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24 Documents Found in Legislative Session 90 (2017-2018)
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House SF2214 12 04/18/2017 Text icon Nornes Omnibus higher education policy and finance bill.
House SF1937 13 04/18/2017 Text icon Garofalo Omnibus job growth and energy affordability policy and finance bill.
House SF1616 4 04/20/2017 Text icon Schomacker Children's hospitals contingent, alternate medical assistance payment method established.
House SF1135 5 04/27/2017 Text icon Bernardy Ramsey County; human resources statute changes made.
House SF1124 4 04/27/2017 Text icon Lueck Omnibus lands bill.
House SF1113 5 04/27/2017 Text icon Zerwas County law library allowed to transfer money to the county for construction costs.
House SF1031 2 04/24/2017 Text icon Lohmer Permissible claims extended to include injury or death of person working to pay court-ordered or jail fees and injury or death of a person on a sentence-to-service work crew.
House SF1030 2 04/24/2017 Text icon Grossell Sheriff expense reimbursement to transport convicted or adjudicated persons shorter processing time provided.
House SF1020 5 04/27/2017 Text icon Christensen Award and trophy purchase spending cap eliminated relating to local governments.
House SF0870 5 04/27/2017 Text icon Howe Cities authorized to spend money on National Night Out and events that foster positive relationships between law enforcement and the community, and fundraising authorized for these purposes.
House SF0844 5 04/27/2017 Text icon Fabian Demolition debris landfill permitting provided.
House SF0803 12 04/18/2017 Text icon Cornish Omnibus public safety and security policy and finance bill.
House SF0800 13 04/18/2017 Text icon Dean, M. Omnibus health and human services finance bill.
House SF0799 5 04/27/2017 Text icon Dean, M. Interagency agreement and intra-agency transfer provisions modified.
House SF0780 12 04/18/2017 Text icon Hamilton Omnibus agriculture finance bill.
House SF0662 7 03/28/2017 11 Text icon Loonan Practice of dentistry exemption created for dental students.
House SF0605 16 04/18/2017 Text icon Anderson, S. Omnibus state government finance bill.
House SF0562 7 04/24/2017 19 Text icon Peterson Autism early intensive intervention benefit provisions modified.
House SF0444 4 04/20/2017 Text icon Hoppe Liquor sales allowed at the Minnesota Capitol, special licenses allowed, microdistilleries and farm wineries required to distill on premises, Minnesota distilled label established, off-sale license for microdistilleries modified, and 2018 Super Bowl extended alcohol service hours established.
House SF0341 7 04/24/2017 18 Text icon Franson Governmental entity authorized to invest funds of a hospital owned or operated by the governmental entity.
House SF0218 10 03/28/2017 15 Text icon Swedzinski Mowing authority and management practices in road rights-of-way governed, and road authorities prohibited from establishing requirements and permits that govern mowing and haying.
House SF0151 7 03/29/2017 12 Text icon O'Neill Vehicle forfeiture provisions modified to include more than one owner of a vehicle.
House SF0106 2 04/18/2017 Text icon Maye Quade Capitol grounds plaque placement authorized in the court of honor to honor all Minnesota veterans who served in the United States armed forces during World War I.
House SF0001 21 01/26/2017 2 Text icon Hoppe Health insurance premium temporary payment program provided, legislative audits required, health maintenance organization requirements modified, health insurance provisions modified, agricultural cooperative health plans authorized, tax provision modified, transition of care coverage for 2017 authorized, reports required, funds transferred, and money appropriated.

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