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Minnesota Legislature

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124 Documents Found in Legislative Session 90 (2017-2018)
for Bill Numbers SF*

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House SF4075 6 05/20/2018 213 Text icon Peterson Miscellaneous oversights, inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors corrected.
House SF3793 7 05/10/2018 146 Text icon Pugh County competitive bidding modified.
House SF3673 10 05/18/2018 194 Text icon Johnson, B. Discharge from civil commitment provisions modified for persons committed as mentally ill and dangerous, sexually dangerous, or persons with a sexual psychopathic personality.
House SF3656 21 05/19/2018 201 Text icon Knoblach Omnibus supplemental budget bill.
House SF3638 12 05/16/2018 183 Text icon Neu Snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and motorboats fully incorporated into the DWI law; and increased awareness of carbon monoxide dangers in fish houses provided.
House SF3596 7 05/08/2018 133 Text icon Anderson, P. Minimum biodiesel content level for diesel fuel allowed to be modified during certain times of year, and Number 1 diesel exemption extended.
House SF3569 7 05/15/2018 165 Text icon Swedzinski Permits to mow or hay trunk highway rights-of-way moratorium established.
House SF3537 4 05/02/2018 Text icon Munson Noncommercial pesticide applicator license fee reduced.
House SF3525 7 05/02/2018 120 Text icon O'Driscoll Metropolitan Airports Commission exempted from political subdivision compensation limit.
House SF3504 6 05/18/2018 Text icon O'Neill Carbon reduction facility designation established for large electric generating facilities.
House SF3480 7 05/15/2018 168 Text icon Anderson, S. Price disclosure requirement provisions added for providers and health plan companies.
House SF3466 7 05/02/2018 122 Text icon Nash Motorcycle operating requirements modified for individuals possessing a two-wheeled vehicle instruction permit.
House SF3463 7 05/19/2018 197 Text icon Smith Trespass to critical infrastructure liability and vicarious liability created, and crime for recruiting or educating individuals to trespass on or damage critical infrastructure created.
House SF3461 7 05/14/2018 156 Text icon Franke GI Bill statutory language recodified, and technical changes made.
House SF3415 4 05/09/2018 Text icon Munson Allied health professions converted to a birth month renewal cycle, reciprocity and disclosure requirements for health-related professions modified, creation of guidelines for patient-assisted medication administration required, and technical corrections made.
House SF3367 8 05/15/2018 179 Text icon Whelan Hotel and motel employees required to be trained to recognize sex trafficking.
House SF3326 7 05/17/2018 182 Text icon Scott Miscellaneous technical corrections to laws and statutes made; erroneous, obsolete, and omitted text and references corrected; and redundant, conflicting, and superseded provisions removed.
House SF3310 17 05/19/2018 200 Text icon Peterson Child care licensing provisions modified.
House SF3306 9 05/02/2018 119 Text icon O'Driscoll Disclosure, independent expenditures, noncampaign disbursements, reporting requirements, coordinated and noncoordinated expenditures, and other campaign finance provisions amended; and new definitions added.
House SF3297 7 05/18/2018 189 Text icon Mahoney St. Paul; design-build process for a public works project authorized.
House SF3262 7 05/09/2018 139 Text icon Bliss Purple Heart City or Purple Heart County designation authorized.
House SF3245 7 05/14/2018 155 Text icon O'Driscoll Energy improvements program modified, consumer protections for residential property assessed clean energy loans provided, and remedies provided.
House SF3182 7 05/08/2018 132 Text icon Backer Fugitive emission standards exemption provided for commodity facilities.
House SF3168 7 05/17/2018 186 Text icon Johnson, C. Lease provisions modified, public land sale requirements modified, local land use provided, state park and forest additions and deletions provided, and state land sales and conveyances of interest provided.
House SF3154 6 03/26/2018 102 Text icon O'Neill Labor agreements and compensation plans ratified.
House SF3143 7 05/15/2018 164 Text icon Albright Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Committee, the American Indian Advisory Council, the Formulary Committee, and the American Indian Child Welfare Advisory Council expiration date postponed.
House SF3133 18 03/22/2018 101 Text icon Torkelson Minnesota Licensing and Registration System development and implementation requirements established, report required, and money appropriated.
House SF3102 7 05/15/2018 167 Text icon Quam Isolation and quarantine provisions changed.
House SF3086 2 05/02/2018 Text icon Erickson Prekindergarten through grade 12 education provided, including general education, education excellence, teachers, special education, facilities and technology, nutrition, early childhood and family support, and self-sufficiency and lifelong learning.
