 1 02/01/2000 Text icon Haake Boats permanently moored on Lake Superior, St. Croix River, or Mississippi River authorized on-sale liquor licenses.
House HF2518 2 02/24/2000 Text icon Haake State employee government efficiency suggestion program developed and shared savings plan provided.
House HF2517 2 02/16/2000 Text icon Haake Local governing body members prohibited from serving on city charter commissions.
House HF1185 1 03/01/1999 Text icon Haake Game refuge deer hunting permits percentage issued to senior citizens and persons with disabilities.
House HF1043 1 02/25/1999 Text icon Haake DNA; sex offenders required to give biological specimens for analysis upon arrival at a correctional facility.
House HF0285 1 01/25/1999 Text icon Haake Ramsey county authorized to convey tax-forfeited land.