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Minnesota Legislature

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See also NURSES

Address changes, Minn. Rules 6310.3300

Advanced practice registered nurses

Initial licensure, Minn. Rules 6305.0410

Notification to Nursing Board, Minn. Rules 6310.3105

Reregistration, Minn. Rules 6310.3110

Ambulance service personnel, see under AMBULANCE SERVICES

Chemically dependent persons, see CHEMICALLY DEPENDENT PERSONS

Child care centers, required staff, Minn. Rules 9503.0032, 9503.0033

Continuing education requirements

Generally, Minn. Rules 6310.2800

Participation, substantiation, Minn. Rules 6310.3000

Purpose of rules, Minn. Rules 6310.2700

Control of medications, hospices, Minn. Rules 4664.0425


Adult day care centers, Minn. Rules 9555.9600

Medical assistance, Minn. Rules 9505.0175

Detoxification centers

Defined, Minn. Rules 9530.6510

Drugs and medicine, administration, Minn. Rules 9530.6555

Qualifications, Minn. Rules 9530.6565

Staffing requirements, Minn. Rules 9530.6560

Disciplinary actions, Nursing Board, duties, Minn. Rules 6321.0500

Evaluation by, hospices, home health aides, Minn. Rules 4664.0260

Hepatitis B virus (HBV), infection control, Minn. Rules 6950.1000 to 6950.1080

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), infection control, Minn. Rules 6950.1000 to 6950.1080

Human services merit system, compensation plan, Minn. Rules 9575.1500

Instruction by, special transportation services, Minn. Rules 8840.6200


School nurses, Minn. Rules 8710.6100

Sex offender residential treatment programs, employees, Minn. Rules 2965.0090

Medical cannabis patient registry program, practitioner duties, Minn. Rules 4770.4014 to 4770.4018

Midwives, see NURSE MIDWIVES

Name changes, Minn. Rules 6310.3300

Nutrition education coordinators, WIC program, Minn. Rules 4617.0002 to 4617.0015

Prescription drug order communication, Minn. Rules 6800.6200

Public health nurse registration, see PUBLIC HEALTH

Refresher courses, Minn. Rules 6310.3100, 6310.3800


Purpose of rules, Minn. Rules 6310.2700

Renewal requirements, Minn. Rules 6310.2800

Reregistration, Minn. Rules 6310.3100, 6310.3110

Schools and school districts, early childhood health and developmental screening, Minn. Rules 3530.3300

Supervision by

Home health aides, Minn. Rules 4664.0260, 4664.0265

Hospices, Minn. Rules 4664.0085, 4664.0260, 4664.0265

Personal care services, medical assistance, Minn. Rules 9505.0335

Temporary permits, reregistration, Minn. Rules 6310.3100

Titles, abbreviations, Minn. Rules 6305.0300

Workers' compensation coverage, Minn. Rules 5224.0240