House SF3066 7 05/07/2018 128 Text icon Albright Mental health provider provisions modified.
House SF3062 9 05/20/2018 207 Text icon Nornes Loan forgiveness program clarifying and technical changes made, and higher education labor agreements ratified.
House SF3019 6 05/15/2018 Text icon Zerwas Tribal vital record keeping changes made.
House SF3004 7 05/09/2018 137 Text icon Lueck Secretary of state directed to collect veteran status data from applications for appointments to state agencies, boards, councils, commissions, and task forces.
House SF3001 4 05/10/2018 Text icon Munson Rental terms authorized for Military Department buildings.
House SF3000 7 05/14/2018 157 Text icon Neu State active service and pay for armory rentals authorized.
House SF2991 8 05/15/2018 173 Text icon O'Driscoll Real estate appraisals regulated, broker license reinstatement authorized, advisory board created, and duties prescribed.
House SF2978 2 05/14/2018 Text icon Vogel State auditor review of CPA firm audits requirements changed.
House SF2949 4 05/14/2018 Text icon Omar Residential lease requirements amended.
House SF2921 7 05/08/2018 134 Text icon Loonan Local recycling programs matching funds requirement modified.
House SF2869 8 05/16/2018 184 Text icon Bahr, C. Motor carrier tariff requirement modified.
House SF2865 7 05/07/2018 130 Text icon McDonald Physician Assistant Advisory Council member term limits eliminated.
House SF2863 7 05/15/2018 160 Text icon O'Neill Sexual assault examination kit procedure established, and notice provided to victims.
House SF2849 8 05/10/2018 142 Text icon Whelan Physicians required to allow viewing of ultrasound imaging prior to an abortion.
House SF2836 4 05/03/2018 Text icon Dean, M. Health plan company prohibited from contractually preventing a pharmacist from informing a patient of a price differential.
House SF2809 18 05/18/2018 196 Text icon Albright Metropolitan Council governance modified, and Transportation Advisory Board eliminated.
House SF2778 2 05/03/2018 Text icon Lesch Compensation for exonerated persons modified.
House SF2777 7 05/02/2018 121 Text icon Pugh Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard-of-Hearing modified.
House SF2762 7 05/10/2018 141 Text icon Kiel Ramsey County; nursing facility construction project rate modified.
House SF2692 7 05/09/2018 136 Text icon Howe National Guard members provided access to information regarding state-sponsored life insurance program.
House SF2685 7 05/15/2018 163 Text icon Franson Child care providers exempted from the positive support strategies training rule.
House SF2683 7 05/15/2018 166 Text icon Albright Background study provisions modified.
House SF2675 8 05/15/2018 180 Text icon Zerwas Health commissioner use of all-payer claims data to analyze health care costs, quality, utilization, and illness burdens date restriction changed.
House SF2651 4 05/19/2018 Text icon Sandstede St. Louis County Civil Service Commission amended, technical changes made, and obsolete language removed.
House SF2629 7 05/07/2018 129 Text icon Neu Job training program requirements modified.
House SF2620 12 05/20/2018 211 Text icon O'Driscoll Minnesota statewide and major local public employee retirement plan benefit and contribution changes made, and money appropriated.
House SF2578 17 05/18/2018 195 Text icon Franke Controlled substances schedules modified, kratom penalties provided, and DWI law modified by including other types of intoxicating substances and striking references to hazardous substances.
House SF2565 7 05/19/2018 Text icon O'Neill Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council recommendations adopted.
House SF2554 7 05/10/2018 144 Text icon Lohmer Collection of information on the connection between pornography and sex trafficking required, and authorized penalty assessment expanded to include additional crimes.
House SF2484 7 04/26/2018 108 Text icon Hertaus Wayzata; U.S. Highway 12 designated as Officer Bill Mathews Memorial Highway.
House SF2483 5 05/08/2018 Text icon Loonan Adult foster care and community residential setting license capacity modified, and home and community-based services governing provisions modified.
House SF2384 6 05/22/2017 99 Text icon Peterson Revisor's bill; miscellaneous oversights, inconsistencies, ambiguities, unintended results, and technical errors corrected.
House SF2214 18 05/15/2017 65 Text icon Nornes Omnibus higher education policy and finance bill.
House SF2008 7 05/10/2017 48 Text icon Davids Retail merchandise price marking requirements modified.
