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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


A1 values, Minn. Rules 4731.0422

A2 values, Minn. Rules 4731.0422

Activity-mass relationships, Minn. Rules 4731.0424

Annual limit on intake (ALI), Minn. Rules 4731.2750

Certificates and certification, depleted uranium, registration, Minn. Rules 4731.0750

Containers, Minn. Rules 4731.0725

Definitions, radiation safety, Minn. Rules 4731.0100

Depleted uranium

Defined, Minn. Rules 4731.0100

Industrial radiography exposure devices, testing intervals, Minn. Rules 4731.4070

Industrial use or devices, Minn. Rules 4731.0750, 4731.0770

Derived air concentration (DAC), Minn. Rules 4731.2750

General licenses, Minn. Rules 4731.0745


Labels and labeling, counterweights, Minn. Rules 4731.0725

Licenses, Minn. Rules 4731.0725, 4731.0790, 4731.2100

Recovery facilities, Minn. Rules 4731.2100

Registration, depleted uranium, Minn. Rules 4731.0750

Sinker bars, use in well logging operations, Minn. Rules 4731.7140

Soluble uranium, occupational doses, limitation, Minn. Rules 4731.2020

Special nuclear material in quantities not sufficient to form critical mass, Minn. Rules 4731.0315

Specific activity, Minn. Rules 4731.0422

Transportation, see under RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS

U-233, shipment information, Minn. Rules 4731.2950

U-235, shipment information, Minn. Rules 4731.2950