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Accounting and bookkeeping, Minn. Rules 9505.2180

Appeal of department action, Minn. Rules 9505.2245

Definitions, Minn. Rules 9505.2165

Early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment (EPSDT), compliance, Minn. Rules 9505.1715

Electronic records, Minn. Rules 9505.2197

False claims, Minn. Rules 9505.0460

Generally, Minn. Rules 9505.2160 to 9505.2245

Health service records

Access to, Minn. Rules 9505.2185

Duplication, restrictions, Minn. Rules 9505.2195

Electronic records, Minn. Rules 9505.2197

Requirements, Minn. Rules 9505.2175

Retention, Minn. Rules 9505.2190

Implementation, Minn. Rules 9505.0180

Investigations, Minn. Rules 9505.2200

MinnesotaCare, application of rules, Minn. Rules 9506.0100

Monetary recovery, Minn. Rules 9505.2215, 9505.2220, 9505.2230


Third parties, about vendors or recipients, Minn. Rules 9505.2240

Vendors or recipients, Minn. Rules 9505.2230

Prepaid medical assistance program, application of rules, Minn. Rules 9500.1464

Restricted recipient program

Definitions, Minn. Rules 9505.2165

Human Services Department, decisions, Minn. Rules 9505.2200, 9505.2207

Placement in, effects, Minn. Rules 9505.2238

Restriction of provider or vendor, Minn. Rules 9505.2236


Administrative sanctions, Minn. Rules 9505.2210

Department decisions, Minn. Rules 9505.2205

Notice about, Minn. Rules 9505.2230

Scope of rules, Minn. Rules 9505.2160

Suspension of program payments, Minn. Rules 9505.2231

Suspension of provider or vendor, Minn. Rules 9505.2225, 9505.2235

Termination of provider or vendor, Minn. Rules 9505.2235

Utilization control, Minn. Rules 9505.0175

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