House SF1943 4 05/10/2018 Text icon Sandstede Central Iron Range Sanitary Sewer Board appointment permitted.
House SF1937 19 05/15/2017 64 Text icon Garofalo Omnibus job growth and energy affordability policy and finance bill.
House SF1844 7 05/11/2017 59 Text icon Zerwas Advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants added to certain statutes.
House SF1703 9 05/09/2018 138 Text icon Poston July 16 designated as Atomic Veterans Day.
House SF1694 9 05/10/2018 145 Text icon Lueck June 29 designated as General John Vessey Day.
House SF1672 2 05/19/2017 Text icon Anderson, P. Law that wind easements, options, and leases do not expire after seven years if the project does not begin commercial operation effective date delayed.
House SF1654 7 05/09/2017 40 Text icon Scott Laws and statutes miscellaneous and technical corrections made; erroneous, obsolete, and omitted text and references corrected; and redundant, conflicting, and superseded provisions removed.
House SF1627 4 05/04/2017 Text icon Kiel Health plans required to indicate coverage level of anticancer medication.
House SF1616 7 05/04/2017 32 Text icon Schomacker Children's hospitals contingent, alternate medical assistance payment method established.
House SF1615 2 05/11/2017 Text icon Cornish Court reporter outdated statutes updated, drug court name changed to treatment court, direct appeals of referee orders and decrees in probate or civil commitment court proceedings to the Court of Appeals authorized, perjury statutes clarified for documents provided to the court, and service of harassment restraining orders modified.
House SF1598 2 05/11/2017 Text icon O'Neill Domestic assault by strangulation added to list of crimes impacting custody, parenting plans, and parenting time.
House SF1568 2 05/17/2017 Text icon Scott Legislative commission on data practices expiration delayed.
House SF1564 7 05/19/2017 81 Text icon Johnson, B. Isanti County; Trunk Highway 65 segment designated as Chip A. Imker Memorial Highway.
House SF1549 7 05/08/2017 35 Text icon O'Neill Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council recommendations adopted.
House SF1490 2 05/09/2017 Text icon Albright Metropolitan Council governance modified, and Transportation Advisory Board eliminated.
House SF1457 7 05/15/2017 68 Text icon Rarick Employment agents and construction codes and licensing modified, housekeeping changes made, combative sports regulated, and OSHA regulations modified.
House SF1456 18 05/22/2017 94 Text icon Garofalo Omnibus job growth and energy affordability policy and finance bill.
House SF1399 8 05/12/2017 67 Text icon West County license bureau business hours modified.
House SF1354 7 05/22/2017 97 Text icon Flanagan Police and firefighters' civil service commissions and employees of police and fire departments provisions amended.
House SF1353 7 05/11/2017 58 Text icon Dean, M. Telemedicine requirements established.
House SF1339 2 05/20/2017 Text icon Lucero Trespass expanded to include trespassing on a school bus, and criminal penalty imposed.
House SF1293 4 05/08/2017 Text icon Albright Workers' Compensation Advisory Council recommendations adopted, department proposals adopted, forbearance of amounts owed to the special compensation fund allowed, intervention procedures modified, and rulemaking authorized.
House SF1251 2 05/04/2017 Text icon Nash Legislative Commission on Cyber Security established, and legislative appointments provided.
House SF1135 7 05/01/2017 28 Text icon Bernardy Ramsey County; human resources statute changes made.
House SF1124 7 05/10/2017 54 Text icon Lueck Omnibus lands bill.
House SF1113 8 05/01/2017 27 Text icon Zerwas County law library allowed to transfer money to the county for construction costs.
House SF1097 5 05/08/2018 Text icon Heintzeman Driving without a valid license repeat violation penalties enhanced and minimum fines established.
House SF1031 2 04/24/2017 Text icon Lohmer Permissible claims extended to include injury or death of person working to pay court-ordered or jail fees and injury or death of a person on a sentence-to-service work crew.
House SF1030 2 04/24/2017 Text icon Grossell Sheriff expense reimbursement to transport convicted or adjudicated persons shorter processing time provided.
House SF1020 8 05/01/2017 29 Text icon Christensen Award and trophy purchase spending cap eliminated relating to local governments.
House SF0997 7 05/10/2017 47 Text icon Albright Health plan coverage for prescription eye drop refills required.
House SF0943 18 05/21/2017 89 Text icon Nornes Omnibus higher education policy and finance bill.
House SF0893 7 05/16/2018 176 Text icon Smith Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts enacted.
