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11 Documents Found in Legislative Session 79 (1995-1996)
for Chief Authors of "Molnau"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF0055 1 01/12/1995 Text icon Molnau Motor vehicle temporary registration provided for the purpose of emissions inspections.
House HF0890 1 02/23/1995 Text icon Molnau Wetland replacement, protection, and management provisions modified.
House HF1175 1 03/09/1995 Text icon Molnau Dangerous weapon criminal code definition modified related to weapon possession in school zones.
House HF1351 1 03/15/1995 Text icon Molnau Green acres program applicant income requirements modified, and property classification provided.
House HF1563 1 03/22/1995 Text icon Molnau Metropolitan council member appointment provisions modified.
House HF1635 1 03/23/1995 Text icon Molnau Taxation; motor vehicle purchase price modification provided for sales tax purposes.
House HF0495 2 02/27/1995 Text icon Molnau Transportation and public safety departments appropriated money.
House HF2837 2 02/05/1996 Text icon Molnau Sentencing guidelines commission annual judge sentencing practices report required.
House HF2258 3 02/26/1996 Text icon Molnau Vietnam veteran special motorcycle license plate issuance authorized, and drivers' license possession conditions imposed for minors.
House HF2472 3 02/26/1996 Text icon Molnau Drivers' license possession conditions imposed for minors.
House HF0275 5 04/11/1995 Text icon Molnau Farm crisis assistance personnel employment status clarified.