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Minnesota Legislature

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See also SWINE

Handling and treatment

Inspectors, duties, Minn. Rules 1540.4300

Trichinae, destroying, Minn. Rules 1540.4290, 1540.4300

Identity and identification, standards, Minn. Rules 1545.0400

Labels and labeling

Geographically significant terms, use, Minn. Rules 1540.2880

Ham, Minn. Rules 1540.3000, 1540.3010

Hockless, use of term, Minn. Rules 1540.3010

Shankless, use of term, Minn. Rules 1540.3010

Meat, pork defined as, food code, Minn. Rules 4626.0020

Pork fat, rendered, Minn. Rules 1540.3070, 1540.3080

Primal, subprimal, or wholesale cuts

Labels, exclusions, Minn. Rules 1545.0840

Names, Minn. Rules 1545.0830

Raw, consumer self-service food operations, restrictions, Minn. Rules 4626.0330