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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Administrators, Minn. Rules 2767.0100 to 2767.0700

Comprehensive health insurance plans, see under HEALTH AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE

Continuation and conversion privileges, comprehensive health insurance qualified plans, effect, Minn. Rules 2740.1600

Coverage, see Comprehensive health insurance plans under HEALTH AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE

Definitions, comprehensive health insurance, Minn. Rules 2740.2100

Joint plans, Minn. Rules 2765.0100 to 2765.1500

Motor vehicles, Minn. Rules 2770.6100 to 2770.7300

Pools, Minn. Rules 2785.0100 to 2785.1600

Reinsurance, comprehensive health insurance, Minn. Rules 2740.5100 to 2740.5500

Self-insurance companies

Comprehensive health insurance qualified plans

Cancellation or termination, notice, Minn. Rules 2740.1600

Certificates and certification, Minn. Rules 2740.1500, 2740.9934

Contracts, reinsurance pooling agreements, Minn. Rules 2740.5200

Noncompliance, cease and desist orders, violations and penalties, Minn. Rules 2740.1200

Reinsurance pooling payments, Minn. Rules 2740.5300

Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association

Assessments, Minn. Rules 2740.2400 to 2740.2600, 2740.5400

Memberships, Minn. Rules 2740.2200

Workers' compensation, Minn. Rules 2780.0100 to 2780.9920