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26 Documents Found in Legislative Session 86 (2009-2010)
for Chief Authors of "Downey"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
House HF3812 2 04/27/2010 Text icon Downey School district contract deadline aid payment waived.
House HF3754 1 04/06/2010 Text icon Downey Regional service centers created.
House HF3753 1 04/06/2010 Text icon Downey MinnesotaCare voucher demonstration project established.
House HF3696 4 05/16/2010 Text icon Downey Streamlined business formation established.
House HF3558 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Downey State workforce reduction required, and early retirement program created.
House HF3432 1 03/08/2010 Text icon Downey Quality rating and improvement system modified.
House HF3306 1 03/04/2010 Text icon Downey Taxes and tax-related provisions changes made; changes made to conform to the Internal Revenue Code, angel investment credit and Minnesota business investment company credit provided, TECHZ business program established, and money appropriated.
House HF3105 3 02/25/2010 Text icon Downey Information required to determine return on investment for capital requests.
House HF3014 2 02/17/2010 Text icon Downey State budget documents required to include federal insolvency contingency planning.
House HF3011 3 03/22/2010 Text icon Downey Commission on Service Innovation established.
House HF3001 1 02/16/2010 Text icon Downey Binding arbitration agreement required before teacher strike.
House HF2853 2 02/12/2010 Text icon Downey Nonunion teacher contracts permitted.
House HF2846 5 02/25/2010 Text icon Downey Education mandates repealed or modified.
House HF2845 5 02/22/2010 Text icon Downey Judges authorized to prohibit juvenile sex offenders from residing near their victims.
House HF2843 2 02/12/2010 Text icon Downey Liberty school district pilot program created.
House HF2299 2 04/14/2009 Text icon Downey State agency information technology systems and services consolidated, duties specified for information technology services and equipment, duties of the chief information officer transferred to the Office of Enterprise Technology, reports required, and money appropriated.
House HF2270 4 04/22/2009 Text icon Downey Legislative Audit Commission and the commissioner of finance duties assigned relating to financial management and internal controls.
House HF2093 1 03/24/2009 Text icon Downey Minnesota State Government Contingency Planning Commission created, report required, and money appropriated.
House HF2091 2 03/27/2009 Text icon Downey Collective bargaining provision application limited to certain minors.
House HF1769 1 03/16/2009 Text icon Downey Human services licensing requirements exemption provided.
House HF1534 2 03/09/2009 Text icon Downey Federal stimulus funds acceptance and expenditure conditions provided.
House HF1415 2 03/12/2009 Text icon Downey Public value impact statements required for certain legislation.
House HF1411 2 03/09/2009 Text icon Downey Early, community, and adult education programs funding provided, and money appropriated.
House HF1194 9 02/11/2010 Text icon Downey Green job incentives provided, green job opportunity building zones provided, small business investment company and job growth investment tax credits provided, tax benefits allowed, conforming changes made, terms defined, and biomethane energy projects allowed.
House HF0767 2 02/16/2009 Text icon Downey Labor Day school start provision repealed.
House HF0624 2 02/23/2009 Text icon Downey Safe School Zone Law enacted, and clarifying and technical changes made.