House SF0879 7 05/08/2017 34 Text icon Loonan Minnesota Joint Underwriting Association regulated, and association authorized to provide liquor liability and medical malpractice coverage.
House SF0870 7 05/01/2017 26 Text icon Howe Cities authorized to spend money on National Night Out and events that foster positive relationships between law enforcement and the community, and fundraising authorized for these purposes.
House SF0844 19 05/21/2017 93 Text icon Fabian Omnibus environment and natural resources bill.
House SF0803 18 05/15/2017 63 Text icon Cornish Omnibus public safety finance and policy bill.
House SF0800 21 05/09/2017 45 Text icon Dean, M. Omnibus health and human services finance bill.
House SF0799 21 05/20/2018 212 Text icon Dean, M. Interagency agreement and intra-agency transfer provisions modified.
House SF0788 2 05/17/2017 Text icon Zerwas Pretrial filing of a transcript prerequisite for admission into evidence of law enforcement body camera recordings eliminated.
House SF0780 17 05/09/2017 41 Text icon Hamilton Omnibus agriculture finance bill.
House SF0730 4 05/15/2018 Text icon Baker Opiate stewardship program established, opiate manufacturer registration fee established to fund the prescription monitoring program, prescriber required to access the monitoring program before prescribing a controlled substance, quantity of opiates and narcotics that can be prescribed for acute pain at any one time limited, report required, and money appropriated.
House SF0662 7 03/28/2017 11 Text icon Loonan Practice of dentistry exemption created for dental students.
House SF0614 7 05/10/2018 143 Text icon Franson Minnesota Athletic Trainers Act and Minnesota Psychology Practice Act modified.
House SF0605 21 05/09/2017 44 Text icon Anderson, S. Omnibus state government finance bill.
House SF0562 7 04/24/2017 19 Text icon Peterson Autism early intensive intervention benefit provisions modified.
House SF0550 18 05/22/2017 96 Text icon Heintzeman Environment and natural resources trust fund money appropriated, and receipt of fund money requirements modified.
House SF0545 2 02/22/2018 Text icon O'Driscoll Omnibus retirement bill.
House SF0527 7 05/11/2017 57 Text icon Haley Nurse Practices Act modified, and licensure requirements for advanced practice registered nurses clarified.
House SF0514 9 05/21/2017 92 Text icon Fenton Election and election administration provisions changed, uniform election dates provided, county office appointments authorized, and reports required.
House SF0482 7 05/11/2017 56 Text icon Peterson Title protection and grounds for disciplinary action clarified, and technical changes made.
House SF0481 4 05/09/2017 Text icon West Waiver of examination, dental assisting licensure, and allied dental professional restorative functions clarified; and technical changes made.
House SF0444 26 02/22/2018 Text icon Hoppe Intoxicating liquor on-sale licenses authorized, days of sale of alcoholic beverages provided, labeling requirements created for 3.2 percent malt liquor, and special permits for alcohol and extended hours allowed for the 2018 Super Bowl.
House SF0359 8 05/19/2017 90 Text icon Baker Adult foster care licensing provisions modified, individualized home supports added to home and community-based services, home and community-based services setting and licensing requirements modified, planning and case management requirements modified, and child foster care background studies modified.
House SF0341 7 04/24/2017 18 Text icon Franson Governmental entity authorized to invest funds of a hospital owned or operated by the governmental entity.
House SF0327 7 05/16/2018 174 Text icon Bliss Assignment of military pay or benefits prohibited, and remedies provided.
House SF0218 10 03/28/2017 15 Text icon Swedzinski Mowing and haying in trunk highway right-of-way provisions governed, temporary moratorium established, and legislative recommendation required.
House SF0216 7 05/10/2017 46 Text icon Rarick Claims against estates provisions under medical assistance modified.
House SF0151 7 03/29/2017 12 Text icon O'Neill Vehicle forfeiture provisions modified to include more than one owner of a vehicle.
House SF0106 2 04/18/2017 Text icon Maye Quade Capitol grounds plaque placement authorized in the court of honor to honor all Minnesota veterans who served in the United States armed forces during World War I.
House SF0001 21 01/26/2017 2 Text icon Hoppe Health insurance premium temporary payment program provided, legislative audits required, health maintenance organization requirements modified, health insurance provisions modified, agricultural cooperative health plans authorized, tax provision modified, transition of care coverage for 2017 authorized, reports required, funds transferred, and money appropriated.