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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Adult community-based residential correctional facilities, Minn. Rules 2920.6000

Banks, Minn. Rules 2675.2130

Career and technical education, disposition standards, Minn. Rules 3505.2200

Children in out-of-home placement

Foster children, Minn. Rules 2960.3080

Generally, Minn. Rules 2960.0080

Juvenile detention centers, Minn. Rules 2960.0250

Return upon discharge, Minn. Rules 2960.0090

Secure facilities, Minn. Rules 2960.0350


General assistance, Minn. Rules 9500.1206

Reimbursement for cost of care for patients and residents in state facilities, Minn. Rules 9515.1200

Depreciable agricultural property, Minn. Rules 1650.0511

Fixtures, see FIXTURES

Foster children, Minn. Rules 2960.3080

Insurance companies, acquisition or disposition, proxy statements, Minn. Rules 2715.7850

Juvenile detention center residents, Minn. Rules 2960.0250

Loans, for less than fair market value, defined as gifts, lobbyist gifts, Minn. Rules 4512.0100

Lost property, Minn. Rules 1225.0200

Regional treatment center clients, see Residents under REGIONAL TREATMENT CENTERS

Sales and use taxes, property used primarily in trade or business, Minn. Rules 8130.5800

Sand and gravel, taxes, Minn. Rules 6125.6800

State nursing home residents, see Residents under STATE NURSING HOMES