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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Adult foster care, Minn. Rules 9555.6225

Bows and arrows, see BOWS AND ARROWS

Capitol, prohibited acts, Minn. Rules 7525.0400

Detoxification centers, Minn. Rules 9530.6545

Family day care homes, Minn. Rules 9502.0435

Firearms dealers, security standards, Minn. Rules 7504.0100 to 7504.0600

Firearms, see FIREARMS

Foster homes for adults, storage, Minn. Rules 9555.6225

Handguns, see PISTOLS

Machine guns, regulation, Minn. Rules 7500.5100 to 7500.5600

Minnesota Zoo, possession, Minn. Rules 9900.5500

Pistols, see PISTOLS

Public water access sites, Minn. Rules 6218.0100

Racetracks, prohibited acts, Minn. Rules 7897.0100

Rifles, see FIREARMS

Sale, WIC vendors, disqualification, Minn. Rules 4617.0084

Secure juvenile facilities, Minn. Rules 2960.0380

Short-barreled shotguns, regulation, Minn. Rules 7500.5100 to 7500.5600

Shotguns, crow hunting, Minn. Rules 6240.2400

Small arms ammunition and primers, Minn. Rules 7500.3400 to 7500.3600