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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Certificate of need applications

Additional information, Minn. Rules 7853.0500 to 7853.0540

Agricultural land, removal from use, environmental description, Minn. Rules 7853.0640

Alternatives to new facilities, Minn. Rules 7853.0540

Changes, Minn. Rules 7853.0200

Conservation programs, Minn. Rules 7853.0130, 7853.0260

Contents, Minn. Rules 7853.0220

Copies, Minn. Rules 7853.0200

Cover letter, Minn. Rules 7853.0200

Criteria, assessment of need, Minn. Rules 7853.0100 to 7853.0130

Denial, Minn. Rules 7853.0200

Design capacity, percentage use, Minn. Rules 7853.0510

Energy supply future, certificate of need criteria, Minn. Rules 7853.0130

Environmental protection, data furnished for, Minn. Rules 7853.0600 to 7853.0640

Exemptions from requirements, Minn. Rules 7853.0200

Existing facilities, description in maps, Minn. Rules 7853.0510

Fees, applications, Minn. Rules 7853.0210

Forecasts, Minn. Rules 7853.0520

General information section, Minn. Rules 7853.0230

Generally, Minn. Rules 7853.0200 to 7853.0270

Government lands, inclusion in land description, environmental data, Minn. Rules 7853.0610

Historical data, Minn. Rules 7853.0510

Incomplete applications, Minn. Rules 7853.0200

Joint applications, Minn. Rules 7853.0220

Land descriptions, environmental data, Minn. Rules 7853.0610

Large energy facilities, Minn. Rules 4410.5200, 7610.1300

Large pipelines, additional information, Minn. Rules 7853.0500 to 7853.0540

List, government authorities, mandatory application filing, Minn. Rules 7853.0230

Multiparty ownership and use, Minn. Rules 7853.0220

Need summaries, Minn. Rules 7853.0240

Notice to persons affected, plans for, filing, Minn. Rules 7829.2560

Pollution, environmental descriptions, Minn. Rules 7853.0630

Purpose, criteria, Minn. Rules 7853.0100

Socioeconomic considerations, summary, Minn. Rules 7853.0250

Written findings, specific criteria, Minn. Rules 7853.0100


Existing facilities, certificate of need applications, Minn. Rules 7853.0510

Wellhead protection plans, Minn. Rules 4720.5400


Annual reporting dates, Minn. Rules 7610.1330

Authority for rules, Minn. Rules 7610.1310

Corrections, procedures, Minn. Rules 7610.1340

Definitions, Minn. Rules 7610.1300

Federal or state data, substitution, Minn. Rules 7610.1350

Purpose for rules, Minn. Rules 7610.1310

Scope of rules, Minn. Rules 7610.1320